Trump claims Germany 'totally controlled' by Russia

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 11th
Guest: Fox News correspondent Simon Owen in Belgium

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock this decision as a sporting news websites. And feedback in on fire destroyed their house in central widgets we've got the story. Suspect arrested in killing of Wichita woman behind it Woodward those details just ahead I'm Rodney prize the city of what job will put its name and a half a federal funds to fill with water treatment plants. Meeting of corps band aid on campus school is not to exceed 900 million dollars. I'm Tim O'Neill I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday plenty of bottled water some air conditioning or shade is going to come in handy again today. That doesn't look like we'll change anytime soon are forecast in a few minutes. President trump demands change on allied defense spending during these bilateral breakfast the Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg we're gonna have. To do something because we're gonna put up whether we can't put up within that. It's inappropriate. President said it was very inappropriate that Germany paid for gas pipeline to Russia. While neglecting defense costs a house appears to be a total loss after overnight fire in central which at all. Around 1030 Tuesday night first responders called the 500 block of east OC. Battalion chief Jim Wilson says one firefighter was treated for minor heat exhaustion. There's different rules. More important that they get hydrated the day before and then when they're when they're here they this afternoon. They say usually seven Dell. The resident was not at home with the time that fire. The Wichita City Council voted yesterday on whether you submit a letter of interest to the federal government to be considered for funds to help pay for new water treatment plant. If the city's approved they will sinden and formal application in 2019. The federal loan to finance up to 49% of the cost with state funds rate increases and other money used to help pay for the rest. The council passed a resolution six to one with councilman James climate and the only no vote. The current water treatment plant was constructed in 1939 and needs to be replaced. The city provides treatable water for about 500000 people in the region. The plan calls for the new facility to be constructed at the existing cited northwest Wichita mayor Tony persons who boulevard. And is projected to cost over 500 million dollars Rodney price Canadian assets news. Top education official says Kansas would have to face and another 364. Billion dollar increase. In public school funding over five years to comply with a recent Kansas Supreme Court order deputy education commissioner dale Dennis presented his calculations Tuesday to the state board of education. The State Supreme Court ruled last month that a new law phasing in a 548. Million increase in school funding over five years. Is an adequate under the state constitution. But he gave legislators until next spring to fix it. Under Dennis is calculation the total increase would exceed 900 million dollars. The court said the new law should have provided additional funds to cover inflation then noted that the average rate was one point 44%. Of the 201011 school year through 201617. Dennis use that average in his calculations. Dan O'Neill can SS news. On the final day of June 55 year old Hewlett Duncan was found dead inside her apartment in southeast Wichita and Harry and rock. Police officer Charlie Davidson says a suspect in this case is now in custody. Officers located and arrested. A 59 year old male. In reference to this incident. And he was booked into jail. That's suspect was arrested Monday evening in south Wichita he's being held on 750000. Dollar bond on suspicion of second degree murder. Police believe Duncan and demand that she news got into an argument that ended with him hitting her in an object. People knew about her injuries but she did not come out of her apartment for several days before police were called to check on her. President trumps picked to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy has made his first appearance on Capitol Hill. Republican leaders and presidential Supreme Court nominee Brent Cavanaugh a meeting team's state is that a strategy to help them navigate what is likely to be heated confirmation process. Meanwhile GOP moderate Maine senators Susan Collins considerably key vote since Cavanaugh is qualified. And Republican policy committee chairman senator John Brosseau tells Fox News at night I would expect in the end that this is a judge who's going to be confirmed will be on the supreme court for a long time Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer he's hoping to lead his party unanimously opposing Cavanaugh. As well as gaining the support of two Republicans to block his nomination. By painting the nominee has a far right extremists in Washington Selma and so Fox News K and assist U's are now 804. Orbited at 8 o'clock. Wichita State shocker helps the royals stopped a long losing streak will have highlights coming up in sports. Wichita police avenue violent crime line. That story coming up on McCain and as a sporting news or Stevens head. McCain is just four years and Stevenson now 808. Eight vintage ten to eight month. Which is now police are now staffing you violent crimes hot. Find that former Burris but he wants 65192282. It's 3165192282. A murmur our motto is to see something say something you see a crime you have information please call that hotline will have an officer that will be responding to you. Officer Paul cruise says a man and woman were shot Sunday in southeast which are on their area and what Ron there were several witnesses present he hopes. Some of them might call look new hotline with their information. More terrorists are about to get slapped on the Chinese goods by the trump administration Chinese are ready to fire back. Fresh US tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of goods imported from China expected to go into effect as soon as September. The drug administration says the move is aimed at eliminating China's harmful industrial policies. China's commerce ministry firing back saying renewed terror threat is unacceptable. And that they will take necessary countermeasures. Last week the trump administration handed out 25%. Taxed at 34 billion dollars in Chinese imports. China then imposed its own share of some 34 billion dollars worth of US imports in Washington