Todd Butler Coach's Show

Monday, June 5th

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It's time for the Wichita State soccer baseball coaches you know with your head coach Tom Butler. Now let's go live to aging sports drilled the Alley thirteenth in green which rode with the voice of the soccer's Mike Kennedy. Good evening and welcome to AJ's. Lord sterility LE one last time this season this is our wrap up show for shocker baseball this season let's head coach Todd Butler we will also be joined by. All Missouri Valley Conference pitcher Zach Lewis on tonight's program this week. Wrap things for the season the checkers ended their season in the Missouri Valley Conference tournament semi final round. And last week and last week the Monday night after all of that was a a holiday. Weekend and so we moved things back to this week's we appreciate coach Scott Butler. Being with us for one last time this season and coach before we start kind of recapping the season and tugged on all of that. There was an announcement that came down to it just a couple of hours before around here today that Brian walker whose been on your staff for four years here and you have known since your days in Arkansas. Has decided to step down from his assistant coaching position and do something different in his life and so when you start talking about it. You know it's interesting. Brian and I met last weekend. For four years he's done a great job. Within our recruiting and hitters and me just recruiting alone just looking at the players on the board that we have coming in the future for next year in the years after. The last two years he's been relentless on the road. I can't think him enough and he's got a great job with our hitters in the fact that the last two seasons are hitters with the leafs. In batting average and some others that so back to back years. But when it comes down to having twins that are eight years old. Young son and a newborn panda. You know you're on that cellphone it's not like twenty years ago with a score your office thrown your your home phone they can get ahold of you all the time. Be neatly with your family unit was spent time you can review that was the your two boys play grow. On the baseball field the classroom dance recitals. It became candidates that you know I just can't do at all anymore and he wants to be a better father husband he's fantastic to both and I'm happy for him because. This is a crying like right now the season's over. And you take off like I take off tomorrow he would be on every week until August. That you have fall practice which is every weekend that's Saturday and Sunday if you get November and December off as a coach. I've been doing it long time. I have two daughters in. It I'm happy for Brian in the fact that he made that decision for his family and for his his better will be in. I think he's gonna move back Fayetteville Arkansas on and stay involved with baseball and it's a good move for him and his family and I'm happy for. You know. There's sort of misunderstanding. In the world college athletics if you're an athletic director. A matter how happy you are with your current coaches that sort of thing you always have sort of listed your desk of the people that. If that if the need arises if you need to make you change your one of your coaches decides to leave these people that you might want to not to. As a head coach do you kind of do that you kind of have the backing your mind people that you. Either no or no or you go through somebody that you trust their direct. And it worked so well after all the years you know you have connections across the country. You know paralysis departs from when that fits area that's can be good for players. On the hitting side. In many other areas of the game that will need that coach come in do the recruiting. But the other things and you know just like there's names for every you don't be surprised myself. You always want to be prepared. In. You know with Bryant out hopefully be back as I like the continuity of where we're at our players were young they understand what he's doing. In. You know so it's going to be able transition so. Will have to get ready for that I'm not hurry to make this car which we get the right guy I think coach Steele. Next year we're gonna see some really speaks improvements we are pitching. But the transition of the new coach every year yet to hear that as a head coach you control the transition. And keep it right same page that yeah I didn't have a list. And what are the best coach for us. And he will be and he will have a back room recruiting and coaching. And hopefully coached at a high level with with the elite athletes because I like which returning next your offensively. Everyone is back. We might lose throw line there's possibly guard signing depending on the draft that's next. On the twelfth I think that's Monday a week from now. The draft is where you really make your decisions and you know I like what's coming back here and those guys will now be juniors and saw horses that are freshmen and sophomores. If you look at our offense we really didn't have a good English walking. The senior that you can teach to others and whatnot but you will have trade Vickers back maybe throw line. The rest of the. Yet you mentioned that timing it's it's kind of interest being. Sometimes. For instance when you took the head coaching position here. The timing usually never good on one of those changes because it's it's kind of too late to do much recruiting that sort of thing. Which you mentioned the timing on this you are at a point where you're really not going to be coaching your own players for a while a lot of them are off to summer ball and so forth. And most