A very bad neighbor in Nebraska

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, June 20th
Omaha man imprisoned after sending prostitutes to his neighbor's property.

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Good morning 6 o'clock news. It's just more. These packets. Apparently mostly cloudy 64 degrees you have about it and the degree drop in temperature. In the past couple hours here in Wichita. Man for metal radio is dead after a motorcycle accident Wednesday afternoon and night to 35 of MacArthur in southwest Wichita. A Highway Patrol force the driver lost control. The motorcycle and ran into a ditch. The patrol identifies the dead man is 41 year old David Alan Cooke of Eldorado. Police arrested a man in connection with a shooting Tuesday evening at 21 and friends in northeast Wichita. Police say a thirty year old victim was shot once in the chest and was hospitalized in critical condition but it's also had businesses and vehicles in the area. The first steps to improving in which a thousand north junction took place Tuesday. The north junction interchange is nearly fifty years old and can't handle the current traffic demands of almost 100000 vehicles per day. K dot has hired PEC to develop plans for alleviating the most congested routes. Northbound I won 35 to westbound I 235 K 96. And southbound I won 35 to east on K 254. There's currently no funding for right of way acquisition final design or construction mayor Jeff Long well stressed the importance of this project. That's critically important in the whole region and that's why I think it's important for us to team with the county. The city will initially covered the 86000 dollar cost a higher PEC and request reimbursement from Cedric county perhaps of that amount. Rodney prize KN OSS news. Why is spread flooding is to blame for a 75 year old man's death in Wisconsin. Flash flooding left Rosen businesses damaged causing dozens of sink holes and making traveling a nightmare for commuters. Fox's Mike Tobin has more. At least seven inches fell on Michigan's upper peninsula setting a new record and in areas of Minnesota a stationary storm front produce torrential rainfall. Damaging several major highways local officials aren't out touring the damage promising a quick recovery as tourist season wraps up but they're more caught off guard by the fast rising water and the area suffered major damage that won't be easy to repair many say they've never seen flooding like this before. And they're anxious to start the rebuild. The body of the 75 year old man was found near his pickup truck by a flooded road and Ashland county Wisconsin. President trump has given his okay to a Republican immigration bill that would end a policy of separating families after illegal border crossings in anything meeting we. House Republicans president trump endorsed a consensus measure two bridge divides between moderates and conservatives. There's 25 billion dollars for border wall and legal status for young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children and children would stay with their parents during immigration proceedings. I think the president's. Visit today didn't they encourage house Republicans to do. War towards getting legislation passes. Florida Republican Carlos cabello was a sponsor Democrats say legislation is not needed for the president to reverse a zero tolerance policy blame for family separations. On Capitol Hill Jared Halpern Fox News. Kansas governor Jeff collier has tonight 21 requests for pardons and highlighted his decisions. When the news conference focusing on a case involving a pregnant teenage girl's murder in 2006. All your announced his actions Tuesday during an event outside the Cedric county courthouse. One request denied by collier came from Everett gentry. Was among three men serving life sentences in connection with a strangulation a fourteen year old it's as Chelsea Brooks. And assess deuce. I'm now 604. Foreman and spent 6 o'clock. 9713. Thirty caved in and says 609 now. 9 minutes past 6 o'clock. And that you might see some slippery spots on the roadways out there are a little bit wet really not getting out. All that much in terms of rain that could see a little this morning out there other than that traffic conditions look pretty good gasoline prices continued to. Faults just a little bit by a little bit best I'm seeing out there right now. 259 but that Natal in west traffic updates from K and it says radio on catches us. And now the forecast McCain and his his staff. Meteorologist Dan holidays devoting denizens. Good morning a line of thunderstorms rolled through Wichita and south central Kansas overnight. There are few showers may continue forest until about noon time the hi this afternoon and maybe he's a cool front moves through tonight partly cloudy 66. Windy tomorrow with a high 83. I'm Kayla says meteorologist Dan holidays almost entirely 65 degrees and in the southwest wind. At seven miles per hour. Another warm day across Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature was 93. The normal high for the date 88. Talk about the storms that have been building across the states. Generally from east to west traveling a little bit from west to east that is coming a little bit to the north there's a line of showers. The go clear up to a Manhattan and down through Hutchinson and down the medicine lodge in its own kind of moving him just parallel the Kansas turnpike moving to the northeast. And earlier this morning. Another system came through the Wichita area we got him very light rain here apparently just left the what the pavement. At the moment this giant area out. But on years almost all of riddled county