Ted talks K-State Basketball with K-State alum Bill Roy

Steve & Ted
Friday, March 16th

Bill eagerly awaiting the Wildcats first round match-up with Creighton


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46 was. Dead in the morning a big deal. For Wichita based aviation research and find out those details coming up editor bill wrong way shortly Hank Wichita business journal update. Now just under three big things me. He newly built the bridge has collapsed in Miami at least six people have died since the in emergency drought declaration in Kansas and with all the strong wind that there's a red flag warning today why. Thousands of people in downtown Wichita yesterday in the NCAA men's basketball tournament now included the big win for the Kansas Jayhawks. Today it's Wichita State in Kansas State with first round games at out of town sites. Three big things was even dead 987 and thirteen thirty K in aztecs. And we have another stalled out vehicle in this when it is westbound at Kellogg just west. Of the I won 35 ramps or watch for slowed down there traffic updates from pianist as radio and get cheaper. And today's weather forecast heading into the weekend. Gusty wind out of the south high today 74 degrees under sunny skies clear tonight and much cooler overnight low down to 37. Then as we look at it for the weekend highs tomorrow 63 on cooler and sunny day and then by Sunday it'll be partly sunny. I'm 66 Thursday 40% chance for showers and thunderstorms by Sunday afternoon apparently widgets off. Yeah the wind out of the south gusting up to 22 miles per hour it's sunny and 57. Degrees on her way too high of seventy forward. Here on this Friday march 16. Course right here in nets did CNN says we have prairie fire coffee on hand it. All times prairie fire coffee you're not drinking prairie fire copied work and the Boston look I tried to drink Steve Macintosh is. Amount of coffee this morning I had I can't and there's no way ya can't accuse you would be going to the bathroom had twenty more times and you did this morning couldn't even put a dent in it. So get speaking of job Amanda on. Our guys Steve Macintosh have been live with us all morning long out of the 43 annual original Blarney breakfast in east Wichita at old Chicago Easton. Steve you've been there are almost three hours now whether us this morning how are things going at the Blarney. Breakfast we still got people aren't Taliban and enjoyed going until 930 you can come on by it the old Chicago here at Gallaudet rocket. Earlier this morning I spoke with the filming right Glover who by the way when you talk to Kilroy. And migrate said he is a real good friend of the Roy's zone museum's great lover. Just talked with a crystal to sit here right next to me she is an idea. Retired person and listen to Steve good morning. And you worked it to Textron for several years does it it's a party atmosphere going on down here we are a lot going on any of dances are still here. And celebrities are serving up coffee they get great great food you have to. The pancakes being flipped here by the the folks who escaped Dunkin' Donuts coffee be answered I tell you what this is a place to be. And it's a party it's starting off that we can't hear the Saint Patrick's Day weekend and you're you're invited to come down again Ted you got to 930 to come here and be part of it. As we talked about this is the 43 annual so we go all the way back when this event to the middle of the 1970s. When. This all kind of brought it all kind of started as a business radio promotion. Yeah we they've got people hollering at me over here like they don't know that there on the radio and make need to talk to act unilaterally set up. Now we have of course has started out with the late Jim O'Donnell with a minute sneak in in teen romp. New good morning show and it hasn't been suffering proceed quickly they get this thing going. And it became just it is mushroomed into a huge event every year the Blarney breakfast raising money for rainbows United's absolutely. That's a great fun and I still got to people coming here and against going until 930 so again chance combined as maybe forty going to workers to start your weekend. This is the way to do and I'm. I'm kind of surprised it well I'm not surprised that bill Roy is not a particular bill has to work just like you. Somebody's been awhile ago worst sad that's he's back at the studio work at what the I'm the guy they've pushed out here to to do the funds that it has to do all the work you at right. Color or all working even bill royal bills' Willis and lets you know bill why aren't you at the Blarney breakfast. Well you agents exactly right I got all this stuff to do down here at the business journal animal now going to be on the radio with you so. They just can't be there. When bills on the air the Blarney meter pegs it goes over to ten. You know if. Well Steve thanks for being let us this morning we appreciated. Again it's going on till 930 here at old Chicago the Kellogg and rock road you get to become by. And it's a great fund raiser for our friends at rainbow view that I've been happy to do this always fun to be down here at Ted thank you so much you do after. Doing everything there and operate the joy there at the station and then a lot of good delicious that would bias and witnessed the Stevens at every morning that's funny here in Dallas so much. Steep banks and of course that's of great fund raiser for rainbows united the Blarney breakfast this morning. Yet there's hey we got some great news for Wichita based aviation research let's find out more from editor bill Roy at the Wichita business journal mr. Roy yeah. Allude to head and then by the way great big hello to Greg Ginn who said hi to me over to Barney for our neighbor human beings we love him. Big story the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal on the streets today a project created that the Wichita State University innovation campus. They could revolutionize the aerospace industry Airbus worked with the national institute for aviation research. To social systems and to Wichita area partners leading edge aerospace. And I connect machine company they created and thrust reverser in 84 days. Airbus general manager John O'Leary says the project resulted in a finished product but already had any potential bugs worked out of the system. WSU vice president John Tomlin says the project represents the reason the innovation campus was created. Here redefined the level of collaboration possible during the process and could change engineering. This week we spent ten minutes will achieve the Ramsey the CEO of realtors in south central Kansas. Ramsey is led the organization through changes including dropping out it's Reese your rich reach rather. And changing its name used to be the Wichita area association of realtors and she says the group is putting a greater focus on commercial realistic. Local breaking business news every down can't assess and Wichita business colonel dot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role it. All right bill of course of the NCAA tournament. Big day in downtown Wichita yesterday Hampshire hee-seop tons of folks everywhere. They were everywhere it was so fun to see such. And a bustling downtown area and lots of people walking around lots of people from all over the country with their San Diego would no doubt that a state staff man. Just a lot a lot of fun. Pretty cool stuff and I your team in the Kansas State wildcats play tonight in Charlotte against Creighton a team they haven't played in 31 years. Fingers crossed on that one you never know there's been some crazy games gone on happened there. Yeah I in the spread on that game is at one point to basically pick him between the wildcats blue jays tonight's concert you'll be on pins and needles. Absolutely now I don't I don't know what uniforms the cat's gonna trot out in this one but I but I would just lead that they Wear the lavender the field that's old school lavender top you the short title votes. You bet those throw backs that's back to when I was in school yeah Rolando Blackman as Julian. Tim Jankovic you bet love those uniforms. ID two will see what that the cats trot out tonight against Creighton and of course the shocker is play this afternoon. San Diego I was I was hoping some money in some soccer folks would invite me out to join him and it'll but I never got in and night. Dar down now. Now. But we'll have to maybe we can make our way out married or vice spread my arms wide enough the wind today will blow me halfway to San Diego's like you pretty bad pretty via the little. Well bill have a great day weekend we appreciate it then have a happy Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow all right and they're right back TU air Ringo brought our ride I don't know what that means that OK I'm. He's got that hires stare at it thank you bill editor bill Auroio the Wichita business journal. It's Friday march 16 Stevens said right here on 98713. Thirty can assess.