Tennessee guardsmen punished over viral video

Steve & Ted
Friday, April 20th
Woman took her military oath with a dinosaur hand puppet.

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Steve ten more yards in SSD Macintosh Ted Woodward at 630 year. On Friday morning. The Kansas Republican party's chairman has dropped out of the secretary of State's race. Kelly Arnold announced Thursday he is and it is. Am paying for the GOP nomination so he can quote fully focus on electing fellow Republicans office this year. Arnold has been the party's state chairman sensed when he thirteen and has also served as Cedric county clerk since 2009. Incumbent secretary of state Chris called baucus seeking the GOP nomination for governor. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. Police say a teenage gang member was arrested Tuesday in royalties which have talked after the violent crimes community response team at you to search warrant. Officer Charlie Davidson says this occurred at the home of a teenage boy and a nineteen year old man both gang members in the 19100 block of north ash. Upon executing warrants seventeen year old male was arrested. And booked into the juvenile detention center. For possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Possession and drug paraphernalia. And criminal possession of firearm. During the search officers located the marijuana packaging materials. Cash a handgun and ammunition. Ed page B is retiring after 49 years of law enforcement the last 48 as director of the Kansas law enforcement training center near Yoder. Kate is this year's asked pay me about training officers to deal with violent people some of whom have mental challenges. Should we train out of basic training. It's called special populations and we turn into a crisis intervention team turned in which you. Teaches deal escalation skills of Ruble and do well also. We'll visit with people who didn't suffer from mental illness to get their perspective and but we're not only do that to the topic of totaled almost we do with a ought to zone where do we. The elderly. There to hold special population the law enforcement typically comes in contact with. It Pavia is our guest this weekend and issues 20:18 Sunday morning at eight on KLSX. And innovative online tool created and launched by Kansas labor and commerce officials aimed at getting kansans to work in the highest paying and most in demand jobs. Kansas governor Jeff collier. The rear networks will provide real time access to the latest job for me she will locally and stay well. In Kansas right now. We have 50000. Open jobs. In our situation we have shops looking to keep. And kids for an hour later when pool matches jobs with qualified Kansas work. Statewide the top three high demand way than the three high. Demand. Way wage jobs include wholesale and manufacturing sales representatives. Registered nurses and tractor trailer truck drivers. For more information you can go to the site at KS career. Now of a dot gov. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in theme park tickets and a valuable audio and video equipment. Have been stolen from a youth farming group in California thieves have made off with 8000 Disneyland tickets when they stole a box trailer from the youth agricultural education organization and golf California south of Sacramento the trailer was also loaded with audio and visual equipment for use of the group's upcoming annual leadership conference in Anaheim. It's a horrible thing to learn trying to make sure that the students have a quality experience at this conference we're not gonna let one little thing. Keep them from having. Matt Patton went to California chapter of the future farmers of America who adds Disneyland has canceled the tickets and is working to print new ones for the 6500. Students attending the conference lease Hillis Darren Fox News they'll look at the forecast with K is a staff meteorologist Dan holidays in morning Diane and good morning some clouds are starting to move in from the west as we start today that's assigned to the storm system is moving in this weekend and this time around it will come in the form of rain instead of snow partly cloudy and breezy are hi this afternoon 64. Showers increase late tonight and overnight donned a 45. And often on rain during that they Saturday with a high of cool 520. Sunday 59. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Oh partly cloudy called and 38 degrees 634 now Stephen Ted in the morning a Maryland man is facing trial on animal cruelty charges. After 33 to Wallace were found last fall and is suvs. The Washington Post reported the dogs were in various states of health court records said eighteen dogs appear to be starving or Mal nourished no. Three were pregnant one had to be euthanized its stomach contained uncooked rice plant material and in foil or he's an animal control investigators says it ate anything it could finally now. Dog's owner disputed the charges saying they were in the vehicle because he had been evicted and was taking them to a new home oh come on now 33 to wall Rosa. In one car that's not know. Three members of the Tennessee Air National Guard have been punished. For a viral video that showed a Guardsmen used. Used a dinosaur and puppet while reciting her realist but both. The Knoxville news sentinel sites a statement from major general Terry H estan. That says the unidentified colonel who led the ceremony was demoted and forced to retire. Puppet wielding master sergeant Robert Brown has been removed from her position with the Tennessee joint public affairs office. After instead an unidentified senior noncommissioned officer who recorded the ceremony was reprimand and removed from his position as a unit first sergeant. The adjutant general