Travel Numbers expected to be up for the Christmas holiday season

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, December 20th

Over 100-million Americans expected to travel for the holidays.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KSS. Which could cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 7 o'clock. The data this morning users even dead. I keep Macintosh. Which of the City Council postponed action on fireworks ordinance. We've got the story until the brand Wichita police are looking for a man wanted for questioning in connection to two weeks of bank robberies. Senate approves a tax reform bill that would alert those. Details just ahead on Kayla says meteorologist Dan Holliday. If we make our travel plans of its upcoming Christmas weekend how will the snow forecast turned out. We will tell you what we may expect coming up. The original City Council had an extensive discussion on a possible new fireworks ordnance cute date. And took public comment from residents but the council took no action. They're Jeff Long Will says the matter calls for more evaluation from staff. We know there are folks who have won three. Celebrating. Let's see if we can accommodate them and still do a better job of enforcing because what we're doing today is a work. What we're doing today is not working. I was gonna change something. Staff members a look at the matter further and present the council would you proposal sometime early next year. Wichita police are asking for the public's help in trying to locate a man wanted for questioning in two recent bank robberies. The first robbery occurred on Wednesday December 13 at the fidelity bank in the thirteen hundred block of north what lawn. The second robbery occurred on Tuesday at the wheat state credit union in the 14100 block of south would want. Coleman is described as a black male five foot nine inches tall 230 pounds and should be considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with any information on Coleman is asked to contact the FBI 911 at the WPD robbery division at 2684518. Or crime stoppers at 2674111. There's a photo of the suspect with the news story on our website at KM SS radio dot com fill global brand Kagan SS news. The senate has approved the GOP tax reform bill by a 51 to 48 vote the house is expected to vote on the bill today. What's in the final Republican tax reform bill. The compromise legislation has seven tax brackets with most income earners paying a lower rates including the highest earners the corporate tax rate is set at 21%. Rather than the 20% in the house and senate versions. The standard deduction nearly doubles the tax brackets is standard deductions sunset at the end of 20/20 five the corporate tax rate is permanent. The tax reform bill also repeals a federal mandate requiring people to buy health insurance keeping the provision in the senate passed bill. In Washington racial Sutherland Fox News. At least twelve people are dead after a tour bus carrying Royal Caribbean cruise passengers crashed in Mexico the bus was heading to Mayan ruins in eastern Mexico when it flipped over on a highway early Tuesday seven Americans were injured according to local officials Royal Caribbean Cruises confirming passengers from two of its ships were on the bus the Miami based company says they're doing all they can for their guests including assisting with medical care and transportation. The State Department and the US embassy in Mexico closely monitoring the situation the cause of the accident is under investigation. Steve Rappaport Fox News. Kansas is now experiencing regional influenza activity with increased flu cases in most regions of the state. Outbreaks in long term care facilities have been reported to the Kansas department of health and environment. Four outbreaks have been identified so far during the Tony 172018. Season. Andy Worthington is with Katie HER. Starting to see increased rate of influenza in hand says that. Not too surprising that time I hear typically influenza season peaks and mark between December and February enchantment though it is expected to start seeing more and believe that the higher the year. Katie AT urges people to get vaccinated to protect themselves and their family members from the flu. And while flu vaccine can vary in how well it works it is the best way to prevent flu illness. And don't our influence will include fever cough sore throat and just general muscle aches so any combination of but fever it really is that inane than them that you're inexperienced with whale. Untreated influenza can result in related complications like pneumonia. Case and assess news time now settle for 4 minutes past 7 o'clock. Basketball I could last night at Coke arena for the shocker is turned out to be. Fairly intriguing game we'll have highlights in your coach Marshall coming up in the sport still looking for answers after a train wreck near Seattle that story coming up. Well McCain and as this morning news's David dead. CNN says sporting news receive it and now 7077. Minutes past 7 o'clock. An attorney representing Kansas in a school finance lawsuit says lawmakers should come up with a funding fixed by the beginning of march. The division capital journal reports Arthur and Chalmers told an interim legislative committee Monday it. At the solution needs to be reached quickly to get the State's attorneys time to develop their arguments. Lawmakers have started work on a response to a Kansas Supreme Court order in October to boost spending on public schools. Two days after the deadly train derailment in the state of Washington. Officials are still trying to piece together what led to the crash. Washington's governor Jay in sleep has promised answers after talking with the NTSB we should have confidence that we will. Find out what happened in this. Horrific event now into the second day of the investigation NTSB board member bella didn't czar says it has been found that positive train control braking mechanism. Was not operational on the rail line. The locomotive what's in the process of getting PTC. A system of PTC installed but it was not yet functional the locomotives are being moved for a closer look investigators plan to be at the scene for seven to ten days colonel Scott Fox News. