The U.S. is facing some rough winter weather

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Wednesday, January 3rd

Guest: Fox News correspondent Jeff Monosso in Chicago, Il.


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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS. We've just cause number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 8 o'clock Pacific came in as a sporting news receiving 1090 thank you so much. Two men are dead in grain elevator accident we've got this story. Wichita police task force help in search for missing woman and her child I'm Dan O'Neill. A sale of shoes in in the shootings I've had what word those details just ahead I'm KM SN's meteorologist at different era morning. A warming trend in the forecast for the next few days and it fits your little brain you're full forecast is coming up. Sedgwick county officials say two people have died after being trapped in the grain elevators south of Wichita the bodies recovered late Tuesday afternoon at the elevator at gavel on grain. Deputy fire chief Larry tang me says emergency crews responded to the site after reports that two workers were trapped. We had multiple units and agencies called to where we can have the correct resources are here to try to gain access to them. It was not clear how the men got into the bin or what caused him to become trapped under twenty to 25 feet of green no names have been released. The Wichita police department is asking for the public's help in locating a missing woman and her son. Police officer Charlie Davidson said in a news release 23 year old Samantha rigs walked away from a family home and around 10 Sunday morning. With her one year old child Matthew. Davidson said the mother is mentally challenged and not capable of taking care of her child without supervision. They may have driven with someone to Manhattan a photo of the woman and her child can be found in the news story on our web page K and assess radio dot com. Anyone with information about their location is asked to call 911 or crime stoppers at 3162672111. Dan O'Neill K and SS news. A 25 year old man from Los Angeles suspected of making a hoax emergency call. That led to a fatal police shooting of a way to Tom and last week as expected to have a hearing as prosecutors seek to have him extradited. The Los Angeles county district attorney's office says prosecutors anticipate filing a fugitive from justice warrant against Tyler barest today the transaction on New Year's Day did not go well for a Wichita man that turned into a highway robbery. At a shooting. Police officer Charlie Davidson says it happened Monday afternoon in the 16100 block of both Emporia. He was selling a pair of shoes. On the offer up. The males say that to a no mammals in their twenties to thirties arrived in a great shipping impala. And during the sale of these shoes one of the suspects brandished firearms. And pointed it at the nineteen year old male victim. During a struggle the victim was shot one time in his shoulder he was hospitalized and has since been released. Police believe they might have to potential suspects identified in this case and they are looking for them. Department of Homeland Security secretary. Cures gen Wilson and Neilson who was in California yesterday she surveying the damage from massive wildfires. I'm pleased to announce that in response to the devastation that the president has declared a major disaster for the counties and insurance Santa Barbara. Which will release the public assistance. This is an important step towards recovery and he was prepared to help communities throughout California. To rebuild. The Thomas fire alone has burned nearly 300000. Acres the senate will start the new year with two November's. A day after Minnesota Democrat Al Franken made his resignation official as replacement will be sworn in Minnesota lieutenant governor Tina Smith was appointed by the governor to fill the vacancy vice president Mike Pence will also swear in Alabama Democrat Doug Jones who arrived here saying children's health care funding is a top priority. There's all the budget issues and all that inflation yes but. I've you know I've I've been harping on that chip program for awhile hoping that can get done. Jones won a special election last month the wind it shrinks the Republican senate majority. To just 51 seats on Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News can Unisys news time now 8044. Minutes past 8 o'clock. A rare occurrence in Lawrence last night in college men's basketball we'll talk about it in sports to hear from coach self. Just a few minutes. Three drive by shootings in Wichita maybe connected that story coming up. On McCain as a sporting news was even dead. They're paying an assist for users to even have now eight point 7:7 minutes after 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning the day of the year. On New Year's night there was gunfire reported minutes apart at three different locations of south Wichita. Police officer Charlie David Jones of. First case involved a drive by shooting at residents in the Tony 