of the recruiting for the next year is done North Korea's done it's done and and since you're out there coach deals out there having your out there looking at players and so you're not the big rush to get somebody out there to get out start evaluating I'm not make. As we were seniors committee and we have some juniors committed we have some sophomores committed not many will be really work on the juniors sophomores list. There could be some seniors that pop up and find out about the scene this arm that. You know that's where credit Bryant you know when I came here there were not we have zero could commitments for juniors sophomores. And with the class coming in. And that he was really coming back there was much recruiting from if you choose that was done and so you know we're we're at now comfortable with it and you know in the main thing right now is her dad that's going to be good fit for players. Where players can develop everything you need to be. It has fantastic seasons is as they started to that you should. Last question on this subject is it a little easier to beat now through four years heading into your fifth. And knowing your players and knowing who they are what they leave it what clicks within and so forth and making that decision as opposed to coming in as the new head coach and putting a staff together for the first time and learning the players that are there all those kinds of the things. You could tell the voice of its level comfort and you know the first here so. You know I know we have to hand. You know the big difference trusses. And I'm gonna say it is. Not put so much pressure on the guys early with the schedule. Back to back to back teams like you know issues Texas Tech cal poly. You know what happened mid week games against though you'll issues so. Not to jump ahead to going to this new conference. You know I'm not gonna go play or she three games and would. The understanding that I want is that you know we were playing these guys Tuesday received no one twos and threes so. The schedule obvious stuff early in a lot of that has to do with the American conference being ranked number four in the country for baseball. We are talking a shocker it based on John Butler our last coaching show up this season wrap up of the season will continue to from AJ exports of the Alley just a moment. Comfort Systems is proud to support shocker athletics Kenya Airese keep up with the can't see the president Comfort Systems can junior air conditioner or in selling new Levy system you can rely on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and even flooding means comfort. Sims is keeping what did Josh Duncan is cool call today 2657831. Or visit their website at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems proud partner shocker athletics. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. 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You're going to save this craft and we still have cynics and reason why I Republican Party and we're in session this. 24 sevenths 987 and thirteen thirty. And SS which it saw its number one talk. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight an eight on again. Solar show with Mike Kennedy we're live from BJ's sports grill on the Alley. Thirteen that green which road it. Welcome back to our wrap up show shocker baseball season Pitt coach chuck Butler and pitchers that Lewis will be joining us in just a little bit. Coach let's go back to the misery teleconference term NN that. It was a strange turn it in a lot of ways. Starting with the fact I mean first game with an outstanding game action equipment through great game for us now you attack Lewis was outstanding for union that winning in extra innings. And that it looks like things have really done your way Illinois State beats Missouri State that Illinois State was just in a parallel universe or something throughout that entire tournament they came pretty darn close to winning them. They hit fourteen wins I think one of the term and obviously there. You know swung the bats well pitched well. Beat us game two which came to was huge and if we can win that game that was that was really did we lose it in the winner's bracket you and that. You know then we played Missouri State you look what they're doing their plan Arkansas tonight the V beat Virginia today. You know we had our chances in the one thing you know if you look at Zach clues he pitched XP exceptional like he did most of the season. Yes one hiccup at the Indiana State that he was a workhorse. And then from there you know you have to have three guys in to really put wins back to back to back and give role. That was our war course and great competitors join him for two years really improved this year very confident. Three pitches for strike and talk about it when he comes up her that. You know that to have consistency on the mound. And we haven't had that we've got to get that and that's my stay healthy. In some guys step up and you have to perform. When it's at crunch time in tournament time you look at these teams were women they're performing. In teams that are not that are non performing look at Davidson. Who has three scholarships beat North Carolina number twos at North Carolina. So what exchange with College Baseball really has has the 27 scholarship. Has made other teams so. Kids have other chances to go play because of women points so there's more parity there ever has and that's a fact I've heard that for thirty years seems like. But to look at the regionals watched the super regionals and another team that we flights in Houston beat tech and Texas Tech today. But if you look at the schedule that we played over the last four years of the teams we play it. And we