Training Camp - Day 13 (Aug 13, 2017)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Sunday, August 13th

We recap the first preseason game against the 49ers and discuss the team's return to camp in St. Joe. INTERVIEWS -Andy Reid on the team's performance against the Niners. -Kansas City RB Spencer Ware on Friday's rushing game. -Kevin Pierre-Louis "KPL" on his punt block -Patrick Mahomes discusses his ...


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This week in chiefs football. The official chiefs radio podcast. Now your host an Israel man and those gamma. Welcome to this weekend chiefs football training camp day thirteen the Kansas City Chiefs are back in St. Joe after playing their first pre season game last Friday night against the San Francisco 49ers. Kindle and I will discuss that as well we'll hear from head coach Indy read Patrick Holmes Kevin peer loose. And Spencer ware but as always let's take a look at the front page. She's headlines this week chiefs football. Kendall number 87 packing and passed it to see. Very nice to see Travis Kelsey of course has been nursing a sore knee but he was a full participant today. Running catching and blocking that's great he hits in seven. Finally a change in the PP list yeah October holy Parker anger daddy Nicholas remain however Chris Jones overnight by the defense deployment. He was back at practice he went through individuals stand. But then he got over he started conditioned athlete that was probably the planned way to do things still missing a few others that. Right Stephen Nelson he did not practice today with a groin injury Terrance Mitchell another defensive back hamstring. Think Kyra Santos remains out with a groin injury as doesn't hurt Eric Berry. He has that you put your resting. Those are your chiefs headlines for Sunday August 13 2070. She's headlines on this. Can welcome back to St. Joe we had a couple days haft are kind of felt it. It felt real good and always good to give back Kim the compliance of Carolina stadium the watcher Kansas City Chiefs. We saw some good things we saw some bad things we saw some. The go either way but that is what's gonna happen for people upset. Another flight was just throw me just throw another clutch. Cuts over 753. In terms of flags that were thrown I've never been a part of a pre season game. There's not that many penalties yet though he was getting a little silly I can only imagine how coach reads blood pressure must've been by the end the staff. That game because if it was getting a little out there any 90 and we're gonna hear from country here a few minutes. That's somewhat to be expected in a pre season game because. The rest try to download that Bryant committed to doing okay this is pre season for the rest as well the one thing that you. And I spoke. Link off the air was a factor of OK you can call some penalties. But some people have the same number two people are out there with the same number. Don't call the penalty they're not trying to get an advantage the fact is you've got ninety players some. Numbers are retired are not used anymore. You've got doubles it's just part of that I I seem that seem to me like that was unnecessary and very very strong showing by the chiefs ones right off about Alex Smith goes down the right sideline to Tyreke bill there was continuation. Of what. They've been doing each and every day Dan in saint show. And the chemistry that's developing. Is continuing to get stronger and stronger I don't know it's us it's been a regular blue snow wind blew snow super glue it's something even above that. And that is good news for the chief's office because. Of course he can't go to him too often. You've got to tempered little bit but the fact is when you can get over the top with number ten now it opens up up first and second level. As you looked like the game. Oftentimes just as much with the ball not in his hands because they have to pay attention to them but to circle back. Great job by Tariq kill had a chance to talk with coach Reid after the game on Friday night. Coach you open this game with some we've seen pretty much every day camp Alex to Tyreke so. I thought the ones. Why is that a nice job and then. Twos are okay. Threes we are very disappointment so they're going back and actually get that take care of you know let me start off these core Rego do you throw. Coalition opportunities throughout the a love the first drive you really officially he spent three minutes and 32 seconds you at all three levels but I think you got a lot of your situation working there as well and just. Yeah we definitely. In our third downs there red zone. Those that was good series. You mentioned the depth and the near perfection some of those penalties can drive you crazy is that just a time on on the field. Well enough army or practice certain way and so. We we've got to you can't do that and then the officials or call a cluster in the pre season just for that reasons that. As it wakes you up. And I can you when you're taking yards away from yourself a deal so we're back we're we're gonna straighten that out I was those terrible. Even