Two plays AFTER regulation time expired dooms the KC Chiefs in Oakland

Steve & Ted
Friday, October 20th

Ted chronicles a busy weekend coming up in sports . . .


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And it made for a really good series the police in Pennsylvania say a man wearing a rubbery Halloween mask and brandishing a rusty accident. Attacked his neighbor while he mowed the lawn the neighborhood is Penn township police corporal Jack ripper. What does he get some grief for that name Jack ripper Jack the Ripper the corporal. Says Ron Paul straight. Attack Tuesday Wednesday night after years of feuding. Reprises the two have been arguing over their rural properties near Butler, Pennsylvania but this was the first time it turned violent. Pole streak. Is accused of creeping up behind his neighbor. And striking him on the head but act at all. Pursue as a victim fought back ripped the mask off reliving revealing his neighbor in it was his neighbor anyway but he had to rip the mass Gupta. To find out that for sure the attack comes up behind him with a hatchet while a small lawn and it's human about cabinet that would be. Pretty rude thing to happen. A dumpsters user and held a Montana got a rude awakening. The independent record reports he was sleeping in a dumpster that was picked up and emptied into the back of our element collection truck. He wasn't hurt but he was arrested at. Tell the police attended Corey Bailey says. The members only in the truck for a short amount of time because of drivers saw boxers being thrown out and heard impounding on the wall. Often arrested the man after learning he was wanted on a pair of outstanding warrants. We had a case of that not too long ago here in which possibly. Sleeping in a dumpster and look you know the few if not a very sharply today because. Some of those countries though those things and it tractor actually. In the compact and right didn't get it can be a very very dangerous situation so my advice our advice is boring which Steve it is it is up. Don't sleep in the dumpsters. They. Was it somebody to look like don't sleep in the subway Dolan back in the sixties. Middle upgrades they don't sleep in the dumpster darling. It. Little update this morning in the Tyson chicken story which is of course on going and we've been covering this now for a couple weeks but does. It was finally revealed yesterday who the third. Proposed site would be or which proposed site here in Kansas. For the processing plant that could. Could carry as much as 16100 jobs be able by multimillion dollar investment. Group to Cedric county is in the running. Also cloud county up in the northeast part of the state and the third and named yesterday. Montgomery County down in the southeast part of Kansas. So those are the three now. Removed. Officials here in the Wichita area and for the mayor at McKenna commissioners. Will be. Putting together a package if they have already. To a to make a presentation to Tyson if they haven't already and in Tyson then we'll take a few weeks and mostly over the presentations. And vero with a little case this chicken processing plant now. The impact will be of personal British and don't have to have a lot of water on this thing and and at least one of the things they have to consider when they make their decision there's enough water. To run the plant that effectively. And I presume that we are the three places close to a water source. Course here in which does Cedric county we've got the office bit and Equus beds the teeny reservoir and the so they're going to be making a decision whether that plant has Anemia environmental. Downside to it that might be another question as to be answered. And I wouldn't say probably of Tyson Foods is running plants over the country than they know how to keep its they all piece on. One local stations last night out of the Garden City where Tyson has a public that's a beef plant. Not Garden City. That it's just been terrific for the economy brought people in and our challenges because a lot of people that they brought in their people from Somalia. And because who into the school system you know they they have to have the two languages and and all that so. Now if we do it get the plan here there'll be some. Would seem that big challenges we you know how to take care of people and bring him into the city and new jobs new money management can be a great thing we'll be hearing from Tyson I'm sure. I think they said sometime after the holidays content that's the time tape timeframe for for hearing something that's a big big night. We're coming upon 617 now Stephen to add and it entails being busy busy busy night it's. Ports well we don't support though it had over the busy weekend coming in a busy week and coming up the course last night the NFL week got kicked off right here on tape and assess what your live coverage of Thursday night football featuring the Kansas City Chiefs in Oakland. Thinking on their division rival the raiders. Back and forth game close game. And the chiefs at one point seemed like they were on their way to scoring forty points and and it's getting another victory but Oakland camp on the scoreboard as well and it. She's also kind of started coming up. With not much on offense in the fourth quarter and she's only had the ball twice in the fourth quarter punted it away both times meanwhile. Oakland was putting