400 block of south Mosley. For more than ten shots were fired from white Chrysler and another car driving slowly down the street. There were three people in the house where multiple bullet holes and shell casings were found in the area then. A few minutes later a case not far away along south hydraulic. Officers responded. Again to another drive by a residents in the sixty or block of east Crowley. Upon officers arriving between seven year old male was located inside the residence. With a gunshot wound to his leg and also to a shoulder. If they entered area hospital not life threatening injuries. There were five other adults and a house including a 39 year old man who suffered a minor injury to his head. Multiple bullet holes also found nearby and another house the six people and side including two teenage teenagers and apparently eleven Urals. In a few minutes later officers were alerted about a suspicious character in a Chrysler 300 a firing multiple gunshots in the area near hydraulic MacArthur. Cedric county sheriff's deputies eventually located the stolen Chrysler 332. Year old man in the area was apprehended. Or outstanding arrest for its authorities are still investigating. Trying to determine how these cases might be connected employees of some airlines are reaping the benefits of the tax code overall. American and Southwest Airlines say they're giving their employees thousand dollar bonuses thanks to savings under the recently enacted GOP tax reform plan. Southwest also says it plans to buy more jets from Boeing. While delaying other jet purchases. From Dallas based airline which has been profitable pays cash income taxes. And we'll see immediate benefits from the tax bill signed into law last month. It also says it will donate an extra five million dollars to charities this year. American says it's bonus payout will cost 130 million dollars rich Dennison Fox News. Despite the Cleveland Browns not winning a single football game this season. Some fans will be celebrating brisk McNeal had planned a parade last year the browns had gone on sixteen those plans failed to come to fruition and Cleveland wound up going 115. Well Mick deal will get his parade this time after the browns became the second team in NFL history to achieve that fueled record as you describe the parade route to Cleveland dot com or go. And to process. How around the stadium. One time that parade route forming the number zero the perfect season braid romantic place Saturday around FirstEnergy stadium than anticipated crowd of around 101000 expected to give browns fans a reason to smile on his McNeal says take a shot at ownership in the front office. By the way all money raised by the perfect season parade for the browns will go to the Cleveland food bank met a volatile no Fox News. Can't resist to stand alone eight and timid as stated like you're in a Wednesday morning Heath. And right now in which it's on those gasoline prices still around 229. A gallon on. Seen a couple of places that those prices are coming down a little bit they'll fiftieth street south Broadway to 27. Traffic updates from state and as as radio I'm Jeff chambers. And now the forecast with pianist says stampede urologist Jennifer there aboard a morning Jennifer. Fascinating friends has been coming through the region just to scattered clouds with that terrorists are to kick and a gusty north to northwesterly wind as the day goes on. Funny is sunshine in her high temperature 32. Italy partly cloudy for tonight that low back down to the lady teens sunny and 35 for tomorrow easing back to the low forties on Friday. I'm KM ascent to meteorologist at different era morning. Now partly sunny eighteen degrees northwest wind at seven miles per hour. Coming up on 8110 Stevens in the morning here on Wednesday morning with a high today of 33 units started the warmer in our part of the country with. The entire country. Is as you know for the past couple of their forty's has been. We remembered a cold snap no doubt about it but she's radio's Jeff knows those with us this morning from Chicago. Jeff how's the weather in Chicago this morning. Yeah its coldest duplicates you a sub zero problems are about sixteen balloons you know it feels like. Here in the city of Chicago you the weekend. It's it's pretty brutal lot of people Butler appears as if they even get out today. Give us an overview of the entire country where where's it's a blurb from some of the places where it's really really bad right now. You know you look from from the northern plains doubt in your neck of the woods that you pretty who. Many of us are going throughout come amid weak. When warm up if you can even call it that the force things that turn for the worst for for many rust but you look at the south. For tax system to to Louisiana Alabama Mississippi. Florida. During the insult against notre freeze warning to deal with burst pipes. I'll warming shelters are set up 29 counties now at Georgia state of emergency bridges are closed because of icing. Com am and so it's really problematic if you've got this this this big massive storm that's