Texas authorities looking for the "social security bandit"

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 12th

The man may be easy to identify... he has his social security number tattooed on his forehead.


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This is news station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We just cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on its. 733. Year listening to 987 and thirteen 38 NM SS in his. Friday January 12. Winter storm blew through south central Kansas during the early morning hours yesterday heavy rain first and then falling temperatures freezing rain sleet and snow. Alan King which Utah's director of public works utilities. And road crews prepping the streets about midnight yesterday but the rain lost a lot of that away so they started again about 4 in the morning yesterday. Keep treating until we get the result we want which are all arterial streets and in good. A travel conditions we wanna try to get down to fair payment on all arterial. Don't really know how long that will take it we'll just continue to put all sixty trucks on twelve hour shifts a laying down salt sand mix until we achieve those sorts of conditions. City is treating the arterial the main streets however side and residential streets are untreated. And many of them are extremely slick. Kansas Highway Patrol troopers and Wichita police officers worked more than 150. Traffic accidents yesterday morning. Take a look at that weather forecast journal Friday morning heading into the weekend meteorologist Dan Holliday would this down. Well good morning we are back to the habits of having the heater on a high and a heavy coat on it as more cold there is in place and we will cloud up throughout the day with a high 23. Northeast winds will make you feel more like five to ten below zero throughout the afternoon and it's cloudy and ten for the load tonight. Sunny 23 tomorrow we may be back above freezing Sunday with a high in the low forties I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays they. Thank Dan right now we have a wind out of the north that are clear sky it is nine degrees with a wind chill at minus seven. After that blast of winter weather created some problems yesterday traffic power outages some school closings in the area. However Wichita public schools along with Hayes gill derby and gold vein that remain open Wichita school spokeswoman Susan aren't men tells KM SS news. No it kinda got a little. A little more Dicey than we anticipated. But by the time Mac app and we we start school Wie at school that started exit the ailment we already had a borrowed. Picking up kids. She says overall things went pretty well yesterday she says a special team makes closing decisions or USB 259. Another death involving faulty tough cotta airbags forcing photo Ford Motor Co. Asking owners of some ranger pick ups to get them off the road. A man was killed in West Virginia in July in Iraqi involving his 2006 Ford Ranger equipped with a faulty its economy airbag the second death in a Ford Ranger and a problem that's led to an ongoing recall that began in 26 teams that span the auto brands now covering over forty million vehicles including more Toyota and Honda is in a recall announcement made this week to come as faulty air bags used the chemical ammonium nitrate to create a small explosion and fill air bags quickly at a crash but the chemical can deteriorates causing the hot metal canister to turn into deadly shrapnel killing 21 worldwide and injuring at least 180. Jeff's mom also Fox News. It's a law enforcement chase involving a suspect in a stolen car started outside the Wichita city limits and it ended up downtown. In the water. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says it's Sedgwick county sheriff's sergeant was chasing a stolen Dodge Neon about 930 Wednesday night. A widgets officer was putting stop sticks in the roadway near maple ridge the car sped toward the officer swerving away at the last second. Chase ended up downtown. The pursuit and continued to the apartment complex at central Waco where the driver exited a moving vehicle in the parking lot. And fled on foot. But stalled vehicle then rolled into the river and officers located and arrested the suspect. In the area of the Riverside in his. Ports as suspect a 32 year old man arrested for aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer and a felony charge of fleeing from police. Woman from Kansas who embezzled more than 200000 dollars from her Sedgwick county employer. Sentenced to five years probation and must make restitution. Those are three county district attorneys said 36 year old misty leaker remains. Sentenced Wednesday for embezzling from ERI solutions and call which. Pleading guilty earlier to felony theft computer crime and unlawful use of a financial car. Prosecutors say leaker who was an accountant at the firm used a company credit card. To make 209606. To six dollars in unauthorized purchases. Leaker could serve nearly three years in prison if she violates her probation. She made an initial payment of 151000 dollars toward restitution Wednesday. And was ordered to make a minimum monthly payment of 500 dollars Dan O'Neill came and SS news. A determined that dog walks twenty miles from her new owners she wanted to be back with her original family. And she did it more than one. Skip fleeing is essentially a Great Pyrenees mix whose family had to give up so another family to forty miles away from their home in Seminole Oklahoma adopted her but can't we wanted to be with her original family and ran away to returned home wife after she managed to find your way back twice they decided to turn it over to an animal shelter pets now looking for a new home for Kathleen the adoption fee is just 45 blocks. But no guarantee she won't hit out for little old home again. Gary Baumgarten Fox News. Authorities in Texas on the hunt for a serial bank robber the culling in the Social Security bandit Robert road mell forty year old black male described as a career criminal who accused in a string of armed robberies in Houston dating back to October in which police say he holds convenience store clerks at gun point demanding cigarettes and cash but that's not the interesting parts. There columnist Social Security because he has a Social Security actually tattooed across his for a better image BB investigator frank humans as Walden also has his Houston area code is 713. Tattooed on his neck were told no one's been injured in the robberies MM it's just a matter of time before the Social Security bandits. He's caught Jeff moon also Fox News. The prime minister of Thailand if faded journalists' questions. You brought out a life size cardboard cutout of himself a cup and he told reporters to. Ask it questions instead of them up at eight he then turned around walked elect. Leading the cardboard cut out standing there of course the press just kind of sat there and ya laughed awkwardly and didn't know what to do. The prime minister it briefly spoken in the media after attending an event promoting an upcoming children's David then he deployed his dodging tactic before anyone could ask you about. Pressing political issues. It's not the first time this guy. Has dumbfounded the media he's a general who seized power in a coup for years ago. Each he has fondled of the year of a sound technician for several minutes during one impromptu news conference and am. He flung a banana peel at a cameraman. And he threatened with some sort of growth humor to execute any journalist to criticize his government option baton. The app I'm an ankle update here you go oh no really and that's a prime minister in Thailand. Sounds like agreed and idle moment and ask me out at the but at the venerable Museum of Fine Arts in Boston has gone to the dogs the museum has now introduced a new member of its staff. Eight puppy named Riley who will be trained to sniff out insects or other pests that could damage priceless works Savard. They say that the insects are an ongoing concern for museums is already existing protocols to handle in this station. But of the little. I'm poppy will add another layer and helps about pest that humans can't see me. Remembered the Boston's that there now a Museum of Fine Arts that's here's another animal you just solution the indoor zoo in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania dedicated to birds as another new member it's a baby two toed sloth. The national aviary introducing five month old Vivian Lee that's the vividly Hillary out is what's water acquiring it from a breeder in Florida. Italy hand raised by expert so it will be comfortable around humans. And well prepared for its role as an educational ambassador slots are rain forest animals but their habitat is decreasing pretty rapidly because of human activity. The aviary hopes that vivienne and that helped teach visitors old how they can protect rainforests. And that's that the Pittsburgh national aviary in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It is 742 we Stephen dead in the morning you're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 and as best. The title of my next story just says robot strip first question mark cold solo will delve into that we come back. I've watched the YouTube video it. You just shrug your shoulders and not get into this now affect. Its sound as exciting as it might sound. Now I think that there really isn't it at that. It's time for our prairie fire coffee break on KM SS prairie fire copy the fresh just copy in the Wichita area. Prairie fire copy being roasted fresh right here in Wichita you can get prairie fire copy your office here's the phone number 2673771. That. Or you go online at prairie fire copied dot com. They have SS news time 742.