The Todd Butler Coach's Show 02-19-18

Monday, February 19th

The Todd Butler Coach's Show


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It's time for the Wichita State soccer baseball coaches you know with your head coach Tom. Butler. Now let's go live to aging sports grill at the Alley thirteenth in green which rode with the voice of the soccer's Mike Kennedy. Bucket back to AJ story is really the Alley cat welcome to our first shocker baseball show of the season with head coach Todd Butler. We've been talking about it basketball season's winding down their last couple of weeks and now the baseball season is underway soccer's come off a three game sweep. That these states in Lake Charles, Louisiana over the weekend to get the season under way for coach Todd butler's trip back home and Agassi could got a whole lot. You know it was a great trip so. Got a chance to my mom and extremely. They do Garvey from Lake Charles and plane was. You know he was excited his family was there are so alone in the Lake Charles, Louisiana started at these state university and graduated from there transferred out of their came back. I began coaching error as student assistance went back as an assistant went back as a head coach so. A lot of friends a lot of former coaches and teammates that are grouped with the and that's a great place. I think the players relieved with the food. In them we really enjoyed playing good baseball when revolved. We'll get to look at overall discussions of the weekend and apparently he goes through the three games. You start out on Friday that ten to five lead in the bottom of the night there trying to threaten a little bit. And he gets suspended. Because of law and I I was asked all the games. All these years might have received that preacher I have not involved in Lebanon as a unit of. Never seen it and playing down there you know you are my I called my mom and she sits in real farm in the mornings and when you know period rooms do what you do talk to your mom and policy on Thursday and in the real excited to see here and you know we're playing the ball game were we have a good we feel like we're about to close it out to. We get a ground ball short in the bottom of the ninth the cowboys are rumbled ashore or Borger throws him out. In the next guest most involved sooner Grayson missed distorts the westerner stops in just works for the ball. And we couldn't siege in this. And here comes the more common in the third base they get a triple the next hitter hits a fly ball left young breaks left field line. Stops borders following line foul line. He runs the felon picks in now we have a double. And when we might lose the Spokane because we can't find the ball in the outfield so we met with the umpires all agreed we picked it up the next day. In the have a runner at second base with one now of course the guys can get a base hit up the middle you know when you start doing you know became. That the gap has closed the game now and it was good start to it to when that first game and and moving on Saturday. Obviously it was for what you just described the right decision to. To call the game at that point lead to the next day it did it concern you a little bit distant view reflected just gonna hit close to them yet chances. Really wanna finish and we need to outsource won two more ground balls were good you know nothing to the outfield but. We couldn't do it at the risk of that the umpires agreed and in if they would not have canceled the game. You know I was talking to about having a protest the game because we really. He wasn't fair I remember there there was a ball hit to right field to guard and he never saw the ball and Luke Kruger made a great play. I still don't know how I made it and I don't want him to play in the outfield. And the ball just kind of came out of the far and he saw it caught the ball so I think it started about the seventh we probably should call the game in the end. But we were in control we were all trying to get to you. And by that point your that your bullpen that didn't affect your pitching at all that maybe have to come back the next day. We brought there every guy in the in the states that we brought all the pitchers. And every position player where we travel with 34 guys to go down their broken up this season one and all the guests to be part of it. And do you you know we flew down there so we didn't take a thirteen ever push through it like it is like unite under the terms of we don't have to do any morsel. You know we brought all the pitchers that we cure it and we had enough for the weekend. The next day. The most comfortable victory at the weekend went eleven to two you got off to a good start now there are only two two runs in the fourth inning it it certainly. One of the real highlights of that game was the performance of your freshman pitcher Julian Eddie went flat there on the Eva two. It's pretty cool you cool as a cucumber we have many very mature. For freshman kind of beyond his years of freshman. He's been sold off all can really locate your fastball. 