Thieves steal victim's dead father in New Mexico

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, September 12th

Thieves stole a U-Haul trailer, which the victims were using to transport their father's casket.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number. One news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 6 o'clock this is the case and if this morning news even dead and I received back into us no fair skies 63 degrees. Authorities in Butler county are investigating following a house explosion. Northeast of rose hill Monday afternoon in the thirteen thousand block of south. West 155. Street emergency crews found a 67 year old man would burn injuries outside the home with a neighbor he was hospitalized in critical condition. Butler county emergency management coordinator Jim Schmitt says they're working to determine a cause of the explosion. Investigators are gonna have to talk to the family. They're going to be able look at this look at what's we've got still got left. We have a very seasoned investigator that's working this has been accounted for almost forty years so. No doubt will be able to determine what happened here. The victim is being treated in the burn unit that via Christi Saint Francis hospital in Wichita. A member of the Wichita school board resigned at Monday night's board of education meeting. Board member Jeff Davis resigned Monday night citing a recent move out of the district as his reason for leaving. Mr. Brody I hereby tender my resignation. As board member for just before from UST 259 effective immediately they. Those who represents district four was first elected to the board in 2007. He still has about two years remaining in his current term. Plans to find a replacement for Davis by remaining board members is expected soon has special meetings on September 29 and October 2 are scheduled to interview potential candidates. In his final statement Davis spoke fondly of his time on the board does like to say that on the court just over ten years. It's enough. A wonderful ride Phil Noble brand KM SS news. Man on a motorcycle has died southeast of haynesville Cedric county sheriff's lieutenant Lyn Denning. Says the accident site was noticed late Monday morning at 793 south of hillside. A bicycle is riding along it this curve here. Notice a motorcycle in the ditch are in the. He looked in addition found more cycle lane on pop. The individual that we can. We've got writer of that work I. Paramedics determined the man was dead at the scene investigators found no sign of a collision. They believe the man on the motorcycle is not able to handle the curve from northbound hillside to seven denies itself the victim was not wearing a helmet. Investigators believe the accident happened sometime Monday morning. Police say DNA results have positively identified the Kansas boy discovered earlier this month in case in. I'm treats Wichita police said in a news release Monday that the Cedric county forensic science that are determined the remains are those of three year old Evan borrower. Grandson of former Wichita mayor Carl brewer. Police discovered his body September 2 and side of Wichita home where his mother Miranda Miller and her boyfriend Stephen boat dine at live. Miller is charged with aggravated interference with parental custody won't vote dye is charged with aggravated assault. No charges have been filed yet in the boy's death the landlord clearing out the property alerted police to a suspicious concrete structure emitting an older. The boy's father Carl brewer had earlier contact to state officials and police about his son's welfare. Dan O'Neill. K and SS news the Wichita City Council will hold a special meeting tonight mayor Jeff Longwell tells K Unisys news. We're going to have another evening Al meaning that are about. Century to the convention center so we're gonna hear the report noted. Want people to come around that we're not going to decide the fate of century boat and here's an operational in my glut that some new and different revenue restraint. While will commented during Monday's with the mayor with Stevens has the morning here on K and SS. Millions of people in Florida still have no power after hurricane Irma. One major problem throughout Florida continues to beat a lack of power Stanley's like collect Copeland and her children feeling the boredom of no modern conveniences. Frustrating because when you have three children. All they want to do is do their gaming and unfortunate we don't have a generator. In some cases being without electricity for days can also be life threatening to those who need to plug in medical equipment the hotels in town housing evacuees are dark people using flashlights at night waiting for the power to come back on. Alex Stone ABC news Tampa. US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley says that North Korean regime. Has demonstrated it will not act on its own to end its nuclear weapons program Monday the UN Security Council voted unanimously to impose more sanctions on Pyongyang. Capping North Korean oil imports and banning textile exports from Pyongyang. When these new stronger sanctions are added to doze passed last month. Over 90%. Of North Korea's publicly reported exports. Are now fully band. Unisys used on now 6055. Minutes past 6 o'clock. Seven and thirteen thirty K and as as we are being injured in the morning downs extend the 10 minutes past 6 o'clock. So far out there this morning the gasoline prices. Well the gasoline prices. They're a little all over the place and difficult saying anywhere from 239. To about 237. Seems to be the average for getting him which sides but one's better Harry Oliver Q 366 gallon there. Traffic updates from K innocents radio on jet chambers. So the forecast McCain insists stampede you don't understand the holiday good morning Dan good morning high level clouds from the remnants of Burma have started to spread in the eastern Kansas we should stay mostly cleared today sunny warm and dry this afternoon with a high 85. Tonight's Lou 61 that we won tonight maybe tomorrow the cold front may come in this weekend with a chance of rain late Saturday night. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now affairs guy in 57 degrees call me no winzip. Left over 63 degrees so we have got six degrees in the past hour here in the Wichita area. We had another nice day across Kansas Monday which does high temperature yesterday 87 normal like he's 85 polish state in 2008. Nature showered south central Kansas of all kinds of attention when numerous thunderstorms inundated the area with five to twelve inches of rain. On September 12 a you can meet hardest hit as Wichita where the west northwest and north sides of the air capital were inundated by ten to twelve inches of rain. While almost Harvey asked right now it's a lot mid continent airport now Eisenhower set an all time daily rainfall record by measuring ten point 31 inches. About that this is a record setting dates. For a but the Wichita. Temperature. September 12 on the state in 1959. Times made its TV debut on. NBC. Bonanza for grown men living together on a ranch with. Virtually no women around and I didn't. I gotta tell you I didn't care for it I was never big man. Lot of people or they got a great ratings bonanza there. 1966. But all keys made its debut on NBC. Or young men who apparently for a don't know how to play any instruments. But that's. They could sing a little bit at the back state of the parties. Yeah a lot of people say embrace him as the new Beatles nap now sorry and angles now. Know what they are it's fun to listen to others they're okay that the monkeys okay there. On the state in 1978 taxis made its debut on TVC. Big companies that can't beat it. The man who helped bring this Monday Night Football and who coined the phrase must see TV it's died on all Meyer. Was a long time producer who won sixteen at least during his career including a lifetime achievement award. His name well known to all of us and broadcasting. We've known about done for years. All Meyer took over the reins at Monday Night Football in 1972. He was also responsible for bringing shows like friends. ER and will and grace to NBC. He knew something about selecting programs he was only 72 years old Donald lawyer passing away. Authorities say thieves have stolen an SUV and an attached U haul trailer with a casket inside. Outside and Albuquerque motel. Albuquerque police say the heist occurred yesterday at a residence in. They say a woman and her husband were taking the body up her father. From Oklahoma to bury him in New Mexico and someone snatched a trailer they were all in the body it. The casket was later found near where it was taken. The bodies still inside after the body was dead dad was still stay still there OK go now. People will steal anything I suppose or maybe they thought there was something valuable and then you at all. Was there does someone's indicted valuable both to listen in. We were doing a dent Jan residential research earlier on the Kansas Highway Patrol. Traffic accident laud take you behind the scenes is available to everybody. Right this is a public access rights that yup it find out or accident it's it's especially in news it's very handy because. And Highway Patrol investigates accidents if they are very antes up the just between you folks out us and here in a media. These guys the Highway Patrol are super with media. I'm usually are yeah. They have the information for you with that it just a few hours of the accident including the names of those. Who have been hurt or injured died. And date because they have contacted relatives efficiently and quickly. I am huge fans of the Highway Patrol. Well plus they have they have several Highway Patrol troopers that NetSuite free yeah earlier on Twitter these people are nurtured ms. law enforcement goes. They are great now McGinest I'm a gonna say. Who locally doesn't do a good job this right but if we are doing a story that that's a couple of days old because you don't have the information. You'll notice it but I kept activity I guess yeah I. Well the first one happened 01 disease or four fatal accidents but I'm yesterday morning all the morning one was out. Near in the southwest part of the state what we say that county was great yes. That might near Montezuma 21 year old Zachary Ammann of Montezuma across the center line. He discovered yet pickup truck Turkish semis. Then a day Clay County this is northeast Kansas motorcycle passing a semi. Struck by an oncoming car 43 year old Coretta Scott of Auburn Nebraska didn't seem southeast Kansas. Crawford county a semi and a car collide. In our Kansas 87 year old Fred boob Dina of army announced it is seen. And then in the western part of the state Stanton county. Semi and a car collided near Johnson City 51 year old Lance turner of Walsh Colorado. Did