played some pretty good programs are doing well if if you look at feeders like Santa Barbara which at Long Beach. You know with these two we went so. But the conference tournament really thought we can win it believe weaker. Fell short. Really disappointing. In this thing that needs me as haven't watched these regionals and super regionals in the college World Series which you know I'll be recruiting that. You know if you put yourself in position to be there. Anything can happen if you're playing well right time. Yes this thing certainly down the stretch was trying to find sturdy pitching after Cody Tyler got hurt particularly at that. And certainly some promising signs both Cody Slater Robbie Evanston last weekend in Indiana State it. But neither really hadn't. In the tournament so you are out early in both those games and and hung in there but just kind of get yourself a hole. We did we we never could get out of it in the you know with our. Cody orders room first inning right there that offers free quick you Evans you know the second and third in the seriously it's moments despite nothing. So low but our guess fall you know things are proud what this team is our home record 22 and seven. We were dismal 521 on the road which. You know we need to be better that next year. You know hopefully we can be better home but you know thinks it's act Lewis will wish walking Reagan the clear and we always feel those were seniors and meets actor Louis Schwartz he really taught so to speak we're. The younger guys coming out about pitching and in control her emotions and breathing making pitches when you have to it which walking. Who I texted you know after he was hurt this is stark beauty yet he thought I was joking and you know 300. And maybe had one of the best Eisenhower team so will you be helpless next year and that's going to be funds to be a manager GA. In be nice to have him in the program and some of the guests and move on in the we have the draft next Monday to see which can have with gas or team. In the incoming players so it doesn't stop. You know the one thing that was I have to say this would Missouri State under five if nothing in there hit home runs in that game had all the earmarks of possible. Run the way it started out at you guys went right in there and actually had a couple of chances late to even maybe. Tired or whatever so you really did hang tough against them on their home field they were closer to play with a sense of desperation move. Isn't there they're good we we know that but you know the other key is is hitting with runners in scoring position we were not very good issue. Go through. You know the batting averages but I looked at that most of the season. This season in. And I think that's a sense of maturity I remember in 1996 spring and Auburn had a young team and said you were that young I don't like using the phrase. But all over we know him don't they couldn't seem to hit in the next year they get Tim Hudson. The in their normal so you know I'm open to see our team grown richer offensively to be able hit better with runners in scoring position. And to be a much better team I think we need that's left handed hitting to a lineup to take way to breaking ball. Because we have some guys susceptible to breaking ball right handed hitters against right handed pitching. So we can mix in order to left handers and hopefully balance our lineup right left right left all the way down left right. I think that's hopeless office. And you've mentioned dead hitting with runners in scoring position and everything was used. You definitely is a team cut that you strikeouts from early in the year with the timing of the strike guess tilt late in the season it seemed like he'd strike out six or seven times in the game but a lot of them were. With runners honor runners in scoring position with less. You know we after the cannot call you know we have played an extreme game out here wrote. And we were not very good in the strike zone we were jumping too all we really got to work in it things are changing and we got conference in. Yeah we were we were improving. Which so you which struck out much we at the game at home victories with Evansville struck out so. We were really concentrate on that sometimes you and you look we have to repair you have to fix it. Open to have that control early. And in and it's. The key would not strike or Florida Keys that you lodging to the ball. Movie too quick to baseball most of what will come to the which would you be concerned next year teaching. But. You know we we have players there's guys in the born in the locker room that have talent we have guys here. Now it's the growth and maturity. Thing that we need is we knew positive influence of confidence. And I don't think I think if you look back at one month we played on route three week it's really kind of broke the confidence. And we never did get going so. In the if you look at the American conference we go into next year in those of you were going to be harder. I think it's going to be exciting because we're replace niceties big cities. You fly commercially it's a bus and twelve hours. And I know you're gonna like them unload big love and many years he's been on the bus and you've done. But that will fly to Houston play the cougars who just got beat by 8 AM and that's can be fun and I think it's an elevator play in an elevator intensity. And they have to complain that count. We will talk more about those things of what we're looking forward to next season and so forth but. 