Training Camp - Day 15 (Aug 15, 2017)

This Week In Chiefs Football
Tuesday, August 15th

We discuss the final padded practice of the St. Joe portion of training camp. INTERVIEWS: -Is he a defensive lineman? Tanoh Kpassagnon explains! -He's becoming Patrick Mahomes favorite target. We talk exclusively with Wide Receiver Marcus Kemp. #TWICF #ChiefsCamp #ChiefsKingdom


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This week he would teach football. The official chiefs radio podcast. Now your host that Israel man and those gamma. Welcome to this week in chiefs football training camp to a fifteen day in. Israel with pro bowler Kendall Gammon cheese wrap up padded practices. Having only one practice remaining hearsay do before breaking camp tomorrow night we'll talk about that. We'll also talk exclusively with Tonya passing you know markets can't the first just a couple of quick headlines. She's headlines on this. Kindle DJ's back. I believe that was a scheduled off day for DJ take care of his healing just making sure that he's good to go. He looked great practice today Chris Jones started to dial up his activity. Yeah he took the part in more things namely the one award house production you buy in Russia and did some nice things that are so. Good to see him making progress but got a list of players who did not participate this morning George Mitchell Howell the hamstring Stephen Nelson he has a groin injury. Very very continues to rest that soaring fuel for the Jacoby Glenn did not practice for second day he has a concussion and passed it Lampkin. Doing with an unknown injury and Kyra Santos having a groin injury as well someday we'll talk about Ashton lanterns and they finally. She's kicking woes continue. They do us every victim Kim missed several kicks wide left today when I say wise I mean very wise so. I have a feeling that Kyra Santos is not losing any sleep right now he's just trying to get better about itself. It's going to be of note to watch this game with. Cincinnati to see outside but from reports those are your headlines for Tuesday August 15 2070. She's headlines on this week. Kindle is quite a bit to talk about from this morning's practice for someone to talk about Chris Jones though whose really good to see him taking more and more activity. Although I personally felt. He didn't look great like it that's just part of his rehab isn't Chris Jones is probably going to be behind the eight ball a little bit right now down because. He's just now start practiced yesterday really just they were just come out take individual drills many rank conditioning today. He participated in what awards as you mentioned. And you know didn't light the world on fire but he was able morality keep losses feed a few times and something you can't do is it deepens alignment. But the big thing is that you see no residual effect you don't see him limping at the end you'll see them. Taken him out of practice soon so I think he would get up to speed quickly. He took a number reps so every room he remains to be seen whether we see him play this week is Cincinnati could you still have two games. I would think they were there on the side of caution and if he does play it wouldn't be much but either way. The sooner the number 95 gets back into the regular rotation of a defense line the better when asked did you see from the from the one on one they Logan Bennie Logan has been back two days and I believe we will see him. Friday uniter rather Saturday night against Cincinnati. That is good news for the defense that is good news for chiefs kingdom this is the guy who of course. Was signed from Philadelphia to replace the departed dog target Pau and I like what I see Bennie Logan he's very quick he gets his hands. Into the office of lime and he's Agile he heat as she said it's amazingly Dan in the same ages six to two through fifteenth and when I interviewed him a few days back you suddenly normal but undersized for the position but how how are you undersized at six foot 6215. I don't know put up I guess compared to Dontarrious 64340 yard and our video guys undersized. Exactly. But he's active and that can be the worst nightmare for office supply because they ought to sublime and are generally. You know not quite as good athletes as a deeper sublime to begin with but now he's even an above average athlete and I think he has a chance to really get the gaps penetrate make a difference in the run game that's route brought her to do help stop destroying game feels a little bit porous last year let's be honest in 2016. And then. I think he has the ability to press the pocket and maybe. While he doesn't get to the QB if he can just press up pocket and compress it a little bit to the QB so we can't step up or feel comfortable the way you would like. That will make a big difference because if the QB is not able step up than you Kutcher outside Russia has a chance to close down. And about a supplement would be good news for the chiefs this year who wanna continue to talk defense in a few minutes because there is much to discuss. Including all of the line backing that's going on