The Todd Butler Coach's Show 04-16-18

Monday, April 16th

The Todd Butler Coach's Show 


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Good evening welcome to eight days and it's like to have you listen we independently shocker pace all under way but will read you the last weekend preview of big week coming up the hackers. And joining us tonight is director of operations got yours Butler is out recruiting today that is looking at it but I understand. That is the director of operations throughout the butler's five your tenure here on you talk about what's been going on also get a chance to hear from your outfielder crap yah. Right down the road in security. During the course out tonight's program known Scott welcome. Currently. You know you look at last week. And it Oklahoma State on three with you on to top thirty basically RPI team is doing RPI we can note too that too. Would that certainly game. What would have hoped war right dealer whatever but. Beat down. Wanted to at the end of the doubleheader on Friday an indefinite and two weeks he'll. You know. Eight. We it's been really good job come back when and gain. Who's funny and I think there is little water. And then you know we're down 02 UConn and the guys on this that he left at home and you know. We'll take in two week you have to look at it like that's com for sure. But you know that's the way they responded. Americans that doubleheader Friday. And ending in the when he is on the a big reasons you know let's look at it but. What is things I want to. Be sure that people understand is UConn may not be at the same people around here. It's more of baseball certainly people know their women's and men's basketball programs. That they have been a team that's been at regionals frequently they were super regional seven years ago and were eight in the RPI. By the middle of the weekend. Saying we're picked second in the league by the league's coaches for the season started. Certainly this is a quality team that he projected as a definite that large audience gave him you know but he notes that they knew we knew that they are very good ball club not her experience ballclub. I'll older group. Is there is that they're a long time president log in and it groups that are. Com and they've had really good players for years and pleasing to committees of the big leagues and and obviously bar well I was a very good program and I don't mean. They are in the travel. Well you know talking to strangers on Thursday. Kind of sounds a lot like. There are others in her clothes or. They slide back into New York City or Boston where they can by the Indian flied out. And all the reform and warning of yet we know that. That used to double header or cold and then you and Willie greens that'll. You know one thing that I read on their way to say it is that they're now. Ten and oh in their last five double letters event and and they're all well. Com and they appeared to experience in great coaches I really think you're looking at his. There there and and and the bottom of at all we'll talk about a week later on that your 45 and conference that everybody in the league has at least four losses already it is really dog eat dog conference a lot of good teams right now people are projecting. But American teams in the tournament the unity. And two lanes on their coastal today. It's copper. Around. And removed it wouldn't be in the middle. It's a little bit everybody. He applauded. And you can see that I mean look at the South Florida. Users weakened against east Carolina and yet either. No uploaded his boat race on Friday night. Against you know Clinton and that the first rounder and they didn't want to limited one of my dad. And then Saturday it was plugged it all four of its continued to so you don't you don't know who's not a whole lot but this being. Very muted clubs beat each other on every single day is gonna come three times. He comes in like football industry and guys constant. Effort years. You know you're intensity everything news conferences time's tuned nesting site problems are important when you culprit. Everything the level to rise to cut it. And the really bizarre thing is some of the scores he certainly any EU you win fourteen to whatever it. And then come back in the last you get deep twice and scored fifteen yesterday it would get team this happen. The edit an Arab peoples are the two lane. Houston game on Friday night Houston led by as many as ten runs they were still up aren't going to the ninth. And Elaine walks properties seventeen to sixteen batteries. Adding just released CU nine. Your ball in the American League. There are not don't. Don't do well no matter what we're hopefully it won't work and play caller for nine innings that and a you don't like it in your right. Scores you're gonna. Love it is not what are. You mentioned you touched on the Oklahoma State game now wanted to go back to that because. You know I don't know people understand how rare it is you look at any body rested across the country teams that are in last place in their conferences. And they're leaving after seven innings to win 80% or more times and really good teams when all the hundred at a time leading up. Had to be done. Hi there aren't going to be building at Oklahoma State and there was no Spiegel that many different direction that the team to hang in there and pull that out they really believes that. Honestly think they did more to lose and that sounds as any in the but in that dugout and back with guys that never felt like they are on the game they never did you know they felt like they gave. And they chant is war and you know and they should wait wait. And didn't met with you know how many you're down by anything that they had Al you know it wasn't brilliant. I think all of this at whatever level