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson met with his Canadian counterpart in Ottawa just yesterday. Where he reiterated United States policy of maximum pressure against North Korea. Trying to force them to give up their nuclear amber. We continue to find ways to advance the pressure campaign. Against North Korea to sit in North Korea of a unified message from the international community. That we will not accept you as a nuclear nation nuclear weapons nation. And then all of us share one policy in one go there's the full complete verifiable denuclearization. Of the Korean Peninsula. North Korea has shown no signs of giving up its nuclear missile program. To Unisys news time now 7099. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Okay now some traffic accidents. We've got one traffic accident reported at central and west. You know everywhere yeah non injury traffic accident there at central and west. We get a traffic accident reported. Near 29 street north and I alerts. And it's and injury traffic accident there and that's that's when he ninth and Tyler watch for slowdowns traffic update from cape and it's as radio and gas chambers. And now the case is sand storm tracker three forecast through Kansas. They meteorologist. Leon Smith and and good morning Leon good morning Steve I go under and you're just fine looks like today is what cloudy day when we got to the forecast today. Yeah. It's pretty cloudy today are not the best forty still worked 47 degrees you may notice a little bit too riddler some light mist on your windshield driving into work this morning we've got some patchy fog this morning that I did visibility excellent six miles so that doesn't look like it's going to be huge impact. Act forced temperatures today staying into the lower fifty that it will be a little cooler than yesterday and at that Dietrich and I the classic gotta be brought stubborn know what that little. Mr. age or. What are you want call ball lips also be looking at a lot of cloud cover we've got to storm system ought to be east that kind of meandering away but it keeps his cloudy tonight still overcast conditions will be done about forty degrees the cold there though is wait in the wing that what it is probably until tomorrow afternoon and then my friend. Bundle up undercount because it is kind of wanted to gonna drop. But when segment isn't going to. App and you think. Think it probably that's I think for Wichita it probably hit this. I've late afternoon are met by B Butler 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the will be working on tiny little bit better but we get through the first half the dateline is back and I need tomorrow morning will still be below forty but by tomorrow. Afternoon after wiped the winds huge shift and then all bets are off the penguins in the Huskies and everything can roll it and. Does that mean we're going to have snow for Christmas. Thank you I would suggest a lovely Christmas movie was snow and it's their you know that's gonna but the clothes you're gonna get I just don't see really good chances this now in this forecast down we might get a little bit of a skip this goes some light flurries on Sunday. Yeah Saturday night Sunday morning. If you'd get it passed he might seek to retrieve snowflakes land but I just don't see any big snowstorm or even a little snowstorm forest and afraid these kids have to keep the lead inside but that it doesn't make it. In the paid them right they're listeners of folks here and know the thing that did they bought to know most for me today is. Exactly what time does wintry start tomorrow. That is what is fact I think it's. I like to thirty more easily meteorological winter start the first day of December so that's what I want nevermind you don't you astronomy guide. Is well liked that we like to be somewhat accurate in a you wanted. What's gonna get all books that this same guy tell me it's gonna be good time winner here it is I and a manual noticeably different it is right now what Boggan missed I didn't miss I think it's gonna stick around probably 2 of the mid morning hours in the middle of itself to look at cloudy overcast conditions boasted bass we have not cloudy run the right now 47 degrees 47 mr. I think deserve the case is sandstorm correctly forecast of Kansas City meteorologist the announcement of an it is 712 now with Stephen Ted and I think the AAA is predicting we're gonna have a lot of people traveling. This weekend or over the next few days here for Christmas and because let's talk a little more about this with vice president of public affairs for the US travel association. Patricia Rojas on guard good morning nice to at you with a it's. How many people what 72 million gonna hit her oats like you think. Lean or have a record high at 110. Million Americans. Getting to rent a hot day. Wow what we say hitting the road though. Are we saying also that that includes flight right. I'll tell you will travel by car right now apple we will have a million hitting the crap out the airway. We will have the rat in my. Do you do you travel for holidays yourself. That are you gonna get when you get regular fly get a drive. You know we and that by. Eight. Line now. So you're you don't believe in you know still for Christmas your rulers going to be nice and warm lunch of the. Admittedly but Allah it'd be about and you know. I knew it. Three creatures had that. On line. It's time to restart. We chart pattern on our employee. Keep it more like. Years ago. And it did everything we can and I'm gonna get some metered. Out in any out. I was just talking with my daughter last night my life and they can tell me how stressful to sit at christmastime but yours and they would make an effort here and relax a little bit. Make that you know camping out why there. Wrap. Up. On each pack. But I'm not helped get it out at me like I have. Air. I. Dot I read like he had to make the process. I. Yeah quality of his love to be I would be at the airport like two hours before flight time is up in my life. Who's traveled more than needed Avant regulatory managed to get through TSX. That really stresses throughout that. You need that putt and get people traveling with the only. I that umpire every little patience hat yes. And I. Read that. And rat pack them get past need I'd get. Holiday dvd and car etiquette. And enjoyed the trip and and it quite a time like a year. Any pain and where you might wanna be traveling polity and and then really my hat to. I feel better already thank you for spending some time with a us this morning. That is the vice president of public affairs for US travel association Patricia Rojas and guards and she was saying what over a hundred million people. Out the big numbers of people traveling some of them had not