Today Marks a Big Anniversary for Steve & Ted in the Morning

Steve & Ted
Friday, January 19th

Steve McIntosh began hosting the morning show on KNSS 20 years ago on this day...


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Should Richard talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS widget because number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on us. Until the morning she package on Ted Woodward. Kansas plan to have the nation's largest prison right. Prison operator build a new state prison is in limbo. After several top Republican lawmakers backed away from supporting the project. Governor Sam Brownback canceled a Thursday morning meeting with the legislature's top eight leaders to seek their final approval. At least three Republican leaders have grown less comfortable with a project in recent weeks. Now the forecast with Candace has staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan good board. Sunny and breezy today we should get to 55 for the afternoon high a few clouds tonight windy and 36 and in 56 for the high tomorrow with a few showers popping up Sunday and near sixty. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now mostly cloudy 27 degrees south wind at twelve miles per hour. Authorities have released more details about a crash. That resulted in the death of a 26 year old ban near derby Wednesday night. The Sedgwick county sheriff's office says that Josh Howard was driving on 79 street south near 127. Street east. When he crossed the center line and left the road. His vehicle struck a culvert a mailbox and then treat. The crash happened at around 10 PM just east of derby Howard was pronounced dead at the scene. Passenger 25 year old Austin young suffered critical injuries and was taken to Wesley medical center in Wichita. As of Thursday afternoon he remained in critical condition. The cause of the crash is under investigation. A family friend said in a FaceBook post that Howard leaves behind a wife and child. Amy web KN SS news. Wichita has unveiled street sweepers with a new eye popping design and says mayor Jeff Long well so officially today there are enough. Called street sweepers and longer. There's sweepers of the planes. But they have a really cool really cool what stalled flag logo on. And we think that that's going to be a real hit. The new sweepers are on the streets five days a week nearly 24 hours today he equipment came up with a flag design with a sweeper is installing them free of charge. The sweepers clean Wichita is arterial streets eight times a year and neighborhood streets get swept up twice a year. There are photos of the newly designed to sleepers with the news story on our web site it's K and SS radio dot com it's crunch time for congress as a federal government gets closer to a budget shut down tonight. Democrats in the senate are calling for a short extension of a few days to come up with a new deal on how to. Protect young immigrants from deportation some conservatives want a long term spending plan to help stabilize the military. No matter what happens Republican senator Lindsey Graham tells Fox News. The American people don't. Like the process the public pays the way we do this discount man. This chaos is gone and I'm willing to keep the government open days not weeks to get a deal that we should begat a year ago. The house is already approved a short term spending plan to last another four weeks a woman was unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicle traveling along as an interstate in Georgia. A state trooper took quick action to stop her and get her to a hospital fox five Atlanta is Laura Neal has the story. If not for Georgia State trooper Asher grace quick action there might not be a woman and a hospital to visit to observe today and I should be driving left shoulder. Bond. Partially on the wall it was then trooper graded some things he'd been tots that never performed tried technique usually used on the bad guys this night was used to save a woman's life using his car to push the woman's TV to safety back seat to the front windshield and she was actually having convulsions of the best part this woman is live at the hospital being treat. 735 now Steve into the more quick thinking. By the trooper in all those people. He say that owns life and restore 735 now Stephen did today is Friday January 19 when he seventeen. And debt on this date in 1955. A presidential news conference was filmed for television news and newsreels for the first time. With a parishioner president Dwight. Now the president's had been this they day they met with the press periodically. Usually just day here tomorrow at the Oval Office there was not that many of them that did that they couldn't entertain him in there and and you know that have an informal gathering and maybe get some quotes or whatever and this is first time that president Eisenhower what before the public with it on film not alive. But on film. Now in radio of course it just did mention this set earlier this morning. The president and president Roosevelt used radio he was a first. One to really understand meet really understand math money Indiana how to do it now and he used the fireside chat easy to communicate communicate directly to the American people. And then. Then TV came into the mix them now Twitter is all part of what goes on between the president in the public rights via. A mentally committed as a kid growing up Kennedy had news cameras and usually was if they try if they really try to nail him he usually so quickly is which he would just got to. Smile and charm amid you know and GeMS kind of skirt the issue. But it's. Eisenhower always impeccably dressed souls great look at suits won't. Eisenhower was well on my favorite presidents I doubt it's not just because he's from Kansas either. 