sports you've been involved with that. As players at lower levels are around championship teams. Teams sometimes develop that appeal that. Maybe you're down to team first guy to getting hit and Enders has that feeling it certainly starts like OK here we go this is our. This is where it happens is seen releasing. That only dream opens you name it it started nesting on the back room walk. And all that. It flipped over that outline. It and is it. That you don't get it in the grade and that are throw line. It's a three run homer that. And bringing him and everyone has a lot of companies in cities and closed doors and Indians and went and did. You know it was a really really great team effort. You know top to bottom and he did Josh Kane you've got back in a credit to take all war. That he would flip back over to opulent. Yeah the other thing that you know you can look at that in and OK that's it that's pretty cool example that it might get overlooked yesterday I thought it. Had just lost two games UConn on Friday. Yesterday they give up an unearned run in the Pittsburgh news sound man or go to your gut feeling that they get tired of the first four you know it's five it's. Three and in 73 units of the exodus seven. But there was never that feeling that they were gonna let you can't get back and editor of the express haven't put it away it. But that was a game where in the past the little bit lack confidence is that lack of belief that we're gonna get it done. Against a team it is because I certainly could have done yet to agree you know in the past thought like maybe. We wouldn't just what are your foot in the water at us they'd be you know as a whole is hot what do we need to feel like him. When they came off the field and they were up 1000. 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Gingrich friendly to drink you have something to smile about. Stunning here the great Americans don't understand how. John McCain can't pass fast. Still wouldn't Hannity reliant on sports are looking Alley thirteenth green which it. Welcome back attacker baseball showed tonight it's got Rutgers and against a short time butler's Todd chuck baseball soccer and wants a four game week at Oklahoma State and again on the three. And adding five. Game week ahead which will you institute is a little bit later it was candidate over the weekend we did not get to meet him patron Connecticut who. You know I. It's got to be decided that I certainly have they now I can't make things really difficult to just if you love baseball you appreciate seeing a guy and his talent projected possible first round draft pick. That makes him feel only their second game starter and candidate number two guy rotation. Was as interesting and fun to watch anybody had a while long here old school high leg can't Max effort delivery. No idea where it's going to some of the time that throwing 93 from the left side of the plus breaking volume that he was kind of intimate a lot of waving his plan to launch. The. Like Beckett. He's going to be. He's at right now for. But the security UConn tonight has a little bit of relief that he was at war. 1002 it currently. And now over the cartoons and news that feel it is. That. And you know the Mexicans like yeah. Or are proud are real friend I guess you know unfortunate for ten years and there really aren't in it you know unfortunate that he could throw against us. I think I earned it and ask her maybe a little play is. Maybe another week. Two weeks at him. On that to her. Yeah they gotten to it getting to you know stories. You know Italy and you can become or will there you know and maybe get him you know on our fuel. And then in the quarter with a beautiful and Watson. Is going to be. Do really well responding. On Friday and instantly and you don't have been released on Friday night. You know that's the thing out about this league and I don't know the letters didn't really add him. And I hope that it did it finally gets better and people can get out that's freezing to death because. It if you like College Baseball this league that you watch him. Think that we're noticing is like Soledad that's all for instance. Quality of athletes talent in this league everybody's got pictures that. You know he is of little at a lot of leagues a lot of teams second and third guys stat. That caliber of the you hear about the pictures for you can't they have plenty guys and outlined that league players know you have. Leaves open the market is catcher. Say he uses it. You know he's he's pretty cute cuddly and that's where he got a lot of problems with grace and and Alec and a lot of other articles or coming out about the fuel in the American here's what you know that didn't summer. And it was fun to watch and I mean Washington's frame a lot of pictures network I thought were really really low. That he's very very well product and if you as a coach your director rob somebody. Really who lost somebody that can really catch. And keep the ball well he did a really good job for his staff. Give them borderline calls it a real hard to do that. You know that hears regular apathy apparently the root out and making sure that they didn't do all right well. You know when things. How electric socket that there's and we were talking about this sort of the attitude in the field this team has developed. One of the things also that's impressive and is really an area you're going to have an outstanding team. It is that you're not. Depending on having one or two guys to carry it as much as race in tennis and now it bummer outstanding players and a lot of pre season hype. It's not like if they don't hit the team that he had a lot of guys that's not that. And certainly the guys to accurately who had a very for a while and had my chance to play hadn't shown much. Has comeback kid