there while we're talking one on ones. One of the things that became apparent kind of in the team drills that really stood out to me on one on ones is. The the number two offensive line number twos and threes in the offensive line with there's a lot of work that needs to be done I'm not even sure the number ones. Our our solid yet but the the offensive line still has a lot to go they must pick it up and there will be expected to pick it up against Cincinnati. A big red stop accepting thing was the head coach Jamie Reid in them office of flying coach Andy Pacman he's not going to allow this to happen. Of course he was a fourteen year veteran first round pick up Notre Dame so he knows the position and it's. It's interesting when you talked often supplied them. They're always respect the coach but when you've got some guys who who was a first round pick who played fourteen years. You know he knows what he's talking about and they won't get to soften sublime. Thank picks I believe sooner than later. And you know you. We really won't find out a lot until we get Cincinnati and we watch the chiefs play somebody other chiefs of which which threes which is what we've been doing the last three days. And it. You know that being said the fact that I bring up the last three days they've been in pads course tomorrow do you walk through them they have a day off so look at their legs back maybe a little bit. But to have three hard out of power practices or two hours and forty minutes each. Back to back to back. You've got some have your legs right now so if your hardest on the banks I think it is hard to well. Yeah I enjoy I I don't know because you're wide receivers and your deep boxer run so much down the film them. Now it's arsenic it's just a text from differently who will say about I think you probably notice it more. Up from your skill positions because they just don't get off the line of scrimmage like you're used to them to him. The exception being time movies just. Still remarkably fast at all times that there is still. Bears mentioning that that's that's how impressive that is. I just noticed in team drills today with the they were in their situation home packages where I think they had to drive the field under. Little over two minutes to go no timeouts. And my homes just he had no time to do anything I mean. Frankly a couple of things he got off or did move the chains. Had they not had it been allowed to actually sacked the quarterback I'm certain he would have been sacked I mean he's just. It was almost as if that would. The number two offensive line just was you know horses or get a Cece I don't know if that's just because they've been ganging up on each other but. It really stood out to me again and elect said in one on ones it just. It seemed to be really. Glaring to me to them. Well then I'm getting ahead of myself will put an organist talk outside linebackers a little bit later but I think you have to look at the fact of the the speed leveled the skill level of deep the past Russians that the chiefs have on the edge that are. That are up healthy and when you'll couples guys that are on the number twos so one in him. In particular that we'll talk we talk to two day total costs and you know what you can do as an outside rusher is is pretty special so I think you're getting. I think you're you're getting a taste of of somebody who. Who might be good enough to rush. In this league right now on Sundays going against number twos and that's quite honestly not a fair fight it was not a fair fight guy admits there were down their close. And he's he is stunningly fast I mean. I was almost like boy that looks almost just in Houston SP I'm not I'm not put no I don't hear your wrong but this told to me this tells me all you need to know about Toronto which is I was reading a crow a quote from Chris Jones. Yesterday and Chris Jones at 663. Time. He's a pretty darn good athlete himself. And he's calling taught or freak athletically if so we like that's call him. Todd or freaked and he really must be impressed with what he's doing and we've seen. We've seen sometimes or Toronto's actually out on some pass coverage. Which. You just when we expect this is the guy who's been playing those talk a little bit mostly the defense of tackle position. To switch out there and happy outlet a schism that he has. What that does is just felt so much more. Orders of flexibility for the defense and for your numbers came in when you decide who to keep. Because you've got a guy who could literally play three different positions and I don't know that in my. Fifteen years plane or my ten years broadcasting that I've ever seen somebody with that much versatility and again. We're not put him in the hall yet don't don't make the gold jacket that's not what I'm trying to say. But he I he does have something to him there's a fascinating element to watch who when he moves from position to position. In you know yesterday was yesterday when he kept up on the wheel around yes with I mean that was that was amazing. He he he looked like. Cornerback. He was glued to the guys hip. I couldn't believe