8891. From Colorado. That we recruited him two years ago we committed as a junior. About six foot forward looking for great things for him he pitched the best of our three starters in my opinion is force its location is its ability. Just to his poise on the mound so that was good to see him pitch well in you know we he had a good or excellent which of the bullpen. Yesterday's ball game you you had a couple of pretty good leads at one point that you fall behind ten to nine jettisoning its a home run and eight to get to tonight so it was really more of a dog fight back and forth. It was had a good talk with Palmer won which he story yesterday. And I really think Connor you know. Maybe at this point I really believe he's very good yes breaking ball that a lot of hitters cannot stay off with two strikes he is now pitch. And I think he's trying to do more than he needs to which is a common thing that we do early in the season in the common thing that freshman. You know congress mature guy I played football. Baseball great competitor. And I kind of challenged you know last weekend it is that we were into worse and he didn't have effort to downing portable Mac home. There are many things we can give for excuses. But I wasn't pleased with the he didn't respond we're also on the but I expect him moves to respond this weekend because we definitely meet that need him William was really good Cody warrior. Was really good he was like 94 and six miles per hour and first in a bit through the the innings he pitched he was up in the zone. Very good breaking ball these developed that's when we come wanted to do changeup that he needs to be down this weekend. And Connor just kind of fell behind. Maybe keeps talking to it didn't get control what it. But to he's been through it and you'll be back in radio next weekend. Yesterday it's 1010 going in the ninth if two out nobody on and Travis gun gets hit steals second so they want Trout line potentially it. Your employers cut through the gift that you. I don't over fins know it Batiste to our king and he gets a hit with two outs last year at most two RBIs to lead our team in RBIs in the nine hole. The coaches are saying move him up in the order supplies it's working we're gonna leave you right there he likes it in the nine hole. He told me an eighth inning and win. We've just given up a two run homer to a guy that had like a fifteen hits and ten at bats that we pitched two and that's my fault. We were gonna thrown XP embrace involve that we hung and he hit it out yard and took the week that. Jim this get a couple home runs Friday and Sunday that might have gone through life standards. Home hit a home run to dead sooner that they say could be the first ball we've seen hit here in what Cowboys Stadium. Which that's the feathers all I'd seen it since I've been there in the nineties but. The and we hit some home runs but more your clutched he called this here he said I'm gonna get hit but he said that he would before when he popped up. Soul he firmly you know he's 50% on that and and I tell you what Jordan warrior you know he's been with us for four years. In down. He Richard or his first year because he had a sports hernia hip surgery coming in high school injury. This guy comes deploy. He's the same guy if he's within the cafeteria. If you within in the classroom in the weight room off the field home field. Same guy ever worry goes anyplace the same way every day and I trust to go like that he had played shortstop which was not a big deal. We worked in short all fall and spring is we know we can place second. Playgirl is all that many big hits that home run. And I becomes in the dugout he says that's how you make your money. Hitting homers and he's just a joy to be around he's always excited he says things I just laugh at and he's very good player. An Italian powerhouse closed it out for you actually pitched the eighth he got the last couple of bouts on Friday. And then two hitless innings on on Sunday to finish off to game it is is that going to be his role he's shaping up that you're close. That's his role in peace coordinator he's pace in the dugout like he's a mad man. Like a closer should be yes that type of personality. You know we started him last year and he was a freshman. And we putting in some big environments like Alicia you wouldn't. In other places and I think his mentality and what does the stuff that he has late in the game. But he has really good changeup that we've we do not hit and we facing. He's developed a very good smarter for now pitch. And he can throw first strike and bounce it in his vast holes in 199293. He it'll warm issue fool tightness two weeks ago those were turn taken our time with him we used him twice and and will keep him that room. And you mentioned here is your last year's freshmen and had some ups and downs that certainly showed some flashes and you know what you're hoping with a lot of these guys as they take that next step in the progression that your audience of force that's going to be. Well that the pitching staff tested. You know. If you look at our experience or we don't have a ten game win and if you look in the American conference which is the number four ranked baseball conference it was big twelve SEC. ACC. In the American. The teams who went to post season had a tin game winner at Houston. That was. Central for himself for I think they all eighteen game winner so. You know we need to have something like that on our staff and you know warrior has a chance to match match up on Friday. And he did a good job Saturday. Congress got to step up his game which he will you don't of the guest he went to war I believe he can be a big help this team whether to starter. Or left on left and long relief guy. In the Preston's natively there's some other guys but. You know the backing of our bullpen has been mainly mcginnis sand on an in born house. Mcginnis. Very good stuff. CN burned yesterday was again we went to and I felt like he was right guard troops do not discussed it. That it I