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Wednesday, November 22nd
A description of Thanksgiving dinner on the International Space Station

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Good morning it is 6 o'clock this is decay in as this morning news feed instead. I'm it would Florida's Steve Mac. It is Wednesday November 22. Very cold start tomorrow morning we'll get a full forecast coming up in just a few minutes heading into Thanksgiving. With 51 million people potentially on the move this Thanksgiving shaping up be just as hectic for those traveling is in years past. Here is Kansas State University associate assistant professor hospitality management Kristen Malick. About 8% of travel HE 9% of travel will be through airlines and about 8099% of our whole B through driving. And a big reason why Hubert she's in driving or flying is because the gas prices are so much slower than last year. There're over seventy cents lower than last year and so it's a huge deal. And say they're for the roadways are going to be proud day in and on the highways are your hair having a lot of congestion so it definitely. The couple turner greed. Those traveling with youngsters especially by car Malick says packed plenty of toys games or if allowed. Items for kids to watch help make travel over long periods little easier. A US navy plane has crashed in route to the USS Ronald Reagan in the Philippine sea eight people have been recovered. They're in good condition but three people are still missing. Rigorous training with the Japanese military now the Japanese military says about eight people been recovered earlier this month the Reagan train which you other aircraft carriers off the Korean Peninsula is the first time three aircraft carriers are trained together off the Korean Peninsula since the late sixties. At this action is just the latest and Japan based seventh fleet after two separate collisions at sea this summer involving the guided missile destroyers USS FitzGerald. And you assist John S McCain which killed seventeen sailors. Over the week and another destroyer on the new Japanese target that Tug loss for potions propulsion. Thankfully nobody was hurt. That's Fox's Lucas Tomlinson with that report. There are a lot of things that can change gasoline prices but. Did them one expert says there's one factor the you don't have to worry about. Jennifer home with AAA says though bad weather like snow or ice can lower gasoline demand help cold winter is shouldn't mess with prices much though. As heating oil doesn't follow gasoline as far as price goes as long as supplies are adequate. Certainly if there is a major supply disruption that's going to affect everybody. I think as far as the end result. Material. They and worked fairly independently of each other. Last year's Thanksgiving gas price was one dollar and ninety cents a gallon in 2012. Price was three dollars 21 cents the prices at 239 hasn't Monday. That's nick. Gaza and L reporting for the Kansas information network. A long talk for president trump and his Russian counterpart yesterday. President president headed out for more a lot of Thanksgiving said the call was a great one and would sit two leaders discussed. Not only the situation in Syria but also the threat of North Korea had. Boyd Duckett about me. We've got hit about your. Now the call comes a day after President Putin met with Syria's president Bashar Asad seeking a political power afforded war torn Syria one that would include coordination of anti terror efforts with the US in the car reflects the White House is desire to thaw relations with Russia. President trump and prudent also spoke informally several times last week when they attended a summit in Vietnam. That was Griff Jenkins from fox would that report from the nation's capital. Shareholders have overwhelmingly approved a proposed merger of kansas' largest electric utility with a Missouri firm. Kansas City, Missouri based great plains energy and two database Westar Energy. Announced at a news release Tuesday that more than 90% of the shares voted at each company approve the transaction. The revised deal creating a company with a combined equity value of about fourteen billion dollars still requires regulatory approval. Kansas corporation commission issued an order Tuesday setting out a schedule next year that includes an evidentiary hearing. March 19 through 27. Disorder is due by June 5. The company is made public the revised transaction the summer after the commission denied their original request Dan O'Neill and SS news. Half a century after serving in the Vietnam War hundreds of American veterans may be facing a new battle. Against a deadly parasite. They're called liver flu looks small parasites that are ingested when you eat raw or undercooked fish and they can cause a rare bile duct cancer. It might take decades for symptoms to show up. A Veterans Affairs Department study concludes from fifty blood samples submitted of American Vietnam vets more than 20% came back positive or bordering positive for a liver fluke antibodies. But they insist their studies still on its early stages the parasite isn't seen much in Americans but some 25 million people are infected worldwide. Till NATO Fox News. Kansas university stripping of three football players of their captain status. Or actions during last weekend's game a punishment for those three captains who rejected the handshake from Oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield before the start of Saturday's game between the sooners in the jayhawk. It's those guys are not going to be captains for us this week in their place we're going to send our seniors out to be the captains this week. And as head coach David Beatty there announcing the penalties against Jodie mean Daniel lies in torrents Armstrong for their actions. The news from the jayhawks can't comes one day after Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley. Announce that may appeal will not start the sooners game Saturday against West Virginia and it would also not service captain as punishment for his behavior during that game match up thoughts on how Fox News. Thanksgiving preparations well under way and not just here on Earth's. Thanksgiving preparations now well underway even an outer space. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station announcing Tuesday they'll be dining on Turkey mashed potatoes and crab apple dessert. Alt field at foil packages. But the station's commander also notes he's looking forward to next year and a home cooked meal because my wife is a phenomenal cook which I like my mother was this as police in New York City are preparing for quote. Stronger than ever security at this year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and Wednesday night's balloon inflation. All in the wake of the truck attack in New York that killed eight people on Halloween and Washington Caroline Shively Fox News. It is a 607. With Steve instead in the morning the weather forecast is on the way. You're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 NS AS. Six there seemingly Steven and Ted in the morning you're listening to 97 and thirteen thirty KM SS. Boy does this finally here traffic is so important and on people's minds let's get an update from Chad which. That's right you're gonna see I don't know there might be some times this morning where you see more people out there on the roadways just because. Getting out early. And I'll watch for heavy traffic around the airport in the day or at least ten year than you might have seen not really seen much of right now. Right now things look to be. Mean little bit more calm and I would have expected to do have a stalled out vehicle is causing a bit of a traffic hazard. This is on the right shoulder northbound I want 35 just north 21 street. Traffic update from case and as as radio on his chief. Thank you jab and now let's take a look at that weather forecast heading into Thanksgiving let's check in with meteorologist Dan holidays. Anna good morning cold high pressure is over central Kansas this morning with temperatures in the upper teens to low twenties. Today it's sunny and not as windy with a high 48. He will be clear and not this cold tonight are loose 33 and a big warmup for Thanksgiving tomorrow's high near seventy I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Like Dan said thank you had it's really cold right now we have a mostly cloudy sky. 24. Degrees right now on our way to the high will double that high of 48 today. And in seventy tomorrow 172 on Friday so. Really Kohler in the twenties right now we'll be up above seven mile Friday so little little bit of a wide swath. We're cutting year you have in the next few days big changes in weather and you know that your weather forecast right here with Steven Ted heading into Thanksgiving. Can necessity 614 was even Ted thanks for joining us here on Wednesday morning. The day before Thanksgiving. That we won that there will not be as Stephen Ted in the morning on Thursday Thanksgiving nor the following them Friday so. Even Ted will. Bid you farewell. Today at 9 o'clock and will be back with you again on Monday morning yes but and so it. Even Steven Ted can afford it weakens sometimes sometimes. And Jad as well and it. I have. Bill I'm sure you might have heard about this the passing of a teen idol back in today now. In his back in the day David Cassidy at all he had hit TV show he had teenage and preteen girls all over Emma. He had hit a record. Through the rest of his life sometimes heated struggle between balancing that famous teen idol and living up to of his demands as an actor. Not that much potential for growth after the the great success he had early on and David Cassidy is passed away at the age of 67. He'd been suffering organ failure. Ports start at Partridge Family back in the 1960s. Now. In his post TV years he. Did struggle with some substance abuse and failed marriages. But he had to back in the day he was he of pop star big hit I think I love you spent three weeks on top of the billboard singles chart. And other hits on the chart at that same time we're fire and rain by James Taylor tears of a clown like Smokey Robinson in the miracle I'm. David Cassidy passed away at the age of 67. Stars of the partridge family and his mom Shirley Jones is still well yes. Perform at the orpheum theater few years. I now let's move onto a president music stars say what you want about Taylor Swift but boy C sells albums. Her most recent release reputation. Burris to rep as a sales monster album has sold more than one point two million copies in its first week. She's also the first female artist in history. To have three albums sell more than a million units in their debut weeks. So when no when Taylor Swift puts out an album. Yes it gets bought at the in bulk big time. Going into this week Charlie Rose. Had two major gigs and no scandals attached to his name. And what a difference a week makes now rose has a series of allegations and he is unemployed. CBS news and PBS a bolt cut ties with Charlie Rose. This happened yesterday less than 24 hours after