use a long timed as much surprise you anymore resistant to the games just really kind of confirm your hypothesis that you develop over the last two weeks. Our room we got a physical camp this oh. They come down here and pay in another team commander in ramping up and you know put this together Soviet teaching force who wakes people up and elegant understand that he. He practiced. He generally bear down and practice and can't grab Jersey jealousy or call out here you. Whether it's offense or defense. Yes downside you do all those all the small things specialty is a big part of it too. This discipline there statistically another rushing probably wasn't what you wanted in our chairman we want to throw the ball here lament give these young quarterbacks and opportunity and a to put it up and I'm when we do run we surely don't wanna coverage they listen to yours a carries. You don't want in pointing that. Mila. Stand. All of a higher rate that you know plot for possibly sell. We we can amendment with the in my mindset that we want to throw long at it was young quarterbacks wraps yeah. Jindal coach mentioned that not only that to the ones perform well but. When they go into those teams that they try to do situational football they wanna get in the third down situation they wanna get in the Ritson. And it can help all of that in that first drive only three minutes and twenty seconds that they got a lot of work done. They did they struck early with the long pass a you saw Alex he uses likes to get a first down and of course a late hit was tacked on Matt. The run by Spencer work again in the end zone at the end and an up and a couple other good connections. By Alex Smith and that's what you want is built to move the ball down the field. In the NFL you like to see 1011 play drive that's great if it speaks to how well you're operating. But you have to have. Chulk you have to have to get to get big plays and you need to get scores on the board in 345 places you don't have as much room for error. And that's what the chief stood on that purse structure. It was fun to see end. I think coming into the game and really kind of alluded to it a little bit we just were really picking up on all the signals. He wanted to see the passing game going you made mention of the fact that you want to see these QBs press things and maybe figure out. What they could do and what they couldn't do throw wise and maybe get a sense of of where they were and we had to go route scheduled. For each QB of the very first play just to come to fruition for patrols operate but. It's interesting he goes in with an agenda of his own which I'm not sure anybody knows. And this is just time to read works you've he's got a list things that he wants to see. Yeah that's why as I asked him hit it very get surprised and I'd love to know the inside the behind the curtain I definitely know he was happy with the number ones. You made a point this IE. Don't think we realizes means a lot of with a good that the longer the offense can stay up to the more rest the defense gets yes that is true. I think what we forget about this fans is the longer the offense is out there the longer something bad could happen. You know so to your point three yards and a cloud of dust chew on at 1012 minutes off the clock. There's a lot of things that can happen in that ten or twelve minutes. You might be better to have a five minute or seven minute drive and it maybe got a three minute drive right but I really I hadn't thought of that before. As impressed as coach Reid was with the ones. He was disappointed in the tees in threes. He was. Now he certainly wasn't disappointed and Patrick Holmes he had a very nice coming out party are thought of course. We'll discuss that later. And depth but the office of line I thought in the number twos. As did not shell well they didn't really give the running game a chance but I think when you look at the number two. QB that was it was Tyler break. He had a go route that went for touchdown unfortunately comes back with an offensive pass interference. By Chris Conley but. That notwithstanding. He made some plays that. You just can't make as a QB is scrambling and and throw the ball behind a receiver. As it gets tipped him and to his credit the defender percent for Cisco really did make a great play it was. But there in the NFL there's lots of guys that are gonna make great plays in you can't given a chance the one thing. And Mitchell I talked about on the broadcast that separate this game was turnovers or ten points off turn. Turnovers what was the margin in the game ten points that makes a difference turnovers generally tell you. What happened in the game in the southern night that's exactly what happened. You mentioned Spencer where he gets the credit for the first touchdown here's the call by Mitch. This year which made. It's towards the Canadian doctor do when they turn a right tackle shorts they load up its entire audience on the right hip put shorts. Out of a shotgun sent Alex Smith gets it off the wire up some. Chance. Sprint to Wear spikes the ball democratic. Am so impressed that