that was him if he hadn't been so big. You would go I was that's obviously deep back. It. It's hard to put into words he's perfect for people proof for you all out there there listening electoral come on like. From a sure we're not overestimating. Were not exaggerating this the sky. Flap was dual assault on the sideline against two run impact that a 66290. Pound kid should not be doing right now so. And I would tell you to write I talk to him after the game. Just so much fun to talk to ride arrived at we should tell him just looks unionize and and righteous talk with him today as well end. He was very outgoing and had a lot to say. Don't know just talked about their camps for. Thing about a pretty good care if you are gonna learn in our. They move me around a little bit so this really trying to learn the defense of the hole. Let's explore that a little bit you have moved around a little little bit. Outside linebacker on the left side right now. Not a fish out of water because you look like you could handle pretty pretty athletically but it's definitely a new thing for years and that he. Burning coverages is like probably the newest variant. Just are kind of knowing. Where were where my job is and I recovered and then seeing how the office reacts and how much are changed or socialist. A lot of moving parts or soreness get it. I'm guessing you've heard about a loss adjuster they're but it did a nice job stay in and will Ralph with the cream hunt down the left side. Playing a nose tackle play in the three tech played a five and actually come outside linebacker people maybe don't understand that. All those things have a different set of rules and values and how you do things a bit of initialize and there's that there's a lot there is a certain. The F so wide yet for every different one of those was the censors almost different things he got to always keep in mind then. Just know where your help it is and no like how to what's CO a golf course are. There are paying her you and I talked after the game and you felt like you did okay that you hadn't seen the film now you had a chance to sit down watch a film. Some things you thought you did well some things that maybe you're working on lived army skew my head up one of the things. Sometimes load missiles or just as did have my hat didn't have my head up. Have a downed power discernible through people's despite a little smarter. Chiefs 20172. Round draft pick tunnel pass and you with Kendall and to stand on their way you do that interview. And for folks who don't remember you as a player. They mean I realize how big you or that you're a good size 646424. Or five I mean you tower over most people. I mean that's the way it is and I'm used to looking up under your chin. But to see a guy kind of looking down at you could summarize it is a little bit. Strange that it is different I feel little collect from your talk and my oldest son because he's six I you you have a couple of penalties it is it is different but. Taught though is. He's enjoyed it join that he's embracing it as you heard there there's a lot to all three positions. It's one thing to try to get any one of them down as a rookie let alone all three and then I think what you're gonna see this year is a situation pass rusher. If it's akin to you've got you've got to you've got digital table for food. And you've got the kids table and I think. A picture of potato with the kids table but they're gonna let him know that they serve QBs at the kitchen tables well not just futile table Canseco the QB and because there's a lot to put in there's a lot to understand that I just don't think that he can get it all down. But I think that there's going to be situations where he's gonna come in and you're gonna see him. In obvious third down passing situations where he's going to be an outside rusher your case in point today. In the first he was going and you actually have to tunnel and their Allen Bailey and then you had. Do you forward. And Justin Houston together all the right side. What do you do I I don't know I'd I don't know how you. I don't know how you do with that if if you have a prepared for it and even if you have. That's four guys that can get after the Russia pretty well we may have to battle and run shot shock and all because. That's going to be an overwhelming amount of force in and I don't think there's anybody that would slice the 53 man pie differently here. On how you con I was gonna make this team ready if not for his versatility. For his athletic system. I mean I just don't see how that's not gonna happen to you know I don't you know he's he's accused of warnings the second round pick you would have to wait a year and articulate he just completely. Had a falling out but the sky showed so much promise athletically. And he's very very willing to learn and he's got the right attitude this the type of player who's. Who's who's not only not and a lot of distraction he's an attraction I mean he's he's somebody that you want people around him. Good things of the good things for him in the future and I would suspect and in this is speculation here because