"There's no embarrassment on COPS"

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 13th
Ted says suspects always sign the waiver to be on COPS.

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Good morning six. Why this is the case in this news or use this season tentative. I think I can talk from department cloudy and 74 degrees. A building fire this morning yourself Wichita in the thirteen hundred market felt mostly. Passing police officers spotted flames around 1230. Fire chief Tammy snow we thought that fire. It's a sad story. And then trying to gain access. Once we actually found that they need to going into the building wherever the blower hose lines inside an athlete. The fire out. No injuries no word on cause or damages to the Wichita police are asking for the community's help. Insulting a robbery of a woman by two suspects in northeast Wichita officer Charlie Davidson says the incident started around 415 Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart in the 3000 block of north rock road. Is 66 year old woman told police she was approached by an unknown female who ask her for a ride to the Walgreens in the 3700 block of north would want Davidson says video footage from Wal-Mart showed the woman and the suspect being followed out of the parking lot by a man and a silver Cadillac ST yes upon arriving at Walgreens the male suspect got out of the Cadillac and into the victim's car investigators say the couple rob the victim at gunpoint taking her wedding ring and cash from her purse the suspect's been forced the woman to drive to a nearby bank and withdraw 8000 dollars from her bank account. They then got away in the silver Cadillac. Anyone with any information is asked to call crime stoppers at 2672111. Or the WPD robbery division at 2684518. Phil holed a brand Kagan assets news there was a considerable debate at Tuesday's Wichita City Council meeting. As more or Mac Adams park there was an outpouring of support for Mike Adams from adults and children alike we want. Food aid for his school please let us. Councilman Johnson from district one and Clinton and from district three. Were in favor of a Mike Adams pool but they're just Longwell and others wanted more information so I'm not. Ray support until I hit a better analysis and have staff that is saying this is the perfect place it. Because where. I'm not willing to take a four million dollar gamble councilman blue ball that proposed to substitute motion to return the four million dollars to the city. The mayor countered with another substitute motion to defer the vote which failed three to four. The council then voted to place the polemic Adams which also failed finally the mayor put forth a motion to postpone a vote indefinitely. Until a council and parks department to gather more information. That vote passed unanimously. Rodney price K and SS news. Firefighters continue to battle a wildfire known as the 416 fire near. The San Juan national forest in Durango Colorado that started the first of June spans over 23000. Acres the fire is only 15% contained. Jamie night of public information officers shares some of the logistics for containing the flames. I mean there are 970 personnel on the fire the that I think that'll look the part app that. I don't have a number greater part of it is exactly how many firefighters there are great you know. There's elements of a thousand fans working on the fire in some capacity. So far no structures have been destroyed but the fire has forced more than 2000 people from their homes. Fired FBI deputy director Andrew MacKay EB is suing the Justice Department lawyers for former FBI deputy director Andrew McCain announcing late Tuesday they are suing the Justice Department and the FBI. Claiming the agencies won't give of files relating indicates firing. Alleging in the lawsuit that the DOJ is denying access because the concern documents could later be used against them. They keep this fire in March just shy of his retirement after an internal report found he leaked a self serving stories in the press. And later lied about it a present from comic inspiring great day for democracy became lawyers argue it violated federal law. In Washington Shaun lane so Fox News good weather helped boost attendance at last week's Wichita river festival. Wichita festivals think president Mary about Jarvis stills came in assisting is another big Yelp is nearly 9000. Volunteers. They Celtic at stake than they sell tickets they cleaned up the record hey you know we're. But in sellers whatever it is it needed to be done and we're trying to get it and helped make it an amazing party. Refer assistance estimated at 460000. This year compared to about 4101000. Last year. Qaeda has new son now 604 orbited spent 6 o'clock. 