U2 singer Bono has some tough words about current music

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 29th

Bono tells Rolling Stone current music is "girly"


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Station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news JNSS. Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. 32 when they're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 in SS here on Friday December. 29. Wichita police releasing more details about Wednesday morning crime spree in west Wichita shortly before 10 o'clock. 911 got a call from the 43 year old man who's following a vehicle people inside that car we're looking into mailboxes and stealing mail. And 15100 block of north caddie near thirteenth and Mays. Turns out that car a said he tracks had been stolen about four hours earlier from a quick trip in east Wichita. The suspects eventually went into a business near central and I 235. On north Gilda. Police lieutenant Tom Oates I'll says an officer went inside and and saw a male suspect in a hallway. The author of true core and be confronted with an opening again directly at the offer. The officer will begin looking for cover and rule exit out the hallway. When the suspects starts firing shots at him. The author will exit the business. After the shots were fired. Began looking for cover up the parking lot. The 21 year old suspect within exit out the business he will acquire additional shots in the parking lot. Suspect also fired shots at officers there and to those arriving. The suspect then stole a running vehicle in the parking lot belonging to the man who had originally been following him. Suspect drove through yards on elm directly at a police officer who fired at the truck. Another officer fired a shot at the truck which was coming at him and reverse. Suspects fired shots at officers coming towards him on central one bullet hit a business east of central and I 235. The case led westbound on maple speeds up to 100 miles per hour before stopping in maple amaze. Two of the tires on the suspects stolen truck got disabled by stop sticks. A police dog was sent into the car officers dragged the suspect out and arrested him at 10:16 AM whole incident lasting 21 minutes. The woman who was with the suspect was a friend of his she was booked into jail for multiple outstanding arrest warrants and several counts of theft. Now take a look at the forecast here on this Friday morning check in with meteorologist Dan holiday hello Dan good. Morning we'll have some patchy low clouds and areas of freezing fog across parts of south central Kansas this morning. In its cloud cover moved south today we want to 42. And Arctic air mass will bully its way and tonight we gusty north winds are windchill falls well below zero sunny and eighteen tomorrow eleven for the high on Sunday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Thank you Dan right now on what you saw we do have a cloudy skies 92%. Humidity breeze out of the south it's 28 degrees. Ablaze in the Bronx in New York leaves at least a dozen people dead and more injured. We just got some brand new information from police about how shockingly. Young some of these victims are the police tell us. That among the victims is a one year old baby girl along with that two year old girl and a seven year old girl. Investigators remain at the scene of what is being called the city's. Deadliest residential fire since 1990s. The sad reality according to the mayor is that the death to all of twelve could grow. Because at least four people were critically injured in this fire. That's fox five New York's Robert Moses with that report. But for the school year officials from the city of Wichita got together with school district talking about the number one problem for absenteeism. It's a lack of transportation options. The city then look at school districts walk boundaries compared to what bus maps. Did find several different pilot schools enabling students to write city buses to and from school. Many Hinkle is a Wichita transit senior communications specialist has. For the first semester we had over 3400. Reds and I'm averaging about 42 those two letters per bed. We're going to continue again of this monster. We've got their passes for a twelve dollars monthly pass eighty dollars for the semester. Caitlin has a Wichita resident she rides the city bus to school. Those kind of like scary if this but after that I like trying to find because Annie is just an online it's not like you're jumping off a I think something like seagate is saying is pretty fun. Just think how they have found there. Jump start the program for the second semester all students in Wichita get free rides on city buses from January 1 through the fifth. The Kansas Department of Agriculture receiving a grant from the national institute of food and agriculture. Shortly after a judge dismissed a lawsuit from Republican Roy Moore top state officials met to officially certified this land loan as the director of communications for the Kansas Department of Agriculture. If she talks about the grant. It will work. Act to help to save program which provides agricultural training therapy an engagement for veterans or service members and family members of a service members. The award was one of 36 grants made through the beginning farmer and rancher development program authorized by the Tony fourteen farm bill which aims to help address issues associated with the