she's first drive of the pre season it touchdown but the chiefs kingdom. The net offensive line did a great job getting a big search there and number 32 Spencer where he was not touched until he got across the goal line. You can win with the offensive line play like that. Been no good Spencer ware in yards after contact us the very nice job and that's. Usually you get hit be able to lean forward and do some good things. Our own Danny well he act caught up with Spencer in the locker room after the game. Spencer can you tell me about. Getting the groove bag getting into your first preceding game heady feel like that. I'm our own lives and relate prism together as a unit home office he wants today. Moved the ball we could now feel we got to get the running game started that there. He got a chance to see all of the backs at work today what did you think about the younger guys it as well. I mean we need to do bombing whom disciplined we did our assignments we. Being you know no big runs in the eyes and hoped for in the as far as and the humans are running back group but. You know we suffers came out here for the season we've won we've seen so it was a lot of work to be though we still can't believe we'll be back to work calls on. As a better end this is obviously something the guys kind of you know get under your belt get out of the way what do you take out of the pre season personally. So litigant. You ready for the season. I don't know I can't speak for other things levels plus so. You know we make camp is realistic on the game it's possible he's inherited it would come out there coach and integrated. And us where these pre season games and also for the season. So I mean it's just the the way that you know find the groove get into your adequacy. Danny will react. With Spencer ware Kindle. Spencer has developed into that premier back and he did not disappoint. No we didn't and this is a guy that brings his lunch they'll work he he's not very excitable he just goes about his business and gets the job done. Now some of the guys that got the job done on that play with the office of Wyman as you saw a surge. And Spencer literally didn't get touched by San Francisco defender until he was two or maybe across the goal line. That's winning football when your offensive line can occupy the defenders like that. And you get your running back to what a scrimmage full speed that spells successful football. Another couple of big plays that she said on Friday night one of them was a turn over in our favor. On this punt block. If Francisco's two of ten on third down conversions. Eventually that. But that she's made a trade with the Seattle. Coolest. A walking the what San Francisco. Here's Danny will only act we have Kevin Peter Lewis. We're here with Kevin Pierre Louis that's an excellent place tonight both on defense in on special teams can you kind of explain. The first pre season game for you here with the chiefs. It's an amazing number I'm blessed be a part of them. How I'm blessed are part of great team. Oh a bunch of great guys you know I saw how long ago myself along grow ahead and throw. Long road ahead of me. I'm learning the defense split phenom gets it to get the chance to learn from guys like Vijay in the rest of the defense. Knows the reason why those guys put great defense. They've certainly been thrown into this defense to learn rather quickly how have you adapted and what maybe has been the toughest part trio. I've adapted well I definitely picked things up quick analysis of small details that I have to learn. And I guess this is the biggest transition just a small. You know things that are different from a defense that came from being Seattle's defense missile defense totally different. Are there. Well the big special teams blocked what was going through your mind in how does that how do you create. That. Their guys are playing heavy inside. I got pretty close the time Forsyth says. If this guy plays inside against accomplishments of the blockade I was they would do it. So now. Forty guys go from here what do you need to work on during training camp to get ready for erred let's say the next pre season game. I'll just have to keep doing we're going I know it's a hard working group I'm glad to be a part of it. And it's this great game to learn. And it's a deep linebacker group the deep beings inside lack. Inside linebacker group has anybody really impressed you and maybe who are you learning from. Homeland from everyone you know I rare from DJ. So we're meets march I mean. Two T Smith you know they're they're really everywhere can say is this a deep on back of course I get the chance and take a piece of their game for each one. That was a big time play. As you saw it unfold. He gets in on the left edge. And he goes. The blocker he just keeps writing him. And then he has that internal clock to know when that ball's coming out Kenny has the wherewithal to get his right hand out. To the block Pallet block point and it was just it was just a great play. KPL was brought here to help with special teams but they saw something in him. As a potential middle linebackers