Valentine's Day customs around the world

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Wednesday, February 14th

Guest: Fox News correspondent Tonya J. Powers in New York


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news today at SS Wichita is number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. The clock issues they came in as this morning is this even dead ninety Macintosh. And scheduled excitement definitely diversity council meeting we've got the story. And this as a new lieutenant governor I'm it would work those details are just ahead on campus bill would open access to police body camera video. I'm Dan O'Neill. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. You might fall in love with the weather on this Valentine's Day we'll be very warm this afternoon we'll talk about how long that lasts and what to expect coming up in the forecast. Tempers flared at the Wichita City Council meeting during the public digital portion of Tuesday's Wichita city. Council meeting the atmosphere got heated when passer teenage girls from Wichita city church spoke out its support the Wichita police department. This was after which it since Robin all error and Brenda fields had voiced our concerns about recent WPD shootings. He had poured gas on the floor. Excuse me Clinton not Jean genie. Folks please be respectful. No one is yelling when you're at the podium. Every one is respectful of your opportunity come and share with this bottom. Republicans did a portion of City Council meetings has been highlighted in recent weeks with citizens speaking out against police shootings here the city. Ronnie Price KN SS news. A Kansas. House committee is considering a bill that would carry stronger penalties for making false calls to 911 dispatchers. A slotting call sent police to Wichita home recently. An innocent man was shot and killed by police. Representative John Carmichael which he talked cosponsor of the bill tells Kate and SS news. A year ago on force and chances to realize that there probably swapping and so we made a minor modifications. Statute then and what we're trying. To do now is more precisely aren't prime. So it recovers inning and spends on someone communicate. Balls ul or emergency services whether that stadium answer our league sort of. Kansas governor Jeff collier has picked 41 year old Tracy man to serve as the State's next lieutenant governor. The governor announces appointment during it Kansas livestock association dinner in Topeka. Man tells KS and news he's extremely grateful for the opportunity. I can't wait to serve first it is lieutenant governor and really talk about the issues that matter which are jobs. In growing the economy helping agriculture to do better. Man is a commercial real estate broker and farmer from Salina. Ahead of the visit by both he and the governor to Wichita to tour the kargil innovation center and speak with the employees. A Kansas Senate Committees considering a bill to improve access to audio and video recordings. From police body and vehicle can. Morsel Lawrence journal world reports the bill would require law enforcement to produce within 24 hours. Recordings to the personal videos close family members and attorneys. Current state law requires police provide the recordings to the subject their parents of the person as a miner that person's attorney or the persons heir of the subject nine. Several law enforcement organizations spoke against the bill Dan O'Neill and SS. News the number of separate shootings in New Orleans while Mardi Gras celebrations occurred on Schroeder's Tuesday amendments. Shot in the head later died at the hospital police commander Paul Molex planes how the shooting started. Around 315. This afternoon a fight broke out when you mean streak between one to let the saint Charles quite often Frey wrote during that fight so my discharge of viral shovel time. A second person was shot in the leg in Lower Ninth Ward two people were killed in a different shootings. The White House continues to face questions about former staffer. Rob Porter. The White House claims the background check into one of its former staffers accused of hitting his ex wives had been ongoing. However the FBI director appear to contradict that timeline. The FBI. Submitted. A partial report on the investigation and question in March. And then a completed background investigation in late July. Director Christopher Wray is well at the other chiefs of the intelligence community spoke before this senate Intel committee. To get updates on global threats from North Korea to China and Russia. The chiefs unanimously said they believed to Russia had to medal in the 2016 election. And would try again. In Washington Lauren Blanchard Fox News. Unisys news time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Road action last night with the Kansas men's basketball team and the road contest tonight for Kansas State. We'll have highlights previous saw coming up in sports a few minutes fast food chains have been gearing up for Valentine's Day that story coming up. On the case NSA or sporting news was the detail that. Keteyian has this morning users Stephens are now 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock. On Valentine's Day. Applebee's has temporarily closed a Missouri restaurant and fired three employees accused of falsely accusing to black women of dining and dancing. Applebee's said in the statement that it doesn't tolerate racism bigotry or harassment. The statement said it was closing the restaurant in the independence center shopping mall so employees can regroup learn and grow. Fast food chains have been gearing up for saint Valentine's Day. White castle KFC and other fast food places trying to lure sweetheart for sliders Fries and fried chicken on Valentine's Day white castle less than offering reservations on Valentine's Day for nearly thirty years expect to surpass the 20000 people they serve last year Panera Bread wants couples to getting