Victim on bicycle killed after traffic wreck in NE Wichita

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, August 15th
Fatal wreck occurred east of 21st & Oliver...

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We just cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning at 6 o'clock physically. As a sporting news as Stephen did that I think back into on film mostly cloudy and 71 degrees. One person is dead following a bicycle truck accident in northeast what you thought you tonight in the 5300 what at least twenty. Urged the bicycle riders six year old man was pronounced dead at the scene at. Witnesses indicated the man was crossing 21 when the accident happened. A toddler was hospitalized after being injured in the shooting Tuesday afternoon near Tony for pension tot what in northeast Wichita. Police said several people opened fire striking house for the seven month old boy and his father inside. Both were taken to a which the hospital and treated. The child received stitches in his hand and wrist after being struck by shrapnel no arrests have been made in the case. Kansas governor Jeff Carter conceded Tuesday evening in the State's Republican gubernatorial primary saying he will endorse secretary of state Chris co bought. I just had a conversation. With the secretary of state. Yeah I congratulated him on his success. In our repeated my determination to keep this seat in Republican hands. Collier accepted defeat and a surprise announcement after review of some provisional ballots. The failed to find a votes for him to overcome a deficit of 110 votes out of more than 3111000. Votes initially counted. Co Bok will face Democrat or Kelli and is likely to face independent candidate Greg Ormond in the November general election. A candidate for Cedric county commission is asking for recount huge knicks trails incumbent Richard Wright and solved by just 75 votes. Nick says paid the county 1000 dollars for the recount Cedric county elections commissioner tab of the layman tells KS and use a bipartisan group will tell the votes by hand. We hire a bipartisan board to come in and do that it is going to be in our office. Of course both candidates can have a service they're washing entire process. Has once complete the recount will be certified and sent to the secretary of state Thursday. Police report a suspect has been arrested in Wichita homicide. Early Monday a man was shot and killed outside Dixon's erotic sports bar west of Harry and Broadway. The victim is identified as Austin right. Is it 24 year old male of Wichita. They're diligent follow up. And evidence received. Which Stokley department officers and investigators. Were able to make an arrest. In regards to the homicide in the short block what's Kerry. Arrested was. Turning posada. Point five year old male Wichita. Police officer Charlie Davidson says suspect was arrested late Monday morning. The Wichita City Council heard more public comments Tuesday regarding next year's city budget. Council heard comments from citizens on topics such as the arts fired police finding an old cal talent. Count on is fully funded through 2019. And any potential changes won't be voted on for another year. Mayor Jeff Longwell said work will have to be done to address program funding in the future. Do we have a long term sustainable. Funding. Employees know we're going to have to address that. But right now we're keeping those things open that are most important in this call live life amenities that we think real dues so the support. Ultimately the City Council voted on the combined measure of the 2019 city budget and the 20182027. Capital improvement plan. The motion passed 61 with Jeff blue ball from mr. Ford the only no vote Rodney price KN OSS news. Rescuers are looking for any possible survivors in a bridge collapse in Genoa Italy. An Italian fire rescue her Richard a bureau Donnie shares of details of the search. They're working on if degrees and days you see behind this that bridges collapsed. We are now searching people. People under the debris and people it's. Find out what he's such an. Coming home because these operations. As well. 35 people now have died that's the count 35 that number could be could expected that is expected to rise. Taylor says Huston now 6044 minutes past 6 o'clock. 