pushing Dorsey East Coast. That's going to bring a foot or more are expected to pop up into New England. Down to that I noted five quarter down to you know New Jersey. And it and in south of DC area expected smell. It's really be your diary still it's gonna get hit him and on top of attitudes there's just really gators were cold weather you are going to be minus ten minus twenty. Windchill I in New York City this weekend. The web page you look at the south Jeff. And in parts of America in the northeast and even in our neck of the woods we we deal with snow and ice pretty well get down and it in Texas and Louisiana a place like that. There don't have any experience with this kind of weather. Cannabis party a week. As as we thought they would account suicidal whether they don't have necessarily all the resources they have to be shipped in that talking trot so assaults. Sand or that Bryant expected that many states use you know even shovels or regionally even something as simple as like a winter coat. People don't necessarily think that they have to have that kind of stuff and and and in Florida and Alabama in the in in parts of Texas and and so. Does not necessarily Astra harassment story doubted Andy north Texas couple years ago when an ice storm came through it and they've basically they just shut down and stay at home base. They sit out. Because that's really all we can dubious it's too dangerous to get out there now with this in this. Whether that we're experience in many parts of the country you know move it over. I took TO over two dozen states right now to look it up to the weather map. Better and other some sort of advisory warning apps talk about exposure. It's so dangerous. Even at thirty some degrees and Wichita it's dangerous to be exposed to that you won't we needed them to single digits or below have been at the wind chill. To talk about just minutes about that were hypothermia. Really can set in the to there's not just people it's patched. And so it's very dangerous and several deaths many protests that but it. Blamed the cold really separate around the midwest to homeless mass at Saint Louis. Found dead the people of Wisconsin. Showed that the bodies show outsiders signs of hypothermia as well and so. I can't stress enough that you are yourself a broken record this time out here when it comes to hold but it is it's it it can be deadly toll of these warnings to stay inside if you it is unless you have to really should. It was because. All right hey Jeff thanks for spending some time with us this morning Fox News radio shift and also in Chicago yeah I drove I've told this story before my. Early eighties were taking a page has been 81 are used to. And my family had gone to my wife and kids had gone down to her mother's house in Austin. And I was I think it was for Christmas break. And I had to work the final like Friday before from right whatever was and I saw I got off work and drove. Detectives and hit ice about depth. Well the north just north of Denton and Dallas were shut down completely. I drove across Dallas by myself. Practically. And it they did know how to handle so it's scanning equipment did Jeff knows so. But he's ridiculous thing right there in the cells that they don't have you know here in which to a week. Well public works guys we've got Sims and and stuff built up and ready to go. Right every year it's India and says same way in Atlanta. In Nashville on in a disputed. Dusting of snow or ice in Atlanta and it's done and we always have jerked him we were joked that the first time we get some sort of ice. On the roadways in Wichita are drivers have to learn to drive all yeah yeah and scenes that played an Indian I get just the 59000. Wrecks out there but you know the gigolo pretty smooth right now which stop. We'll take it for what it is as we head toward the lower at midweek. First week or any Hala that Alaska Airlines calling an exterminator. After the company says a rat board one of its planes and Oakland international airport in California. And forced to to cancel the flights. The airlines is passengers were boarding the Portland Oregon bound flight Tuesday when the rat jumped the jet jet way onto the plane. And and that is one not a lot that's went seeking out right there has got to be videos. Passengers already on board came off and the plane was taken out of service. Alaska Airlines says it will resume using the plane and professional exterminator certifies. It is rodent free only or can man. The aircraft will also be inspected for any damage obviously. You know if there's a rat run around on there can be to its rule to into the wires now. And the first thing you know you look at that little tiny bottles liquor yeah they're they're missing. The rent in India in the bucket then and if you see this as. You part of yeah I snakes on the plane and now we got rats on the play love it. Alaska Airlines where rodent free. But at the this year. It. Well like to use the end usury tell you the unusual stories you read Stephen did date seventeen it's time for sports we did Woodward and yet as of a pretty unusual