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Welcome back to our wrapped up soccer baseball show up and I think it's probably appropriate that we have as our guest is a player gas for the second time this year senior right handers necklace because if anyone. On this team maybe had the best season of anybody it was back in his senior year. First team all Missouri Valley Conference he went into the year. Not necessarily knowing exactly what your role is going to be and you were hurt a little bit coming into the years I would think that all of all the said the. Pretty gratifying. And I mean I can transfer to going to better. Just worked everything worked through my injures my food and distress in the process. And had a really good year and a fun. I have to say I was extremely impressed and happy for you that he had an outing in Indiana State the last week injury this season was just totally out of character totally out of of the ordinary for everything that you've been doing. But this is baseball's night I told you that I afterward this. This happens there in other words Clayton Kershaw are whoever you are you have one of those occasionally but the way you bounced back. Now turn him but I know and feel really good to finish. Let you know I mean that we'll start and yes they really don't know what happens soon on Afghanistan. It was good to get over it and get back to work throughout that we can get ready for the next our future. It's like any game this and it's a tough game where you're just not get ahead you tested and certainly you had outings where you were maybe your sharpness that you were able to battle through it that night it just it never camera. Yeah I mean I was just hoping to be would've made certain pitches to is me now a lot of stuff we work in that game especially. And he's trying to fall back on what I normally do in interest just wasn't happening so. It was a good game for me. As a as a learning process may be what was the most important thing that happened for you this year was that the development of another pitcher or what. What really collected making as much better if you orange. I mean probably being committed every single pitch with your throughout the entire game it's mentally exhausting haven't been this mentally exhausted conventional. And it. Goes to show that I mean pitching really is an hour and it's not so much is easy to get it really have to work and these. Mentally tough and focused on everything. And certainly. You kind of developed a way of going about things certainly worked Oscar fastball they're real key for you was breaking ball command when you can't that you were really really do. Kofi I mean being an establishment sinker down in the zone especially early in the counts routes out of my breaking ball especially us and changeup to left handers to Rome. An Austrian stuff worked really well we don't sinkers so. Accustomed to them all season. You know you mentioned the changeup that's not a pitch he threw a lot of its pitch to continue to get better for you that and we'll talk about the future moment that going forward is that a pitch that you feel like maybe is one that it could still be even more of a. Part of your personal. Absolutely and it still messing with a now you know season is over just trying to get more comfortable with it and make sure canceled through went along where one itself. Trying to keep everything. Cleaning crew as close as soon. I know that this season the way it ended was a disappointment that just talk a little bit about this team in the growth that was made him and how you feel that although you won't be here about this team's prospects. For the year ahead I mean judging from last year compared to this year. I think as a team we grew a lot maturity was then we became more aware of the little things are the most important in the game. And I don't see why his team can't be one of the best teams in the conference having gone forward. We got good guys especially the sophomores are going to be juniors are gonna grow a lot of it and get bigger stronger faster so I mean. Or should bring more arms and feeling I feel like they're going to be more importantly this last year. Obviously the hope is to play professional baseball you are a senior so typically your view sighting opportunities or at least your opportunity to make money isn't as you see here isn't as good that what are you hearing Harry Harry looking. If this whole process. Instruments deposit group haven't heard too much prefer a little bit just look for an opportunity and the chance to. Computer responding heroically core processor route. Mr. unstable for wooten I mean I want I want based on and they never do contemplated since I was three yourself and spent my life. Do you feel like the fact that you. Not only the year you had this year that we've kind of show that you can feel different roles that your arm resilient they bounce back quick as he could be relief guys or whatever that you feel like it did you know you have an opportunity shows people he could be different this. In I consider myself pretty personal incomes to have rules and pitching. I've done it all started I've been short relief long relief from the closed. Been set up I mean. You're comfortable doing pretty much anything that comes that you know so that's good that I have been exposed that are going to come will be. Draft starts Monday to be on pins and needles for a couple of days. I don't know your program might try to avoid April visitors we see through it the wannabe too hyped up for. Well congratulations. 