gazed at its cafes those who do could wind catering for the wedding from the restaurant KFC is heading up scratch and sniff Valentine's Day cards that give off a fried chicken a drama Lisa let's Barack. Fox News Southwest Airlines is slapped with a lawsuit for booting an American citizen off a flight. After he had been heard speaking in Arabic I ruled the Mac zooming is an American citizen having come to the US is an Iraqi refugee. He says and 2016 he was taken office southwest plane in Los Angeles. After another passenger got nervous hearing Macs in me speaking Arabic on a cell phone. Tuesday he filed a lawsuit against southwest claiming civil rights violations discrimination and emotional distress stemming from Islam phobia. Maxim he says he was talking to his uncle on the phone after attending a dinner featuring United Nations Secretary General banking loan chill NATO Fox News. It is just use time now 7-Eleven 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. And watch out we have a traffic accident this is northbound rock road right around thirteenth. We have some foggy conditions here in Wichita this morning. Visibility and issue out there traffic update on tape and assess radio on Jad chambers now McCain is and storm tracker three forecast with. Kansas today meteorologist. Laura band and good morning Laura. Out and happy Valentine's Day and I notice you have that on. You're wearing a red dress this morning on on TV right action aimed at beard it I'd like. Right you know this iPad and here are. On the right. Hey but tallied in at the body can dish it out there this morning got to Italy is not I've my outfit they get blow out there and you did that it. Would mild out any current temperature that forty Q&A. Warm up nicely put this afternoon but don't let those on the bout the ride this morning are you lot will clear out at the head in that day hike it would stop seventy degrees now easily and I wanted there in quite some type. Even warmer tomorrow when that at her height seventy sport that I culture at spring weather before winter return bout Friday that weekend looks at cat. That he played act is sixty. So you know one day for them whether on Friday backed a winner on Friday and back Saturday up again you think. Well. I'll Friday. Events to. Act right. So that I today and reflect. All right are you. Crazy but thank you Arctic is and storm tracker report yes. With Kansas today meteorologist Laura band 712 seed and 2 in the morning. On 97 and thirteen thirty K in this Valentine's Day. Take a look at some balanced and Tuesday traditions from around the world Fox News radio's Tonya. Sell his does everybody around the world give cards and flowers there and there are some things they do. Yeah there's a lot of different things that they do come by the way I would take around and near seventy degree high yeah really it was. It's like you knew what what's it like to New York this morning Tony get 37. It can only get about a degree about that at the content and did and yet. So you're seventy years. Applicant tree to get their enjoyed that Tom there's a lot of the first time a little bit about how talent and they came out. These couple different period one is that the first Valentine's Day card by the way originated in grants that but when the duke of Orleans. And the Butler to his wife while he was imprisoned in 1415 that the parent and I got started. By the way did you know bad Allan they've not the biggest card giving holiday. That will be Thursday. Christmas. Since I know John King apparently it's Christmas all the Christmas cards to but that's that's that that went. In South Korea Valentine days a popular holiday for young couple there of course picket in Olympic gold around this year yeah com. There are rare variations of the holiday they celebrate them. Monthly from February through April which I think it's a great idealist drag the yeah big gift giving starts today on the fourteenth when it's up to women to win there meant it would chocolate candies and flowers. It did not marched for our fourteenth. They nowadays it's if the different media men shower their sweetheart the talk with the flowers and yes. And if you don't have a whole lot celebration meter says days there's a third win. Called black day on April 14 it's customary for singles to mourn their solitary status by eating. Dark old black bean paste in the. Sounds yummy. In other option. You know she'll sit around loose and what are you prefer. As and I. Now the balance on today's birthday cake because my daughter was born count. Well today though. It's it's always bell and by the way shout out to all of the talent and their babies to you know get overshadowed what birthday and Valentine's if he's ever tried to take them when Alfred their birth stay on balance and I know you're no. Just do a lot. But you did you visit the is a person involved in some sort of relation Babbitt to go there the dynamite. Not a nightmares as a cash app so what today and he got wondered why he got a one more force to tell us some some great conscience and. Couple other little statistic does take a little bit. Where it did have got all I've. List you all know what it. Experiential. Gift are on the rise to hear if you get right up there or are okay wait it now I'm pain I added it is common. And here you know thinking of what you can get for guest roughly percent of. And consumers laster told The National Retail Federation they wanted they had experienced gift like tickets to concert or to do clinic. Activity or something like that went there with their Valentine okay. The speed that they are not real good at 40% of the people who want these are gonna actually get them but Italy 2.4 percent plan to get points. So just and to to California the Mets you want to do something different that might be different. Okay. About. I'm thinking about militants to regular card fight on the card wrecked today I'm going to be able final. All uniter we step at a gas station rose