Training Camp - Day 14 (Aug 14, 2017)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Monday, August 14th

Another day in Pads at Missouri Western. An update on practice from St. Joe. INTERVIEWS -Chiefs versatile DB Daniel Sorensen -Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton -Kansas City Chief's RB Coach Eric Bieniemy #TWICF #ChiefsCamp #ChiefsKingdom


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This week in chiefs football. The official chiefs radio podcast. Now your host then Israel man and those gamma. Training camp day fourteen here in Saint Joseph, Missouri on this weekend she's football the St. Joe portion of camp kind of drawing to a close. But let's get right to the headlines. She's headlines on this week change football Kindle Derrick Johnson did. Not practice that. And I think that there is probably just precautionary watching out for that Achilles and just making sure that thirteen year veteran stage rested stays healthy. He had a good game played quite a few plays sort get I think it's just making sure that he's okay same with terrorist sentence. Groin injury still Merced and then also nursing a groin injury to Stephen Nelson. Other defects that were out today terrorist Mitchell with a hamstring injury Covert Glenn we do not know his injury but would suspect it would be a hamstring as well. Finally on the performance side Marcus Peters had a great day of practice two interceptions he jumped for the ball to different times where the QB tried to fool them in this continues to make the case of why he is arguably the best quarterback. We'll talk more about that but those are your headlines for today Monday August 14 2000. Dental and always sound like a broken record another beautiful day in saint you know it's amazing to me. Each and every day we walked out of the dorm rooms 65 degrees 67 degrees and as a guy who played the league for as long as I did I've had some camps where you just dreaded practices because you were 89 degrees sometimes getting close to a hundred even. Sometimes when we're out and about and away from Kansas City so. That portion camp for the players' standpoint has been very good. That being set I still believe that the coaches were probably like to see some hotter weather and seek out the guys perform in that as well a big deal do you think that is for them you know the fact they're not gonna get C as a coach you want to see how people. React. To situations that are uncomfortable if you want to push out of your comfort zone that's what you wanna do to the player each and every day and somewhere issue performed sometimes it's the mental side of it in terms of the the play calling you load the you have mentally than other times that the physical elements and I think the coaches would like to see. A hot day where guys are tired in the course are a key because they are now in their third week of camp. And see how they performed C if they can concentrate see if they can keep. On task on time and doing it the way they've been coached to do it. And right now that part of camp that hasn't been tested because the days I don't I can't think of one day that has been uncomfortably hot and I agree. In. Ironically I mean Cincinnati's probably going to be warm Seattle certainly not going to be warm do we get a seat when I don't I'm not complain about adoption of and I don't have I'm not responsible for. Finding out of these guys can endure heat but the Emmy we may not see any hot days you're the hottest day we may have eaters next week in. Kansas City or possibly that final pre season game I guess I don't know yeah and the St. Joe portion of campus about to be over the camp itself is not oversell they're still. Three pre season games which means there's three weeks of practice. And it's going to be at moved to the facility in Kansas City. And with that you still can have a chance you would think at some point in time. The weather's gonna heat up a little bit in your going averaged have a chance to really see what they're doing and you may see big red. Moved practices a little bit later especially before the third. Pre season game because that's your. That's your curtain call that's where you're trying to test everything from the coaches but two players in terms that you dress rehearsals where should be saying. And try to do everything what you would do a regular season game if that's the case. The practiced probably wouldn't start till you're 111115. Times to proceed into the heat of the day right I think to possibly. Well we'll see what they did you ask for today it was an 815 start. What Kutcher this morning practice you know what's your get back out there you had a hard practice yesterday impasse long two hours forty minutes that's what they did as well today. We talked about Marcus Peterson what he did it end and two different times he jumps the ball and one in particular on seven on seven he intercepted Alex Smith outs was going to get the ball too I believe. Tyreke you know no shocker there and he tried to look at all looked one way look one way you look to his left and all of sudden he looked to his right and through right away. And markets just what he just wasn't fooled any jolted and we've seen this throughout the year last year in terms of he seems to have someone of success he just really understand what's going on. Some people would say that he guesses at times that I suppose maybe he does but. Boy he sure seems to guessed right a lot and he is certainly lost nothing. A little bit was made of the fact that he wasn't in the offseason workouts for the voluntary stuff but it is not affected him in any way issue perform Alex was not happy about that he you see his body language. Yeah and I like that because when you hear Alex talked about everything going on each and every day. He's like we're competitive I mean we're we're we're charting everything we're seeing who's best with percentage who can hit that the pole here at the end when they're throwing in trying to hit the pocket or hit the crossbar. Everything they do is being measured. And they're competing and that's what you want as a QB and really what you want as a football team. Talk a little about Daniel Sorensen form. Daniel Sorensen. He