"Trump baby" balloon to fly in London during President's visit

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 12th
The balloon is a baby sporting the President's hairstyle and clutching a smartphone.

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Did you even get feedback into I haven't heard it. 630 now here at Kate in advance for about thirty states across the country saw gas prices go up in the past week but the national average stayed steady at two dollars and. 86 cents Kansas is it to 67. Jon Stewart were AAA says between geopolitical and weather concerns there's a lot of uncertainty. In the fuel markets right now. It's really hard to predict where abstractions are gonna I'm. Week two weeks sometimes even dated there's so many factors out there where the oil market where OPEC. Hackwear. You know the potential war and supply and distribution. In eruptions. The Atlantic hurricane season and particularly any storms that affect the Gulf of Mexico can cause delays in the supply chain and orders. And September here which stock prices went up to 269. Early this week. The University of Kansas has removed an altered US flag that was part of a public art display on the Lawrence campus. The flag was removed from in front of the university's Spooner hall late Wednesday afternoon. Removal came less than an hour after Kansas governor Jeff collier said. The chancellor had promised to take down the art display. Call your hand secretary of state Chris called balk demanded the flag display be removed. Saying it was disrespectful to the country's military Kansas congressional candidates Steve Watkins first raised the issue Wednesday. But had not demanded that the flight be removed. Display called on title playing number two went up on July 5. It's been moved to another location on campus Dan O'Neill KN OSS news. The rhetoric is ramping up as a congress that is is sending president trump a message on terrace or senate overwhelmingly passing a non binding resolution 88 to eleven Wednesday designed to give congress more say about tariffs imposed in the name of national security. The measure winning unanimous support from Democrats and a vast number of Republicans. South Dakota Republican Mike Rouse who voted in favor of the measure tells Fox News it night. Congress wants to have a role in those discussions. If you're going to interpret all of these different terrorists as being critical and the national defense of our country. President Chavez criticized congressional effort arguing the measure would tie his hands negotiate new trade deals. The senate vote comes just one day after the president's plan Steve you tariffs on China. In Washington show mental Fox News the rhetoric ramping up democratic leaders vowing to fight president comes Supreme Court nominee. Several Republicans are singing the praises of Supreme Court nominee Bret cap and all I think yes. America gets to know him better through this process. People will be very. Impressed senator Rob Portman after a meet and greet with the judge Kevin also meeting with Lindsey Graham might create poll and Orrin hatch this is Democrats Europe for a consensus confirmation battle. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer will fight this nomination tooth and nail several Democrats hitting the judge of whether he supports the retention of mandated coverage of preexisting conditions under Obama care. Tom Graham Fox News a mystery hacker has reportedly been trying to sell US military's secret on the dark web. Documents that could reveal weaknesses in the Pentagon's and Q nine reaper drunk tank operations and information on how to reduce they capabilities of explosive devices. All reported by the Wall Street Journal to be up for sale online. Cyber security researchers say the information was stolen by an unidentified hacker. Details on the reaper drones were allegedly taken from an air force captain and selling for as little as 150. Dollars. So far there's no evidence that hackers tied to a foreign country or specifically trying to steal military documents in Washington until NATO Fox News. A case of destruction of property in north west Wichita involving two men in their eighties and led a one man being arrested. Case reported early Tuesday in the 111500. Block of west port. Where an 86 year old man reported seeing a neighbor pouring gasoline on a three on his property. Police arrested an eighty year old man for a willful criminal damage to property. Now look at the forecast with Candace has staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning your air conditioner will likely be on high again today as temperatures soar above average. 98 with sunshine for the hi this afternoon and if he will be clear and warm tonight down the 76. Upper ninety's on Friday and 98 again on Saturday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday now partly cloudy we've got to south wind at seven miles per hour 75 degrees we Stephenson head. Here on a Thursday morning. No protest usual quiet giant inflatable trump baby near parliament to coincide with the president's visit to England. The twenty foot high balloon caricatured depicts a leader as an angry instant wearing a diaper and clutching a mobile phone have you seen this no I have. It's funny it's amusing it will fly in parliament square for 2 hours Friday morning. Organizers to crowd funded the balloon hoping it can be a symbol for all those campaigning against the president's policies. The blimp was approved by the Greater London Authority and the mayor defended the decision saying it's not for him to be at center or to decide what is in good or bad taste. Some people haven't could sense humor about those kind of things. The song that the president does of the season just says hey that's kind of what goes on about his misses. It's certainly more clever than people screaming at each other and throwing lightning out. You talk police are looking for the owner of a loaded gun left behind on a baby changing table the women's restroom. A nice at a suburban Salt Lake City aquarium authorities say they. Don't plan to file criminal charges against against older they just wanna find out how the pistol was left behind and return it. Police lieutenant Chad carpenter says it's not uncommon for people to leave weapons