and really made a contribution trap on Gordon talked later had a big day yesterday either party guys. Wait their turn and and able to contribute when they get the opportunity. Yeah absolutely the growth in or around their dugout as. And make sure you're not giving grouchy about playing you know. Root for the guy running and if you had gone eighty minutes of it. And the guys are doing really good team effort. You know. And like Adam Scott has done a really good job as of late and you know it's. I get good bowler will always ask me what players you wouldn't. Playing on Monday added that the coach Joseph it's I've always got pregnant. And you could very easily outlook greater you know getting the honor roll and had 500 for the week. Well we need to win a game of the union Edwin McCain. And for Travis showed confidence that in place and infield single portal for. I mean that again you got a break Andy's in the way he responded when he picked up the team and you know Saturday we didn't we didn't. Playing a little bit and practiced the meeting. I won't go into what Trent Edwards Travis you've spoken of some really good things that that he needed here. And you know he got a opportunity and got an endless portal for him in the team really needed that we needed a win and Travis definitely. To have it Flickr. You had to live critters and you know it's another case where experience and Andy is to change the way things field has been important for him. He started out the year. Hitting two for 22. And since then he's over 330. Add I know one of the things that happened was coach Butler told that you're struggling you hit the ball well you just hit it right at somebody allotted time and just. Telling him to kind of keep doing what you do and you should go to the fun they're gonna fall and certainly he has really come on that it tremendous contributors. Yeah absolutely. I like it was yesterday that. In a bit smaller than gallon while heating. And it. Luke's smokes a ball with her grace and jacket. And he couldn't get out of Allah Allah batter's box. And he was already out and these companies that had that. He's welcome back the photo was sent data and content or hey. Hanging. Had a you had the balls hard on it but I can that's what you're going through right now they'll fall just keeps winning and they'll. And it's something we need here and extension in the moment and you know he is and he's got an excellent team. You keep sweet Auburn and balls fall form and had a great week for. He's played different positions since he's been here and started this year with the trade Vickers now with a hamstring is playing second Bjorn Borg playing short. Yeah Yeltsin recruits come back all of he's become a very good that you beginning to count on ball through Qaeda in the end he's. Always thought you know he's been a really good outfielder. He played pots and now through force last year his finger last home game he made a diving catch in its statement. Of course the bottom you are looking with a walk off home run. And you know he's that are really good job for us. You know he's he's he's a gamer. That wouldn't let plea regain the network position immediately that are. Simply work was acting he put her completely out. We don't need to makers in the lilac and if you can play pretty much all night got a pretty good if they stay in line. Like to talk about an injury situations a little bit let's start. With Dan because if anybody on the game yesterday there is a highlight. Alec evolved through hit all but as hard as anybody at a ball started you can't write that it appeared here. Hitting in the left our case Gartner really fine pitcher for them looking tell us about that situation. Scary you know that would be in the they outlawed it around. The only thing you hold your breath here and that you know. That we need I didn't go to work into the first. And then it. That it got to ride in the Toledo. Are you talking is that he straightened his arm out I don't think it's broken. In the dugout for the rest and ice on it. I think he's going to be okay and from what I heard. But it has everything that he often. I don't know that and that thing was violent and there's no reaction time two written. Out of square and hopefully. It. Euro debt Connor long woods did not was not on the roster of the weekend he had pitched twice against Tulane and held it tightness and that was shut down the Lincoln there was hope that he might be best of the week and how are things with him he's available tomorrow I think this could feel that this morning. Were you there. You know. Go. I don't know through midweek will see them make sure. You'll meet him. Of the the controllers you'll probably will be a little more. Alex eagle of course had a a thumbnail issue that that was really a problem to right against Lyon and any appeal yet for how long he may have to be shut down before he can I don't I don't. And an insecure little round I think it's the kind of there in the kind of bothered me so I'm pretty even they figured it. The best Q and I don't mean to Beckham rumored growth. Around them we're gonna put secretive and shouldn't let them get all healed up and that he's healthy. You know through the wall at their opinion. Saudi guard house yesterday started like four innings he's at 57 pitches through four innings and all of that he's not back out in the fifth of that was a concern to me what can you tell us about your situation you know a lot of it in myrtle and blood little Britain and militants Atkinson about it that it has. Ditto I guess there pretty grid and off the field on TV well. It's not as bad as initially plot against them off the field. It's probably regret it or it can give you. Don't really know a whole lot more than that I don't think it's as bad as everybody thought. When it wouldn't when you're coming off so. I think to be. Probably better than than than that so. And we will not take time now. Scott will be that was a little bit when we come back butler's junior outfielder track down. They have one of the best days of his career yesterday helping attackers to win Connecticut's state it's not a baseball show can regulate AJ were looking. 