Today is the anniversary of the very first basketball game

Steve & Ted
Thursday, December 21st

Dr. James Naismith invented the game and its first official game was played on this day in 1891.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. Cooper spur live team coverage of breaking news can't SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. David that morning feedback into I have referred. A former Manhattan city attorney is intended to seventeen and a half years in prison on child pornography charges. The US attorney's office announced that 55 year old bill Raymond van Dover was sentenced in federal court and. What you thought Raymond pleaded guilty in August to three counts of transporting child pornography and one count of possessing child pornography. Prosecutors say Raymond committed the crimes in Butler and Riley counties. Now the forecast with K as a staff meteorologist. Dan Holliday good morning Dan quoted morning unfortunately we're going to see an end to the mild weather pattern we've been in for quite some time with as a blast of Arctic air makes its way into south central Kansas. Temperatures will be in the low 50s by late morning but then strong northwest winds will usher in that cold there this afternoon are low tonight 26. Tomorrow's high 37. And in Saturday night a system moves by the any snow chances would likely stay to our north. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan the holidays now followed missed 43 degrees we've got a south wind at seven miles per hour. Fire crews responded yesterday to a two alarm apartment fire in Wichita. The fire was in the shorten your part in building in the 200 block of north Topeka when fire crews arrived there was smoke coming from the roof of the building. The fire was in the penthouse Syria at the apartment building which is currently being used for storage. None of the residents inside the building were hurt but it Wichita firefighter did sustain some injuries while responding to the fire. The fire was contained within approximately thirty minutes the cause of the fire is not yet known Amy web came SS opinions. Kansas governor Sam Brownback argues as he prepares to leave office that his experiment and aggressive tax cutting pioneered a national debate over helping small business owners. He said during a year end interview with the Associated Press that what Kansas did on taxes influence congress and other states even if his home state lawmakers rolled back the cuts. I'm back is awaiting US senate confirmation as ambassador at large for international religious freedom. Tensions on the border between north and South Korea after a soldier defected. South Korea's Yonhap News Agency says its military fire twenty warning shots across the demilitarized zone after a soldier from the north affected across the line between the two countries. North Korean soldiers approached the border surging for the defector causing the south the fire the shots. Horry or dog. Can hold until the sun will be put into Putin volatile. South Korean spokesman rotate Shonn same net and South Korean forces helped escort the detector to safety. This is the fourth North Korean soldier to the fact from the rogue regime this year has tensions rise over Pyongyang nuclear ambitions. Mike can't jerk Fox News. The United Nations General Assembly is meeting today in a rare session expected to vote to condemn president Trump's decision. To move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem president trump issuing a stark warning to nations that voted to condemn his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Threatening to cut off their financial aid. Republican congressman Ron Desantis tells Fox News he supports that plan we seen enough of that I'm I'm glad the president say I'm not that resolution does have support even among some of America's strongest allies. As Palestinian leaders like their envoy to the UN Riyadh months or hope to send a strong message to the trump administration they've decided to me. More Israelis and the Israelis and says the US vetoed a similar measure offered by ally Egypt at the Security Council earlier this week some Angel fox needs. I'm 35 now Stephen Ted in the morning yeah and on this state this is the December 21. And we can tell you that winter will arrive officially that's 1028. A Emma. Central time this morning. The solstice is about three hours from now yes three hours left and also the view of celebrate ought to do it now finally get the sun coming back harder that's right. While this stayed in ninths in 1891 the first basketball game divided by James Nick Smith. Is believed to have been played at the international YMCA training school in Springfield Massachusetts. Final score one not. Just like soccer yeah. Related put a couple of speech peach baskets up and went after I don't know what it was like Berlin drivel or what but then they Smith I'd be one of those deals where it be fascinating if you could somehow get video of them. Nations came out to large and from there and well in south course he set up shop and you're pregnant Kansas well score one and efficacy have a peach baskets in the guy had his final Saturday get the ball out right raising from those humble beginnings what basketball like now my goodness what year is that that was 1991. Out and he talked last 120 years pretty amazing is that when you know my dad was playing music kid. It was pretty much here's the run and hand the ball off her girl and all of that ticket to handsets. And it's just evolved more and more around nicely it's just. Made up the game out of his own brain just trying to think up something to do indoors in a letter in the winter in Massachusetts and any employee can hopefully get ideas and and of course the original rules of basketball written up by him are now by hand in a museum opened Lawrence Lawrence. On the state in 1937 Disney released the movie Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Its first full length animated film in color now still up I still love to wants renowned now an amazing piece of work I'll sit and watch it just. Marvelous and L but Walt was Curry's yes they did why would you make eight a ninety minute long cartoon no one's gonna sit wants that. Ball always stood well walls ahead of his time waves of visionary and an odds that you it paid off. It's either another Kansas City connection Dahlia. Well as he grew up in rural missourians. And his young adult years in Kansas City now. You should always have a good idea who you're dealing with on Craig's list. That's Giuliani any transaction but even more so when you decide to do something. Like offer pot as legal tender mobile. Doubly true when you're offering the illegal pot exchange for an SUV that happens to be owned by a share a lord. That's what went down in Colorado Springs ga gazette newspaper reports a sheriff got a text from a man and veils. Offering to buy his vehicle aged in exchange for illegal homegrown plot. Suspect an oval arrived at the swap they were arrested. Sony said the couple's car hit a four counts of illegal pot. They're charged the possession with intent to sell sheriff says he's no longer offering debt issue be for sale. You know be careful four pounds of pot for an suvs no. All right well that front I was scoring great deal of fun Colorado as you know pot was legal ever. Dinah and 739 now Stephen did it and with only four days left till Christmas might. Daughter and I got up did some shopping list I would tell guys I needed like that about three more. And we went out we got a density used you know I got down we went to. In the traffic that street traffic was terrible as is about. I don't know by 36 o'clock it's always having that time in the stores not bad not bad in stores. There's always a line but you know. People seem to be a good mood and and nobody said beating anyone about the pacers head so you know. And our Christmas shopping I'm almost done I've got I think I'll get one more. Little something for for my spouse ha ha you know I kind of agree group organ of do anything where each other this year but in. I'm an abandoned yet it's it's it's hard not to it and someone as delightful as mrs. Macintosh yes a huge. Trees peach it apart for page. Are not to get her something nice for Christmas George Bailey in a few minutes we're gonna talk with them. Fox News radio's Fox News radio's Rachel Sutherland. And we're gonna talk about the attacks bill passed. And that's going to be coming up here in just few minutes it'll background on that meant. 8:10 this morning are. Since sharing Christmas cheer our guest will be up Chris slant. Which these volatile state volleyball coach. Paterson he's going to be checking in from Lhasa checking the coach slam I think he's out he's out west somewhere and I also will be done at about 8 and this morning we've had. A guest on every day at 810 and event some really interesting covers they don't know. City manager Bob Layton. City fire chief. Tammy snow yesterday we had column is Bonnie bearing. In today were offered for Chris slam. I've I've met him but I've never sent out and talk NBC's pretty interest in gay guy. What should be a lot of the a lot of bogus Christmas info from coach Lan 8:10 this morning prairie fire coffee if you're not drinking. Perry prior coffee or your boss doesn't love you well you got that covered got a job drinking at 741 now which the City Council approved tax abatements. Extensions for three companies that story and more with the Wichita business journal update. Coming your way just minutes from now on Kate in SS.