I'm not in I'm not privy to these meetings. But I would suspected that is a Brett beach I find that our new general manager. As a scout that was his territory tunnel comes from his territory so my guess is that is that Britain each fine and it may be that's more of what we can look forward to. With bread as GM well I think that's a fair guess when you reported and certainly if that is the case than you I'm I'm all for. People like this bill chiefs team because you add versatility. And I think you're gonna have productivity. And those two together that's a nice match. What else for today. You know what's. 55 continues to have good tech did camp do you forward to is smooth I see him given both tackles through at some one a ones. It's been moved to the inside is dramatically. And proved you've you've you've heard Justin Houston beat quoted as saying that fifty. But these happened. No one of his best camps he's ever seen it just supports throwing you are if post news just in Houston thank you is. I wanna I wanna hybrid of of a food reduced adjusted for about how we wouldn't be faster without being test desist. You know it was so just so folks know you expel four KF ORT that's how would you spell its Kaczur pass on you know he tagged us absolutely for those of you who don't know pass to Louis spilt KP ASS Koji Endo and did you don't. Did you just get that show is actually did you know it's pronounced I am very proud you it's spelled just like it's pronounced. Well how that I remember on draft day it was like oh no that's one of those here who could who can mail a way to another while. That's definitely one of those when you see in the back of the Jersey get whose. Don't recognize but did you figured out real quickly if you see this pass rush roots but back to an upper fifty Justin Houston had a good camp as well those two guys. I looked I looked to have. Huge impact on rushing the passer. Do you forward as I've said. In past episodes. Setting the edge playing the run better than he has in the past that's good news as well. And you know you're sky's the limit for him I think he's got. Maybe a bigger comfort level than than I've ever seen him in camp to him. And that can't be overestimated you know what I used to say about the in and I this is problem probably was unfair in the beginning. But now are dying definitely need to back up the truck used to kind of thinking of them as being a one trick pony. He could do one thing you need to do well it was fast right but that's not enough in the NFL just having speed isn't enough in the NFL. I I mostly get to back that truck couple little bit do you feel that way. Yeah he's he's he's developed thinks he's developed more than one move and then the big thing is you have to that develop a counter to that move so. Dispute brushed the minute you can get the speed rush going and then you have to deal to affect the speed rush. And taken inside mover you have to be able take cut the heart speed rush and all the sudden spit into the insight as always you've got a couple countermoves to your best move. You're gonna keep that offensive tackle hopefully on roller skates and I think you're gonna see that a lot. And in a 2017. I look. I can honestly see. Do you Ford haven't you know a ten to fifteen sack season and you know that you're not going out and limit time Todd because he had two sacks last year you but once he got to those tend he dealt some injuries the rest of the year you didn't see as much production I think he's looking to build on that and I think he has the ability to build on the he's he is much brighter right now. That he in no way he's this season warn him pretty heavily last year I thought. And nine he started with a you know I mean are remembered training camp last year resort Dee Dee you ready to fill in for just in Houston can you imagine being asked at a striker. Have to like if tipped. To fill in for one of the greatest in the game right now I insurer that was daunting he took it very well he did I think I picked this year he's just really really comfortable in his own skin he's just doing what he does. And rule we knew when you let that take over it you can be yourself and up to like you've got to prove anything to anybody I think that's when you have a chance to shine and and I believe that's what we're seeing to start to manifest in the forward. Another guy I think is starting to shine and we've seen this connection between. Patrick no homes and markets camp going on for the past couple weeks now. They just seem to know where each other are at all times which is a connection when you have a receiver quarterback connection. Like that you know it he brings all kinds of possibilities. Well he continued. To make the plays when they come his way he developed that is repertoire worth Patrick Holmes because you've run in the threes as a wide receiver Patrick was one of the threes as. As a QB and they hooked up earlier that I think. Markets continue to get open and there are some trust built up and him. By Patrick Holmes and you you sought that day in day out and now. Of course Patrick moves up to number twos