987 and thirteen thirty KMS says good morning now 610 in the that minute span 6 o'clock. Here on. Wednesday morning. And as we check the Wednesday morning commute have traffic update did during the past hour we've had a traffic accident in east Wichita just north of central and edge more. And we've also got police on the scene of a possible burglary in the 12100 block of west westerner just across the street from elite park little bit south and Harry in Seneca there. Some police activity and of course its first day of public schools for the Wichita school district. You will see the yellow lights flashing in the school areas starting this morning. Traffic updates here with Stephen today and now the forecast with he and his his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday. Good morning day on good morning with a cloudy skies across south central Kansas will see showers move on not a big east and for us today a break from the precipitation at least for awhile or height 86. Tonight's lows 68. Could see a few showers or thunderstorms tomorrow with a high nineties I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now cloudy skies 71 degrees we have a north wind attendance. Miles per hour. Well more rain across south central Kansas Tuesday afternoon and evening which does high temperature yesterday was 86 to. National Weather Service reports 9770. Your brain. And you Eisenhower airport for their rain gauges look at depth and tenth of an inside of the tea there's spots around town and I know got both of them Riverside. We had a nice rain last evening just went on and on and off. When the largest chemistry down. And really nice to have ray without a lot of field in it'll high when things like it had some flooding. Around the state of Kansas see it's down around independence in the yet. In the southeast correlate that counting get six inches of rain down their percentages. Now that's gonna rain totals on the southeast part of the state and that's about all the rain now is that pretty much down in that area going into north northeast Oklahoma so. It's gone around we could have a little bit more on later on this morning today is Wednesday August 15. 2018 on this date in 1939. The Wizard of Oz premiered in Hollywood. Course Bob Dora the young the young. Girl Libby on a farm in Kansas the little dog too though. Was swept up by a hurricane. And you know the rest of story classic movie classic. What would prevent you from munching on a talk coached up with or Angeles. How about it being against the law that's the oh sure yeah that's what started in Mexico City market but recently offered a torrential taco and its menu. Even posted a video on FaceBook showing Jeff torching one until it was black and that got the attention of fans because that particular Iraq did the Mexican red rock tarantula. Is it protected species. Authorities seized four to wrench in those that were ready to be served up on tortillas. Restaurant features other creepy fares it is words and eggs and grasshoppers that's their deal. How many at age would you have to eat to make a meal and are a bunch Shannon Oliver and go our Bachmann and Allen enjoy ago about 121000 probably do agonize I'll look there now. Move on. Thrown a mormons and crickets and now the much noise that's that ms. restaurant. Is in Mexico City. And Steve Tyndall plan to go there. Ted mentioned in our traffic a moment ago today's the first day of school for of the public schools and a half day for some of the cage yesterday in a public schools in its first full day. Look like acting in my idea granddaughters. Down in derby are looking at Thursday march 1 in India. And a Catholic schools I think tomorrow Thursday's Thursday as well but here in which volatile over 50000. Kids. In the public schools the first day is today and about an hour from now. We're gonna chicken and just talk a little bill more about that. Ms. Susan Aardsma all very good Susan's spokesperson for the which the public schools and look forward always talking to Susan will be about an hour from now he received intent on Kahan assets. Well the big news this morning is that. Governor caught your parents said he's conceded the election. And souls of the to be the primary shall the tickle like now was he Republican. Candidate you'll be running in the races here and a November. Against. Laura Kelly. And mr. Orban as well. There were missed remember his first that it. And though there I'm libertarian candidate and other will happen is that he will take the votes away from. The democratic candidate and Obama will win. And see that's when that's your analysis it's it's an ago. Alice. Dormant first name Greg gray. I'm like decades and he Kendrick we've had him on the a list twice now. And I can't remember all right and that's what's going there's and one other sidebar to the story that I think is is interesting in and it and that is that. Few nicks has decided to challenge. Get a recount and his run in the fourth district does Cedric and the commissioners and other primaries that's as close friends and of the had over 7000 or about 7000 votes in that one and 75 votes. Separate the two so users using dollar put out thousand dollars here and let's get a recount we ought to have a result of that going to the yeah. State election commissioner there at it's a greatly by Thursday. But that's it he got his by district employee that's where I live. And I'm watching network particles only does he do that with a nearly that district it's pretty interesting stuff yeah. Stand finger writing in Wichita eagle this morning and a and that dead Wichita is hit hardest by the tariffs on China. It's always us if so get hammered