think with him he comes in to at least 2 AM and far out. Instead of just being himself. In knowing that it's good stuff and it's not only three it's actually 9395. Within 84 and seven slider breaking ball. And I think he over throws. In that first batter kind of gives him a little bit of trouble in my walking. In the kind of settles in but the guys on base so trying to get him to relax a bit more first weekend. Should improve this week when I have a mid week game and should see these guys take a step up next week. You're listening to shocker baseball coach Todd Butler Wichita State after the three and oh start and we'll continue our first coaching show right after the. They're making you shiver even indoors call the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up fueled furnace or installing new Linux systems heat your home now and pay overtime with six month financing. 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You're listening to that Tom Butler show with Mike Kennedy we're live from BJ's sports grill at the Alley. Thirteen in Greenwood road. Anybody seen Dennis with the car that knowledge does a great job and and all three for you from these data over the weekend. The four week. The offense is stuffs obviously fund talked about but the time he touched on the pitching so that. What are things that wanted to bring up what was encouraging to me that your users looking for improvement the pitching staff part of that being just keep everybody healthy. Detonated a definite. Curse the last 34 years. But. You went into the fall with a very veteran team on your line depth is a lot of guys have played a lot of team one baseball and it can hit an optional naked yet. And pitching numbers by and large group theory that in the fall against room guys to me that was an encouraging sign that things negating. Read these Laura I think you know with the change from coach Kim that's in the end with Mike last year being in the first year. Really teach and why. And Mike's very good and so was Brit. First your new coach there's lot of change and certainly in transition. And I thought the guys did a good job of them. Learning in in in and responding to to coach Steele and and he knows what he's doing from one defense. Two mechanics the bullpen storm here I mean its own on annoyance for me to keep up with everything that he knows. But. I think that's from your advantage in the second year with him. They worked hard in the weight room all summer to get stronger with the legs in the you know we have good enough forms and the main thing is the experience. You know if if I went back through the years and not seen anything negative about where we're rat. Do we were would have probably lost the certainly gain we would not have an overall who responded probably offensively come back. And the one thing that was exciting for me was to comfort come from behind win in the first week in his. If you beat someone pretty good for writing you've been pretty decent Saturday. You're gonna have a third game it's going to be tough there's a tough game coming. And cash responded in it was a mentality that he talked about mentality. Number one things haven't enough playmakers. And we talk about toughness mentality which still have to have good enough players. The pitching staff it's going to have a tough week. Coached it was written and yeah after tomorrow. We were in too many three ball counts we went through to the first three pitches fresh right. We need to learn to throw hit me over breaking ball and we're behind in the count breaking ball in the dirt that they'll chase. There's a lot of our change to really do it with our pitching staff I think that's one thing our guys have really developed as a swing in this change up. You were quick to the plate credit coach Steele. They stole one base out of five attempts. Are pictures from 10111. To play through its power rankings since you can't steal third because he teaches a certain way to do it. And you really cannot really get a job as the head doesn't. You guys that we teach him you can't get a good read on the pitcher who's trying to steal third base so the running game can be shut down. And I think once these guys kind of settle into who they or individually. And what their stuff about and when that it's good enough. I think we'll start takeoff pitching some number one concern for us or for me for team. We made two errors on the weekend there were too careless errors on Sunday. We've faced with a weapon and Travis you know internal lifted his arms off the ball with a runner. The common mistake keep your head in the world arson who have fueled it and make this room we will lose. Routine fly ball to record the district is liberty didn't make life. So where we play good defense. And hitting like you're talking and now they're back and all the way they've played since there was freshman. The big challenge for me when these stairs were fresh. This is really. When Nate you know bones in this two. In Walden pictures that are juniors I was very good group of us coming that was the group. When they were freshman here and things were going through your mind and went concerns lose. And transfer into judo. Transfer of some warrants it now we have reportedly. And I think that's can be be key for us looking back two years ago keeping those guys here tone fugue state your development work. Who play and keep content Weaver lasted future that's in your innings and hopefully all the time that you will get this thing rolling and then you have your chance to move on so. This