well he's been taken reps sometimes with the world's but oftentimes behind remain equal some sort number twos. But he's a young player who has potential he knows that he does America's foes on special teams he embraces it right there he did a great job. And in general use upgraded not only the special teams unit I believe. But also has added keep depth that the middle linebacker position when we made that trade with Seattle I think a lot of folks were like thought are we doing this but obviously the chiefs saw something. Yeah I in this scouting staff for Kansas City Chiefs does a great job. Kept KPL as they call him he'd talked about the fact when he came out as a rookie and in the draft class that he remembers talking with the chiefs quite a bit so they have their eye on him and and that's a thing when there's so many different people. You. You could be one place but a few years later. The circumstances dictate that now all of a sudden you're somewhere or somebody else like you as well and it's it's amazing the NFL. The numbers game and and how it plays out. I gave Casey could have to cut somebody who you'd like but she just have too much step the deposition chiefs have certainly done that years pass and in May indeed do that again this year. Another big play from Friday night I think fans were almost a little disappointed when. I'm Holmes gets his chance to go out there early in the second quarter. Holmes comes in and really doesn't go anywhere with it in the the drive kind of stalls in the remodeling for an hour. And three and out Nia it just it didn't look like what we had come to expect however on the next series. That was not the case. And no big laboratory. For Patrick loans Orson Charles H back in the you know offset by play action fake moments scrambling for the right. Targets in training camp when. I've been saved show. You know you talk with him in the locker room after the game. Patrick come your first night under the lights just talk to you by the experience. Yeah I mean it was awesome just all the fans out there and is due out there is playing and live your dream. We wish we don't wanna game clearly don't we do a lot of didn't really it's a battle now learn from. As you said you always want to win the game but it doesn't that it doesn't count it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter just doesn't count. Some things you did well license things that you wish you could have come back. Yeah definitely. Things that things that was such a bad Diallo batters didn't drop don't know disaster. There are some of those jobs where we we didn't gig going and so he never never make those along does happen and things duke did to army just trying to stick to my reads I mean. Can always do or anything better to distrust each series in living in the game plan. My rookie year was 1992 but I can still remember my first game and just like you said being the star struck but you're living your dream I mean how much fun you have an. Yeah I mean that that's it I mean it's it's a lot of fun it's when and your dream doing stuff and you were to give us kids vineyard daydreaming and then and backyard summing. Just about every single day it's a blessing thank god foreign arms and come out and work hard and do it I can't. And you go practicing Joseph blow what are you trying to get accomplished in these last few days a camp yeah I mean deadly first officers watching the film. Breaking that down in China Salem state site and get better at men do answered a what I can do it is to bury my whole game and then Donna saint Joe's and working on those and you ready for Cincinnati on the next week. We should stick to time making it. Generals we begin to transition a little in here from the game to today's practice. I think we got a chance to see a little his swagger on the field you know in I think that the coaches. If file name. Mean you know acknowledged that as well by what we saw in today's. Practice right he's been rewarded it's been elevated to the number two today and he looked very very sharp from practice. He didn't look at today he did look very very sharp again and he hits Jeter Derrick he hits Marcus camps those are two newspaper targets because that's who's been running with a lot of these guys have a chance to get that. Fifth or sixth spot albeit it's gonna depend on how they. They go on special teams that. Get a look at getting back to the game Patrick Holmes. Where she had to go route that was complete on his first series but otherwise it didn't go anywhere in this actually gonna throw a little bit because some pressure. On the touchdown what amazed me Dan was he realized that the rich pressure coming he jets out of that too is right and as we've seen so many different times. He throws on the run accurately puts the ball except we were it has to be. Doesn't quite throw across the grain but just right on that image that that'll. We called a line of arrogance on him and pushed and figured out what through we could make for the touchdown. And I I liken it to him basketball no look pass on me he's looking survey in the field. And you never