Terror attack kills 8 in New York

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Wednesday, November 1st
Guest: Fox's Tonya J. Powers live in New York

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news JE SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Coming up on 8 o'clock this is the pay an SS morning news was even dead nine to look blurred SP Macintosh has today off. It is Wednesday November 1. Details coming up about the terror attack yesterday in New York City. All Wichita man has been ordered to repay the government for his court appointed attorney I'm Dan O'Neill I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Today you'll see a break in cloud cover in a nice warm up across which it's not our forecast is on the way. To. President of Uzbekistan sending his condolences to US president Donald Trump and offering his country's assistance in investigating yesterday's attack. In New York City plain blue speck national. Eight people were killed when a truck plowed down a riverfront bike path near the World Trade Center site. Uzbekistan borders Afghanistan it's one of the most closed off post Soviet republics. Previously Uzbekistan officially never commented nor acknowledged any security incidents abroad involving uzbeks nationals. Investigators releasing more info about what they found at the scene of the terror attack. Fox News has now confirmed earlier reports that police found it in and around the vehicle with the suspect had driven. That rented Home Depot truck notes written in Arabic pledging allegiance to crisis. I'm told one note in the vehicle and another appears to fallen out in a black leather bag that fell out as he exited the vehicle. After it crashed into a school bus Fox News has also learned out of that bag fell about hunting knife in a black leather sheet. With a they'll clip attached to it a night he apparently did not use as he was flailing his arms in the streets of lower Manhattan. Waving to fake guns shouting followed lock bar. I suspect was shot and critically wounded by police shortly after that was that was a Fox's Shepard Smith with that report from New York City. The fire department on the scene overnight and a two alarm fire to strip mall in northeast Wichita. Affecting Petro restaurant that call came in about 220 in the morning today north west of 21 and would Lana. Truce on the scene telling KS and news they found part of the structure fully involved in smoke and flames KS and news spoke with Wichita fire chief Tammy snow. Craig it's. Just got right back up on the green there okay Texas. And that's playing very many memories. Firefighters say the fire began in the restaurant has been described now's a total loss few other shops in the building. You have damage as well. The Sedgwick county sheriff's office is asking for the public's help in locating a suspect. On Monday morning a passer by found a woman lying next to the road near the train tracks along south meridian south of haynesville. The woman identified as forty year old Thames and Kaczur of Wichita. The sheriff's office investigating this debt as a homicide identifying the suspect as forty year old Darnell Coleman of Wichita. Anyone with information about Coleman's whereabouts or the murder can call 911. The Sedgwick county sheriff's office or crime stoppers anonymously at 2672111. A Wichita man ordered to pay back the government for his court appointed attorney. This after authorities discovered that he bought a luxury car while his case was pending. US attorney Tom Beale said at a news aways but a federal judge Tuesday ordered entity Beasley do pay the federal treasury. 34640. Dollars. The amount Beasley paid on May 2015 saudis. Beasley was sentenced earlier this month to just over five years in prison on gun and drug charges. He has said he was indigent and was given a court appointed attorney during his case. Following sentencing it was discovered that while the case was pending Beasley spent 76715. Dollars on the outing. On his credit application he said he had a monthly income of 101000 dollars not counting his wife's and gum panel Neil king and SS news. Wichita police have made an arrest in an animal cruelty case that occurred three weeks ago in the 18100 block of north. A man called 911 reporting of bandit dropped something off in the Alley behind his home he said he went to see what was found a brown a female pit. It bowl that was nearly starved to death. To the animal to a vets office an animal is recovering. Officer Charlie Davidson says police received a number of tips concerning the case after it was made public which did helping investigation. As investigators. Were investigating they learn the original 911 caller was actually the owner of the dog. This led to further investigation. Which led to charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty and making a false police report. The suspect will be appearing in court. If someone has an animal but they're not able to care for the proper way to get help missed call a local veterinarian for guidance or the Kansas humane society. The vice chair of Donald Trump's commission on election integrity is looking to retain individual states control on elections and other executed Kansas secretary of state Chris co bought. According to US constitution it states are in charge. Registering voters and they are the primary authority in charge of the time please elections. I think ultimately whatever is done asked to stay. So we're looking at best practices across the country according. Co bought those best practices shouldn't be implemented through a federal mandate. The box says any actions the commission may take are more about making the numbers of voter fraud cases more transparent. Rather than creating just one blanket policy. Major League baseball's World Series is going to won the final game at seven. For the fourth time in seven years the World Series will be decided in a seventh game. The LA Dodgers won a must win game six Tuesday night here at Dodger Stadium. Three don't want against the Houston Astros the fall classic is tied the Houston Astros struck first in game six George spring greatest sport moment of the World Series. For what nothing astros' lead but the bottom of the sixth Chris Ballard doubled to score a run and then Corey seeger had to sacrifice fly. What inning later jock Peterson hit his third home run of the World Series boss Joseph must growth. The Dodgers held on for a three