group's really exciting. I have a tremendous amount of trust them. Trust is a big word you know can be broken. But these guys have been through it they've been there which you cal state Fullerton and we like TCU Texas factors obviously taxes. Are going wrong. They know what's what it's supposed to be in this team. This team has a chance to do so. For those who follow the game that they spot sure they've been familiar of the years that they followed the major leagues you'll see teams that have been losing. And so there in a situation where they have to make you rush guys to the major leagues before they're really ready for that level and it. Players will go through some things psychologically. Because I get beat up a little bit until they get the experience to handle it with you picking. Couple years in a row you lose them to Davis and released marquis who were really quality 12 starters. Not only lose them the news everybody on the staff opt in to different roles and some guy's cases rules that they might not have been experienced enough to really handle so. Now you've got some of those guys have been around for a while and that's read book for that opportunity to. To learn from the things you were talking about maybe get the F occasionally gets the kind of on and you're talking about that now we're more ready to hand. Well I think I totally understand that hasn't been through it you know so many through the years I've seen it yet he works from programs. IQ can recover. You know when you lose who went into starter people can go right next skills that. Mean you have no idea what store you know I hate there are heard that for a few UB art nuclear our team will be good for my annual step when you're not stepping up. To replace him take us I mean it and we'll keep those guys who really do it they didn't get to pitch for two years to davis' with the cardinals. He might be a big leaguer before it's all said and done Willies for us coaching. Finishing his masters and he wants you wonder coaching. But there were good. And that we didn't have two years so. You know I got turn that panel back soon you'll be fine next you know step are gonna watch and laugh you know but it but it wouldn't laughing turn for me. These guys now. You know warrior he he's got to be the guy in when you're talking about Friday night if for our freedoms. You know sophomore has left hander named McClanahan throws 98 miles per hour if not a hundred. And you'll pitch right here which talks that you can be a first round pick there's room left hander from UConn that will play here which storming Tim Kate's. He's a pre season both those gas or receives all Americans. Top 100 prospects possible for different periods. And then possibly the two hitters that we haven't moments in this than those of us were garrison conference that are ranked extremely hard but they have to go put up numbers. I'm so the competition. That we're gonna see in the American conference which is going to be Houston to win Memphis self or Central Florida east Carolina Cincinnati and UConn. The competition's much better. And there's been three teams to post season every year I think there could be fortified this year. But you're not proceed 8485. MC 9094 you might see 9598. And I think with this team. This team likes doing that. Because they've been to places that face it you know they didn't we didn't go play on which you on Tuesday it's either forced or we played on Friday Saturday Sunday. And we saw wearing the first rounder and we shall count Pollack's first rounder and I think all of that that's gonna help us hopefully going to the American account. And I think everybody's aware Sam K this is really talking about mention that. Last year Alex eagle came in as a freshman and afterward he showed this fall very likely would have at least been in the rotation by the on the weekend and maybe that's the right guy at some point. And he got hurt he made his debut over the weekend just talk a little bit about his progress physically. You know Alex a 64 from non chaparral high school with Phoenix hears from the start though. Which drafted turn down money at a high school. We were lucky to get him I would not to see him pitch in high school plea cal state Fullerton we left on Sunday afternoon at Phoenix on Monday. We've already committed team and I saw about 35 scouts funeral of course you're watching pitch. When my body has crossed her with the angels and my security here is seen since Siegel as we're not getting because you know you're not kidding him. But he wanted an education. And he came here when he gets here in the fall used to be we can store. Predicted him to pitch on Saturday against LSU. And I feel like we have a chance. Because you had a very good fastball 88 to 9293. With a good curve ball and get command issues at a high school coached who cleaned him up a lot of its delivery. Throwing strikes threw strikes this weekend. And he has bone chip we have to take it's or discount excellent in his elbow he's out for the year. And next man stepped up and we that we didn't have another six were left hander like you. That was drafted and so he's back and I'm really excited about him Cody tower. You know he really showed him to a few of the displaying. He's been here for five years from most been within almost 15 of his wife and cohesive type pitcher force. He'll be human I think to pitch this weekend or so some good things are happening and weren't smiling and pointed. Alex pitched in one of the games over the weekend pitch inning to third no hits