Vegetables, Spice, Wine, & Everything Nice

The Good Life
Saturday, August 5th
Guy wraps up his visit with Deepa Thomas as the two converse about spices, vegetables, and the perfect wine matches to go with her recipes.

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It's a lot. My guest today deepest Thomas says put together a really cool book deepest secrets and that's it's I've said that word fifa U. You gotta explain that although little secrets and blue that are in the book that's a great great idea and specially in the from the book when you're just tartan thumb through and and learned some things you've include a lot of helpful hints. Well it was intentional because I didn't know these things and I was starting to. Jenny are mine and that's an international culinary. Education. And though. In order to attempt earlier this actually buy the book and support food court. And that's what I could would it be okay if I gave away if you autograph books who would lift those who called in you whatever you decide that. Absolutely. Our net us we will do that if. But I think there's and attempt color. And if you Luke gave me that name and aggressive but be happy to autograph. And ship off to them. Because I think it's important. To. If you look at this book particularly no matter what I say. A journey of five years that it took me it is actually documented. And think about you know if I'm really starting to cook in America. What what I want to know and that's however approach that he quit. Four and has. You know what you do with fresh ginger if you've been buying perished in. That he's given a good grub you don't. Have to create the skin off. All the nutrients are in the in the amount is that that the did it looks old and tired yeah you might have to pick it up. But that's about it because. Go ahead and seat by peeled garlic and don't believe though that things you don't have to do. But keep the few minutes to organize your pantry. You'll fridge. When you need to have on hand to come home in the evening. And without. A dinner backbone of the approach I took. To documenting what I did not just to get. My husband off of it than both of our news wait. It'd delicious way but chances. Especially with my friends and family and now. Worth it to match. If I could sit there and my magic finishing by on page 28. And it can. Good humor and a liar and therefore increase in code chopped the which is sprinkled. On feet food in India but it has dried mango powder in it you can get a look anywhere and especially on the line or your nearest Indian grocery store. And it has all by it has little trying and so basic that all up. You can sprinkle a tentative on a valid Gil making. 4 o'clock moaning you about the in addition to my recipes so I was thinking about how work is seen. And borderless. Cooking. Is taking hold of our lives really we don't know where one to CNN in another documenting that the great thing. Moment you're talking and implement through it again scratch and sniff would be so good. I'm on page when they need to look at it chopped up lamb chops. That's what David oh man. Where were going out to dinner tonight that this may be on the menu this week lower. Down there on the lake. It's so interesting to see. How you've incorporated. And so my favorite Indian foods and then. Look at the recipe and there's not a lot of things in there that are that. Healthy and am particularly captivated by some of the soup to put together and of course the vegetable selection because the Indian vegetables something is sumo you're you're. Your your Brussels sprouts recipe for example. In this beautiful current motivation on halves of Brussels sprouts it and just really cool stuff but. Can't wait to see I think what you've done with donating the profits of food core is a wonderful thing. But yeah I don't matter and I need. It's my royalty I don't have control of all the profit of attack or to anybody else. Yeah and it lets you think you're doing a great thing in and out honestly. I think this book has James Beard award written all over an affront. And you know my name is can't do it on that he is a point in my life where if I can give back. Put all of the incredible opportunity to have had here. In my American life it would be. So much. What what is the Jenny was conflicted many points in the loop in my life. But I. Taken every opportunity to land and I want to share this with gill in this. And and beyond bill. I can tell you how great land that you put me on this being a wonderful show and attend. Attempt of wine countries coming. Oh what. The reasoning. You know damning in and goes days. Would be my top panic and then feeling that it could be there. Yet it right at Indian cuisine to me and and I like spies and and I love chilies and an innate cool refreshing. Off dry riesling is the perfect match for me is. We'll look at I have to thank you for let me in major your morning out in San Francisco I hope your weekend is pleasant. I wish you great success with the book and I will do my best to make sure like if that you've made my Christmas shopping audience a year. Thank you I am so grateful. And anytime you have a question and I'd love to hear from the yacht you've got cooking for my book. Okay and now we're gonna give away yeah you don't get it CNET Korea. You know I'll do that will will take it will take two callers let's call a caller number five and caller number ten max's stand in their by the phone. Deep well I will bid you fond farewell while he answered the phone will take another quick break we'll be back with the wines of the week or so.