see his head turn towards this guy who's back to his left a little bit then run the last instant he may accept past for the touchdown. If you're seeing at the first time you like OK that's an operation. But we've been seeing it day in day out as saying joke this kid is very talented in the pocket I think maybe even more talented outside the pocket. He will run but he's not looking to run he's going to try to give his arm a chance as long as possible and if so he's either gonna try to get yards in camp. Are running the ball is gonna throw it away which. Is I think in part for him to accept the public is he's not used to doing that but he's understood that you have to sometimes get rid of it in just line up and open next down but. He is exciting to watch no doubt. Yeah I think the coaches liked what they saw I think today. He was riding high in practice he looks so good and you're right nobody throws better on the run. Coaches also tinkered a little bit with the offensive line I assume that they just. They're trying to improve those number tees but that's pretty common isn't it is common and sometimes you're trying to send a message. I don't play I don't believe any readers very happy with Isaiah battle he had a holding call on what and indicated what was a very long. Play I think maybe four. Patrick much. In general the second team. The chiefs have depth but they have to play better than they did the other day and it's not surprising that maybe they would struggle a little bit. But this next game at Cincinnati. It's not a maker break but you need to see some improvement from everybody and certainly the second team line depth wise from the first came to the second line. Game I believe this second game you're gonna see a little bit more of an emphasis on the run game with a number ones we didn't see a much what they did do their successful with. But again they were in there very long which is good because that tells you that they perform the way the head coach would like them to perform but. Camp skating close to being over. But the pre season is just because we've got three more games and there's a lot to find out this 2017. She squad. Yeah I was a little started talking with coach that you know when I asked him about the rushing he wasn't concerned at all they they really went into that with a game plan of after on the ball and when you look back on everything that they said going into that. It did seem to have her obvious that you are gonna do it's what do you tell us the story he was telling us what with it without telling us that we were bright enough now. I definitely had fifteen years that's my excuse I don't know what you're just I just know what my excuses and are now on I wish I did I must not be eating the right foods is. Anyway Elliott told us of the game on Friday that she mentioned Chris Connelly was being worked on and then crisp went into the locker room again we didn't know that it turned out to be some knee inflammation but. He was back in practice that he was back from practice yet and meet me computer intrusion. Which is basically just a fancy way to say. You've got to have B Bruce and you've got some swelling but he was at practice today. And not only was he gap practice he made several. Let's ask you what you thought diving catches shoestring catches. Catches on the sideline he looked as good as I've seen him and that's. Fun to watch because if you can get somebody with the size of him a 63 to twenty. That is doing. A good job or even above average job and you throw in number ten doing what he's doing it and now you just. You have a cast of characters. Who do different things bring different talents to the offensive. Side of the ball and that's what you want you won't. As many toys as possible for injury to play with him and to set up it's like toy soldiers you've got a guy you've. Who lays down with a little. And nobody does a better job and decided where to place those little plastic toys and name Reid he is. Truly a beautiful mind think it is Pixar did Toy Story there's a whole generation and have no clue what you're talking about. One guy not have any good day today in camp was the replacement kicker. While Sam ticket you feel about forum he had a good day. You know although a short one. Yeah in the game were you was successful but today. Missed three kicks to the left out Leo in and they. A drill where they had to drive down the field and they had a good idea field goal to win now all three. Were either. Fifty plus for or just below fifty so they were easy kicks. A but you still expect to make him and because the reason to replace right now while it's growing hills. Kyra Santos he had been made themselves certainly Cairo not filming pressure right now Sam. I mean he comes here he knows that you know most likely Kyra is gonna get healthy and I'm. Santa I go about its way. But he's he wants to get until some other teams could see him because otherwise it looked like he was about continuous like a ticket in in some sort of fashion with the stock market but. Now he's got that chance he wants tickets that he too wants to take advantage