987 and thirteen thirty K and this is seem to get in the morning now Wednesday's six and the 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. The gasoline prices in Wichita this morning still a little unsettled it. Averaging around 270 that I have seen many prices exactly seventy. I did see the best prices a thirteen 69. Naples and west traffic updates from eight and as best radio. I'm chambers had done before again as we've KE NN center stampede don't just stand holidays good morning day of. Good morning we're keeping an eye on a weak frontal boundary that stretched into central Kansas. Some cloud cover across much of the state and near that boundary we could see you shower or thunderstorm through late morning otherwise our high warms to 89. Partly cloudy tonight down to 72. Heating up tomorrow windy Thursday and 96. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. No partly cloudy 73 degrees and we've got to southeast wind. At five miles per hour that you looked at Kansas. Innocent weather center radars. Linda cloud cover around says brutality of the man I'm on seeing any rain at all there is some a little bit death. All out east of Emporia. On 35 million do oh late that that area there's a little shower over between you reaches an. And and isn't sitting right there to auction it looked the shower over the and then if you go down south. To win. East of Woodward Oklahoma you see some showers but here in the central part of Kansas not much going on at this time as far as the possibility of rain. Another hot day for which dog central Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature. Was 93 degrees normal life of the date is 86. That was the high yesterday Tuesday and Wednesday June 13 2018 on this date in 1966 the Supreme Court. Ruled in Miranda vs Arizona the criminal suspects had to be informed of their constitutional right to consult with an attorney and to remain silent. 1966. The Miranda clause went into affect which means that. From that point on police officers and a law enforcement officers to make arrests. Were armed with a small car to. That they kept in the breast pocket most of them. That's a do you have the right to remain silent anything you say. Can will be huge engagement court of law. And it's it you know it didn't re don't think it's slowed things down for law enforcement very much I know what to having covered. A court cases. That don't win the officer testifies about what the business that the accused said. They'll pull out of of the waiver form. That shows that they they initial their Miranda rights before they were even interviewed it's at oh I understand a guy to be quiet in the news that they would start talking. My favorite line is the officers says to them. You Heather by entering three who have the right to remain silent and I suggest you do so the morality clause 1966 that was a big controversy. Because. All of a sudden I didn't know ahead at right I was young kid did it to be remain silent moment. And good. And that reminds me of the when Maryland cops came to town yes there and they did that. They demos segment TV shows not just opt out and apparently all those people. And suspects and people would appear on cops. Have to sign a waiver sign away and I was told that. Every one of them signs that lawyer without hesitation there wouldn't wanna be on TV media the matter how bad they Alec that they you know. They're looking like the worst person in the world. Yes on his labour. But excited and it all sides obviously they are all wanna be on TV never in this history that showed they ever really. Catch anybody who has likened Dillinger is public if they are always small time. Drunks and if you think you might be embarrassed our Ottawa this whole nation's seeming Tara golden. No does you know they're trying to flee from police note they also miss Iowa is still embarrassment on cops I'm now apparently not that. And newer driver who blew. Into kissing women out of his car has had his liver license suspended. The New York City taxi and limousine commission called his behavior ridiculous. The women were on the way from Brooklyn to Manhattan Saturday when they exchanged what they called up act on the lips. Said the driver forced them out and the confidence should ensued. A cell phone video taken by one of the women chosen drivers saying kissing isn't it in and sober. Is illegal you get to this in the car drivers is using is not illegal one of the women response. Why are we not allowed to kiss and over diver responded it's disrespectful. Guber has of behavior rules. Amounted to no sex in cars but nothing to do with kissing and Brazil as it does not tolerate discrimination. So and the debts from you know who knows. Sounds like from the women's version the OPEC on the lips you know innocent enough until it. Maybe this guy thought they were back there you know engaging in some sort of an hour and a half with walkers up. Or maybe just maybe. And it was offended and now he's in trouble for being edited by the and one. It's 615 now Steven and Ted in the government note that I seen that over yesterday's they're trying to work out something in New York