several women accused him of sexual misconduct. Including groping female employees and walking naked in front of them. Rose has joined a growing list of news types who've lost jobs because of allegations of sexual harassment. Including Fox News CEO Roger Ailes fox host bill Reilly NBC news political reporter Mark Halperin. And NPR news chief Michael or Estes. Charlie Rose is unemployed and facing. Allegations. Coming up on 618 with Stephen Ted in the morning on KN OSS. And let's see what's going on in the world of sports. And we have some exciting news from soccer men's basketball the semi finals of the Maui invitational. Yesterday afternoon. Sixth ranked Wichita State. Taking on Marquette. And on the the day before the shoppers got out of the gate little slow. Before coming back and winning shocks were a little more sharp yesterday. And in a tussle with Marquette game was tied it. But about fifteen minutes to go shocker Israel's pull away and let me tell you earning a start in the Sparta in the starting lineup. Senior Rashard Kelly gave to soccer's everything they needed including. Not even giving up on a fast break here's Mike Kennedy and Bob holt call the game yesterday afternoon I'm 103 point 78 Eli and. Right we wanted to lay out the bad headed for an appellate goes down to the docket. It and it gets it back. Okay nice Irish American. It looked like it was just going to be any easy steal layup for. For a Marquette that hearse. He got a career high eight assists and pulled down ten rebounds. Landry sham it let the shocker the nineteen points shocks beat Marquette 8066. Austin reed is also had a big game the shocker is with a career high nine rebounds to go along with ten points. So shocks improved forward oh on the season and now advance into the championship game tonight of the Maui invitational. Where it's a match up of top twelve teams both undefeated. Number twelve Notre Dame against number six Wichita State's fighting Irish are five and no socks or for no. Notre Dame won their semi final game by 39 points last night over LSU. Mike Kennedy and Bobble hole we'll have live coverage of the shocker in the fighting Irish beginning at 830 tonight free game set tip off about 930 tonight. That's all on 103 point seven KEY and first meeting between the shocker is and the fighting Irish since they met three years ago in the sweet sixteen. And after the game but I'll be taking your calls on the shocker locker room show well into the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning. Live from the Katie Lyons studio so listen to shocker basketball tonight seats they can win at the Maui invitational. Men's basketball last night for Kansas number two ranked jayhawks hosting Texas southern in Lawrence. And this was a blow out Kansas hit a school record nineteen. At three point shots. On their way to beating Texas southern 114. The 71. Steve a pilot had 21 points to lead the jayhawks Kate use now for no on the season. And don't talk about it tonight on K you basketball ought to ought to head coach Bill Self pity and Thanksgiving 6 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio KFH. 12:40 AM 975 F them. Will be talking Kansas City Chiefs football tonight here on your home with the chiefs. In assess. Right here at 7 o'clock with play by play voice and see Smit told those 7 o'clock tonight right here on 987 in thirteen thirty K and as best chiefs. Are still in first place but they have dropped for their last five games. Good news is chiefs have for the next five games at home much. Make a run during that stretch. Listen to the chiefs kingdom shows 7 o'clock tonight and can assess. The L we have hockey though the Wichita thunder in first place in the EC HL. On the road tonight visiting Kansas City mavericks red hot team has won five in a row 7 o'clock tonight for the thunder on the road a Wichita will be home on this Thanksgiving weekend for back to back home games on Saturday and Sunday. The Wichita State volleyball team is already clinched its bid to the NCAA tournament shocker finishing up the regular season this week at Memphis tonight. Hosting Memphis on Friday at noon echo arena on senior day. And and the selection show for the NCAA tournament will be on Sunday soccer fine out of they'll get the host a regional stocks are number nine in the nation RPI in college volleyball. They've won eighteen matches in a row. Will Jim go men's basketball last night in L Laredo Butler community college in a closely with Cali college Dennis Higgins had a game right here on K and SS Cali. Scored late beat Butler 8076. The tally. Basketball teams on a four game winning streak right now off to a seven and one start going in Thanksgiving. And if speaking of the chiefs to a happy birthday to chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson. Who's 35. Today still get it done in the National Football League yeah. Then once in tune in tonight seats kingdom show at 7 o'clock MK and SS and soccer men's basketball at 930 tonight. Against Notre Dame for the Maui invitational title at 930 at someone or three point seven KE YN so shocker is in Notre Dame how figure. Loyalties fall in this one Notre Dame alumni. But there and posting the shocker locker room Chenault ghastly better via soccer fan avid soccer fan but I was it's. That's sports city is 623 was even said in the morning and stay in SS. Thanks for being what it is here on this. Wednesday morning. And will be. Telling you about a Border Patrol ambush. Comments on that from Fox News commentator Todd stars don't miss it coming up on Kate and as us.