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Can rely on sports are looking out there and green. A compact city shocker baseball it's like locker redshirt junior outfielder trot has gone from your you had one of the best days in his career not maybe each day because. He's had several good ones but yesterday for reform with a sacrifice fly. Four runs Saturday at first for you get three hits three four previous times. And at four RBIs tying a career high performance. In it and went for the team. I've got to ask you. You have not been playing a lot lately started all the time currently. So what do you do. When you gotta keep your mouth ready any given gains might be called to do whatever he can't keep up in the game and went in. No it's you know his arms are one death and the boys that. I think that here you know you're gonna get another chance that their depth and our carpet in a while back he Hussein. Stay with it used to you never know with someone gets hurt you know and in. In London that they didn't hit it into his knee hurt his knee and was inserted on that day and that's our approach religious sing in the middle and so that's live and work on long plane. And that that can get federal being on there. Obviously you can't get any practice fly ball you do all that not every day that when you see your name in the line that is that kind of intensified it pre. Game preparation it's on good political and actually Saturday after her practice that's India in center field Sunday solo. I was excited you know I wanna be back after guys and planes are. And Winston I wouldn't do anything different. You know so how did everything we do insane and a yeah it's. What has been maybe the most important thing you've been working on just trying to get better at whatever so that when the opportunities to account that you are more likely to succeed Ian yeah regulators. I'd say it to personal goals this year that was to have it gives you quality at bats. Every day. And Burnett and in Britain finally get on base team win another analyst is still isn't indexes that came in to do that to get this settled that part in that. So I guess he's there they're destroyed and a hundred striking out with much I think that's why haven't been in the game and I've been working on. The ball better and a stinky little Phyllis helped me do stand on its way. And a army and just on the police announced that we that slider weighs more middle. That that's Hilton so now that I'm. Akamai and we're gonna work on my quality at bats get on base hit since the time and finally this hurts more this. Most of the time that you played earlier this year virtually all the time was of left field you were back and better yesterday which certainly position do you play a lot of the people may not realize. All comes not that different looks different based on whatever outfield position here in so. Is it like during batting practice take fly ball in Connecticut that they're different spots and make sure you get a chance in the ball almost. In the fall and early in the spring you had a scrimmage I was a it's a few thousands and a filter team Grayson sensitive groups together. And our place of total three years and Denis Fortier and this European and let the thing different is the ball all that to some more layered aren't that different than senator you've got room runs and that's that's what can do it clear that really. Since I been playing last most a year during BP or start last and then once Grayson goes in the hit almost moved to center is no one else is there. Now and who detracting balls and a kind of get cute with into the. You mentioned stealing bases certainly you're one of the fastest guys on the team that there's a lot more involved in what kinds of things that you worked on to get letters based. When Grayson in the may indicate became Beckett is that a good coaching kind of health and stolen bases and solar are talking live with they've learned and what Nixon veteran more times than not it's just it's just running. You know whether Heather did you prevent and nasty and go for social trust my instincts. And just running a Clinton Clinton detonate and coaches give into green lights and you don't have and they still sneak back as possible especially. Hatton and hold on the top of the leadoff those guys that are pundits would discipline help out the. You are. Third year on the field as an active player fourth year in the program. Certainly you've been through some tough times and this has to be a great feeling to just you know you feel this is a winning team this is a whole different. And then we've experienced. It it's completely different another three years that we don't it's not for the third year. In every character trust each other and and we've been doing this for so long now that it has slipped. As happens now and so it's fun being out there were two guys and trust each other and a but we mentioned earlier. You don't rely on one guy or two guys were easier to him because there's so much experience at the end of the day at a meeting at a the years that each guy has. I think every cancer plan has three years ago. You know for which tossed it and so it's just that the history they're being with the guys and playing each other and you know it just it makes us better and interest to choose. Yeah I'm glad that she would do exactly that way because god is mentioned in the previous like that on Saturday he