today might be somebody list into us right now he's in and out of town to better going to the airport to get on a plane leave town. When you think it's not less we're going to be right here. We have five days till Christmas Ted and you lose your game you can't order me to leave out shopping days and a half but you know. I still have I'm still have three people by four. And it's just sort of got a plan on how to do that but. It is seeing if Camilo stressful right now we have down toward the the deadline for the but the big celebration. You're going to be in town I know burned none of this would we we only town we secure a course. We get families here and if you get you heard big plans to go to out of you mama dad's house or buddy thing I think now might go to my brother's house Brothers received hey I'm thinking about going to see and it's a wonderful life. Christmas Eve afternoon at the Warren. Yeah a disjointed the war now which one eats all of my all of the can't. So you gotta get planned there. Christmas Eve with I'm singing Christmas morning at. The church. And Leo you've been busy holiday idea though busy weekend coming up and you I'm tired just thinking about anything and I'm going to be doing. Today is Wednesday December 20 Tony seventy last day of fall. Right last full layup ass that's correct. On this date in 1946. The Frank Capra film it's a wonderful life starting to extort and Donna Reed. At a preview showing for charity in New York today before its official worldwide premiere. And that's movie has become in just the past few years did. A pentagon. Near the top of the list for everybody's all time favorite Christmas tree in an amazing forty years ago it was me nearly forgotten movie that in my understood my memory serves me it's NBC dug that out. And bought it or whatever and he and began to show it every year that was NBC. What got that huge exposure. While these Glenn yeah it was before that it was. Well is the copyright expired it was so forgotten and no one cared about copyright expired so cable channels. Could pick it up there for a dollar yeah okay and show us so it started getting run on cable in the late seventies and early eighties all of a sudden people saw this movie is. Pretty good movie she now. And then and then your right after did it's people started getting into it then NBC purchased it made it to their property for all you imagine you know if I had never lived right now. You'd be working Madonna hall I know now. Well I. Spent on golf app. I'm off I think about the sex addicts. I can be over on KYM. You can think Davis said they'd seen we even dead and type of sports. And there but they want the grinch almost showed up at that they Coke arena last activists doctors. Maybe the bridge could play better defense I don't know you know they did offer favored by 29 and a half points going into this one night. And I said yesterday morning well this might be a boring game blowout in the early and it's not it was. Highly entertaining contentious. Technical fouls all over the place. And other shocks had to come from behind Wichita State for the third time in the last four games. Gave up fifty points in the first task stocks were down going into the locker room as Arkansas State made 103 pointers in the first task. Shocks and have to come back in the second half of course with a deeper roster and and that experience shots were able to get that accomplished that it was not a roll over last night. Mike Kennedy and Dave doll had a solid game on 103 point seven KEY and. Every person that's the normal for the head down the line shuttle's belly down the line but that's. Now live. It's nice day. There's who has hit the teaser hello of the Arkansas State coach. Arkansas State radio guys start yelling at the rest and got a warning. They think they are bitten a bad deal Zack Morris of the shoppers got a technical. Coach Gregg Marshall got a very rare technical he almost never gets about Mike Kennedy Dave dog I want my day doll complimented Mike Kennedy after the game that is that the forum that he did not. Get it and sure the ire of the official yeah really is okay things got a little chippy second half it got in the first thing that soccer's. Came from nine points down to come back and win it by 98980. Was the final score some on day means Jones. Off the bench leading the soccer's with 27. Points. After the game soccer head coach Gregg Marshall. Darryl Willis takes two charges tonight you know has. 1473. Assists no turnovers and sixteen charges that it has tremendous line for him and some are shaking Jones with eleven for seventeen. 27 points in 31 minutes so. He was tremendous shooting taking it to the basket and we obviously needed everything he gave us tonight. Sox improved to nine into the wind eleventh ranked Wichita State. Now has won 44 straight nonconference games it Coke arena street went back about seven years. Not skip comeback win at last night. He'll be a late night tonight for Kansas State men's basketball as the wildcats. Take on a Washington State this evening in the Spokane. K state using nine and a half point favorite over Washington State team that is seven and three on the season. Last nonconference game the wildcats settled tip off at 10 o'clock tonight. And it'll be nationally televised on ESP into. Women's basketball tonight Wichita State is on the road soccer ladies played their nonconference finale at South Dakota State. Doctor ladies right now working on a three game winning streak. Steve strain we'll have a live coverage of the shocker women beginning at 645 tonight that's right here on 987 and thirteen thirty K and as ass. In hockey last night downtown Wichita in trust bank arena Wichita thunder for the first time this season hosting their division rival the Tulsa Oilers. Also won the game 424300. Folks on hand it in trust last night. Which he talked thunders five game home winning streak is snapped which caused lost five of its last six overall. Pro football news yesterday the Pro Bowl rosters are announced three members of the Kansas City Chiefs named Pro Bowl. Tight end Travis tells C a pro bowler for the third straight year. Return man Tyreke hill all is in the Pro Bowl for the second straight year and rookie running back Kareem hunt. In his first year in the league we'll get a trip to the probable I'll. Sports Stephens says Kate and as ass at 722. Key bit of a Rush Limbaugh's morning upstate New York is complaining. About the new tax bill. That's coming up Stevenson in the morning on K and his sense.