Used cars are flooding the market

Steve & Ted
Thursday, October 12th

Car problems from flood damage may not show up for months.


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Hollywood are absolutely. They're not they don't know what you're talking about. That it could be thirty K and as is needed in the morning six. 473. Big things. Boy Scouts oiled girls and cub scouts and emaciated pit bull left in north Wichita Alley line and Roseville woman in silver alert. Still missing. Three big things David dead on tape and assess. And this morning out in traffic that traffic volume says starting to pick up earning deceased slowdowns. Around the road construction and a 9035 and Kellogg in this area but that's. Traffic just getting heavy in that area and slowing things down. Second they gave it its radio on and get cheaper. Sunny today with a high of eighty degrees quite a bit warmer than yesterday. From the highway 67. Mostly clear tonight fueling those 61 and then Friday sunny tomorrow signs 84. Now affairs guys southeasterly to ten miles per hour 51 degrees pep band Jack's new fall line of aunt has arrived at. Fresh new look for everyone left and Ben Jack's put you in the perfect casts. At the clock tower in the late bill have been dec 601. West Douglas. 648 now Stephen gender Stephen debt which suffered dot com poll. Found on our web page it is his radio dot com go and click on air in and take the old today. They have an interesting point and question about how we yeah. Don Brandt you need the money they don't use here this morning smooth spirited three choices of how they're stacking them. How do you celebrate Halloween. I go all land buying costumes putting up decorations candy entered trading or go to the post or to host a party 18%. I have fun with it by some candy for trigger traders take the key is for trick or treating making cuts in more Wear and Olin 36% there and 45%. Nearly half say. Bah humbug who doesn't turn off the porch light and lock the door. Isn't isn't Halloween like the second. Biggest consuming Holliday to second Christmas imagine. Europe and my second or third I read. Our own money on now he's no Don I'm 45%. Lie and 45% to not gonna do anything. You know and I about a big celebrated its commodity and a little fun can't it means. Did something well you know you do it 365. Arming you pretty much scare everybody. I have a good time and he did I'd trying to I don't think you got it to an end to frighten any. Yeah but she dues are naturally relate you are you frightened by me right now. Yeah there a reason you should days scare me your bigger than me you're smarter to me good point you know OK you don't scare me you have some sort of a terrible. Psychological complex. I'll like mess that was his idea and Alabama fire department is fighting a different kind of battle after two firefighters. Were bitten by poisonous spiders. Well. Captain frank McKenzie of Huntsville fire rescues as two firefighters working of the department station seventeen. Have been bitten by brown recluse spiders as serious they probably didn't check their boots at the London then make your flesh. Deteriorate because I've I've had one of those on what really mean. Police say the agency has moved fire crews there equipment. And personal items to another station and the station was sprayed for pest I do not like fighters. Don't laugh outlaws director snakes in May be controversial but I don't like spiders. Banner that where you want to don't usually think of the brown recluse in California. You don't you on the album comes around this part of the another area well this is an Alabama. On platelets and tell them yeah I'll LA lower Alabama. Stock indexes drifted back to record highs Wednesday as investors got ready for another round of corporate reports to begin technology. Health care and household goods company all rose. That health care site you know. Yeah with to a trickle down you know BS and 500 rose over four points the Dow climbed 42. And the NASDAQ closed up sixteen points all three closed at record highs. Where is the top on this thing. I ticks volley 51 it was Stephen to Ed used cars flooding. The markets is Don grants GOP the monitor record dot. Well yes and a picture actor and. Oh way okay you remember oh wait no two antennas and hate at. A friend of my about a beautiful black used Lexus he got phenomenal deal on a month later marched lights started flickering. Replacing wiring costs about thousand box and I hid the electric windows and sunroof stopped working. That cost them the 250 is mechanic found corrosion in the floorboards and concluded that this was a flood vehicle he was sold to salvage car. Pulled from Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. And the seller wasn't honest about its history oh boy well the National Consumer Law Center reports that hurricane Harvey alone. Damage from 500 to one million. Cars 500000. To one million car while some are not reported. They well have no record flood damage they may be sold as having a clear title. And that's just from Harvey think about the vehicles damaged in hurricanes Irma and Maria. The consumer loss and her class sites that the fact that most cars are rolling computers and water damage will create significant damage. To those systems and problems may not show up for several months or even years. If you're buying a used car checked the car his report that will cite any flood damage of salvaged tightly now that's not all many. Rosters will sell a car before the salvage title appears on the record. Or they will hire title watchers who move vehicles through states were idling laws are much more lax. Flood cars that have dangerous bacteria that is virtually impossible to remove you smell it you well smell it. What cars may have safety features like air bags and computerized braking systems that are damaged beyond repair. Check for dirt and mud stains carpeting in seats in the NN in the glove boxes look at the ashtrays and other compartments. That may have mold or indications of dirty water. Moving seats. Crunching when you move the seats are for as well that may mean that standard dirt or any traction in the motors. Check all power windows wipers locks and AC to ensure they work. But keep in mind the problems may not surface for months or even years after you purchase vehicles we've just got to really be where you're looking for a vehicle for your kid or feared a new one a new used car for yourself and course every question you give me call a number 6342. Two to tune into what they've always said about it you're gonna buy any used pre owned vehicles. Take it you're trusted mechanic eleven look at yeah Ehrlich and over yes that aren't the you know. Will they catch this kind of thing well it it depends I mean the have to have a good Annika knows how to get underneath and knows what look what the lower court and you had a good listener and ask you what do you look for Yangon. It looks like ramadi and kinda I don't. Jad don't don't just some some relatives who who will buy cars that are that have been in racks and are clearly salvage title. You know don't they rebuild them and then and then resell them and that's right yeah you'd do you think they're dealing with a in the flood cars or do they not touch those. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't touch it yeah oh yeah like Harry it's avenue it looks like it's gonna be little okay looks in great shape but that trivia bonnet but your friend's got a lot of elections yeah yeah he got a great deal is bragging about the deal religion card just didn't work too good exactly all right. Today is national savings day. I would national farmers day it is the Nikkei two different days. I was national adult film today are also Thursday national saving farmers day that he had saving others say Bayside those who value the active state union. To provide simple steps to show getting started isn't as difficult as it makes any note just put it away on. It is nothing more exciting and saving money audio. It is exciting when you get to the point when you needed. Yeah then you'll be excited you saved it lime here's what can build a savings account exact thank you gentlemen as always thank you 650 are at now Stephen dead it. Coming up at 7 o'clock to Kansas this morning news even to the complete look at today's huge girls will be allowed in the cub scouts. The head of the morning on tea SS.