for a year so I wouldn't do that. You know there's get creative is a bit right. The right hand in hand now furiously at there's a lot of to be said for that you have to go all out you know. And you don't but Tanya I've been married 48 years I think you'll just get it. At. I think Tampa. Yeah bless her heart yeah guess what. We get up I guess you'll got from that I got a war is like a warm spot the dog house I'll be out there and enjoyed it. Right yeah yeah. Thank you died appreciate your time the story Fox News radio on it to eight hours a New York Valentine's. Traditions around the world not much. Different and other places course warming temperatures across Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature yesterday 57 degrees. Normal high is 48. We did not record a win guests. Yesterday Ted at 32 miles per hour so globe a little bit breezy as visible blustery out sooner or experiential. Experiential gifts yeah do something don't we have a home women's basketball game. Yeah they got a Coke arena tonight that's right you can you can take your significant other to the women's basketball game and get on the casket and CEO exactly. That's what you gotta be up at the women's fare coming up this week and it tickets to that and by the way in the N o'clock arrogant to more tennis. There. Bela just instant sports Ted Woodward was sports this morning which Stephen Ted talk about. Jayhawk basketball take on Iowa State last night. On the road in Ames thirteenth ranked Kansas got off to a slow shooting start and boy they picked it up after halftime shocks in the cyclones last night. Kansas shooting 62%. From the field in the second half. You heard the game last night live on KM H. Or have a close up. Honestly picks up the good replied coolly few seconds courses up with the Braves. It's the only doom and shoot super crowd a bit but should help your favorite copilot of a close. Kansas winzip 8377. The final score is the jayhawks picked up the win in Ames. As Kansas gets its first regular season sweep of the cyclones in four years all five K you starters in double figures one of the stars of the night only Newman. They did make it out of these reload her spirit abroad haven't and yet I think I anybody beat this drug that duke spirit of both do because they do do we get booted it. We have been thought that we it was a day that they will be doing great stuff. The other start of jayhawks last night we don't pay as bouquet nineteen points. On nine of ten shooting from the field in only missed one shot at a time carrying out Iowa State obviously. Could not find a way to stop him after the game Kansas head coach Bill Self. Lot of things we gotta we we still got to tighten up without that that was a big win in a tough place. You know and and played a team that's obviously played very well at home haven't beat. MB oh you West Virginia and Texas Tech by double figures in us to come up here and play like dad really proud of our guys. Kansas record on the year is now twenty and 620. Wins for the jayhawks for the 29. Consecutive season. As they continue to extend it longest in current NCAA record. Kansas still holding on to second place in the Big 12 Conference just game behind Texas Tech with a road win last night they'll talk about it tonight. On K you basketball hawk talk with head coach Bill Self 6 o'clock tonight. On Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 97 I have a FM. Men's basketball watching tonight for Kansas State the wildcats are on the road going down to Stillwater to take on Oklahoma State. The wildcats are still all alone in fourth place in the Big 12 Conference that they have dropped three of their last four games. K state is a three and a half point underdog going on the road tonight. Stillwater has not been kind to the wildcats in recent years Kansas State has lost fifteen of its last seventeen trips down to Stillwater. LB 7 o'clock tip off tonight. Nationally televised on ESP NU. College women's basketball tonight 7 o'clock game at Coke arena for the shocker women only too long games to go with a shocker ladies are hosting the temple owls tonight. Temple making its first visit ever into Wichita. And put a shocker that third annual play for Kay pink game this shocker fully wearing pink uniforms tonight. And a portion of every ticket purchased will be donated to the Kay Yow fund a supporting breast cancer research that's tonight echo arena. Ju co men's basketball tonight for Butler community college grizzlies are on the road at cloud it Dennis Higgins level lives. Coverage beginning at 7:45. This evening and it's right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K and that's asks. And happy birthday today to a guided. Used to these sports in this town has moved on to news Jeff Herndon over at AS and channel three I. Co hosted a morning sports show with Jeff turned them long long ago. Yeah you Brit basically taught him everything he knows about broadcasting. And now made a nice career out he's he's worked in Chicago onions these yeah he's here you know he's big news guy and I'm you know it's still here having good authority that he listens every morning. Stevenson well we hope so happy birthday today I have a birthday to Jeff turned it over their channel three good guy I'm known for a long time. Happy birthday Jeff he's one of those saint Valentine's Day babies we're just talking there you go here he's doubled it today exactly. There you go that sports was even today indicate an essay it's time for the prairie fire coffee break here on K and as ass. Very tired coffee's the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because very tired coffee beans are roasted it. Fresh right here in Wichita and you can get very fired golfer to draw office just like Stephen Ted by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com all right 722 now committed for Rush Limbaugh morning update things are looking up formal ideals of life. Think it says the morning on tape and assess.