U.S. drone makes historic flight

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 11th
Military drone making its first ever transatlantic flight lands in Gloucestershire.

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Earnings season in the morning Steve back in the fifth Woodward muggy seventy by. At 730. Wichita police captain was found guilty of misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct for confronting a teenage refereeing a youth basketball game. A judge found captain Kevin mayor's guilty Tuesday and sentenced him to six months of probation. He must also pay 450 dollars in fines. Meters has been on leave cents shortly after a video of a January game an August. Appeared to show him going on the court and shoving the seventeen year old female refereed. Earlier testimony Mears said he didn't shy of the refereed. And was just trying to get to his son who was injured but refereed testified Mears ignored her orders to leave the court. Shouting obscenities before he pushed her. Peter's attorney said he plans to appeal the ruling. Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. Today the Wichita City Council considered a request to issue industrial revenue bonds two car deal with these bonds the company plans to build a new 20000 square foot bio diesel plant in north Wichita. Along with a 20000 square foot building for new offices load out its storage. The total project will cost 87 million dollars while the bonds will be worth 38 million. The company won't get a tax abatements and a sales tax exemption mayor Jeff Longwell was excited about Cargill is commitment to the city. We earned. Thrilled that Carville once to invest 87 million and our city and and so anybody that was a step up for the 87 million were happy to. Look at opportunities for him. Cargill I had eight employees would annual salaries ranging from 80000 to 180000. Dollars. But new facility will be constructed near thirteenth and need. Ronnie Price KM assets news. Alert neighbor helped police catch a burglary suspect himself Wichita Monday afternoon police officer Charlie Davidson says investigators made contact with the 41 year old woman. In the 3500 block of south would streets. Reported that officers that she saw an unknown suspect. In her her 65 year old neighbor's vehicle. Which was parked in the driveway. And also. The victims open attached garage and that the suspect had taken items. The suspect then left the area on foot. Aspects stole tools a wallets and paperwork based on the description provided by the witness police were able to apprehend the suspect a few blocks away. At thirty year old man booked into jail for aggravated burglary larceny drug possession and a pair of outstanding Cedric county arrest warrants. But these are what you were a suspect after an aggravated robbery at a Wal-Mart store what effort to Mazen new markets where in north west Wichita. Police officer Davison says this happened late Monday night suspect. Armed with a knife taking money from a 24 year old female employees have pretty good description description that's. Going to be an unknown race a known. Sex individual unknown male or female. 57. Suspect was wearing a great stocking cap black mask with eyes showing. A great short sleeve shirt over a long black sleeve shirt. Black pants. Gray or white shoes. Would suspect also carrying a camouflage duffel bag. President trump is in Europe for a meeting in Belgium with the NATO allies Fox's Greg Palkot reports from Brussels. And crop is making clear that he doesn't feel that most of the other NATO members are pulling their fair share financially any sounds like he's gonna bring it up yeah. Yeah. President from often cites a stated goal that NATO has for each country that is to spend. 2% of their GBP on defense the US pays in over three and a half percent. Most in their defense say they're working towards that goal. One of the under achievers as chancellor Angola miracles Germany that seemed to especially get president's ghost. As it's also Europe's biggest economy does very well trade wise against the US. The president will also be meeting with Russian President Putin on the strip but too many expected to meet in Finland up Monday. Five people have been found dead in a Delaware home. The small town of prices corner Delaware facing tragedy after 42 year old Matthew Edwards allegedly opened fire late Monday killing his wife and three young children. Then taking his own life those children included a six year old boy four year old girl and a three year old boy some neighbors are shocked. I've seen kids playing a couple of days before out. How New York. I am going. Other neighbors have been telling local media that Matthews had problems with his job. Till NATO Fox News. Now look at the forecast with K Anderson a staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning Dan good morning we can expect another quick warmup in which it's always temperatures in the upper ninety's around 97 with plenty of sunshine this afternoon. The clear skies this evening are those 75. Hot again tomorrow with Thursday getting to 98. 