The tax retirement bombshell

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 14th

Moneytracker Don Grant talks tax strategies for retirement.


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Things to stop bedroom prevented from continuing had a went on for how. The nurse. Thank you for. Thirty came in and says we are Stevenson in the morning. And then breaking agreed that you feel new delicious cup of very prior coffee this morning if you're not drinking. Very prior call for your work your boss. It doesn't love news. 646 now three big thing for me. Another play in the past sexual misconduct by Alabama senate candidate Roy and you're seeing allegations that it had just agency charged with protecting children. He's hiking and how it operates slot. Man's death his brother himself Wichita. Three big things even dead upon Kate and assess. So far in traffic this morning visibility the main concern I've got Boggan missed. Dribble. This soupy conditions out there and visibility is a problem if you get the headlights on picture everybody else can see you. And just taken a little slow today as traffic conditions tonight. Very great this morning as far as visibility through traffic updates on payments as rusty by Judd product and Carl's Goodyear tire. It downtown market is Waterman in the east every street Moline on money from their dot com home of the 3490. I've royalties so we get this morning fog and mist that will be complete cloudy all day with a high around 57 degrees. 40% chance for rain tonight overnight low 49. Wednesday sunny tomorrow's high 61 sunny tomorrow. Now called me just 55 degrees south wind and ten miles per hour. Did you know that forty to 50% of your body heat is lost through the top of your head. See the great selection of warm winter hats for men and women and half men jacks and the clock tower in delay no half and Jackson's 601 list Douglas. Open six days a week. A pill with a built in sensor will be approved by the FDA it's called a vilified my eyesight and upgraded version of the drug bill aside. Which comes is appeal with the sensor embedded into with the tracks if patients have taken their medication. This sensor relays information to a patch worn by patient and then that data gets sent to a Smartphone app. It's aimed at mental patient's legs schizophrenics are people would bipolar disorder who may have trouble making sure to take their man adds. Those patients can also give their caregivers are doctors accessed in the information tracked by the censor bill till NATO Fox News. Consumer and household goods companies led the stock market higher on Wall Street Monday offsetting losses by industrial and energy stocks. The Standard and Poor's 500 index rose two points the Dow gained seventeen points and the NASDAQ Composite added six points. Store chains feeling the upheaval in retailer making strategic alliances. And that can mean depicting signs. Kohl's shoppers can find Amazon devices at some stores. And return items they bought. From the online. Retailer. Nike has made some of its (%expletive) available through Amazon the Olmert series is selling ten more branded appliances on Amazon and some markets. And best buy is teaming up with a Amazon or voice shopping. A bipartisan analysis prepared by congressional unit concludes that the senate Republican tax overhaul. Actually would increase taxes for some thirteen point eight million moderate income umpire and households. That's according to the assessment released Monday by congress' joint committee on taxation. Study came out as the Senate's tax writing committee began wading through the measure. Working toward the first major revamp of the tax system in some thirty years. The federal government against new budget year the October deficit of 63 point two billion dollars up sharply from a year ago. Treasury Department reported Monday that the October deficit was 37 point 9% higher. And the 45 point eight billion dollar deficit recorded in October of 26 team. Six make it 615 now Steve and Ted the retirement acts. Bombshell not grant COP about a tracker with a supporting buck you're going down. Good morning even your transition in from old blow workweek to full blown retirement Wilkes. Inevitably create income tax shelters for mini and those who planned to retire before age seventy. Tax bombshell in the light that bet. But come late 71. A check out taxation on Social Security benefits is pretty predictable. Higher earners error with multiple streams of income will need to do more planning. Stephanie in their hair is win most retirees need to take their required minimum distribution to our MD. A certain increase. Income increase some R&B could catapult a retiree in to a much higher bracket and trigger taxes on better. To mitigate attacks bombshell action need be taken years in advance a setup an income stream that could maximize. Efficiency. Now what provisional income. Is less than 25000. Dollars for individuals and 32000 dollar marry couples. There is no taxation on Social Security benefits that provisional income. Between those thresholds of 34 and individuals and 44 couples. So security will be taxed at 50%. Provisional in term is it is a let's give me. Originally come up that means 85%. Of Social Security benefits are taxable. Provisional income is modified adjusted gross income plus half a Social Security benefits receipt. Now otherwise tax free income from municipal bonds is also considered. When calculating provisional income or so security taxation and wanna make sure they get at all. Our MD cannot only trigger maximum taxation Social Security benefits but he can affect your Medicare premiums for part BE which are. Based upon modify the eyes well. Now there are few situations now that that little boy that Iraq bombshell. Personal conventional wisdom has retired depleting their taxable accounts first. Then negating their tax deferred accounts in the we're delaying them maritime before you start taking out your Ira that means our AMD's grow in those. A retirement accounts. And they continue to grow so taking distributions from tax expert cast or they're required may make sense percent. That would effectively reduce the amount in those accounts and therefore reduce R&D. In one can taken up income from iris to maintain a lifestyle in the early years of retirement. A retiree could delay taking so security too late seventy when hitting the maximum pay out. This would allow for ridiculous 8% per year delay the ladies. In Social Security benefits. Rub this in any tax strategy by all by AXA buys in sepia and nobody gets a little bit complex but because it makes sense to take a little bitterly. If you have a question he'd give me a cult members six record Tutu Tutu. Thank you Don today is international girls day now there's not more and getting more information that but it I have. Four granddaughters that I consider girls and where. Now and they just they're you precious but you know what I'm ligament elements international girls they be you know what will happen. Bigger org that through right now is a that's a couple sexist and for me to say about my granddaughters. Well we were aboard air boys would expect a clear out that expect me to take him out to eat someplace today. There less controversy ilsley is national pickle day. I like there may be a dill Durkin of brine to eat Kosher dill polish Hungarian line bread and butter Swedish and Danish or Kool Aid pickle whichever your choice. Eat them all day long. Are typical guy. Arlo prick I would still aren't we were only in the term pickle comes from the Dutch word cult meaning brine. In the United States the word pickle typically refers to make pickled cucumbers that's accurate cued up now. Each hitter in the United States 5200000. Pounds of pickled or consumed. Pickles are great snack blowing calories and a good source of vitamin K through. Though they can't be high in sodium. So. So what do you do to celebrate national pickle day. Donna Gregory a critical Margarita right now. I remember at Ted's Montana grill you do is you global pickles on the table. Are those tasty. National pickle thank you doubled 655 now Stephen dead here on K and just coming up at 7 o'clock to complete look at today's news. A man stabs his brother in south Wichita we've got the story coming up speed until morning on K and SS.