no runs when walks three strikeouts and obviously had a few good for him just to get out of man get his feet wet that. How how much of a role could he possibly have here. He'll pitch more innings this weekend hopefully. You know his curveball he's gonna sport and American born now but he throws a fastball like that Jews when he throws it they can go either direction. Is it change it he that's in the works and goes points or would play. But when you play catch with him the first time I play catch with a and he threw the ball I didn't see two very way. So the second term through to me it Brantley we're doing this on program. I don't mind these kind of crouched down like it was captured as it was securities one or them getting molten and the ball was hit home pretty quick so. He has some odd deception. That is very natural that I don't know that you really can teach them. In the hearts the ball well when you when you play catch with a man he can be a huge piece to our pitching staff this year because we missed him. Big time last year. He had the opportunity to see your guys defaults early spring work that at this point very. Is it typical and you feel like with this staff that you're still kind of figuring out rules a little bit. You have an idea. Certainly commend the season with a plan that there is still competition. And chances are open for guys change. Well as you know me dislike the pitching rotation or picking guys left and left for Enron later closer. We're starting lineup for short sharper catcher. You know you play a few weekends you didn't let you guys can it get comfortable and get to one isn't so there performing to the standard we need. The thing is all changes you know someone's gonna rise in someone's gonna fall and really the strong prevail. And the guys that pitched well there are performed well we're gonna give them the ball. And you know the one thing as you know we've put a big emphasis in scholarship from pitching. Because of what we've been through. I mean higher percentage numbers it is in our pitching staff. Like the end of our bullpen and the backhand with born Halcyon Brian mcginnis. Born house has performed the best of the three. Stand on these are stepping up McGinest they all have all three have really good stuff. I think are starting pitching. He could change. Middle relief you know like to kill or being lefty and its sequel when tire war. You get out left handers are objective. To get Vista bridge to care disorder to the pin. To have lefties and you know to deal with a right left right that's stake in winning. And a lot of the teams have been with in the past we had a chance to do that three days on the weekend and it was so an advantage force so. You're like where street. Can these guys to grow up and understand. I'm this big thing right now work with some reporters about the new York and effective. Don't go out and try to over compete and be a macho man. It's the game of baseball takes control you have to be Smart you have to be able to focus and see what's in front of you analyze the hitters swing. You would just make pitches but making the pitch when we need it instead let me count go from you know 12 to a full. I honestly you know three ball counts we want things to talk about this week in when you play everything starts to rise. Going back to early and ready for model we talked about him kind of at the outset that had a chance to listen to quite a bit of that game Sheen mentioned going into the sixth inning. He's thrown 63 pitches 41 for strikes that's that's a good ratio really uterus for anybody. For a kid in his first collegiate star at that shows he's gonna stuff. He hasn't and he throws the ball down and he threw the ball down and he's better than any of the three that started. He can throw a breaking ball the first strike and breaking ball bounce or formal experience. And it's a changeup coaches healthy development and change out. He's 64 he's bright. Very very mature acute say that an off a very disciplined and responsible. Classrooms on time. Com I don't have to worry about him and and no windows. The older players really respecting buy it why can't they know that he's a big part of our team and he was accepted pretty quick in the fall so. His make up the cure tour these business and the one thing that he is deceased this thing he's the same guy every where you see him. Hussein tone of his voice he did a great charm for freshmen for you know to be the game two starter you know we were very very impressed with a bit. It didn't surprise me. We will continue our discussion with shouted baseball coach Todd Butler on our first coaching show of the season for AJ sports analyst yelling at first quicktime. 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On the road first weekend has little bit of noise for a shocker home run very it was sort of cross brought a few people hit it. It's they get cute they're good grounds would be. You know it's a nice low point for the that they've added some nice break down with them side turf the infield. When I was there repeat of the foul poles I don't know how big thing at all the beautiful fill holes that I'm most proud of that there. If they're listening to Todd Butler of course shocked baseball coach doctors opening the season with a three game sweep. At that release date and we've focused first on this kind of the series and then the pitching that. Certainly enjoyable to talk about the hitting you've got a veteran line that he scored 32 runs in three games thirteen doubles five homers delayed basis. 