has some things and have a team get together and force the game. And obviously you have to feel comfortable within the group. You have to know apple that you have instantly connect with your teammates in orders speak up and say some things that'll that's important that there are guys within the team that's it that's the way they can contribute as leaders do not afraid things. It would guarantee order as a team and that meaning in coastal foresee a candidate expressed. They were feeling and wanted to talk that they talked about was. There's only twenty some games list and it really hit hard so that's and in our students and those guys. And so it is very Smart ass football mentality and it just kind of hit home and I wanted to kind of gets processed note that the team up and a pelican is. Definitely yesterday and that everything. Is. You have to have the mindset that sooner or later an opportunity can account for whatever reason so I can take advantage of that he hadn't had and that's gonna mean more playing. So the biggest thing is when you're not planning is in not even get down Madison and currently. Because then that someone does something in the field and UConn and in. This is supporting in let's see that and you guys incident a corner and once complained the sirens and got that attitude. If you stay with each date we can't trust you finally get your chances to central command and then Marciano market longer. A little bit about it if you would just what's ahead you're just past the halfway mark in the season normally go obviously you've seen three the opponents now believe this tough league right. In particular race and what's it gonna take this team to have a shot it. Will explode in the sense that it. This conference games even plane you know it's it's a dog fight the whole game notes he's gonna give up yes that means each and every day. And so and we've seen throughout the year just constantly played that. No one gives and so our goal this year for one want it Parker forwards don't when he wins fourteen losses. So once declared in unit of thirty Wednesday fortunes and our cynnex before nine and got a going around and that's what carpet for the days when instant instant games in road you know. Showing us that we can do it and that's kind of the goal is to start with some wins together. Don't complain he's teaching credential owner operated and go. But as they ought to ask him that you get cancer coming in on Wednesday obviously you grew up here in the state you weren't answered and the other. State schools and so forth like your teammates aren't from here good is there a sense that and that's a pride game that's being really they're always one do you. In the state and I think that's what happens and we played those midwest seems like a good player who you know you. We almost kind of look at him as you know that's a big name where that's at the history of the school there and so. We played better and we played the sentencing and so going in and going play Newsweek. 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Other bacteria case weren't looking LE Packers director of operation soccer baseball programs sitting in tonight for coach Butler. Got a busy week ahead five team to hear that on the road for three at Houston. Yeah one more in the coming out only three you're in the course of the year but that really. Ask your mid week pitching and particularly when you have a couple of guys here and there they cannot he about what exactly might be that so. What kind of the plan if there is one minute that that we. That's Lawrence always starts. Thinks we're 2 of the morning it was Wednesday namely. Again. Game and Tennessee. And it TBA it gives you just need what we do get short of the game. That's kind of been our main focus you'll all we're worried about the game with him. And right now it. Into that central Arkansas and that's and worry about them tomorrow and when tomorrow's over a little worried about it it's and at the Kansas and Harlem early flights. To use in the practice Thursday night and get ready for Friday Saturday Sunday but right now it seems we've seen all welcome. We've seen in other. When you get in to see that we situations at play as many games. There are some yeah starters that are gonna throw bullpen gain height bullpen anyway is it possible that. That somebody like that and Ian in here there and again situation that would sort of hit him with a normal throwing. Yeah actually think. Deals that are rooted he's good together. I'm amazed at us. So miserable and that day in and give them a lot. Prints in its organs or maybe you know and then don't be surprised. Stanley didn't. Starters Gasquet you don't release put his. Arm but it didn't go in Q in the same boat we are so it's not like we didn't. They have invaded you re an advantage they've got an eight on Tuesday and Wednesday. So they're playing and not a game we are in their net be there with their assets. What do we what do mentality he's beaten or early and often and and I can steal pieces together lending and there. A couple of things about it we. Obviously not about the weather has not been very conducive to people getting out of watching soccer baseball I think interest has been peaked a little bit with the success you've had so. Hopefully it's mostly in the meeting tomorrow upper sixties on Wednesday for king used that will finally have had a chance there was there was certainly a good crowd for a while on Friday reports are equal to him so so hopefully that's gonna start pick up that we could not disease yeah absolutely immune. Advocate. You somebody who was the last X and whether they have. Seen because. It's such a beautiful stadium. It's. On the U whether it. About their supporters I think. You know it's a Arkansas's good club you know there