because of how he performed. In this last pre season game and Marcus campus really precedent for that last spotter to as a wide receiver and he's done everything that's been asked to film as a wide receiver there hasn't been a ton passed as of yet but I think you're gonna see that load. Go up a little bit because they wanna see what they have and then that the the decision maker in my mind. Will be special teams how to she perform a special teams he. He's a guy who understands that. I've said this about Patrick I save about. Marcus is well the games not to pick for a man you know I had a chance talk with him today as well India was very telling in terms of some of the answers he had. Marcus first off. Jim down to the last days of training camp just humming under doing. So good up so good though what I'll put out here on. You know as my first camps. It was a new experience. I appreciate. That I learned in the Barnett are created with people around me stuff so good about how it. He talked about your experiences playing an airline it was a new experience tell me about that. Yeah I mean I played in the NFL statement for a played sending a statement when they say quote clumps up. On that wasn't as new. But playing in front of a crowd like that playing in front of NFL fans and and it and if those jerseys some odd dream doesn't thousand looked itself. Of course that was on the surreal moment and my parents got to watch my girlfriend got to see so. A fill half filled blessed that I have that opportunity to play to live out a dream and have people that love me watching it live up doesn't. From my perspective you showed up pretty well your training camp and I've been around fifteen government as the players so at least have a little bit of reference some. He cuddle up for marketer for from Patrick about keeping the other QBs as well we are going up to line are you wary of which QB is back there. They all have their there on special skill sets they all have different things about them but I think as a receiver I trust every single one of the quarterbacks the to put the ball where it needs to be so. When I go to line of course I know who's dome me the ball. But I believe in every one of them that they can put it mean the best opportunity. Suggest above though I'm not too worried about it of course I'm aware of it but I'm not worried about what do you feel you bring strength was a tutor super position. It's obviously Martha mine my body is is a big mismatch on the field almost all long receiver that can jump. And I'm not too slow so. I feel like I create mismatches and and we have a lot of players I hear that being with different mismatches so I feel like I can help the team I I like to play special teams. I like to be physical on their so I feel like I have a lot of things Jones and Al Islam my next question which is special teams that's a big deal trying to make the squad isn't. Yeah I hated it and I knew that coming in have a lot of people. There are close to me there are there have been through the experience there are telling me get lost as it seems it. And make a name for yourself there so when I came in I was part of our minds is of course learn the offense. Do has those canned their but also. I'm do as well as you can on special teams in Indian on every team that she can and so that's what I've come into this camp to do is. Play as hard as I can as well as I cannot special teams that I know that's away from inmates are last question can you tell me something about that they've told us dispersants church. He's a great coach see him he he teaches you a lot he's gonna put two in the best position to win and obviously. On the scene so that being in the top five for however many years so I feel like gum he's putting me in the best of this and even if I don't make it on this team to go on another team. And and be of good players best teams are really appreciated things that he's teaching me in the things that he's. He's putting me. The situation that he's putting me in development marks persistence and time thanks appreciate these. Chiefs wideout Marcus Kim it'll obviously a 64 wide out. You know as a receiver depth and it makes obvious sense that that has value but when you talk about specialties is a heightened. Visited teenagers at a disadvantage. I think kick. Depends on how you play with that if you're able to future center of gravity a little bit lower because your plane was shorter guys thoughts times. That it can be an advantage because it's. You're generally a little bit heavier than the other thing is with a long body comes long arms and now he used those arms away. You want to use them to the show people and get around because he's somebody that I would think. Would be on a maybe kickoff coverage would be on. A Gunner on on our coverage things of that nature where you're trying to shut people. Beckham back to work your management those long arms so you know you heard in that interview with him that he understands that special teams is a big deal. He has a great deal of respect for date total breasts does everybody and he just realizes that. Where he falls