said it not taking this alt solemnly. And with the utmost respect is firmly against their traditions and sanctity of our military family and will not peaked all the great. Man they drop outs on these people they really did they did but they've done that with the good thing it was funny at all. I don't know what my. My son's thoughts would be on that he's retired air force that I. I'll tell you what we were so privileged my wife and I when Scott was promoted to captain the difference in Florida at the time. I think it was in Florida we were so privileged and proud to be yours pair answer it was a very solemn. Not you know not solemn but very. Serious case right. And that's the way we treated that's a great. At least we thought it should be treated no add up his at all. These birds must have thought. The price got together on 9000 via who put oasis online bargains online to be really funny I would didn't go very well let net but he did that to the general now. Is now general but that was not amusing at all. Here's 140 an Indiana man faces charges for leaving a loaded down in the car with a family as he shopped. After his three year old daughter actually each accidentally shot her mother. Should beat Thomas a woman who was shot told police she was unaware that men's old Frasier. Was carrying his weapon when they left their residence in Michigan City, Indiana they brought along their children three year old and a one year old. The U Marion Merrell bill Indiana police department said Thomas is seven weeks pregnant. Told police she was feeling ill so she decided to stay in the car. Which was parked in a lot with the children while break when stopping its. She's in the carburetor left the loaded Glock 199 millimeter handgun between the center armrest and the front passenger's seat. His three year old daughter got hold of it and Thomas told police he heard a loud pop like a balloon. You realize the blood she saw was coming from Europe bloody month. Bullet went through the driver's seat where she was sitting stricker in the back so. Apparently the fortunate. You know net debt to elbow on the porcelain but there are injuries are noted there'd be life threatening. But there she was sitting in the front seat all of a sudden her three year old church or the back. Well they have died or just a you cannot be responsible with these things and others are a little round thing at the yeah at the end there and and a and a projectile comes through it did you know that. That's like the legal status of people I'm sorry there's that you shouldn't Avago they're just. And that includes anybody who would leave one in a car at three year old three year old one year old and a look at it up with titled 6638. Stated dead. And cipher commodities that David Tom Butler of muffler commodities morning Tom. Good morning Steve. I traded mostly big deterrent to live cattle can jail putrid in the big loans for the weekend and we applaud strip about a lot of profit taking it quite so important in terms available. Location cattle trade went eleven Texans yesterday when Clinton indicated that we won't pigeons started but it Nagin yesterday. Today at 2 o'clock and it couldn't is that cataloged and report. On PBS that a 107 point 7% over a year ago when it's 91 point 3%. Morton and five point 8% questions placements were the largest in the 1996. And closed yesterday during an adult to know isn't going to boost world. Little or even eighteen is an important part of what 3042. Blue dog food prices it would have any problems seven. A conservative social campaign impenetrable lead at the height of trading in Clinton's. The corn and soybeans were made and led lower by just leaving. Them. We market. The important. Night. Tribunal in the big east side that they are currently I can equally damage and so that Ivins looks like could be important in the quarter Tony is unique from equal likely means couldn't have been lower as important to him. They couldn't rules were important because with 6781. Angle and four dollars and I think that would thirteen 4390. Commitment and hundred. To admit it we will have an example would 269 point three quarters. The dollar index sixteen so tired in 1986. Bedrooms can turn protruding from 4000. 620 sink commodity trading right part of the body contact with the commodities on the phone and read by using 866 don't tend to. A little bit those those numbers today are jet. Is that right guy no accurate in your actors celebrate the fact that you think it's gonna rain and sometimes suit right. I. Have people all over Kansas in taverns and attack a couple of breaks its arrangement. With celebrate. I think OK so these are going to be as much as what we'd hoped for but you know Oakland doesn't get surprised pleasantly. No I'm not that skeptical I think we're gonna have a nice rain Alex. Saturday it tonight and into Saturday it's going to be bright nation does rate. But did you know it probably think it would probably take about the three or four feet of rain but it didn't match up for. Now we can and so you know by idiots we have smokers you know look. This one right after another not too long between them. What that would be like you know usually. In Kansas we have rain is just like two drops fell on you know one town or. It doesn't deluged with ninety mile an hour winds and hail the size soft balls images there's a middle ground we got to find it right. But yeah I would have finally tonight you did it well. If we lied one it's gonna be fun but analyst rod stuff. Thank you sir it's 641 I was even dead even here Don grant CFP the money tracker on the way Don is always. Alphonso good information. Today in this this should be good to talk about how would you deal with stress. And I grant coming up David did in the morning on K and SS.