22 walks pretty complete office. Which it was that it doubles thirteen doubles that was kind of surprising. The first three games and it seemed like to replace it we have Friday night with her ex pervasive. I think we head. Two home runs and maybe 45 doubles. Before we use single. In you know daughter for a wine you know last year garnered pro interest again go through the guys he had patella tendinitis in his name. I was really bothering us what catch him to load up on the backside. I think it really bothered looking back we try to work through it and I think it affected him he has been a true leaders soulful. Really excited about the ways that. But most excited about the when he caught received the ball when he threw the ball and he he threw guy's now at second base. In the game Sunday only tough pitch that was down he kicked it through. Through the room or out frustration here and related price tag but he swung the bat hit doubles home runs. He hasn't appeared that is that's pretty long if he keeps hitting him playing well as you keep living rooms from the would be for that play well good. You know which units and boom there which of the cave we all know that. You know boom 65. She missed a six forward can run. They usable this weekend. You're just watching these guys think that having practices is pretty impressive. With her before they hit the ball. Will also warrior you know he's just game in the its effort every day that's been playing worse all of these guys have been playing since they were fresh. So you know this is the group in the and they have something special one because they've they've lived in the dorms together. And I think the first of the storm was built. That moved off campus. They do things they place on wall they play against the best competition in the country. That your serve something between that group that's pretty special that aren't known that we really have I think the dorm and on campus shocker all. I think it's gonna make everything better no it has for our team is these kids get to know we children living together respected each are. In all the things you do when you have a teammate in one night so I think there's a lot of good things normal one and they definitely swung the bat well. We were pretty good execution once we hit morning and we do have safety squeeze which we still wait basis the two terms were thrown out we should not have run. As we did not get the jokes that we needed. And we tried to steal third strike trips to lawful lefthander. In the jump torso were relationship with him so. Defensively we played world you know our offense can be really special. Really have to preach being in the zone. Can you take off war when they're gonna walk you. When there's a base open for moments in this in these big guys can you stay off the pitches that they're trying to get you to chase. You can get him to elevate if we can keep growing and doing that today can be really special office because when these bets that are tapered down. And you know there's not as many home runs since the ninety's and these guys hit the Wall Street extreme form. In my five years or four years which cost they'd have not seen a ball with these bats now. Hit the banner signs here. I've seen balls storm batters in not just one player in kind of shocked me. But human and they're doing in in game performance we do in the summer so. You know keeping these guys healthy together and they have a chance to do some special things that. It is touchdown strike zone judgment that sort of thing that'd be does the one negative I guess he struck out 32 times in intriguing is. But odd usual totally for any team early in the season Leo let's talk about pitching being ahead of hitting and that was something that. Started out last here's a little bit of a problem and got better as the season. Well if you look at it are are going to and three. Ridder tunis the bone. They've shown through their career they don't which right now I mean I think bone didn't strike out three times yesterday's 30 energy ministers for a little bit more. We struggled in two spots this weekend where we had quite a few punch outs and two spots. Luke river. You know if you look at his batting average he smoked all the third sort of gave smoked a ball with two strikes in the first base and he so far. He walked quite a few times. And he had some very key at bats to get you missed it to the plate in his spot be in the one whole package in this in Beaumont. I thought he did a good job should have more hit. Who else we have Borg which really do it Trevor shown. Played left field was really proud of him yesterday. Because he stole three bases in it and he is as fast as fast and in in coach just Zito who's been a big help because she issues mr. positive. Our hitters really respect him and he's very good coach in the fact that and we have older players and they're pretty good. But he has a demeanor of teaching that he is very simple mind within sight to see things that are pretty clear. And just give you a good answer that's not complicated. And that's that's a good way to coached baseball it's it's so complex that he told Travis he said you're the fastest gun in the country are one of the fastest nurse. Don't worry about the great job just get a good yeah. And he was Travis was picked off the other day where he didn't respect the pick it all just took off running and they picked. And so he did a great job Sunday's that would circus to 13. Our checks and I didn't plan on Friday quite small regards. Users including man