it seem. That is amazing down for that it's just a nap I know I'd look at those logs every day for fatal one way separate accidents. All across the state all in the morning all involving a semi truck somehow. That's that we had the fatal unusual. Was it the the one here of the motorcycle here near Wichita write that down by peso to thirty amazing it was a very very deadly day. On roadways and highways around the state all all four of those they Lexus involved semis right at the one here and Cedric county it was a mores but. Interest. It I don't know what it says. I did it doesn't say anything it's just it it's legendary yeah. Its sense of all this happened on Monday and on 9/11 program. Wichita school board member Jeff Davis resigning. Jeff after ten years on the board. And interviewed him once I think in the whole time. Or an issue show and I believe he's police officer acted you know Ted I think he's. In UH barely moved out of it and that's what's happening there. Geithner get off the start today on September the twelfth that it six Anna on 619 now Steven and Ted and what had. NFL football kicking off on Monday night two games last night that. Were they with the golf sports stories that would certainly that was positive about the royals go ahead. There are with royals and action last night against the bottom team in the American League the Chicago White Sox royals trying to get close to playoff spot. Last night's effort did not help. Is the city got behind early. And never was really in this game after trailing them all away to the White Sox won it eleven to three. As drops the royals three games back for a playoff spot with only nineteen games remaining in the season. Royals pitcher Jason Hammel says just one of those nights a weird night. Everything throughout they're they either placed very well or hit it hard it is a line that was the tone of the whole game really for us. Eric Hosmer. Of the royals had a single in the second inning that was his ninth straight hit. Nine times nine hits unheard of matching the longest streak in the majors this season just one shy of the royals all time record than he grounded out his next time up. And that street. Pretty amazing run that the Hosmer is on here towards the end of the season. But the White Sox who are at the bottom of the American League have now outscored a the royals and the giants 32 to five during a very brief three game winning streaks of White Sox with a little light here at the end of the season. But the royals. I do not help themselves trying to get a playoff spot lost last night. Kansas City and the White Sox will go latitude for a rare at Tuesday's day gains today. In Kansas City the royals in the White Sox. We'll play games start the afternoon so they'll be on the air at 11:30 this morning the games start about 1215. Royals White Sox this afternoon with him on Sports Radio the F 81240 AM 975. FM. Of course the Kansas City Chiefs drop to that wanna know start after winning at New England in the season opener the key to getting ready for their home opener coming up on Sunday. Against the Philadelphia Eagles. Tonight should be a pretty spirited edition of the cease kingdom show. And that is this evening right here on Kate and SS your home with the chiefs. The chiefs kingdom show some breakdowns. You know season opening win at albeit Lou after 7 o'clock tonight right here on 97 and thirteen thirty feet in ants ants. Speaking of chiefs the chiefs birthday today one of the best. Defenders in chiefs history strong safety feature on cherry is 58 years old today guided. Excelled for the chiefs on the defense side of the football back in the 19. Time Pro Bowl player. Name the NFL 1980s all decade team to. Kelly and I got on an elevator with him and other chief one time. As she expressed her mouth dropped open to it. Duffy knows I didn't realize they're that big event hall. They're all their massive you have this great big people but he was one of them I remember not the futures on the over at a player ya and happy birthday today too. Former chiefs free safety Iran Jerry's 58 today. That's sports with Stephen Ted Kate and as I could story out of the chiefs came to town for an exhibition basketball game in the offseason. And we educate we were I was looking at each time we we took our little. Team and we went and played channel twelve as a as a freak her as a AM at brands for bad before the game now and again. Here can the tees walking through the it'd barely fit through doors I mean he did it seem like everyone would 68 with you know his shoulders about eight feet wide there's so. A big human being they are but. I just remember that game that basketball game was kind of controversial because. Bruce hurdle and Roger Cornish almost came to blows. Well I knew nothing about that surprises. Burris accused the court as of every time he he began he was taken extra steps he is rattling. And I think it can't come to blows at one point at a romance but it guys anyway there's a little insights. When you do the now as the they've got a prayer for our copy go on to pole here you go what's your not period breaking Braveheart to. Let's try that again you go or not drinking Hartley tied to the call for at work. Your boss doesn't look. No boss can also speak more plainly than my kid to play too. Keep it for Fox News commentator touchdown got some thick controversy about the Red Cross of Miami go on. Steve tell the morning on KM SS.