up points in the fourth quarter of this game would go extra time not overtime. Extra time. Thanks to back to back pass interference penalties holding penalties by the chiefs defense. On the last play of regulation then an on time down after regulation. Then a second on time down after regulation. Oakland down six with the football on and on time down at the five yard line. They told us had to call the game you heard it last night right here on tape and as deaths. No rule out action by cars zipped a pass. It's not a. The game. Well they got to get a BA team. They did make that extra point. Chiefs lose 3130. At Oakland. On two plays after regulation had ended that you're helping this and understand. Because they have penalties on the day cannot end and defensive penalty and the Pentagon video so they get defensive penalty and there's triple zeroes on the clock they say OK one more down. Another defensive finally OK we'll play one more coyotes and they get to his reactions to correct it. Thanks to two holding penalties by the chiefs defense. How much is now I want to now first half hour to lose Allen on the road she accepted that five you know start yeah now back to back close losses. And there are five in two on the season Oakland snapped its four game losing streak with that win. We got college football tomorrow Kansas. The boy Kansas is on the road visiting fourth ranked TCU all undefeated TCU at six and no. The jayhawks RE 39. Point underdog all the lose by forty points. They also lost 46 straight games away from Lawrence at the streak going back eight years. KU is next to last in the nation in defense they're allowing 45 points a game. There's some obvious problems here camp. This not just bad football now pay you at TCU live pregame coverage of the chiefs. I've thirty tomorrow afternoon game kick off at 7 o'clock tomorrow night in Fort Worth live coverage of the jayhawks. On Sports Radio TF 81240 AM 975. FM. Kansas State is home tomorrow afternoon in Manhattan hosting ninth ranked Oklahoma so KU and K state are both playing top ten team tomorrow it's a tough one. These state is a two touchdown underdogs on home coming in this one K state has lost its last six home games to the sooners haven't beaten them in Manhattan in 21 years. Off that little kick off at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon in Manhattan nationally televised on fox. Fourteen states football off to its best start in 100. Years Ford pays the seven or no they're ranked seventh in the nation. They're at Missouri western tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock. Friends University is home in west Wichita tomorrow afternoon at 130 hosting McPherson. Writes sterling is at Bethel tomorrow afternoon. 24 the ranked Kansas Wesleyan visiting twentieth ranked paver tomorrow afternoon as well. Juggle football sixteenth ranked Butler community college visiting ninth ranked Hutchinson. Tomorrow. Hutchinson is on a five game winning streak they have not been beaten at home this year Dennis Higgins will have live coverage of Butler football beginning at 11:30 tomorrow morning that's right here on 97 and thirteen thirty. Kate and ask S. It is week eight or high school football here in the state of Kansas the big schools but the big schools and six in five days the final week of the regular season. A great couple innings tonight in class three day. She DF Conway sprains both seven and now while. Garden plain at shopper well garden six and one chaparral spied into those four teams are all in the same. Strict. Only two of those four we'll make the playoffs. The live there as that is a mighty district noted two huge games tonight. You know so yeah Jamie Connolly open defeated bit. They dynamic play offs they're both seven and oh seek out. But especially arms or that game is going to be sweating quite a bit their interest in high school football going on. We've got men's basketball on Sunday and it's very interesting it's an exhibition game featuring third ranked Kansas taking on Missouri. Of course longtime rival Seattle these teams have not played it since Missouri left the big twelve went to the Southeastern Conference. That blood. You bet haven't played in five years border wars it's a charity game all the funds are benefiting hurricane relief efforts great. Their fitness experts that are sold out in Kansas City in a matter of minutes. It's expected to raise one million dollars for hurricane relief for America and this is not. This game these this game is not on TV it's not being streamed on the Internet you have to buy a ticket to be there or you can listen on the radio. And the other thing so you can listen to the game it's already sold out like we said. Penalties a lot of coverage of the jayhawks in Missouri men's basketball to third east Sunday afternoon and that will be on KFH. Soccer volleyball team is home this weekend at Coke arena. Talks are 221 in the nation Wichita thunder heads back to back home games downtown this weekend hosting Rapid City Saturday night and Sunday at 4 o'clock. And NASCAR. There's only five races left for the cup and the Hollywood casino 400 is Sunday afternoon right here in Kansas and Kansas Speedway. Sports was Stephen Ted K and SS acted six point three doubt given here for fox news company editor Todd stars. Plus traffic and weather is on the way Stevens head of the morning on tape and ants ants.