to one victory setting up the winner take all game seven. Wednesday night right here at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles I'm Jared backs Fox News. Will have some more details on the World Series coming up in sports in just few minutes. Also tell you about experiments on dogs that are really making some folks very upset. CNN SS news time is 806. The. 809 with Stephen Ted in the morning campaign and SS. US businesses added that 235000. Jobs in October according to a private service. Partly reflects a rebound from the previous month hiring was held back by multiple hurricanes. Payroll processor ADP says last month to gain it was the largest in seven months. And online uproar over tax Payer dollars going to experiments. On dogs. More than 230000. People had signed an online petition calling for an and or research done on Golden Retriever is at Texas a and M university. Students there say the dogs are bred to come down with muscular dystrophy and experiments that are cruel and scientifically useless. The lead researcher is Joseph corner Agee who the students say has been doing this type of research for over thirty years and hasn't found anything. Videos online show dog struggling to walk as their muscles are destroyed by the disease. But the school is defending the research saying the dogs are treated with great care chill NATO Fox News. It is 810 with Stephen Ted here on Kate and yes yes this is Wednesday. November 1. Down of the final two months of the year. And as we enter into this new month let's take a look at trapping what's going on the streets which sought. Stalled out vehicle wounds because he bit of a traffic hazard northbound. And Iowa 35% to thirteen street just past the exit. Traffic updates from Kate and asked as radio and judge chambers. And we take a look at the weather forecast here on the first month check in with meteorologist Dan holidays again. Good morning to assist in the broadest clouds and cooler weather yesterday is moved out and with a clearing sky will be warming to about 63 later on this afternoon. Tonight a few clouds may stick around and not a school Harlow 45. On Thursday of cool front pushes and during the afternoon and head that we should get to about 68. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays thinking. Things stand right now what you saw we have partly cloudy sky breeze out of the southeast 39. Degrees. Ian SS news time is 811 with Stephen said yesterday morning we spoke with the Fox News radio's Tom needs eight hours live in New York City on a light hearted topic of Halloween. Now today we talked with her again but much more serious topic. The terror attack in New York City that killed eight and injured eleven. And Tonya yesterday afternoon we got to shake and out of our routine with the terror attack in New York City similar to ones that we've seen in Europe in recent years. Yes. This is auditing and crisis has. Mean a recruiting its members to do it's it's you know followers lone wolf or otherwise. Days you know urged them to. Get a vehicle and brought it and people just spent ample we've seen it at large crowd in France split ticket in pedestrian malls in Germany. On there have been other ones as well usually target it targeted at large groups of people. We install is something title like ants. In Times Square several months ago when anti Iran did a sidewalk three blocks mowed down people killed and eighteen girl moment. Umps finally stopped buying pound metal. Agent that they put safety in on top blocs especially around midtown Manhattan now. Content and then you have this clinic China actually. It makes you sort of rethink the way you CD that is normally like that where we're looking for work. It's thinking it's in the back arm I Decatur they might target large group people a bike paths. Accredited. It's and it it's an oh well traveled in popular area is that that TriBeCa area. On the west side of Manhattan near the Hudson River the two beautiful day yesterday. This is a bike path I've been down actually more than one occasion. In that area. And it's popular were tourists and New Yorkers alike there's lot of people who work in that area down there on it. Right near say ground zero area and there are schooled in that area accurate high school right here. This straw came to rest yesterday actually and there are other schools and better like it really usually take about and then. Gold that there there'll over the and it was right about the time school it could have been a whole lot worse but boy it was ridiculous. There's a guy that and news Beck national perhaps living in New Jersey rented the truck that he used in yesterday's attack him. And biased I understand Tonya possible link to ice is what this guy to. Yes apparently there was a note count a hand written note pledging allegiance I just. On that that is you know one of the reasons that they worked pretty quick to name that the terrorist attack this got a shots a couple of times I believe estimate. By Andy York city police officer who had apparently been called to that area about thirty minutes. Forehand from what we understand. Maybe two wanted to schooled in the area I believe. That you have to be in the right place right time and stopped yes. And shot the guy you know when he got out of the vehicle and started waiting or what they Stallworth you know pistols. And by the city he drove down the spike pet called a path that kind of misleading because this is a pretty wide area. It Brent parallel to the west side highway which are but a lot of traffic. Experts checking what does this morning we appreciate your. Europe your information there in New York City this morning Fox News radio's Tonya. Terror attack. And the possible link to crisis with that with that perpetrators who was shot and critically wounded by police and Tonya gave us some details about that as well thanks for joining us today. That is Tonya. 