on the eve took the totem pole of the receivers and he understands that really. The differentiator is going to be how our performance. On special teams as much as possible he knows that this is the big game coming up the Cincinnati. That he's got to go out there and show up and continue to shop he doesn't practice I think he'll continue to do it in games as well. Yet the notes you know how I mean look here. Alex Smith I thought yesterday as a group to QBs had a little bit rougher time. With bureaucracy and it was actually a little DeWitt windier yesterday's that that played into it a little bit but also as Matt Nagy said in his interview which was you know. You wanna win a ball that you don't send the defense came with some pretty good stuff yesterday today I thought there were a little bit sharper certainly eleven was sharp you have some very tight. This balls into some tight windows which Arctic was good to see. Seven on seven. Out of my home's warts and I have seen this much but he he reared up and he was gonna get everything he had into the ball. And he threw a deep fade down the left sideline. And I mean I got down here he heaved it I mean he went after it. And it just went over the outstretched arms of Kenneth Acker who was on the coverage and who else but number ten. I read kill streak and on the sidelines for a TDM. I don't know now are just a note to me because that's something. That that you may see. In the future obviously put two. You're seeing day by day by day why the chiefs traded up seventeen picks to get him because. He has a special talent knowledge on this level that the defense of note. Kevin Pierre Louis psyche appeals we column because we're too lazy to say his name sometimes Dave van why did you hear his nickname for him. He's going Casey vision PL guests and will look for that check them. Just think sooner than later it he showed an ability today. To play vis the nickel back her. Because DJ wasn't out there the whole time in news guarding a running back. Defending her running back rather than and I thought that was good news is the inside linebacker position to me. Has been a pleasant surprise it went from what I thought was the weakest position to woman is filled with a lot of a lot of competition. Yeah that's you know we kind of wanted to drafted to secure than I did I was on record as one we always have Packard that's that's kind of the way we all felt that that's just. You know that was going to be it in the course were surprised by DJ you know maybe that maybe that's the reason that we do podcasts and they they draft because us. We do we do and they do what they do see I like to think the reason we do podcast has. You and I when when ice hit the stop button on the recorder today you are gonna pack our stuff and we're getting out of here we're going home yes that's why we do the podcast because what we have and our future. Is it drawing on white boards we have white chocolate in our future that's us like for you what I may just have to take a picture of the walls dislike and remember. You could take a picture of one wall and that we're pretty much say it really has all four walls you are my caps lead the there's there are fingerprints on the wall on the reason we leave the fingerprints on the walls because it breaks up the monotony. Jesse I've been I'm the last couple the teller to the end of camp because you know why I like coming up here it's fun we get up here and embody and it is like I want out of this room that we have only been on the field every day practice and those guys. Today there at Yellowstone with our third day in and practices of first data to come over warm there a little bit of that humidity M and they've they've they've had their fill the Tuesday. Chiefs' final practice tomorrow before breaking camp here in St. Joe just helmets shells for the guys. In players get a day off on Thursday boy that they're looking forward to that. Than to have a mock run through kettle on Friday. Before hitting the tarmac for Cincinnati. Reminder key kick off against the Bengals and it's angles by the way Ben goals. Think he. Well are you crybaby but the rest of us were allowed. I kickoff against the Bengals seven. 85 stations. In the greatest network in pro football we'll have more exclusive coverage coming your way our travel. Scheduled for since he is a little unusual for us. So Kimmel live both might be kind of an available on Friday but we're gonna try to put together a game preview. From our studios on Thursday before we head to high. Head to Ohio at least that's the plan I guess maybe I should have legitimate yes you that was that was because I was that's the thing. So there's our plan that says that's a tentative and hopefully we'll talk to get meantime for the big gorilla myself thank you for listening thank you for subscribing continue to share those links. Talk to you next time on this week in chiefs football. Places out there but. You've been listening to this week in chiefs football. An exclusive presentation from the Kansas City Chiefs radio network. Check out more on demand content that Casey cheap radios are.