is now getting rain yeah. Almost all of Kingman county is now getting rain but nothing's gone Wichita and Cedric county and not much in Sumner to the south. The release of the southwest into the moved north. And and all these. To match and it doesn't seem like any of this that's going on right now has as much power doesn't seem to her severe. When I got here at midnight. The storms were still back in pony Edwards county may be getting into that getting towards Stafford county. And there was still some real power in those storms right around midnight to end. By the time they got over here and there wasn't much left Jewish triggering some severe thunderstorm warnings just 5060 miles to the west of here. And then all of a sudden bang it just suitable collapsed and. And now this area that we're seeing is just looks like light to moderate the rain showers we're not looking at any watches or warnings right now. And if Wichita if this thing contract just. If it comes to yeah gratefully sets them straight east would get a nice rain here and what should I say Henry county and our friends and Butler county Butler county just driest and they are right now. While de anyways it's one of those selective. Range systems that may or may not hit Wichita we're thinking. We got our fingers crossed this morning would keep an eye out for it they what's going on I am gonna state and glad to strong part of it didn't get here there was some there was some real damage and some of that an heiress. Re election and in the past couple hours a temperature in which does dropped about ten degrees or more so and I know it's it's a pretty pleasant out there this morning if you're gonna get out and take a walker used to sit on the front porch have a cup coffee business. If it should be really nice for that this morning. If there's a little morning's we've had recently rated you just muggy and ugly out there. Today's Wednesday June 20 Tony eighteen on the state in 1967 boxer Mohammed Ali was convicted in Houston violating selective service laws by refusing to be drafted. And was sentenced to five years in prison. Ali's conviction was ultimately overturned by the US Supreme Court. And when he. When all the frankly. And I'm now what the 1716 years old when this happened seventeen yes. When he refused to step forward I thought me. Does anybody want a service you know if he doesn't want tyranny doesn't have to be just anybody wanna go into this this Vietnam thing. All of my friends in the classmates did and I I did not but I think that would behind lowly. Said no to it I think it really influenced a lot of young men in this country. Two not have a very now some of the many of them had already were worried about the draft but I think of influence a lot of young people. In his. And in his refusal to to see her picture ended. A west Omaha man imprisoned for sending prostitutes dozens of times. To strip on a neighbor's porch. Incentives for possessing child pornography what a surprise. Records say 46 year old Douglas Goldsberry was given six years in prison. In US district court noble all colds very had pleaded no contest in September to pandering. Authority Goldsberry hired prostitutes to bear their breasts and strip on his neighbor's porch. Well Goldsberry watched from his house. Include this is a sick boy. The family with two small children reported that women had shown up as many as 75. Times since Tony their Dana Reeve. Investigators of that case found the porn on two of gold varies digital devices risk that it that is a week I think I've got a couple of strange neighbors that they. I got nothing like that can you imagine 75 times over a couple of years and they get to kids in there. Well that is weird. That's bad neighbor. That's of the century award the the poster boy persona bad neighbor. A Dunkin' Donuts shop in Baltimore lone goal no longer offering customers coupons. If they report workers shouting in foreign languages to management. The Baltimore Sun reports the site in the store on west 41 street was removed after it created quite a stir on social media. A photo of the sign was posted Monday on Twitter. By a displeased customer it read if you hear any of our staff shouting in a language other than English. Please call immediately with the name of the employee to receive a coupon a free coffee and a pastry. In a statement Duggan noted said a general manager of the shop posted the sign based on her personal judgment. Franchise owner thought the side was appropriate and had it removed. Apparently is store manager. Has some employees working there who have been shouting at her in a Portland equal or a customer yet I don't. It's it's a strange story. Any any of our staff shouting in line now. And where is that that was in the Baltimore on cash. That interest him the very distinct story at a Baltimore. That just to ever run into any rude behavior dunk condones or have these employees shouting abuse and or not from employees now. Usually be in everybody's very will be needed there. New York City is in the midst of a plumbing repair job of monumental proportions. Hard at worst are hard at workers are toiling deep underground 55 stories beneath the Hudson River. To eliminate gushing leaks in an eighteen Tuttle. The Terry's head of the city's water supply over 85 miles from the cat skill Melvin reservoirs once again need the key. Fraser 55. Stories at home underneath the ground which you big BF they have a big on might not make this tunnel in the first place. Using a so horrible space rocket size borer. They're carving through solid rocket to create a 2.5 mile bypass. A little around the worst obliques. When they finished the one billion dollar tumbled 