when it they're. Not there is nothing it's now coming in and five game win streak. No hope we have good crowd tomorrow night and it seems at peace and if that. Cracks definitely enough level. And obviously you know. Rivals like that that help will weathered it. Helton and that looked out. I'm glad you mentioned central Arkansas record or and bring that up. Played in three weeks ago tomorrow Con-way it was a game where you were down early in fact of the situation where it looked like it could. Rain at any time. You had any big six run sixth inning and took the lead. It looked like it could bring even if your brain before they could be steered that in the next it would go back upper back to previous inning and Tyler Davis got 0123 inning made the united and Obama's VP and Davis Cup. And get a bit. That. And others ballclub includes ballclub. But not this time anyway. Will be ready to play a little slow and guided it through this and there. He was tough to figure out and I think. Sales of the triple that figure him out earlier than what you know combat definitely that's. Out early and go from there it's impressive lately getting the start again tomorrow and he's a guy that times that you seem so we'll take that next happening and you're ready to give you five or six lifetime advocates and literally every field but against your better opponents as they. Right there last week at Oklahoma State seemed like he never quite got comfortable never really got mania that is it is it. It's a close really the end normal optimal that we taxpayers. Talk in the letter you know bring it here. Note Oakland it. Seems. Like. He has good stuff. He has written and its fighters in the state that as a little bit. Get back in the help ballclub. You know he's got a eighties buttons and things you know. That'll mean easily had been the ups and nothing real quick second. He battled through a potluck. What we need and use their. Rights and if he knows that we don't yet. Keep the ball in office. It was seventy injuries you can go for it's he is the most likely guy to Donnelly continue to be that we starter that. Hopefully potentially 84 starter and he won the conference Davidson. He. That guy Morse and Coleman's. Like three. They're all three on all work. He's an all you can ask him where leaders of hate the and it. We have an office and so it's compliment when you have about well welcome. To stay breath. And it's hall. So little with it and there again that's so. I think it's confidence building had completely out of doubting did you know or plus exit. And it it. This is Lana you don't really have an answer for a that anybody it's like this team. It 24 non conference games has made eight meters. Nine conference games they've made minds or has come for a and it had it's. Been less. I don't know. Or listeners there. Roadways. Is the ball and throw. In London. And let him in view it that. Way and at third base so. I don't know talk about it that ultimately well. Let's it's an older group and that's not do so. You know added. Let's do this work with these. Mountains. That. Talk about him about it. Sometimes it's not visible that I can. Yeah and as you mention your your focus right now your whole focus on the market Laura and having it here on Wednesday. It's a little bit different type that team last year they weren't pretty well it related incidents that. Standpoint strikeouts per nine innings and that sort of thing. This year rates problem and a little dip but it's a team they can get that figured that we deem with and let things get out of hand on the man you can the Internet at least let it. Yes it's one of those games at butler's well all of that. We need. You know and analysts in the elevated levels. New levels and oatmeal. It's. In both he didn't feel. It. We definitely get after that. There are good ball and looking at on an accident like that that. Numbers today might be and I think the rhetoric of well a lot of numbers. But yet X rays lineup they've got. And you order. Nathan's hot out. It's fun and hopefully we'll look at one particular. We will close things out that's got yours on a weekly soccer baseball coaches helped make case for looking LE a first look here on unleashed. It's the career cart community and Cox Communications is now hiring for account service and technical support call it represented that are entering Wichita plant online at John I can't come with word which customer service as a tough call that your employees you'll be enhancing aligns our customers and your career and citing what prepaid plus benefits including free Internet bet on dot com dot com with word we talked customer service is equal opportunity employer. When you set out to find new road you can't do. You need a partner or when you can count. 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Isn't even that every Kansan deserves the chance to be helping learn more and she didn't yeah dollar war. Not. Raj. Every day we created or media diet better or trying Oreo or. I'm always for. Career. And you. Democrats Clinton or any minute and I don't wasn't in terms gonna and he ran. Into some zip. Eleven and you that's a basic summary of what he knows they're on second and third seeds are. Stevens in the morning right here on enhanced and you're listening to the. On Butler though with my sanity reliant on sports gorilla thing LE. Thirteen gangrene would throw it. Backyard soccer baseball shows actors sitting in tonight sports not. Recruiting. Scott the director of operations. We got that despite being weak at picking. One thing that people now is my steals a lot of work with this damp guilty them opt in getting him ready for heavy workload and we've already seen. And we can't seem or five guys. Each day and so forth you they'll let you do that so this debt is really prepared