story to share this stuff wraps up play but it says. It's it's raiders in the end of. Something happened last night ever happened Texas Tech in college men's basketball had never won a game in Lawrence. Until last night eighteenth ranked Texas Tech visiting tenth ranked Kansas. Jayhawks were favored by seven points but they never were in this game Texas Tech was hot early took a big lead by halftime and jayhawks never able to come back in a quiet. Allen fieldhouse you heard the game last night it was on debate should. Valued out of Baker's dozen McKnight 25 to go still voting time. Rob is right this leads the overall direction yet hopeful America will vote showed up and right now we've seen that before. We saw America can a bottle a few years yet last year against West Virginia but do you have the type of personnel. To turn it on offense. Court. No it didn't happen for the jayhawks last night tech won the game 8573. Texas tech's seventh win in a row their first win ever. In Lawrence they had been oh and seventeen all time on the road at Kansas until that win last night. KUN fact had beaten the red raiders sixteen times in a row overall bad streak comes to an end. The jayhawks had won their home conference opener eleven years in a row of that streak goes by the wayside as well as KU. Never could get the shooting knowing last night over for well from three point range in the second half. And he was getting out rebounded badly. Texas Tech got eighteen offensive rebounds. On their way to pounding the jayhawks by plus fifteen on the board so text I was. Had a revved up in a lot of different areas in case you just never really was able to fight back here's Kansas head coach Bill Self. They were by far the best team they were better coached they were more prepared they were tougher they were faster. You know it it was a beat down. You know it I don't know it's a twelve point game it felt like mourn that to me because we never be cut to six a couple of times and then with them get easy baskets. Coach is looking forward to tonight's case you basketball hawk talk with him coach Bill Self. I'm sure he'll be a better friend mines and should be looking into interesting I'll be looking ahead please. LB 6 o'clock tonight on Sports Radio Kate at age 12:40 AM 975. FM. The college football news Kansas State will not be looking for head coach yet in the state head coach Bill Snyder says will be back for at least one more season. Coach says as long as I'm in good health lawns like make positive impact on the program wanna be coach the coach Snyder will be back. He beat throat cancer within the past year. He is back for his 27. Season now as head coach at Kansas State is already in college football thing. 78 year old Bill Snyder will come back for at least another year K state evening in 1989 when he became the tasty football. In 1989. Yard Notre Dame and working as well as your graduate. I would just graduating college and entering the world Wichita workforce. Known. The Bill Snyder Snyder still still I'm eight and up for it pretty good deal to be back a state we got a little gentle men's basketball tonight Korea Butler community college after the Christmas break back at it at Pratt. Tonight Dennis Higgins club live coverage of the Butler grizzlies at 745 tonight that's right here. On 97 and thirteen thirty K and SS. And I know Leah talked about the jayhawk basketball lost last night but let's flash back to a good jayhawk memory. Ten years ago on this very day. The Orange Bowl college football. Eight ranked Kansas fifth ranked Virginia Tech. And the under head coach mark main genome the jayhawks won that game 2421. For first and only ever win an a BCS bowl game for the jayhawks. They finished that year twelve and one. They ended up ranked number seven in the nation. And as most wins ever for KUNC's twelve and one down gonna challenge. And Jay hawks played in and Orange Bowl late sixties as well. That was the out nineties it's 69 the did not win that when it certainly needed artist that you CBC yes. That if via on the town summit BCS I regret that the team today you had not been in the Orange Bowl in almost forty years on the play that one in that day's humid Bobby Douglas reagans and yet Johnson knows people. There's a couple notable case you Orange Bowl wins over the year but they picked you. Sort of arrangement than in the recent almost ten years ago today that and this being the so the jayhawks won twelve games a year. How many games they want in the ten years since the eleven. Well a 2828. Of since then in the decade since then there averaging two point eight wins per season though. Ten years ago today the jayhawks were a top ten team. And ten years later they're probably a bottom ten out of there not very good evening but we remember the good times from ten years. And case save wildcats commanders on. We should get case now that I always yeah sports Stephen Ted came in as I hate what he tuned out if they for the Hannity morning minutes. Positive development for the trump administration that's coming up Stevens had in the morning on tape and aunts and.