shall NATO Fox News. The dancing FBI agent whose gun went off well busting a move at a Denver nightclub the gets a break from a judge. Agent chase this year will be getting has gone back after judge approves it changed it was a waste conditions. In June bishops gone fell out of that hole Sturm after he did a back flip on the dance floor. It went off when he picked it up a bystander was hit in the leg and was later treated him at least. During Tuesday's hearing bishop's lawyer told the judge FBI strongly encourages agents to carry their guns whether or off duty. Prosecutors didn't object and the judge relented bishop is charged with assault in the shooting Tom regarding. Fox News. As for the news this Stevenson now 810 timid as it is in I think he'll like. That is they're watching Jack do some of those moves me. Like John Travolta there's been trying to do a fluke I don't do that the answer. That's stalled out semi truck westbound on Kellogg at Washington wants for the slow down there. Traffic updates contain SS radio on at chambers I think that's the forecast now always came and it's a stampede neurologist and the holiday good morning Dan. Good morning with a mostly clear start today your only so many ways you can say it will be hot but that is the case again. Today likely tomorrow into Friday in the weekend. The hi this afternoon 98775. Overnight and 98 tomorrow I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now partly cloudy were up to 79 degrees this morning go south wind at five. Miles per hour and in yesterday's high was 96 today. We're looking for a high of 97 degrees today is a July 11 2018 on this date in 1960. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee was first published and I think I wish I read that when I was and I believe ninth grade. When I read To Kill a Mockingbird and later I saw the film after that I'm sure. The film with Gregory Peck To Kill a Mockingbird on the state in 1960. I'd say 811 now with Steve intend and we have some interesting things going transpiring it in Brussels for the NATO summit. And a Fox News radio Simon Owen is with us this morning from London. A device Simon nice to have you with us here on net and on Wednesday morning and this is now hourly started out that was some pretty good excitement going on there in Brussels right. Money yet that they can keep from that naked eight year improbable and said the meeting is. At just getting under way but it. They shortages either being ruffled and the president. At least stating his longstanding complaint that NATO member state that these days in Europe need to spend more on the bench because. Did the European patent battle to get the United States and the US banking and bash has the burden. But he's also goes to great public attack on Germany and that and the GP. Speaking about recent. Gas and oil Dail that Jimmy truck with Russia. President trump said that Germany is totally control. By Russia. And among his meeting everything he can sit down one Obama with a German Chancellor Angela Merkel later. And so yes it BP can it be any routine event but then but not available. Does anybody ever burn begin each other's face here at. When are kids on the playground and didn't birds and distant snide comments back and forth. Well I mean it at that I didn't miss anybody among the other leaders continue. Expect some of quiet in the way the president trump does Connecticut and acknowledgment moaning debt. His complaint about. Burden sharing that defense. Spending thirty Jared economic about it no in new complaint President Obama president goes in the bush. Or the amount it into the campaign but the delivery is different to be much small blood. But timed it seemingly angry. Added that meeting the president and strongly worded elected to a number of other. Leaders and the president of the money never the president put it up like I put it out he can get debate predict that the didn't understand this problem like he does but he also claim that they disruptive approach. He's well okay. And indeed make that members are spending more on defense but there is the question as to whether they'd Dana because that. Oppression that President Obama. Put on them in the by noted that presidency. What they're doing it because president trump. Israeli. Getting hot at that. You know and NATO was founded designers and after World War II there is a possibility that Russia would amount some sort of a ground war and take over the rest of Europe and it I almost wonder sometimes whether whether it's still necessary now my my son who is retired from the military and work with NATO in Europe. You know he's a big believer in NATO insisted that they do a great job but dead in a president just looking for a little bit of break for the American taxpayers think NASA. But yeah I'm an end and that led Democrats let the Cold War about anyway that they take it from indicated that it agreed that space because they could dump on them on Russia. And then nine elevenths happened in the US that we've been attacked we need NATO's support any kind that they say. As that does that coordinate their jobs that the event would buy America after 9/11 and all these countries sent their troops to make people died. Alongside American troops in Afghanistan about one of the reasons why you know that the head of NATO has today agreed to the president the year they'd need to be able. But he pretty stable allies can have differences said that nothing wrong with dot. It's about working to get that advocate in the duke stronger together and and there is a bit of a route coming from. I'm allies notably the EU president Donald prosecute normally the biggest doubled in Brussels. And he said that this meeting to the US should appreciate it ally he said America does not out of will run out of bed and outside and yet. And he said America appreciate your allies 20 you don't have that many hole. All right hey listen thanks for being what does this morning Simon is always. Fox News radio Simon Ole and I thought it was in London but now he's in Brussels with the big NATO meeting their president trochmann. Some harsh words but it he said is he said allies can disagree and look at duke study world war two and what Eisenhower. And ended deal with over there and get in the army together for the invasion of Europe. A man with a python hidden inside an external hard drive which stopped from boarding a Florida plane headed to Barbados. The Miami Herald reports officers screening luggage at the Miami International Airport Sunday found organic to mass inside a checked ban. Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman serie cut its says the bomb expert and examine the bag and found the life stake in the hard drive it. Says a state was obviously not an imminent terrorist threat but it's interception prevented a possible wildlife for a yeah. As he was fine at the stake was taken into custody by US Fish and Wildlife Service is neither man nor state made the flight. And most take on that play on now. A distillery in England has apologized after developing a 75% proof vodka and name for the toxic nerve agent know what chalk. Bristol rides you and advertise a product on its FaceBook page Saturday three days after exposure to the nerve agent. Killed one person and made another critically ill in the town of Kingsbury. In a statement Bristol Brighton said nova shocked edition has been in development for some time but. Admittedly the timing of the release of this product may have lacked sensitivity. Now those for the folks the folks in marketing it apparently. Didn't know what was going on. Embarrass you that they knew exactly what they are done well they get to free your talking about their product if you know then of course it. Bristol grudge and you know you're right about many just mention it again mentioning again free of charge we don't charge for those cantonment. Yesterday afternoon. My wife and I decided we'd had enough with our television set. That the picture kept blocking out and doing silly things a week. We got a hold of the folks at Cox and they said by public probably got an older box. And Manson OK fine so like took it out to the place out north west and the young lady took one look at listed as it is at an old box is it that is an ancient. Botched robbery had about a 21 years doing much for the fixes up what to do boxes for a whole year. Took them all so you do is plug of vanity it to get coated wires at all listen that's all right it but there is still weak. In between the two of us that it just about an hour and a half to get both the television running properly and and at least one phone call that to technical help to do that I mean it and since. You're dealing with a different TVs at all. In the VCR but we did a good free duped and mostly because Shelly is is. She has. She can be a very determined person can say that are going to be stubborn or if she's got to find the solution one way or the other. In our rating give up as they must watch TV anymore. But she's now that's not that's not enough she took over she got it done thanks to the Cox people are to get that into account which. 818 now Stephen dead it is forced I would Ted will revert looking at this. But Kansas City. Oil's looking to get back on the winning side of things right there has been a while its ten game losing streak going in the last night's game against the Minnesota Twins. The royals actually. Got some offense going they scored more than five runs in the game for the first time since June 4. And the pitching came through the royals' bullpen much maligned. Got a huge lift last night from former Wichita State shocker Brian Flynn who had become in out of the bullpen in the fourth inning. This bill injured starter. Ian Kennedy. Flynn got the job done you're the game last night and care debate. He slings it to ground ball the middle cut off by Mondesi to second 11. Double play. And Mondesi went sliding on his knees up the middle to cut that off. And I tell you what that's the third time in a week. And he has taken a ball. That was on its way to the outfield in just simply how ran the ball and he cut that ball off sliding on his easel back in Flint. The pair of field for a 643. Double play it bad for Brian Flynn. That is the twelfth time. He's had a double play. And he's a reliever. So Flynt has taken over the Major League lead. Her double plays for reliever. Twelfth nicely done and the former shocker also got the win in that game only his second Major League win ever he went four innings only gave up one hit. As the royals beat the twins nine to Ford snap that losing streak. The royals well are at Minnesota again today game today live pregame coverage begins at 11:30 this morning games start the afternoon listen live on Sports Radio hate at H. 12:40 AM 975. F then what time's it there. Coverage begins 11:30 this morning is like I. Tune in for the royals and twins for a day game. Also a day game today we have in downtown Wichita as the wing nuts take on the Fargo Moorhead redhawks. Finishing up their series that game will start at 1105. This morning less than three hours from now start time at Lawrence Dumont stadium. The wing nuts are coming off an eight to three win last night over the Red Sox. We nets have won three of their last four today's game will mark the halfway point of the season for the wing nuts. We have millions soccer post season in Wichita tonight for the FC which is Tom Niemi conference champions. As they begin in PS cell playoffs. The heartland conference semi finals at C Wichita hosting Saint Louis club athletic coach. At 730 tonight that's trinity academy in northeast Wichita. Let's see Wichita heading into the post season is ranked number fourteen. A among the 98 teams in the NPS self. It looked at sea which Tom men in the post season starting tonight. Minor League Baseball the Eastern League all star game is tonight in Trenton, New Jersey that's in the double A level. Sammy chillier the former Wichita State's shocker is in the double A franchises Colorado Rockies and he was in the finals of the home run derby last night it along go it even hit a home run of the Delaware River out right field. Before losing eleven and nine in the finals today EV wrong. One of the case of cases pork roll another six downpour Grohl and a championship belt when I. Last night or her own as a runner up I don't think Sam hilly or get anything that you missed out Ronald pork barrel products and of pork sandwich now maybe maybe a drill on through from the mountain high school PBR's. We'll see how on Sandoz tonight in the Eastern League all star game. Pro basketball the NBA summer league in Las Vegas date five competition yesterday to Los Angeles Lakers in action starting power forward. Former Kansas Jayhawks beam a pilot had. 33 pointers on his way to nine points in three rebounds pilot trying to get that roster spot with the lakers. That's for the Stephen Ted Kate and as ass I Teddy 22 now keep an ear for the Hannity morning minutes. Opposition to prop Supreme Court nominee was predictable so as shown in the that's coming up Stevens head of the mornings on faith and ask.