737 now Stephen tend to be like keeping up of the British royal family. Noon on May have a job Korea royal fans made Linkedin job ad for a press officer. Working the duke and duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry the most viewed vacancy on the the site last year. The ad was viewed more than 100000 times it's could be your next step Steve the wedding of Harry and Megan Markel. So for May nineteenth and William and Kate's third child due in April the successful applicant will have his or her work cut out for them. However giving talk about hitting the ground running I think Dell and got a got a huge major store. The ideal candidate for something like that it. My favorite royal watcher Michelle. My wife this be a great job for her to does he bail over Cuba Cuban agreed to and keeping them represented over there I'll urge you might have to. An acute commute on the weekends come and I have to yet commute and you don't elite British food WiMax. Be weak maybe just pull up stakes and move over there become brits are doing. I don't think it's gonna happen she's retired I think she's going to pretty much data. 738 now Stephen did one of the big stories that this morning. Is that register for your planning purposes out there. The biggest interchange out there and I 235 Kellogg the west side gonna shut down again this weekend Ted as they it's also more beams out there. Like it did what was it two weekends ago. It was last weekend nine is drizzle on politics. So the guy and also those great big beams and go to and it's gonna be clouded up entirely closed down Kellogg and I to 35 at the intersection there so you're gonna have some signs of ramps on how to get around it. And you know really it's gonna be obstructed for. For a day or two there whole weekend down in 6 starts Monday morning they'll come back opening in less time they did it. They headed up back open earlier than they had they had it done by Sunday and had done and ended it real good job itself into it that's one thing young look forward to if you're. Traveling out on the west side and you use those routes this weekend and they won't leave they will mom be hampered by weather this weekend ha. One of his great weekend weather wise take. Today is the nineteenth of January 2017 and it was a detective emitter in nineteen years ago. Or is it ya know what state I've got the wrong Vinocur AT neck. I've got the wrong year Tony eight statement as well my little sheet what he's still he's only seventeen landed at some FMR what do we. 34 weeks into the new year and I'm stunned still but you don't battle. I'm confused but anyway I know this but what are years ago today. I started doing radio here on K and assess. Our first shell and you were there and course Mike Kennedy and a good friend. Mr. Wilson was with us you days so this is the twentieth anniversary have you starting anti host our morning ship had been hired by yet Tim lake to his general manager at that time. Frankly with a recommendation of my good friend Jack cholera have known for many many years. And it took over the job actually on the fifth. But then we had initially planning to get map out this new morning show get all the ducks in a row right now are. And then we kicked it all off on on the on the nineteenth. And opening of the FaceBook yesterday about McCann lot of response from some really. From some old friends people out of work with than their average ask questions should I do another twenty years on radio. Most of said yes but not sure bring enough. If anyone can do it do get it. Fighter Manny up to be awful cold we'll have to get through it and hey I am I he's Vince Scully and there's oil and folks at Nepal army that people have worked long into their careers hair I don't know you don't wanna be the next. Add yourself to that list then at the thing is it's it is it's it's it's enjoyable markets fund work that's so rich of a lot to it but still. Being on the radio talk and thought Il it's fun for us some people salute him do that that's but did you know. They're quiet exit. 741 to achieve its head and you know what time it is I know what time it is time for our current fire probably break on Qaeda assess yes it is using my announcers voice of if her coffee is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area because prairie fire coffee being used. Are roasted fresh right here in which officer and surely you can get very tired copied your office by calling 267. 3771. Or. Online at prairie fire coffee dot com copyright. 741 now Stephen dead coming up we've got it under bill why the would stop business journal. He has some night upfront about trouble and possible brighter future. For a Wichita company that's all the way was even dead once in a sense.