by. Brookings Institution indicates. Which dye has a larger share of export jobs affected by president trumps China's tariffs nearly 9% of our employment employment. He's exports supported employment 2900 jobs. I can be negatively affected by the terrorists with China. If it's something going to be happening bad in the in the economy. Which I usually gets it right in the snoop for summaries. It's so why is the only say we still haven't recovered from Earth's ocean in 2008. So why is as an aviation is that agriculture is so we don't wanna thank agriculture would affect Wichita. Jobs or say in large scale it does certainly expects to be Kansas street about the in the aircraft and and a yeah and in it as we export aircraft and and we important stuff like that so interesting stamping your writing in which the Eagles. But now that just seems like the big recession of 2000 or thought people's it. If experts will say of the people who really involves Reno which I'll probably never gonna come back where laws. At least notes and to be the same as it once it's gonna have to be all the chamber of commerce doesn't wanna hear you say I know that they're gonna have to have some of them have moved from one to tell me I'm Korean better at them something. Because almost aircraft it's going to be here. And yet were tried it still trying to hire people aircraft when it's there's nobody Roloson and Philip jobs. Interest and I will see whether tariff picture goes from here but now po box now the guy for the Republicans. And that's election coming up in November. Six kind of on 6:18 am Steve intended sports I would Ted Woodward lead off sports here on eighth and Wednesday morning debt. But the Wichita wing nuts and pro baseball. Coming up at nineteen game road trip during the national baseball congress World Series finally home last night and I got rained out. But you know maybe yes maybe they need is that you know a little rest. Probably needed a night that a games that I gamer Basra and so on the wing nuts. I got third got to know homer earlier callers too much rain in the downtown area and couldn't get the mound playable so real so it'll play a doubleheader today beginning at 5 PM so a couple of seven inning games will be on the schedule Lawrence Dumont stadium kick off this nine game homestand that. Downtown wing nuts are a half game behind for a playoff spot with twenty games to go in the season. Major League Baseball you last night up in Kansas City the blue jays and the royals going out at Kansas City had a lead in the top of the eighth inning and one strike away in fact from taking that lead into the bottom of the eighth inning. And never got that the final strike the royals' bullpen. Did not get the job done that you're some of the action from the Toronto Blue Jays radio network. Bowed to political arm swung on it rip. Deep left field looking at toys they get. They stay. Well time. And it got out into the fifth or sixth row but two run homer by kept it below or at the blue jays are back on top. Leading sixth apply. So instead of one more strike to end the inning the royals give up a two run home run in the blue jays go on winning game six to five. It's these two teams have split the first two of this four game series the royals have lost ten out of twelve. Kansas City hosting Toronto again tonight live pregame coverage begins at 6:30 this evening game will start at 715. And that is on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. Minor League Baseball last night was the New York Penn league all star game in state college Pennsylvania and the former Wichita State shocker. Doing the job keel until gore who was drafted in the seventeenth round of the summer by the Philadelphia Phillies he is tied for the New York Penn league in saves with eight. Shortly into his pro career and he threw a scoreless ninth inning the all star game. Last night former shocker Kelyn Kilgore up to a great start in his pro career. And we have a happy birthday today to a guy named. Dan Walters. Played for the Wichita wranglers back in the early ninety's and it won't take good catcher. He ended up making the major leagues for the San Diego Padres. He's 52 today. And guys that they'll probably keep in mind he's a guy that eventually became a police officer in San Diego. On that nearly 2000 he was responding to a domestic violence call. Got involved in the scuffle with a suspect who shot him point blank in the back of the net in the left Dan Walters paralyzed. And he is nearly constant pain and and and he's had a tough role that. Remember him as it lies baseball player for the wranglers back in the day in a major leaguer and a guy that has had his struggles recently bit. Are we think about him Dan Walters he is fifty sue today. Got questions and gas. Bless his heart thanks for your service yep that is sports and Stephen says KN SS I six Tony one given your work. Fox News coveted and start delays and weather coming up Steve and yet the morning on it and SS.