98 on Friday I'm KM SS meteorologist and the holidays. Al partly cloudy 75 degrees it was southeast wind at five miles per hour. Seated in the morning here it is 7:36. On Wednesday morning yesterday's high in 96 today hi. 97 tomorrow's like 98 Hibbert on a one degree or no and it's just climbing right up the ladder there that the that the right on Scott Reid and tea. It's hot and Tuesday on here for the next couple days going to or forecasts. Scientists. In Damascus. And begin reconstructing. Ancient sculptures from the city of Elmira and were damaged by Islamic state during the Syria's civil war. The Russian defense ministry says a group of eight experts has started working on the statues and sculptures rescued from Elmira. The ancient city is home to one of the middle east's most spectacular archaeological sites. Many of them were badly damaged by IAS. In 2015. Elmira is a world heritage site protected by the United Nations so cultural agency. So these guys you know not only the bad did it mean and meet. And only bad Dick. Stupid they just don't care act Earth's. The others a lot of hours on the Taliban today and Afghanistan did their ancient treasures there that is. Got rid of them know only grew into him no respect for anybody or anything no it a boost has been released into the Utah called wilderness. After spending several hours. Wandering around the university you talk camp always okay. Well it's taken a stroll yeah. University library spokeswoman Heidi Brett not gonna see that out friends says the moves H robes and meandered around the plaza adjacent to the library early Monday morning. It didn't hurt anyone didn't do any damage now with Willie playing the northern exposure theme but you're tall wildlife manager Riley peck says it didn't wait around 800 pals now. And it probably wandered down the nearby mountains is the registrars offices for a new territory and a wildlife officials that are relocated them loose to the mountains and it ran into the for a pound cake now. The bullwinkle and any go to college he went it and went to tick tock tech in the big game between two tucked taken wasserman wanted money Uga bullwinkle and rocky replaying the football my guess he went to loss of money. Is that set a defines our child of what did rocky and bullwinkle that pretty much out. Today is July. Berets today there I'm tunnel. On this date in 1804 this is one of the more interesting. US history stories peoples a US history but is boring don't forget about it got to be kidding me vice president Aaron Burr more Lee wounded. Former Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton during a pistol duel and more you can Jersey and you think things are heated now Hamilton died the next day apparently there was some sort of an insult. Perceived by air amber if not actual. That Hamilton made some comment about aired her his daughter amber was very close to his dollar. And this guy was considered a rising star Aaron Burr brilliant guy that. His career after being based print kind of went off kilter for that dual Elton was. Dearly loved and respected by many people said this guy is brilliant and of course and a ten dollar bill. And pretty interesting character and he had the the play about opera back anyway. Fascinating story and of course it's not the only president. Who dueled. Jackson dual what terrible times I think actually -- That them other than that we don't do that and on monetary did. Anybody dual get some money yeah. You do get on the money well. Hopefully try to set today let's hope not that our politicians. Officials say the first transatlantic flight play a medium altitude long endurance unmanned its its aircraft. Has lifted off from an aviation park in North Dakota the general atomic aeronautical systems drone Roy you early speed up those words by a mouthful. It's a drone. And it departed from the grand sky park at Grand Forks air force base Tuesday afternoon. The flight will cover about throw more than 3000 miles before landing in the England where the royal air force is holding its Centennial celebration but it has to connect through Atlanta. This is one of those drones achieve you know that can fly around the neighborhood knew. There's this thing is big time this is called the end que no pain be your credit score well thank you M. 38 feet long with a wingspan of 79 feet. Attending drone. Plane recently flew continuously for more than 48 hours or is what power that went. It's it sets up an atomic leaving its atomic argue I don't know. It's gonna go clear across the ocean. 3000 miles. Will have to take any step which is like Lindbergh did. When he flew in 1927 a political play in the spirit of Saint Louis across the Atlantic no bathroom breaks at republic. Did you see I'm sure you've seen the movie. What is it called the spirit sailors sure. The move would Jimmy's Jimmy stormed their insured as Lindbergh flying cross Atlantic fascinating new acres. I cannot think about 1957. On the fifties in and my dad had negotiate immediately Lindbergh was one of his heroes when he was drawn up. If you can imagine they he phoned he flew it like in 27 my dad me about. 67 years on there weren't many bigger celebrities in the world known and that SI joint than Charles Lindbergh yeah he was considered me a huge celebrity. And obviously. It was quite an accomplishment in that date to drop fly across the Atlantic all by yourself. The device the most interesting it's good so. If you wanna see and then the thing I always mention is. When you go to Smithsonian. Institute the big museum in Washington DC the the Aaron aerospace part of it at least it was last summer I was okay. The may have changed it but you're walking in front saying it and there is a spirit of Saint Louis and rang out from the of stealing. Like a kids model air pretty amazing and I walked in there when Shelley and I went to the first and likeness home may. That is impressive but in great part of our nation's history and we get the big drone. Norm across the ocean today. I tapes. 742. Was he contended. Bond money for housing in Wichita dime out of Gilroy and particularly stuff as a stroke held up. In just a couple of editors Stephen tell the morning on Kate in a sense.