815 with Steve intent on Tait and SS. Here on the first day of the month on Wednesday November 1. Among the songs that angle Burt Hubbard ink. Covers on his new albums are won by modern singers Bruno Mars they'd shared. Comforting puts his spin on the siren song photographs and on Mars a song just the way York. Also does a version of the Willie Nelson song crazy Andy doesn't do it what does nine year old granddaughter. Comforting made the album the man I want to be as a love letter to his wife of 53 years she is suffering from alzheimer's that'll come out right around Thanksgiving. And if you're into that. New album coming out from single bird comforting. Now Canada. An effort to our beliefs on out early vice last time I saw him was on an episode of the Love Boat. But that's been a while forty years ago now been a little bit I still get that done still Lincoln music. Lawmakers in New York City voting to legalize dancing in bars. Right they had to repeal a 91. Year old law. That banned book being at most city night spots wisest and most I'm not sure how. Well enforced that law has been over the years and probably fairly and evenly I imagine the anti dancing law was first enacted in 1926. Prohibiting dancing in bars and restaurants that don't have a cabaret license. Scene once against the government the right have to have a license. From the government if you wanna dance. There right the critics said the cabaret law originated both also. Some say it was a racist attempt. To police the jazz clubs in Harlem in a 1920s. Yeah which continue to be enforced. In some ways you know not so and to raise money obviously yes. Other measure now goes to the New York mayor build a blahs Healy said he supports it nightlife advocates hailed the measure. Fewer then. Very few of the city's 25000. Eating and Drake was drinking establishments currently have that cabaret license bureau than a hundred not even triple digits right so there are still some places that persona retailer for the last all leading up and paying for the license but. I'm not sure why I made no. It does require approval from multiple city agencies. So it's part of the bureaucracy as well via apparently a lot of folks have their hands in something it just does not matter at all. Imagine this is one of those things were deployed in a place got get written up for this and got a ticket or order or got close down or suspended. You'd find that there was some other reason behind Els Korea no matter what we are sleazy yeah yeah. Tribal lawmakers have said no it's a multi million dollar project to build an aerial tour now mock. To take paying visitors to a Riverside boardwalk. In the Grand Canyon. OK they're turning it into Six Flags. But they're the vote has been known now the Navajo Nation Tribal Council. Voted sixteen to sue. Pretty overwhelming there during a special session opposing this legislation. First time the full council took up the measure since it was introduced last year the proposal got a pretty chilly reception even before yesterday's lengthy debate. Some people concerned about public safety demands others questioning requirement that the tribe would help pay for the infrastructure improvements in the remote area. A B Riverside boardwalk in an aerial tram. At the Grand Canyon now full reports how long before somebody puts a casino. Along at Riverside boardwalk outmoded there's all sorts of those sixteen to two against so it doesn't have any traction yet. Doesn't mean it won't at some point. If it is eight. Nineteen was even dead on KM SS here on Wednesday the first of November. And the we do flip the calendar to November for one more day of the baseball season it's game seven of the World Series tonight to finish it off. Who will win one more game tonight between the Astros and the Dodgers to see who wins the World Series. Last night we had a special broadcast of game six you heard right here on CNN assessed. It was a out about last night listening to a lot of that game right here on tape and assess the World Series Dodgers Astros Dodgers had to win a to keep the series alive here's some of the action from the Dodgers radio network chances to about crop. Night at the three games apiece. There's never been a World Series game seven at historic Dodger Stadium until tonight. The Astros have never won a World Series 56 years and existence. The Dodgers last won the World Series 29. Years ago it's been awhile. Live pregame coverage of game seven of the World Series is at 6 o'clock tonight the game will start at about 7 o'clock. And that is on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. T if H last night you heard college men's basketball gives an exhibition game between third ranked Kansas and of the guerrillas of Pittsburg State. Open Allen fieldhouse in Lawrence. Let's get an update from the voice of the jayhawks Brian Haney. We can't just say our men's basketball team won its exhibition home opener on Tuesday night on Halloween 100 to 54. Kansas opened on a 26 to three run to start the game while that would get it blowout fashion by 46 behind five players. It double figure score. Believe it would let the way with nineteen out 70% shooting for KU. At a Slava Tyler added eighteen points all three threes. Nice win for the jayhawks by 46 points in an exhibition game over the guerrillas in Lawrence last night. Will be talking chiefs football tonight right here on tape and assess its the weekly edition of the chiefs kingdom a show with the voice of the chiefs Mitchell is. And will be at 7 o'clock tonight. On your home with the chiefs 97 and thirteen thirty K and as answer right here. Good discussion tonight. Include a wrap up of Monday's win over the Denver Broncos and looking ahead to Sunday's game at the Dallas Cowboys tune in tonight 7 o'clock chiefs kingdom show. High school boys soccer. State quarterfinals were held on Halloween last night. In class five days bishop Carroll indicate that mount carnal both advanced to the final four boys soccer and among the smaller schools. McPherson and Andover central both win to advance to the final four. High school football last night at the opening round of the playoffs for class 38 teams and test and among those who win. Heston with a home win over Hutchinson trinity 47 to six. In a matchup of teams have winning records Heston the spotters move on. Into the regionals and sweet sixteen with a record of seven and three. And in the NBA last night if Phoenix Suns went on the road in Brooklyn 120 to 114. Coming off the bench for the suns former Kansas Jayhawks the rookie Josh Jackson with eight points and six rebounds. As the suns get their first road win of the season. Just Jackson helped them out. Sports was Stevens said Kate MS as it is now 822 we Stevens said in the morning Daryn Kagan SS traffic and weather is coming up. And a law enforcement isn't doing enough to protect Americans. Says Sean Hannity more comments on that during the Sean Hannity morning minutes. 987 in thirteen thirty K and SS.