behind in bathrooms and other place on known. A woman found the weapon when she tried to change her. Newborn baby with a four year old son and tell what the living planet aquarium which doesn't allow weapons by the way. Is again a top the folded up table was a tragedy waiting to happen and she's upset. Nolan will be charged. Nobody in east secrets some built no crime was committed responsibility for crying out lab at a dated the witness talked a minute ago. Ranting and raving about dry and of people right now there after. Involved in this drive times stuff and not to not real busy yet but it gets pretty clogged up I don't during the Steve intentional people listened with great year and he stuck in traffic meaningless to us longer imports. But I get up to the silver lining I thought that project in east of web broad and Kelly have been going on for like two or three centuries but only since Tony fifteen candidly. Did the research. You know I'm sorry Ellen apologized. I think people aren't on line into each other analysts say shalom Vern would linemen and and then they start doing rock and in that role on ended. The way Evan that's roll on in degree what she just keeps and rolling along and we did what they do that the contract something like that there incentives in there. For them to finish earlier or in LA and disincentives they finish lightened so. I know that the state knows what it's still. I just think when you look at things they shouldn't there be some. Some trucks moving or people doing something and when I go by there it just told CNET. They see people stuck in traffic swearing at that a state that. Al east and tax money you know. Your tax dollars not work then you're at the hope Tom Tom Hynes and Kate Johnson up the listing come on that apple not blaming you. Let's see old TT we have the news about the new. Animal protection. Officer. Heather fractures turn and you can bend it to Wikipedia is going to be and involved and keep an island on and it you know animals and and abuse of animals and I I don't know is it a big problem do you see much on the water every day tip when you go to police department you see much on animal abuse them there. I mean not as much as some other crimes you know bombing that an animal control unit does keep busy I'm sure they are I mean there. There animal run crazy all over the place nasty couple today. It's it's not. It's not rampant I don't think that there are certainly are cases that come across regularly though they acted in of their priorities that the that the police department and and I guess it animals as part of the job it's far aspirin it's one of the division. I it's a 638 now we Stephen ten minutes to check the commodities now the Cayne has has commodities update with Tom left through let's look at bodies of our time. Good morning team win and who live cattle animals treated as morning trading session at Buchanan had good will straighten that haven't listened. So complex balanced after the session lows but still closed triple digit lot yesterday. We'll let the case cattle could not. An old fugitive mixed trading yesterday than Apple's Gordon contract. Those were mostly I triple digit losses. It's cold here and I'd like Cameron dollar and 62 with a three. I've just been reported by the Portland 49 point obviously there are 97 that could lead immediate. Yesterday big trading in the and a lot to the corner including pictures I have today at eleven they have Buckley has moved supply demand report. According employed and they didn't contract closed yesterday at. Almost died most of the negative technicals and the prospect relatives in place from China's food imported. Into the US. That a growing influence encountered are grossly oversold technically. And fundamentally. At the moment September completely dependent recruited retired would have to god to record. The record also proved recorder 355. And so it means that three cents at 8151 and a quarter. August crude oil at 49 cents 177. August gold mining center 12142 important the glamorous and important it would tie between them and it hit me yet but to have the dollar index for nineteen inside him and told that his. September doesn't change that by and maybe cut point. It will put 87 people work commodity trading great marketing advisory company portrait button on the web by using to exit the home team. He's a guy I guard cutter Fraser about something me and oversold futures oversold. What does that mean can you out you oversell something. Well it's mainly based often have a look technically over chart. And they've been pushed too good extreme to dale said well they're always serve booed him for a bailout from the upside to live together. By the court ruled that from overbought to but and will they always told people you can get an oversold territory. There's no. No I mean the market's gotten to coordinate and hold oversold territory long boom and expects some time. And in big eight tournament the prices changing because right okay. I itself I wanted to buy one soybean what they anticipated. Still customers who were about 5000 bushel contract. Is decorated do on the bundle up and 5000 bushels. Yes. You've got to put more into by including the pension market there's political regular project by seven bushels. Ordered a mini contract which is 1000 bushels. So if somebody wishes in way back when well look like the mood like double trouble will be elected president. If somebody knew that he was going to be tariffs and whatnot at that point what would they have done to attempt to corner of the talking market but they have so overbought that would. Yeah. They would it can't decide what quarter in the market yeah and then. Really ever been accomplished its side by the burden in the food were more Clinton in a few other over the years but there have been accomplished now. Looking through your mind concept really and truly neutral site. Are you you you think I've got my latest and a. Well maybe want to listen to third and. LC what we're doing here is Stephen Ted we're trying to corner the radio market. Think we're close. And they keep up six or you'll now David you're done grants the FB the money tracker coming up you can talk about. Social Security exceeding income. That's on the way Stevenson in the morning on CNN sense.