rising age and decrease the number of US farmers and ranchers. This kind of selfless specifically. The designs did three programs one of them could be keeping training program farm tour including farm business planning financial management they also gang apprenticeships. I'm I'm working farms. According to a news release by the Department of Agriculture the average age of farmers in the US is approaching sixty. That's. Feel more its reporting of the Kansas information network alarm time after his joining a list of celebrities lost this year. Actress Rose Marie was perhaps best known as Sally Rogers on the Dick Van Dyke Show. And Iraq what's my future life. All of wells a group of fellow but he's just talent good enough on Harry yeah. She was also a child star in the 1920s and thirties over the decades she worked with co stars ranging from WC fields to Garfield the cat. And spent fourteen years on the Hollywood Squares. Marie was nominated for three Emmys and received a star on Hollywood's walk of fame in 2001. She passed away in the bad ever Los Angeles area home Marie was 94 years old Tom Graham Fox News. U2 frontman Bob knows his music. Isn't what it used to be. You do is not a has some choice words for today's music telling Rolling Stone that music has gotten very girlie adding hip hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment. And that's not good using his own childhood as an example the rocker added when I was sixteen at a lot of anger in me you need to find places. It's hard it's going on saying the end what is right from the whole range is that they're citing Pearl Jam and The Who as examples. But also to be shattered musicians thanking god at awards shows saying when people on the grammys thank god for song you think god that is a crap song. Don't give god credit for that one should take yourself Michelle Leno Fox News. It's 639 with Stephen said here on KN SS. It is time for the commodities update. Let's check in with Tom Loeffler of littler commodity is good morning Tom. According KM. Well they're being like cattle feeder cattle futures hit early trading network on the backside that they traded and closed on the positive. Besides you life for the that we were made of our cattle complex like gilt future headstrong were closed loop that the speaker cable yesterday there is yet to be any cash cattle trade reported in the eight yard. Lean hog futures traded mixed close spot that yesterday while people we called street it will spin instead of of their contract. On the closed yesterday their cattle dollar according spot higher 12225. Marked beater that it then that 14220. Q deadly dog if he keeps that hired 71 it. Five trading yesterday was mostly negative for the grain and soybean complex that. But the closing of the -- beat only for the Kansas City wheat futures trading appears to be mostly technical there was a lack corporation market moving by the middle do. At the date the market have normal closing time and trading will resume at 8:30 Tuesday morning. At the moment mark Casey went to Africa any lower we're according to a quarter. Mark court battle pitting at 351. Pork belly bean street opinion recorder higher ranked 58 amp that you were crude oil the supporting what accused then hired its eagle six. They were gold the dollar 78 at 12199. Dollars. Market from PL Lebanon amp points higher. At 2697. At a quarter. Courts dollar index of thirty cents lower at two dollar Eva marked as just teachers that 78 point that report out of 75. Per commodity trading break marketing advisory comptek flipper commodity on the overall whipped by using 866 due to tough. Well Tom we're having we're looking at frigid temperatures. This weekend the lows down to bull minus zero. Is is that going to harm any any thing and agriculture around here or to commit the market its stand it. It's honestly not get from wheat crop. You can it would are killed from having these. You know. Freezing temperature below freezing temperatures. Especially when you haven't spoke Everett especially when you have dry soil conditions like we gave. And also when he got to crop but not exactly in great condition. It would have more than ever suspect that you won't be able to determine net till spring comes sort of. Yeah that if if there would be a little bit of snow with this set like you said that might mitigate some of that. That would help a little bit but doesn't look like we get too much to him there. Now now the U are you tightening years these guys he'll be banging pots and pans at midnight Sunday. Are like yeah. I guided to. Remain valid challenges to even make it to midnight. That's exactly right the god of cattle that week you know at while wake up the next morning to figure. Yeah it will be when I've won my eyes open the next morning bind it's here. I heard that's enough celebration for you and me against our crew that are like Tom in the adamant I'll wish you a happy new year in advance. Why having beauty. He hears you and everyone after whistling at work thought he would make to. We've got to have a great weekend stay warm. That is the commodities up they went Tom what blur of a leveler commodities every weekday morning at this time. When Steve intent on 987 and thirteen thirty K in as best. We're just few minutes away from a visit from the money tracker Don grants rebuilding. Your raided this retirement. Donald Phyllis and coming up just a few minutes right here on Stephen today on CNN assess the.