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I just let back into any week day mornings and night right here on C. You're listening to the toddler shown with Mike Kennedy we're live from eight j.'s sports grill on the Alley. Thirteen that green which road it. Welcome back to our final shocker baseball show of the season pleasure to have Zach Louis whether he's been on the show a couple of times in the last two years in. Coach you've you've been around this college game a long time you have worked with a lot of players who have gone on to play professional baseball your thoughts on sex chances. I think he has a chance. You know talking when team about him they love this competitiveness. You know it's an 8891 with three pitches for strike him. You don't really want him to have that opportunity because I think you'll authored two well I know he'll compete and what his work ethic. Just really Klein the means and how he prepared each week for Friday now be in. Went up against the best to get better each and every time he really had the one bad outing. And it I think Indian state that he was money force it. If yes three of those guys we exit through pretty good but to his maturity level was much better. This force our other guys in you know he he was at the end he was really can take advantage of every day ahead. That's what the good ones do and hopefully he's gonna have an opportunity to play it's an excellent. I asked him about this and obviously he has been through the process before so he does know for sure abated in your mind is that helped a little bit cities. Shown an ability to do a lot of different things he's the starter for you this year but he shone like last year that he could bounce back quickly and so he can fill different roles of the problem. Well he wants the ball in he he doesn't complain and you don't hear you hate him he he's pretty much can go do his work you tell him what he needs to do it now knows what to do. Of the stately plan. He'll take the ball and people really like that it in pro ball just like at any level. Especially professional baseball it's a real job paid. You just want people that are consistent. And that she could trust it will go out and perform and performing is kind of easy for because they're they're really good. And that's what you're looking for that level people that you can trust the play the welcomes it to play the game consistently. Day in day out and I think it's accurate deep. You touched on something about the issues team and earlier segment we've talking about. The right handed hitters who struggle with strikeouts through with breaking balls I know that's something that you. You worked on time this year he's got a machine that he can accept it through a break and we'll also will shoot. Falloff but the issue because we get some. And they were there were five who all averaged at least one strikeout every four at bats or for worse so. Going into the summer. Is is there much that they can do in summer bowlers really come back to when you get him back next false start to work on those things you know. And it's a very good question. I really believe that summer ball for hitters is a mosque because the more you see it the better you become to recognize it in you have to see. Pitches and pitches pitches to identify which ones you want to attack. In which when you want to let you know so you know like a ball who's a very good breaking ball hitter but he's been he he had that coming in here. He sees it out of hand unlike most baseball powers he has great vision. I've maybe had ten guys on my years that could see the ball as early as he does. He did that are should this needs to get better. You know our outfield. If you look at our infield they let us and his all. Vickers within the entire conference in hitting I think you'd for a two. Boyer had a very good years state in the night hold down there and let the team in RBIs. Engine missed that in the health field we did not have much confidence are best off its performance was Alex Jackson's true freshman who played extremely well. He wore down the last you know three weeks to four weeks and if he's not playing this summer. Because he actually has a good approach he's trying to get bigger stronger faster so. You know for like a home he's going indicate this to school indicate there's some interest from team USA possibly don't know if that'll happen. Do you guys supposedly won't indicate we're getting beat him up there in you know they do guys as talented as any player you can fine. But he's got to put it together and he needs to do with this summer doesn't need it that I don't wanna coming back you were evident. Reworked in the fall we wanna stay with the plan that. He needs to get that thing going this summer so. You know bone could've gone to the case last summer. Number one thing was it was not hitting. It was getting better defensively Sweden played with Scott a week ago who won two national championships South Carolina has the second baseman. Very cute infield instructor that moved the ball was really good first Indy this year because he played much better third base. If he's going to hear it mean if there's a play that bad he's going to hit that he's now one of the K Alec it has been upset not indicate. But he understood that was part of his development hopefully he's gonna go there tear up our guys need to have a season like Harmon. Like a burger because they're good enough to do that and we need not want to get have a season but to do so. You know our trial. You know struggle the thing about Gardner's he had fertility in the nicest most of deceased. And there are times reconvened in Sydney will that affected him blocking that affected him hitting. In he finally did that get ruled shot it's me in it helped. But that went on for most of the season so there's a lot of times were performers might come down to injury. In not every one really knows. Dart could be drafted I don't know who will be back but we need him to be healthy I think he would have a much better cities it is. You looking guys on TV they