is a fun guy to watch play because he. He's active he's all over the place she's not hybrid you can play safety needed places to today. In place of Eric Berry was still resting that's sort you'll. And he'll come down there and play the nickel backer position as well because he's big enough that he can physically handle it in there. But today. At the backer is that a rather at the safety position you know he's just scared and everything and all the sudden he sees Patrick Holmes try to loft one over. Of the middle and he just jumpsuit and and takes it the other way did I had a chance to talk to Daniel after practice and it was really interesting. Amir Daniel sorts and Daniel. You play safety you come in in the nickel backer position also just talk about the difference between the two are really the fact that you're a little bit of a check of portraits this camp. Particularly have had an app that's native to play more safety. Predominant I've played that the time. Indian sub packages and ads come in first through right receivers. So yeah I've I've I've had efforts in need to learn full size full safety and the time and get a feel for Bolton and I understand it from both perspectives in in. Really get some good work area. Can you take me through the player earlier practice I think it was him. Team on the other goal line swisher may be red zone but it looked like you jumped to pass you you stepped up front and get the interception was up from the safety position. Yes and the safety position we're in. A packets are we had no linebackers in all the bees. And pretty much playing like a couple of free roaming position where I'm in the middle trying to help. Fill that void and kind of was in the right spot. Does that when you get the right spot because she probably pre snap Reid and also know which are doing are you watch in the QB so much are you watching. Everything unfold in front of your. Yeah ACC got you keys you're just looking at alignments are looking affirmations pre snap and then as the routes develop. They've been you can change your nice to to go from receivers back to quarterback. And then back to receivers and and that somewhere in that progress and I I. On the ball. Pre season second game Cincinnati. What does Daniel sort some want to make progress him from game one to came to. It everything obviously but specifically special teams. We got very literal reps on special teams and that's it that's a big role that I have. It's important to me got to be a focus as well as long as well as well as safety in the diamond all those things but. Particularly special teams must question how's your body feeling this far in the care. It shows good if those kids compared Lee to other camps then other times it does him pursue stick your time thanks. That is Daniel Sorenson after practice today. You know can he didn't used to stand out to me. And that seems to be changing he seems to be making his presence known. More and more I used to joke a little bit of factor of you from BYU so it was on a scholarship to America's head coach injuries from BYU. But I he's turned himself into a true pro and the three turn over city created last year. Where huge for the Kansas City Chiefs defense and he fills the spot that. Really makes a difference. In all phases of not only in on the defense side of things but he's very good a special team does he said that's what's open that he's going to try to work on in this game is special teams side of things and you know the big thing is we recognize that but the most important person who recognizes that is Bob suddenly had a chance to catch up with him today after practice as well. I just talked to me about dinosaurs and what he brings to the team. Well I think Daniel has done a great job of you know. Kind of find in a role here and now what he's done is kind of expanded a you know we last year he played build down in the box we did a great job down there. And then in other parts of the body did a really good jabs from last year was when we put in deep. He showed you a great ball skills given to the football. Can intercept the ball highly competitive guy. He's a good bullets or sell you know I think he's rounded into really solid football player. And just gave you know Kyra good things that she like to see you know me. He's improved every year he's been here he's. He's we know he's he's found a niche role he's expanded on enrollments you don't want things we always talk about is that. The only guys that change roles ruler of the players. They can change your role by what they demonstrate what they do on a daily basis so. He's worked hard at that end. Has this become a really solid football plugs. You can tell coach Sutton likes him Kindle is he is Daniel Sorensen as cerebral he strikes me is being thinkers is that true it is. And another thinker is seen this summer so very common is it for. Ford defensive guys Beckett is well attended I promised is being such physical athletes Willie Young athlete that we obviously know the office of players are the smarter. And that's generally your long snapper split up. He does seem like a very bright individual I think being able to handle the safety position be able to come down and handle the linebacker position. That speaks to the amount of material that he can handle as a football player and that is probably. A little bit out of the ordinary for defense if a player. Because really for anybody though learning multiple solutions in the NFL is very very difficult and he does that. As well as anybody and he has certainly. Grown as a football player. I for one didn't see him growing into this role but he has and he's done it very admirably and the cancer he teacher better because of coach Sutton talked about that growth which you can bet do you think that is more physical growth. Is he just more physical now or is it on the mental side I'm sure it's boat that. I mean can you can you tell where that growth is really. Taken place. Physical growth I believe columns when the metal growth is there also because that then allowed your body to react quicker it's the unconscious competence. When you don't have to think about things when they become natural that I believe you gain an extra step I believe