for a week like this evening need you're really splitting up next couple of days at least through the second happened. It. Yes. A sudden it's baseless and they had typically signal that you get to work through. Aren't they drove out every game so. The end he's done a phenomenal job you know probably hit. Nearly once a combat game and it gets there he had it and get everything ready to rock little Italy. To the into the game. Are trading sets is phenomenal job. And communication between. Coaches. The training. Straight this team. And it's it's really really good and can use it a phenomenal job didn't have thirty days. Where your lifting unit when you throw in the long tossing it and went through the tour boxer. An actual bullpen he's he's at a decent level dotted and it it definitely keeps are hopefully not come wouldn't LT. It gives us a chance at playing my game and not really hasn't had enough at least somebody else and eat it needs. And if we need to go and let him go quickly and it wouldn't quit only. That you recovery is will be addressed and we really don't get moral. Tuesday night. Larkin when night came use only nine home games the last chance. It's an eight. In a row on the road and one of the things this team has done this year previous teams the last few years have not been able to do is win on road and answered that something needs to continue it seems like a development deal yes he's hit it and it is sort of that. He's old you know and it feels like a long time ago literally that long ago but we don't let the seventies and after the third game controller bus. And look back at the scene and hey you've won a little road you can put that on the bench you know is there continue to lead on the so you know the desert I didn't they went into that here he is you know that the hadn't done in years it's a little road that was illegal. I doubt it certainly you know all of the way to do that east Carolina. You know one win in their relief you know got out there more than. It's a continued always skewed what the road. One of the things that is a big part of your job is planning travel and so forth and it. People look at this news conference and obviously it's fun to go to some of the cities are going to and pro baseball standpoint certainly some of the facilities. And on the face of it flying Houston's a lot cooler and easier than busting through 910 hours of the places in Missouri Valley Conference. But it is not without its candidates hitting this many people to those locations we're gonna make a little bit to do to stop Denver. And had gotten you know attack the Rockies a little bit let's you know that. It's. Tough but senator. You know winking at the clock hopefully not a four or five hour game because. Thank you swearing in below the bus and get on the bus important scene in and go to the airport for what it's like like the Denver. And then we're in Houston violent LaDainian. You could be from loads Clinton recently struggled so. Correct answers and I'd say their Q and and included we put 630 Friday 630 on Saturday. 1 o'clock that day at 730 in the flat. Good morning flight on Monday home back with. And just imagine we talked about Connecticut where they were picked Houston has actually decreased he's paper in this league and at the moment. They are actually tied for first place it's evident pride conference maybe haven't had quite easy yet. Dad they would like putting on fourteen against its schedule. But this is a very capable team or you can actually play well to win the series. And so that's another conference they've got left handed pitching. That is really really. And it doesn't get ready for lefties and a you know coach both lines that are rooted out there at Houston. He has ballclub ready they could just had a tough resume Tulane and who leads the group that like we talked earlier quit and a and it says that we're here to bring gives you an is you don't they got really good starting pitching and that we're battle started to try to get too little thing. And it simply come out of there would certainly want people think people should understand that we talked about the minds that this as a team that played out here. Any program the New Year's growing up if you will over the last in some cases three years. And I think his team on guard who they played this is a builder it's tough conference right now they have a lot of play every day. I think there's a belief with this team that we can't show up that Clinton yet I think there's some. Some comfort to it but it's. The first guy doesn't get it done he knows who got behind him now the first that really get to the endless you're getting it done. Look I saw that Ritter a Muslim audience that the dagger doubled three run double. Had a totally UConn. Immediately and you believe that anybody else in the case of what happens. Is he knows that the guy behind me tomorrow. You know that they do really good job distinct thing together. I'm not quitting on each other not minimums don't announce tonight and you know and his plane or ninety's actually it's new enough that they can play or. Scott thanks for joining us he may take the time you miss him things all the hard work to do things right yet it is you who don't know that. Like Houston. Anyway you can because we'll be back here Monday night McClellan will be back the next got ears and Travis got. It is not tonight shall I get the schedule tomorrow night 6 o'clock central Arkansas Wednesday night 6 o'clock. Hey you hear that stadium good weather get out. And then this week at 63630. At 1 o'clock Friday Saturday Sunday that he's that good for tonight's. Baseball. Didn't know its shock still consistent with the head coach Tom Butler and Mike Kennedy line. Sports her. I. This is 97 and thirteen thirty came as it has switches off.