Tips on room temperature food for pot lucks

The Good Life
Saturday, March 17th
The last segment with Aly Rosen focuses on room temperature recipes and foods to take to a pot luck dinner. Inside Rosen’s book ‘Bring It!’, you will find dozens of impressive-looking recipes that come together easily, and are perfect for carrying to any occasion.

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I do welcome back good lap it. Must be bigger and you can bet that the media and solid outlook here. We're talking about a really cool book it's called bring it. Tried and true recipe for pop ups and casual entertaining and my guess valley road that would put together Alley. What about William fish you know shrimp that kind of thing. You know Easter is always lamb now but I like to smoke. The salmon or any kind of passes and but yeah. Tip for that. Yeah I think that people have not be afraid. The this temperature because they think people assume they'll. Keeping it hot theory difficult much right away that you bring something. Who played terrific addition to pick them a lot of believers that the monster Amazon book that greed is not so what was called the power. Is that has what it Cameron. The three. On the not a hole that killed it and you know a lot of it from. If you really well temperature because there's so much sleeper imminent that it can keep it cool I'm in terms of Sharon fanatic he did. There's also the dish that I called the idea. That the State's Catholic I am but it's a little bit. You're uses. Easier to find great. And that's what greatly you know because we like to have their I have embraced this equipment factor for why not. Hi all these omissions and of course you can kind of high power than life and right off the ground raid that happened but it did it a little bit. So I. Secure position race and people to try. Well. I think so too its it's of it's a great way to transport issue smoke at and Chile and then it it doesn't have mystical but ultimately great. One final thing what about if you're going to an Easter brunch anything you'd recommend. Out of the book. Yeah I think a couple of things and when you have a big red you wanna talk about. There especially I let them have been following the sort of run and they're categories and one of my favorite. Don't date him but he has this time this year actually the bank. Arthur coming into the market. Greenland and it just kind of like a strawberry short but in much form. I really well with whipped cream and strawberries and wonder girl. And if so you know. We'll just pick it up and it definitely cool thing for if and it you know and it does really well. Because if it kind of hat that I feel. And you know. Dessert items are always ticket item here who were inside realistic. And it got this special beer mated at greats and to some Jimmie Johnson he ordered some really cool cookies you know. Iced green cookies that you know it was a marked with an open. Bring in some like that to me. It potluck if it was wonderful but it will. Alex congratulations on the book I think it's it's a winner for sure and which is the best of luck and hope but he got another book in the future you'll Jonas and come back again. Her monthly thinking something happened that you think Patrick. Anti human different take care. Are right now. We're gonna hit a favorite of the we're gonna talk. Let's talk a little bit about the growth and development delay you know. That's the declined comment web district Q is this your sixth district six W. Councilwoman congratulations by the way thank you or condolences depends but you're also. He predicted to do so by the. And here in the education but I do network that would sustain an assistant to the president for strategic planning. And you're nine dead and it probably most the people here we've which don't choose who you are absolutely. And that's just fabulous stuff going. It was at that from the pin and admiral when wagon Smith congratulations. To my good friend Tim Norton are being selected. That deal and a native look at the lane and I you know you know we have. So much going on in Italy right now so. We just in the neighborhood plan here that's gonna be adopted by City Council in a few weeks. So you look at what's gone on among them the river with service and the news EEP c development within its. It's just fantastic you mentioned the purpose that you and I knew what that is but. To listen to what what that is what it means that. So river this isn't new apartment complex on right on the west bank of the river. But that's about 280. Apartments. Against our leasing I think in name would greatly. And and it's a great place to live that for the rest of us. They are actually gonna have a mountain bikes rental. If you can ban on hand ride the bike passport in the boat it's just a fantastic area you know when you look at. Everything here belongs to Douglas and we're sitting right by the clock averaged over Lemond. But if you go win us. I think we've run out of room and have such great businesses that we're gonna have to go at least another block for the west. Look at what my good friend Don here is them with open Barbara yes and no in the fantastic. I mean he's just growing. And Angelina loves that and plans such a if that people haven't been down there they just have to come down here as it's so fun well in the restaurants that are here now on the web site just to the west the river. A lot of people that go we'll go to old. Delay those who have. Yes it is and with all kinds of things you know just about anything you want and yeah I have ever since then again the monarch I think it was probably one of the best. Earlier anchors you know. It's great stuff but now what do you see in the next couple years what are some of the things that you guys have become working on an addition to the growth of the apartment. Some of the things Danone group. And an insider working on what you expected it but yeah. I think that biggest thing that will be that everybody will see is what's gonna happen with that view based Palestine. And you know we haven't quite. Decided what that's gonna look like war now are waiting to see if we get a baseball team and affiliated baseball team that I'm real excited about that you know I have I have. Really fond memories of Lawrence Dumont stadium bad things how they can past its prime. I'll go out around the country look at these new baseball stadiums there just marvelous nothing I'm looking forward to him and once the book of the operational while the building the other. Yes I believe that's there the public be a season where will be damned. But right up until then men. We'll have to take it out and then we'll start right at the next season and what do you think the plans are for that beautiful chunk of property along the river yeah. That's front realistic it is so I what we. What we're hoping and what we see in the filling a plan that battle albeit. Commercial area so it'll be a little ballpark village kind ground that would restaurants and little shops and you know I I really think about where indices that does take off to. At that level integrated. Well. Thanks for your service and overused term for a lot of people this statement it's I would say it's a thankless job but I know that there's a lot of jobs and expected. It on the city councilman and work with everybody in. It is trying to do the right thing get things done in a reasonable manner. Controlling costs but making. This guy make movie apartment itself forward. And the political woman next to you remember when nobody wanted to do you read it that's right. Remember that yes I do I couldn't believe it when I got here in 1998 there yes we had fun up at the campus policy. But when they built this and all the naysayers and stuff but meanwhile look what school and think of the thousands of people hundreds of about the end. The bigger for the NCAA tournament. None Thursday. I hope we yet all of the parties just as busy you know it's councilman brief update that I flew right on himself and your husband to go with you that's right that's right it was a great time and I think people that are having a great time Nextel by the turn. And that's it's it's it's cute cheerleader now you know I love it when somebody says something stupid about which. And it gets rapidly attacked by those about to think quite differently. Absolutely one victory. They didn't like them but for stopping by and enjoy the great weather in the end of liberated. Thanks for being in the lead up part of the parade and remembered vehemently it was thank you guys really appreciate it take care of things that. All right so we're gonna take one more break what we do that it may have though it's saint Patrick day if you haven't made plans to do something. There's so many fun things going on downtown or all over town. Are your favorite group club. My goodness I'm hoping and Alex and gets here he reminds hopefully we'll talk about round about red. Via micro brew that he put together for bed and threw the book that incite realistic. I've got Aaron good lad who we come back we'll talk but then again we'll try to stop Alex list and instead of the wind that we. I got the whiskey that we can let it Jeb is our. Rules. We'll be right back don't go left.