you gain an extra. You know tenth of a second because you recognize things quicker and you're not thinking OK there it is now I've got to go so I think they play hand and hand them the more you can get on the same page. With everything that's going on from the defense of standpoint and understand what. Other people are doing and know where your help is in no maybe which side you could afford to miss on or you can take a chance on. Things like that really play into making yourself look like a better player and have better results is this a fair statement is he a starting safety. On a team that doesn't have very clear and some uncertainties yup probably at least at the core of the teams probably so. I just don't know is topping speed but I I think. Being a Smart player and taken the type of angles he does what would allow him to tip to do some good thanks I know the chiefs are very comfortable with him back in that safety position when Eric Berry's are no reserved very. But they are happy when number forty nine's back to back there man and as well. Yeah he's he's been really good this came to at least in my opinion. On those blitzes and he times those well he sees will he seems to find the gap and get through there. In when he gets to the other side he's pretty physical and that's a trait that is kind of hard to. To teach you either are your physical to actually Dan worked against him a little bit and he's figured out that okay. I'm physical but I still only 205 pounds and upon c'mon what's on the outside and there's a big deal but are they go Lyman come at a block me. He'll for a couple time he's like okay. A meticulous on and then he got flattened a couple times like okay. I can't take it on I've got to figure out how to get around it still make a play and that's what he's done but it's up physical nature. It allows them to play that nickel backer which is so important in the chief scheme right now what do stability today. Running backs continue to be. A position of interest. Not only because they're performing well but it's so very very deep. Spencer where running with the ones and then you're seeing Korean hunt you're seeing CJ Spiller take the number twos of course scandals Turk can request. Working in there as well you can't forget divine writing. But all these guys as a whole. Maybe is the deepest running back position for Kansas City that I've seen in the camp and aka. You know whether you agree with me you're not you don't have to take my word for you can listen to the coach European me I had a chance to catch up with him today as well. Search talk about. The collection of individuals you have that running back this year may be the death of what you see is strong points. You know what this year at. I'll probably say asefi. Wonder very unique years I had a very very challenging group and all these guys one thing I appreciate about him become the work every single day. Put a professional hard hats on they bring it to delete rooms and on top of that they bring it out here on the field. 32 obviously he's aware of course he is what he is you know and I like anything special he's just a consistent. You know professional player announcing yet chart can't chip return it was just a dynamic football player can do a lot of things obviously we got young Korean hunt who's been. Doing an outstanding job picking up the office doing a great job running the football. Doing a great job learn how to protect the proper way in and also doing a great job catching the ball well and then also seized a school has been an unbelievable surprise. He's been healthy. I mean have you haven't noticed he's he's pretty fast didn't it. It's pretty fast and explosive does a great job in the running game discern right is so. Boots on the budget is Sherman amenities but he's been doing a great job overall picking up offense and I can not complain. They indicate just from a forgotten is new forty yet if from Indiana missed by reading he's been doing great yeah. Then obviously Surma Surma obviously he's he's the backbone of the group does a great job of making everybody right India we got a another guy by the name or so Wales whose playing fullbacks last night and so. I am blessed to have a great group of professionals. And understands what it takes to be. A tremendous football player they come to work every day you and I talked earlier in camp just walking up the hill. About what it takes to get on the field the one thing you brought. Up was. Not running the ball it was about the pass protection talk about well one thing and and and always talk from my guys about this block it was botnet to. One thing we got to do especially in this office Leo we know that coach January loves it though it. We gotta do an outstanding job protecting the quarterback so those guys have bring him precious. Not just black you got to have great awareness of seeing what's going on. Understand what's taken place in a baguette and then have the attitude and mindset to stick it up in their ticket to blitz that's tough thing to do an action guys do. One thing my guys doing doing great job above a set the set and that responsibility. And just show up bent in and and play. That is the Kansas City Chiefs running back coach Eric B enemy Italy's. He's excited about CJ Spiller is excited about circular quest he's really excited on specs but. You can tell there's a lot of heat left in these battles there's a smile on his face the entire time. For that interview as he spoke about each and every guy was in and that there is a battle and it's gonna continue to make its way into the Cincinnati game the Seattle game. And the fourth game whoever that is but. This is a position group that you have a chance of war two guys maybe end up somewhere else if they're not here. It's going to be a tough cut to make and one that I wouldn't wanna have to deal with. And that's a good. As spells good things for the chiefs because the running back position is so very important for so many different reasons but as. Eric told us the number one thing to get on to lose you have to be physical and you have to deal will pick up. The pass protection and do things that are you can't do that than how you run with the ball isn't going to matter