and he turns right. And he can he do he smokes animals this weekend. And Jacob can actually use one of our better athletes who can really run target weight on him do it to seven win. I didn't think he was really ready last year he comes patriots it's a big hit. We were doing much in that position kind of made a decision he picked this up and picked up the other you know these the runner second. Yes very good swing so you know right now Mason O'Brien. Hadn't played in two years because he was injured. Probably pressed he was he at our best that's going into the first we can he can hit. And you know on the stick with him in to go got to give him marked the end. To where he was doing really good and probably pressed as we went home you know any time you go on your trying to hit a ball 403 and but he did hit some balls hard him and we definitely know that he's gonna. He's gonna have a big season because I really think he's seeing the ball better than he's ever seen life. You know you match fifth jettison bow at I think people should be aware. That. When you talk to scouts the rarest single commodity out here is true you're just raw power. Just aren't that many guys around this happened. And it. With what they did with the bats it became a non factor in College Baseball when you first came here he talked a lot about how you build program the program and Arkansas was all of that. But a lot of money to pitching because he just couldn't hit a lot of home runs and it's changed a little later modified that that's enough that. That still to have one guy like it's an historic moment your line that is somewhat than usual and you've got to love that it's pretty special commodity. It really is it you know currency I don't know that. People understand now on the baseball world the people that this is their job scouts are employers. And pay players. You know I Gates's. You know all these years coach ZU to note some 300 people wouldn't. I have to guess at this caliber we were very fortunate in. No one was really recruiting them until after the committee to lose their right try to get in the state with us and they stay for three years and I felt like if they would stay with. Wichita State's shocker that they would. Kind of give us don't know and they will have. If I back up to Alabama in the nine weeks. We played O issues and maybe ups of this perform in 1997 we played LSU for the national championship Morris park Baptist. In Alabama we broke the record with four players with twenty home runs and 362. Months. I wish you get a 180 we lost the national championship. In 1999. And I think we hear. A 130 home runs. Arkansas in 2002 and we broke the home run record. I think we hear it 8492. Home runs or was this the single season record. We've hit forty home runs here the last four years. Hopefully we'll have a lot more this year the thing of hitting a hundred home runs. And it's pretty tough to do yet. To have it got hit twenty home runs that's tough to. It doesn't happen hole on College Baseball. You know things worked out whether you're hitting the ball wind's blowing out a lot and sort of blowing in from the north. We might have again they can do that we might have two guys can do that. But it's a lot different. And you know when when you look at which throws straighter the great legendary players in the past there's no record truly. It's hard to break those records stolen British record home run record. By standards through the stolen base for acute Stephenson. Gerson records that are so high. You know to get 28 home runs or 25 or whatever market. I don't nobody wants to hear that a review with these so and we have to do we have to do the one thing I do know our two coaches receive a who's coaching third. I want to be more aggressive when he hit and run guys that you can't run a play we've got to put the run motion we do safety squeeze we're trying to steal more bases. 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Here are the great American join me tell. Or check your notes due breaking. Ball striking round last week and mail. Has the golden sombrero. And one more again. You're listening to the toddler shown with Mike Kennedy we live from Beijing sports grill of the tallied thirteen Denny Green which routed. Shocker baseball season under way three of us started they stayed over the weekend the second well at Omaha for. Three here this week able talk about that a little bit that. Coach you touched on the fact is two errors over the weekend three games both of those the same day at. This is a team that it might you not only has a chance to play clean baseball and a lot of errors that you got some guys that can go get it does the team that can. Actually makes employees takes its way. We can't definitely is that you would if you look at the outfield. You know you have your own yet in this threat Janice that you have to guard him Jackson. You can put to factor out here also yeah Katz V. All of those guys are athletic they catch or practice. The a lot of things what times in the outfield here which at all. The wind at that stadium and the first year is when this deal coming over the top of the stadium go over the indoor facility depending on the wind direction. Yeah you hit pop ups and you see the ball moved twenty feet one direction so we do it all the time so we you know the alpha should be very stable level play. The infield home much better really has worked on his defense is really. And he made it diving play the other day that wish and threw from his knees. For big man he's relieved. You