talk about the bottom. Will it affects every port their games especially hitting it to lever for sure kitchen so. But the breaking ball are things getting lefty hitters are really excited about Mason O'Brien petroleum warrants nephew. He's going to be coming next year we started last November. He had stress fracture in his back. And he's getting healthy now he sees it working out getting ready to get here for the fall he's the first baseman left left in has a very pretty swing. Hopefully he's going to be again they can get lineup. In May be protective boom was left hander and take away those breaking balls in the key hit those breaking balls probably deal left sightings right it. You mentioned some of that that guys and some of the improvement this year you mentioned. Bombs defense and and for you get that show. As much of that growth and maturity for him as anything the way he took to the importance of getting better defensively and how hard he worked. That he did he knows that's the ticket because he knows he can hit him you know he makes that place. I think he played third base at the next level if he continues to work like he is it reminds me and Casey who last evening we walked in the first year we're fortunate to walking and he's here's a shocker and I remember telling him in the office one day when defense is it's the most important thing to use. And you look like the fences won more than everybody else in the field you'll probably be a first round. Because everyone knew it could hit. And I am watching during the games and it was like that was more important walking to the plate that's our our own needs to approach. Option is that you know I think she has to can be an awful it would work. Vickers is solid shortstop as I tell me trade Vickers is the MVP. Makes every play like you said he goes back apocalypse like no shortstop that we've had. In really has a feel for hitting doesn't strike out you pretty confident when he walks up to the plate. With any situation he also handles that Jordan warrior had a really good year I mean he's in over achiever in the fact these dirt bag he's tough guy. You offered by wants to talk about doctor meg that's him and he is a gamer and you know he led team in RBIs in the ninth hole so. The big thing for us no croft and a great job you know replaces try outline. In that showed some signs early in the he's gonna get better break it will also put our outfield needs to pick enough. And in no hopefully split those we can get three guys out there that really puts cumbersome profits. You know and you mentioned the two freshman Alex Jackson and have no croft and their play and every day and it's just almost inevitable freshmen are getting hit a wall at some point it may get a little bit if you aren't those a couple of guys that you see maybe making his big jump on next year's anyone just having been through it in and having had that experience for. I think so no you know could play last year and so he's he's lifting its first time he's been able to lift we didn't see in the not too polite. Trying to take care respond because he had scope damage over a year ago and richer. Alex Jackson he gained ten more pounds and can step faster he. Still gonna work him back in the infield he says shortstop second baseman. And other candidates I think with maturity is Jacob Capps I really believe with a sense where this is them. Didn't at times think that he was really ready mentally to play every day for us just know when all the things we're trying to do. I wouldn't be surprised caps and doesn't make a strong push next Warwick is. He has quick twitch. He needs to get better with the swing. It's a good outfielder he can still basis we've got to run more then yeah we get more speed on the fields we can you know take two teams. And I think he's that type of guy. Yeah I'd and certainly. This was a year or you made strides in guys got better. You didn't have a lot of older guys trade stickers being juniors you know you've mentioned Trout line he didn't play that much because that's the problem is tendinitis. But the was this year you think it was important for some guys to start to get a feel for leadership and and what that is what that means and Vickers. I don't know how vocal he is on the field or really don't have not down there but certainly he's a leader by example guy that really comes to players well. You know Trace. Which in my opinion trees really give it everything he does his consistency. His leadership his style of play. You know he walks the walk is as we would say. It's kind of his team next year depending on what happens with Gunner. You know Caribbean healthy to different player. The maturity of whom she has to do gone. Boy here. The maturity keep bringing up that were it's understated the games that easy. And here have situations that don't work out your way to be prepared for the next opportunity which could be. You know three strikeouts and it forces that you bases loaded keeping our eye opener for. For seven innings you know so that's the things we need to grow into camp cannot be. Talked enough about as a coach and for all of our coaching staff. It that you look at the pitching you know Lewis will be gone much walking was injured Cody tower got hurt but it wasn't bad you'll be back. And that's a big thing for house needs to grow up you know what we're gonna lose speak what. Who did a great job for us it in the record book for appearances and what winner he is Holyfield's dog walk he's gone. But we have a lot of young freshman Robbie Evanston a good job. I think you'll gore which should strip. He's not pitching this summer he stayed here coach feels got to stay here work now coach rose of them. And return gets stripped