and I don't know what they did the jury's out Spencer where I know he's running number once he's going to for awhile I tinkering that's going to press him a little bit and then. A picture can request and CJ Spiller or in a different battle for that third spot. And that's going to come down. Really. Maybe there's great runs that will help make the difference but I think the big thing is how they perform on special teams. I believe CJ Spiller is solid and he's willing and able to do whatever special teams work they've told ask him to do so. That is the that is a very interesting battle that's gonna go down to the very wire and of course. This year. It's gonna go to the very wire with everybody because all night declares are going to be here for the entire four game schedule pre season and then it's going to be like throwing Brett in the water in your just gonna have a feeding frenzy. For players to sign them and it is going to be wired watching there's going to be three days have just craziness in the NFL wants the cuts do happen yeah I love about. I group is. They are really it if anybody's around Eric. CU. He's a very intense individual a very competitive individual and he takes the running game. It is about. Perfecting the running game yet he completely. Is content. It understands his role in the Indy read slash West Coast offense whatever you wanna call it. And he doesn't have a problem with that at all he simply wants to be. The best he wants to be the best piece. Of this puzzle that he can beat. And that's to me that's kind of a usual for competitive individual you think I wanna stand out I wanna be the big piece and I don't get any of that from him you don't get any of that from his guys. Ultimately. American union is interested in what's right about who's right. And he's not looking for Indy any individual accolades the only athlete he honestly wants I know this for a fact. Is he wants a Super Bowl trophy he wants to win that's that's how are your highly competitive and he is a guy you know you were there with ours when I was talking with them today this is a guy. Who I think could be as he could be a head coach has been asked him in the NFL let's see how it develops she sees pre can get pretty heated. And he's very very explosive anatomy and about away but he is very excitable. But. Every each and every time I talked to him down I'm just impressed with how he holds himself. And and you know he understands the game so very very well and and you replaces a lot of trust in him as as well issued because Eric being removed it appears to be on his game. If we've mentioned a couple of times and I think on the podcast. That this team has some real good examples of true teamwork. In when you see it. And you really see it inaction because so much it's it's used in business as a buzz word. And it doesn't mean what he chewed when you see true teamwork in action it's it's amazing and it's. Makes you proud to be apart it also makes you want to. Get in line with the you know I mean. I don't know I just think it's fine he's been fun to watch he's been a great coach I love watching the way he coaches. Because he is a very intense coach play it he has a real passion for what he's doing for his players. And it comes across in any does all that with a smile on his face and happens to be very brighten our articulate as well. It's always fun to talk to him I was that was a great interview you had with him and I just loved I loved what he said I guess I always do it in I I think that if you're. Not a fan of pre season. Which I am not. This something for you to watch and we mentioned last week there's a couple of things for you to watch in that group is one. They are I think another group to watch his offensive line or some shake up in the second team. Isaiah battle moved down Marcus rush they tackle from. Texas moved up the left tackle spot and then we saw something today that it was very interesting. Sack Fulton who has started a whole season before it left guard he's still tickets left guard reps with the number twos. He took center today he took left guard he took left tackle and he took right tackle and what's that what that is telling you is. They're trying to get a look at him at the tackle spot and see if you can be that guy also. It makes me believe that there they're not very enthralled at this point. With their back up swing tackle right now they're trying to see if he can do as well. But boy for a guy to be able to basically play all five positions of backing up he wants to start I understand that but. Very valuable to have a guy like that as well and about something that I definitely noted today and I thought tackle wise for his first day there he did a nice job. How to how to those decisions come down to you know I mean is that coach checked is that. I think that's probably oh. A 121 conversation between the coach Jack came coached Reid who remember coach Reid is a former offensive lineman himself so he probably. He probably plays even part more particular attention to that. Who McKinney pays to have her attention to everything but he is an office of linemen so you would think that's near and dear to his heart and when it comes down to with the offensive line has to function if they aren't then that really spreads throughout the teams so. That is a position of interest no doubt but those are really mind games they're playing that's that's just their their experimenting on the football side I don't think they mean to play mind games now it does play mind games we're here is that and it will. Motivates you if you feel like you're supposed supposed to be there are so. That entail about one but. You want to get a look at other guys and they were with the threes. And did well well they Russell going against three's probably so. You wanna get them up elevated to to the twos and see how they play against better competition it's. No different than the single double and triple A baseball is what should do well a certain level that you move on up and tutor degree that's how you see the depth chart happened because you want to ultimately see how they perform against good competition. Middle of a three day stretch in pads its physical camp for these guys. How