of it im. Does a bearish report reporting on it a lot. Not really if Cairo's coming back as long as he's going to be healthy. But if Cairo were to be up for an extended period of time than this is an issue we have Paul because so many games and in a dollar to buy are decided by three points or less. It's a big facet of the game. You're right they it the margin there is that narratives and it can be a difference maker Howell. Howl. Valuable is that for that guy for that kid he's a young kid I was opposed to him today he's young. And he he's seems to me to be fairly young Xena has shown us three years old. How valuable is it for kids like that he coached by a guy like Dave so. I mean I would think that would be dislike and you pulling ended. He did it it just me or anybody. Special teams worldly unifil nosedived Toby is obviously. His record speaks for itself is you're kicking your Bruno. The one thing I like about Dave. He is. He knows enough to know he doesn't know enough on some things kicking he can evaluate it but he's not it's a third try to. Toronto he's gonna have he's probably gonna have Sam talked to his coach is no Sam another several guys are still work with John Carney. But the kicker for San Diego Chargers for the longest time then finished career in New Orleans. John is somebody that they've tokens talked about and really a ghost to for help in terms of kickers. Either for information or just if the needs to go find somebody if somebody got hurt which which I would I would almost. Guarantee you that they've told probably spoke with John Carney about who to go get to bring in so I think the chiefs brought in five or six kickers to look at. So I think. When it comes to your kicking punting situation it's a little bit different for special teams. But otherwise. As far as schemes and how you put things together and how you get a team to play. Oh Kennedy to come together as one of the special teams. Nobody does a better than Dave so he is just a master he's proved it year in year out we Jim. Getting a blocked punt autumn on the first pre season game. Great job you've got to give KPL some some love as well because there's just intense desire to get there to the ball but again. The one who gets it going employing his stick so. You were give me your perspective isn't a play here you go you play game where you're trying to compete I mean your number two or three units say. You trying to competes year banging yourself around pretty key that you're playing hard it's physical gaming you know sore he had come right back to a padded practice. With a moderately. In depth coach ultimately irritated yeah if you irritated the perfect report. So he's not gonna give you a light practice and beautiful day here in St. Joe but from a player's standpoint and we would it would be like being out there today well it's tough because if you go back several days the chiefs had a day off. Then they had a walk through and the McCain was the next day so they essentially had to adapt days felt like summer vacation yes exactly and then you have your day off after the game to recover a little bit but now you've hit harder than you've hit the whole year. In the game. And you get up the next morning at 7 o'clock in your right back Saturday fifteen and like you said Andy Reid didn't let up you can't let up because this is still can't. And his top because the aches campaigns are starting to build a little bit and this is where you have to push through and make no mistake. All the coaches just letting you read. All the coaches are looking at all the players to see how they react and see how they come back from a day like this because generally. In the NFL season you play the game on Sunday. You watch film on Monday have Tuesday off and then your doctor at a a little lighter day on Wednesday so you give your to your body time to regenerate that's not the case here. 24 hours off and boom you're right back at it let's not let's not forget that this was a night game it wasn't her day game so you took those separate hours away as well. Yes they're really looking for mental toughness here they are it's the one thing that. I believe coaches like about hot weather in pre season is. The hotter it gets the more you tend to see concentration weighing. And now you can see the guys who know how to push through it and know how to keep the concentration level. And we've not had any that we've not had one what I would that are a hot day and as a player you absolutely love it. As a coach you understand that you need some hot days you need Dick pitcher body acclimated because when it comes the early season in Kansas City. Most likely you're gonna have some thoughts on base now that it one of the notes for you from today's practice you know what to we I think we covered the mall Patrick Connolly Europe Patrick Holmes right there how. However upon homes to. Cris Collie every loss while but you know what dark as I've seen. I'll say Alex I thought wasn't as sharp as I've seen he still has command of everything there's no doubt it's just he was phenomenal I thought the first. We can have for