on these guys so they can outlast the season. And maybe we can get a guy that can go 7200. Innings pitching which we haven't come close to that other starter so. We have to get three starters. And be consistent with that where they performed and we know Friday Saturday Sunday these are three horses and we're compute that that's the one thing we haven't had since Evelyn gladly take us. The first season. And in Toews went down swore he goes down two years in a row and then this year the Warren gets these outlets keep rolling here but Alex legal. He had scope on his own vote. He was mixed to be in our rotation on the weekend left hander from chaperone high school owners on the sixth work. He has all the stuff very fortunate to have him drafted out of high school. Didn't step home now he was gonna start first week. But it was a minor surgery. He could come back and pitch we had me I think was we had surgery could wait to see you could recover. And he could be a difference maker forced extra. All right we'll talk more about the upcoming season this summer and it's kind of an exciting summer ahead we'll talk about that when we come back to close things out our final shocker baseball show. We taught them. 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Into the Tom Butler show with Mike Kennedy we're live from DJ's sports grill on the Alley. Thirteen and Greenwood road. Welcome back to our final soccer baseball show up 2000. Seventeen to wrap things up this season look ahead to next year. And coach but do you you've touched on this you're gonna have some guys and I was gonna ask how many and so forth. Got to stay around summer and just work on things work on getting stronger some of the pitchers working with coach Steele and not play summer ball in and that's a little bit of an unusual approach so does want to ask you about that philosophy what you trying to companies. Well during microphones on that because it. Together they're pretty much Xavier coach Steele he can't work with a because the NCAA rules that the other legal weight room that you give your home throwing program. And they're running and lifting and trying to get these guys in the best shape to be able to have the stamina. Two last deceased and instead to go what now. And pitching all over the country which we've done. You know like Q he would Kilgore has shows flashes of what he can be and I think he can be really special. Mean he's gained. It's experience it's valuable or house also. But getting their bodies in tip top shape through coach rose and booze and a great job with our guys and then. And then they're not taxed you know throwing pitches all summer and we have to Reston messes up for fall practice first scrimmage so. We're going with a different look and other hitters were trying to get him offered bats. There will be some pictures that will go pitch a little bit from lack of innings. But I think it's good thing count will be different than what I've done in the past. In you know coach deals on that we're try to take care of their works. God knows that had enough injuries as we've been here. And I was Davis is in Davis's doing really good with the cardinals and pro ball but to keep these guys healthy so we can have this season that every one. Kind of long blitz is a guy who. Who's certainly finish the season strongly but. Padded arm problem coming out of high school and his velocity never got back to what it was when he was signed that seemed to start coming on toward the end of this year knowing editor four seamer that was really effective for event. He's one of those guys I know that when he was on the show talked about usually looking forward to getting stronger in his summary getting some of that philosophy that. You know what. When you when you say Conner won which somehow it slipped my mind you trying to think Avery one. That. That trust with him. What he he is really. On top in the effective what he wants to do I think the the little scope that he had out of high school set him back. And I think next year's going TV breakout year for him. He has weapons to get people out. He throws strikes he knows everything going on. He could possibly be a starter force next year in I think it's very important. You know with with Connor. That he builds confidence this armored weight room and conditioning. These throwing program that you do. That way in the fall he's rated rock and roll. It also just going out playing so horrible that someone thinkers within changes things in the and you get something to do with when they come back. They're going to be ours is ready to rock fall totals for September but Connor along with us. Was. So trustworthy we used him games late seat. I have total confidence and you know. And that's what we need with you know eight to ten pitchers instead of just like is that Lewis and you don't know what to really get Saturday or Sunday. Cody Tyler would have to do idiots who had a setback it. Carner I mean he could have a really big year for us and I expect them be here next season it is his maturity. Is like most players I mean he is really locked in he's really grown. He's trusted what's going on in the seventh success. Which is giving confidence. Ben Hecht had one of the strangest years of any college pitchers C. Putts 85%. Of the time he was really good he had three or four outings just kind of screwed up these numbers that. Talented young man that he was basically your clothes are all here he is draft eligible and what do you see happening as well. He has good stuff I mean he's he's not be ready for work sometimes better but he hasn't snapdragon breaking ball yes or very good purple. He was outstanding early Louisiana Tech. Kind of pops you know we're winning