do you grade him today. I thought it was a crisp practice. I was down there afterwards but I have filling that Andy Reid is probably pretty pleased. He seemed to be. Just going about his business like normal washed him a lot. Watching 7071 team or he's back they're tutoring. Guys namely the QBs and namely number fifteen Patrick Holmes it's interesting to see. All the interaction that goes on between employees. And a I for one think that's a great thing because. We've we've talked about before ending and you read while he didn't play QB he is a beautiful mind he does understand things very very well. And he's just constantly talking with the QBs as is Matt Nagy and I think. For the most part. Probably pretty happy with today's practice can elect thought that he Logan had a great practice this morning what do you look for. In that position. All the nose tackle Dan in this defense you have to be able to get into the center and you have to try to get to place side and be able to make the tackle punt the ball and make the tackle. In that a gap even moving into the B gap which the age gap is between the center in the car to be GAAP beam between. The guard and the tackle. But really you wanna be able to go from a gap to a cap so you wanna be able to make the tackle. On the back side as well so if there's a cup back saying the ball's going. To my left. And I'm playing the center there than it cuts back and goes to my right I've got to be able falloff that defensive for that office of Lyman. And make the tackle there in the middle also because you've got your your weak side linebacker whose flowing. Quite often while he's supposed to be a part of that you've still got to plug the hole right there in the middle and I'm no I'm talking a lot but in general. That nose tackle needs to be active he Spielberg his head up and find the ball quickly he needs to get his hands into the chest. As quick as possible of the center try to stand him up. And then at the very worst make a pile because if he makes a pile how belts it out to the DNC gaffes and now your other guys have to do their job as well the defense in general for Bob Sutton has to work in concert where guys know their caps. And understand where their help was coming from if that's the case and you have a defense that is that clog in all the holes and you actively and which are trying to do was give. The office of running back no word echo be honest sometimes we talked coach Sutton. I feel like a terrorist in this game given the chance right now he would still be talking to a few things few he hit. No it yeah it's never going to be shorter word has just couldn't ask him a question in five minutes later. And it's interesting because sheep that's how do you tell he is well this is this guy who's been doing at all time it goes all the way back to his head coaching years I think with the army and of course he was with the jets for the longest time. The guy understands defense there's a reason then you re not only brought him to Kansas City but has continued to keep them here in the fifth defensive coordinator role. These are some of these coaches is just seem to be so efficient there's not a lot of wasted movement anything that they do and it's not a lot of waste of bought. In any thinking that they view I it's it's always impresses me and he's one of those guys that I just think he's fought through about nine or ten different layers here I'm still look at the cheese on top of the lasagna and he's already battered the bottom of the tenth. In this day and age show only have a one practice today the time is of the essence and you've got to beat the tilt down to the minute. And he is an all those practices and it's interesting that you know one guy that really keeps the practice moving is the had equipment manager Al right you hear him. He's he's sounding orange he's he's getting people movements and his own energy actually helped create energy because he's a runner from what appealed to the other and course he's been a good friend of mine all the years that I played even so course like truck try to give them as much crap as possible. But the fact is he does a good job by helping the temple practiced move along as well I said Allen picture of the of the day two of us I think it was in rfk stadium in Washington DC in 1991. United after the end of the game you know I'm not sure wonder which one of us has aged more but who are pretty young pups. He was in that. He looked very fashionable he was where in the old silk kinda sweat pants and as I remember he probably have that the cat kind of a flock to see Eagles heard yes it as well soak in 1991 Goodyear those wishing your Pittsburg State guerrillas we will the national championship so you can talk about 91 all you like. He commutes to repair it but at least I was born. I might add that Allen had in that. Photo he was carrying a briefcase. And go home cooking nobody that day even newsletter briefcases. It was a backpack without the shoulder straps that's loyalist. A final padded practice at St. Joe training camp while I can't believe I'm saying and then. That's gonna feel good to pack up and get out here it will atop folks say children nice I don't want me to make silica but it's still a dorm room yes cinder block walls or cinder block walls like continue to say it that way because that's all you can say about it but. While campus saint Joe's over Tampa general's not over it continues so once they get back to the differently cramped confines of zero a practice facility. A lot of work left to the final had a practice tomorrow 815 will be there of course. That's gonna do it for this episode don't forget to hit subscribe to you Francis subscriber put T shirt together can lag putting teacher together so. It is up on Twitter won't see if we can't start doing some teachers who got. Figure out exactly what we want those to say to me you know I wanna I think it should say the damaged cables show place. He thinks it's it's. So we always go alphabetically that's of in I know I can just Jack have a good look at that that's good tip for today we'll talk to you guys tomorrow on this we can chiefs football. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey chief radioed dot com.