20/20 two of the entire Delaware aqueduct will be shut down for monster. To prepare for the diversion probably that underwrite New Yorkers turning on their faucets will never even noticed. That is an amazing story you can even fathom the infrastructure that exists in places like New York City and now. The pipes out things that are going on underground and and that if restrictions wind and in places that have been around for hundreds and hundred of years what kind of crummy infrastructure there is underneath all of that's an amazing story of engineering union for our Internet. And done just see in this the AP just reporting Maceda at a out of via the a big story. Media and jumping out of if you need some way to go down there and get pictures I don't know man. But it looks like you know and again this is the biggest city in America addressing what so many cities around the country are Annette how are we gonna get water. Yeah are going to be good good water. For the futures and helps keep and keep those keep those Taft Rudman. In the and it just one of many cities who were dealing of that situation that's great that's a concern. They're very interesting story don't have a town if you don't have water supply that's exactly right Monday I look at these I like that you know like old western movies. And now you look at the and they have a towns that are built right in the middle of a desert. And you think you know obviously there's no water supplier or anything c'mon guys presents Hollywood you don't need you don't water supply directive you know western town. If you're in Dodge City who puts abounds in the background right anyway at six AT apple Stephen dead here on Wednesday morning listing. Oddly enough sports to tip over talk about the the royals and the wing nuts in action last night. Out of Kansas City Royals taken on the Texas Rangers last night were towards the end of the long homestand for the royals but. Pretty much the same story night after night the royals offense can't get the job done the other team picks up a victory. Last night another case in point the royals right away in the first inning at a pretty decent chance to score and take the lead early on you heard the game on K if they should. Royals must avoided double play here. Feel well and double play ball short track second base run first base to. That's the story of the homestand this not this season. The double play anyway the royals off the scoreboard in the first inning change the Rangers went on to win the game Florida won some comments after the game from royals manager Nady. Yost you know I mean it is coming on this I don't how many times we've talked about that the yeah. Yeah I wanna say we've hit into. Or 76 double player of the year eminence 73 something crazy it's isn't just boggles your mind that. You know that this happens to me it's. Do they tell you what's wrong Andre every one of those guys trying to fool fool everyone and tried to the ball all the par. If they sure there's lingo up the middle they would have to rob I'm I'm that Saddam didn't. They're desperate think they want to Vegas now and it's human nature but they just need to shorten up placing small. Mouth the royals have lost eight in a row. I'm sure you know something about it. Lost fourteen of fifteen as well I the royals are now 22 and 51. This season. That is the worst in franchise history at this point polio. Royals and the Rangers play again tonight to wrap up the homestand that game he used live coverage starting at 630 tonight teams start at 715. Listen on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Pro baseball last night downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium wing nuts for the opening of very brief three game homestand against the Sioux Falls canaries. Ambling nets won the game Ford suit. Wing nuts when it's good baseball right now they've won eight of their last nine including four in a row and they are now in sole possession of second place in the division. And they pick up the game to form a halfback. When that's in the canaries again tonight. That'll be it 75. Downtown at Lawrence Dumont stadium. In Minor League Baseball last night it was the Southern League all star game in Birmingham Alabama the double A level former Wichita wing nuts pitcher Omar bin Como in the all star game last night. He's in double lane with the Minnesota Twins and he did his part came into the game through scoreless fourth inning. Retired all three batters he faced he is number two in the Southern League in earned run average Omar been Como the former wing nut. Playing well in the Southern League all star game last night and it is the day before the golf tournament begins here in which it saw as the Wichita open will start tomorrow morning that means today is. Event is the big Marge page pro am a benefiting junior golf there'll be professionals and amateurs element that's the country club north course all day long. The morning tee times everybody teed off about 7 o'clock this morning and another round of afternoon tee times starting at about noon a an analog conclude the preliminary activities. Does that you'll have warning yeah okay and then Noah left first round play beginning tomorrow at press view. The Wichita open so to be very pleasant to pro am all day today for today that the great weather today in a place. Noise that the meeting go up they're checked that out salt free today you wanna go on watched the pro am at a press view. That's sports with Steve instead KNS. Essex Tony do now given for Fox News coveted time started talking about the anti. Talking about anti police books on the school's reading list that's got an updated in the morning on KN SA us.