yeah. And that's not an easy position for a picnic a long guy like that charges slow rollers but that's it's you know he's just he's. Really good third in you know questions we can do it next level but that's one clippers wolf charters trade Vickers. Best leader on our team like my favorite guys your house. Anyway and you talk about trust in a gas that is real. It really an experience. Who he is. Play has stepped on campus since he was a freshman and you know we played as freshmen we had some injuries and he stepped in. In. You can't replace him. And what's his status and he would play this weekend he wanted to play in the as a hamstring strain. In the accident we're gonna do it in he came up to me since convenient moment. You know during the game and he's our best blogger and so it's bong on my home and so it's too in this you know their complete players that are always. Cracked beam complete you know be in it but wonder if he's American born artists have to charge our first. He needs you just came up during the game on one minute after burger well I know he can bolt. And but if he's. The whole our heart and soul of the team he's the leader. You know he's a senior on a hard time watching him move on to the next level. Or your second Ritter second. Their experience. For space O'Brien. You know he's the new guy on the defense and out. He's kind of been too often and will give both hands to catch the ball and strategists is club and he he's so great guy coach Ruble and really good hitter. He's the new guy in the infield. But we can put cats for your first from and we can move you missed them back to first and we can put to record first base which put her first we put Rueter bird or your third we can put moment short. And that infield that you can move many work I wouldn't be surprised if we did have to play boom one point eight I think you play well shorts are. You know catching strong winds whipped down passed balls at the Walt pitches and that will there where that. Croft is can get checked this week hopefully we can clean bill of health on him. We've Kadima captured the two freshman. That we got in this weekend in the we have. Again in kosice refreshments and began with it's more power than moments in this didn't do Gaza for a he's left handed these six with four work 240 pounds he hits them. All over the place. Gibson's an outfielder another freshman that. They're a group of freshmen we were taken BP to me these they were hitting balls out like. Boom in tunis this group that big group. In their freshman waiting to get home field the difference between home and arrested two very all those guys were freshmen. They got to get on the fielder. So we don't keep those freshman going hungry give her opportunities but we should play good defense just getting packed the defense you ask me we should feel. You know in high quipped and not make careless mistakes we get too careless mistakes tomorrow or bloopers record. And where we lifted urchin and look at the river trip trickled underneath her glove and but the other two games bird. We'll be back because of that talk about this weekend although all of Scott Cutler. Unleash your potential with a career at Cox Communications. 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Security investment advisory services offered to receive point financial ES PF number ten SIPC SP if separately owned and energies indoor marking names products services referenced here are independent of us via faster associates 2103 north collectively Wichita Kansas success in 206 go 3166520101. Iran want him when he dashed planning dot com this is. Michael Savage join me weeknight today Don Kaye in. This is high and deep to left field that 62 good lord. His first home run in over a year. Older crowd wanted to hit that went in the leg. And it's doctors and their poorly done. You're listening to the toddler show with Mike Kennedy we're live from AJ sports grill at the tallied thirteen then green which road it. Fact cause a better. Her show of the season and Omaha coming in this weekend for three no midweek game this weekend at this stage in the interest probably a good thing to work on some things that that he saw over the weekend and get ready for it and well. I'm glad we don't have a midweek game. I think it's beneficial for us we came in at 4:30 this morning. Arrived in Wichita we took today off told the guys to get some rest in them practice tomorrow. And we'll have a little meeting to go over all the mental notes. We have Nate Briscoe who keeps her notes during the game if anything this really positive or negative or something we can do better. In the we'll go through that is coaching staff and as a team. In a positive way. And and in practice and work on those things so you know this week's big is the number one thing is pitching coach who traded yeah after tomorrow. Now we have cut down our strikeouts. And we played very good defense we made to peerless errors we're working on nation's war. Get ready for all wrong. Good thinking good to have you back in moment we're unseasonably ethics partners and our first show of the season is in the books and a lot of baseball still to be played. Obama the problem. What are Friday Saturday Sunday get product and stadiums these doctors and action. Thanks for being let us for all of our coaches shows and I will be back here next Monday they chase works really via. Okay. This has been in the Wichita State shocker baseball coaches you with head coach Tom Butler and Mike can. Kennedy live from Beijing sports grill and the.