the game we growing and we think we're gonna close it out with a win and they kind of talking with a couple home runs kind of setting back for a little bit. Then he recovered at the end. Great personality loves being a part really likes it here. Talked to a scale today that you know was whose research only meant. If he doesn't get what he wants I mean there's a possibility of him coming back it's this decision it's his life I try to get involved with that. In the fact that you know we'd love to have him back he's very good give us confidence is coaching staff to have him. But education's important to him beaten and in he's he's really felt like he's he's grown as a pitcher Andy can grow some more in he has good stuff in. A it's going to be interesting he's the one guy that I'm not really sure about him he could be called. You know on the second they probably if not maybe you know second base when they. First few rounds in the second anymore. You know. College Baseball is that well I've said this many times the most screwed up goofy as situation you agree with you. In all sports first of all you only get eleven point seven scholarships for the sport that you've got to have 45 to thirty guys just put the team on the field and then. You can't lose junior players to the draft you could lose high school trap site needs to the draft or Q coach at and you don't know. Until there was this next week. So but she's huge too calculated the figure is best he can't go again if you care that but I can't do I can't do it Taka. How bout of your partner recruits of guys achieved signs are there that a couple of three that you're going to be hundreds of vehicles. Well I would have been full of kids in the navy O'Brien but he didn't get deployed because I think is swings that. We had kidney Bryant's update. Out of Dallas to six with five that was with a top 100 guys in yet Tommy John. This at a news is seniors are just that Tommy Johnson he will not be able to pitches fresh. In. Plans on still come to Wichita State rehab and you'd rate pitches his second year. There's a right hander from Colorado named William Eddy it's 65. That. Has good stuff I could be drafted has has that number wrong what it would take. Parents are really education oriented and now when you get an education so I don't know what's gonna happen with him. There's a young man out of Wisconsin. You know we've we've committee. Tommy John. You know it's not like we're recruiting guys Tommy. But he had Tommy John after we committed you know you get injured after we committee and then we Sunday. In he'll be ready to pitch because he had an after a few here so there there's a lot of interest it going we know that we've seen it. But I think we can be OK I mean you know more I'm more concerned with the guys we have. And you just don't wanna surprise that pop up we're guy goes from 39 round. And you know settles for little money. You know with horror piece draft eligible with a soft or could he turns 21 near the draft date. In its kit that's concerned because Cody was really coming along. And I think he comes back for another year stays healthy I think he can really blow up because he's really improved. Not only is fastball that he needs to get better with a second period things like that it. You know we're we have to wait will be on pins and needles probably with hectic warriors and then with governor not sure which can happen with him. But if you look at the field they're all back. And if you could keep hacked you know Chandler chamber you know he threw the ball really good the term it just blew it by people. And pitched exceptionally well he stressed notables who don't know what's gonna happen with him. But the one thing in talking to the guys. Hey they're good about coming back it's not like actually coach from signing you know I don't like it here. And and I mean that they're good coming back like we were doing. I think a lot of really wanna be successful with our team and put our team on their shoulders and pretty good season together. Unless Carolyn Bannister that you mentioned Alex Siegel. What's his situation is he ready to throw it and can he start getting ready. Early for next we'll with the with the the bone chip in unison when he couldn't extend itself. It now it's it's much better. In doubt that he's he has really get stuff for left there it's it's pretty it looks the part he can be the part. Hopefully. If he's doing all of his rehab I think he'll start throwing hear. Me. You know next month. And this is the loan program progression program. You'll hopefully be ready you get rock and roll in the fall so you have him give Cody tower yet kiwi Q were left handers we have Richard trainer Allen. That that Richard last year would like to have a few more lefty pitchers that. You know fuel poor Tyler Siegel can do with their capable of doing we can be pretty cute and laughs and coach thank you for everything this year it have a great summer and look forward to this indexes my kicking at the Q enough to be so awesome and kind of mark Rogers also for helping them. You know as tonight up to get some rest and hit the road now be going to about August is the policy which schools nor thank you couldn't. That's not Butler that's our last shocker baseball show 141017. Thank you for being with artist give it a little plug here. I will be back in a couple of weeks for our annual coverage of the Web.Com. Wichita air capital classic June 17 and eighteenth. Right here on this same signal so be listening for that. And then it'll be another season shocker athletics starting in August that'll do it for shocker baseball this year thanks to age eight at the Alley for hosting us for a coaching shows. Throughout the season.