practice and showed it in the game as well. Office supply analyze a thought the number ones today and team showed off well. Also. Which swim performed pretty decently in the game. A perform pretty decently today but again. It's early on you still look you've still got three more precision unless you mention that I'm I wanted to get your impressions on how he played because. I mean now that say that Satan and noon here it's a big deal the left guard position is still talks a little bit he's continued to take all the first team reps. In part at camp. The fact polls still there and he has a lot of experience. I thought what's been played OK but. To be honest. The offensive line wasn't on the pill that much the number one's room filled up much for Kansas City so I think the Cincinnati game where I suspect there will play the first quarter. And well into the second at least offensive line wise a that'll give us a better barometer of where he's at where the offensive line is that as well how did they begin and you may not be able to answer this because every. Coaches administration is different but. How to begin to transition from the things that you work that when you first arrive they can't so like for now preparing for Cincinnati which is this coming Saturday. You know. And every team it's a little different right yes well on every team for me without exception. You never came planned for the first one is just you go out there and you're playing and in essence. You can learn some things about guys because now they may see yes he may or may see stuff that they never seem to force like well how does Iraq that is eventually. Even when you game plan for people who live in the season. Our coaches they make adjustments at halftime and now the sudden second after seeing things you haven't seen so how do you deal with that so that's a good barometer. But this game I believe the chiefs' coaching staff watch a little more of the systematic film because we'll be one game on file. And don't give them a little bit better chance. Of knowing how Cincinnati's gonna lineup both offensively defensively and special teams wise. And you see now if a player in his own mind can develop a game plan himself of how he's going to attack somebody because he has an idea of who's gonna play. Somewhat and where is going to lineup so you'll see that the third game generally. They were you'll be a full out game plan it's it's could basically test mode to the coaches and the players. And in the fourth game. Is generally the that the JP squad this year will be a lot different because you don't know for all of ninety players there and I think Mitch is really talked about the west expert described the best which is. It becomes a developmental league game now where you can see the young guys who may be on the practice squad. Or maybe you want to look up for next year's well you can see them in a true game situation for quite awhile it's kind of fascinating to me it makes you understand why it's so difficult. Coach professionally why there's so many people they. Begin to. Football on the new rise to the rank of head coach or or nick maybe even a coordinator in fail. There are so much to consider you and you decided you wanna see. How player handles not being prepared. Right at the same time you wanna see how player repairs are UNC's very U wanna see what how much what acumen and they have to take in what they're given. Hand me decipher it and put into action the way they're being asked to so that's a that's a perfect example you did you bring up the perfect scenario. I get stuff my friend didn't get to be back could be up here in we'll get back into camp mode along with these players in in means us in the cafeteria. I could go there. But we'll be in Cincinnati and in given the chance. They have some ribs and Cincinnati's at the boat house Montgomery and that are hurt Amoroso. I've Philly we're gonna need to try to get up there and and maybe get a little work then. Workout in. Rips wise you know it's just in front of all her friends here I really think maybe we should reconsider the ice cream machine you know. I think we may have been too hard and lastly. Don't Ask Don't Tell. Although we have found other alternative means for sweetness here in St. Joe. Rocky mountain chocolate not been mentioned. Like chocolate is my downfall just trying to view an iron in sync on that we hit the road we're walking down the street. Downtown hotel leaving out we can be thinking about anything but food walk by something with a white chocolate in the window. It's like we're Danny can ago. Right the radar goes off just. And seeing them that are right that's gonna do it for today's episode we're back tomorrow chiefs again with a padded practice. Here in St. Joe I believe it's an eight I can't quite see it looks like an 815 start that I assume we'll probably have great weather because that's the way it's been. And that of course will be there. I have more exclusive interviews for you doing this tomorrow on this we can chiefs football but by. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey chief radioed dot com.