City because. They're driving the caddies out of business. I guess there'll be cabbies and cap companies that are just their moneys is going down rain water trying to work out thing with the Hoover's. Somehow can't have caddies. Existent. Be able to earn their living parents apparently that's a big problem polio would be yes. 616 how Steven did they pick up your copy. Of VIP Wichita at the Dillon stores around town free of charge to a lot of pictures of people you may know Notre Dame. Including Steven debt we have a big ad in the June edition. The picture early get a photo of Russian therein and Sean Hannity and and your iron in there as well Ted. And if you wanna if you wanna see that you would collect bet. Maybe just one assuming we looked like it lecture us on the night we want our Marconi award yes and we're bullpen we have a nice you know we're dressed nicely. Our Harris cult with a great. I think anyway. So open up a copy VIP Wichita and the and that it. Magazines free of charge and it. A bigger than we others article about half and Jack yeah our friends delegate Kellogg will feature an on him it's an interesting Fella. All right coming up on a 618 now Steve intended. On K and it says it is elite sports time with Ted Woodward that. And the currency willingness and the royals played last night and it is actually last night. Kansas City Royals beginning a long homestand hosting the bottom team in the National League to Cincinnati Reds. Coming to its city police the fourth time ever. And what my scoring in this one to begin with. Ian Kennedy threw a fantastic start for the royals he goes eight scoreless innings keep the reds and checked. Is offense didn't help him out very much the royals only got one run. That's where we stood in the ninth inning one nothing lead for the royals. In the city bringing in the normally reliable Kelly Guerrero out of the bullpen to finish it up here's what happened in the top of the ninth he heard the game on KF eight. The few to pitch. Belted to right field indeed went back goes mayors field at the warning track at the wall and gone. Tucker Barnhart. You learn her. You had their last hit me back in the sixth and singled. Homers into the bullpen in right to tie the game. What a shame all of you in Kennedy's good work now go down the drain. A rare is second blown save of the season. And of course the reds go on to him. Four run tenth inning inning and beat the royals five to one month final scores the royals have now dropped eight of their last nine. They are ten and 22 at home this season and one of the worst home T news. Major League Baseball. And the word Cincinnati was misspelled on the Kauffman Stadium scoreboard boy. With the nests that now. And it maybe not that advantage at the end and guys all messed audio I would do to you know. So other royals and the reds will finish up this very brief two game series tonight at Kauffman Stadium live pregame coverage begins at 630 games are about 715. And that's on Sports Radio hate at age 12:40 AM 975. FM. Things started out poorly for the wing nuts last night on the road in baseball action giving up four runs right away in the bottom of the first inning but after that. Wichita Gupta righted the ship seven and a third innings out of the bullpen for the wing nuts and only give up one run. So league overcame that first inning deficit in the league nets came all the way back to win that game eight to six was the final score. Nice job by the wing nuts bolts then John Nester. But that we nets' offense going four for five on the night. And Wichita wins its third in a row when it's open their fourth win in Euro tonight once again visiting the clean burn rail or voters to south of Fort Worth. 705 tonight. In taxes. At sports with Stephen Ted K end. SS eleven did end. What's open and your real quick Cincinnati. And the royals K seems to be right back in the early seventy's oil just getting cranked up and started. Seems to me like they traded for and got a young player from Cincinnati by the name Hal McRae. Is that remember if I'm remembering that right and so that'd Geronimo was his first day Cesar Geronimo the at two in the seventies. The McRae of course was instrumental Boeing he became a stalwart. Royals started running the ninety S 7019 CNN eighties. That's sports was even 10 AM next week we've got the big which it's. All open golf tournament. Christie country club that began in fact first round is a week from tomorrow. So we're only eight days away now yeah we've got some up passes to give away to go to the Wichita open golf tournament. In fact I've got a couple of pairs of passes to give away right now on she gave me call it. 869. To thirteen thirty year right now all tick collars number four and spot I have to go to the Wichita open golf tournament actually six Tony one. Keep in favor Fox News commentator Todd star whose credentials about a commencement speech. Censored. Stephens of the morning on Kate in a sense.