Video game fans getting a new destination in Old Town

Steve & Ted
Tuesday, November 28th

Wichita Business Journal Editor Bill Roy tells us all about the new arcade.


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All right so you that you and they read this. At midnight. Then you leather thing. Seven and thirteen thirty K and aunts and should we aren't even did in the morning it. At 746. Images 83 big things he. More allegations of sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill C 300 cotton bales burn and harper county. Which the police investigating four weekend homicides. Big big things even dead on Kate in a sense. Traffic is being allowed through now. And Derek Kellogg and on a 135. I want 35 South Bend had been closed due to a traffic accident Jack volume still. Intermittently very heavy in that area does he might wanna continue to expect slowdowns. Here and there in the area but again. They're letting traffic through there gets up and I won 35. And Kellogg traffic update from Kate and as as radio on jets chiefs partly sunny today with a 30% chance for rain and a high of sixty degrees. Monday's high yesterday's high 74 and that's set a record today. 60% chance for rain tonight the overnight low forty Wednesday 20% chance for morning reined in part recent past tomorrow's high 53. Now partly nodding south wind at eighteen miles per hour and 56 degrees. And assess whether brought to you by the monarch. Quoted one of the best suburban bars in America by the urban rebuke crash located at 579 list Douglas in the story to Leino. The monarch. 747 now Stephen did as deep as is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit. Filed against the company by. Rick Pitino in response to pitino's lawsuit against the apparel maker Adidas argues that evidence shows both they and pitino were aware of supported the scheme to pay players. Pitino suited deed is an October claiming he was damaged by the company working to funnel money to the family of Brian bona fide star recruit. To have him sign on with Louisville whose official apparel provider is indeed it's. The company asking a judge to toss the complaint on the basis that he co conspirator should not be awarded damages per Kentucky's law. Pitino was fired by U of L following the revelation that the longtime head coach had been linked to an FBI investigation into college basketball recruiting practices Nana polyps on how Fox News. World economy is growing faster than it has in seven years in more people are working but the high growth is not expected to last long. That's going to forecast from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. They predict growth in the US and a sharper than expected increase in the countries that use the Euro currency for this year and next. For 2019 the group of leading. Slightly raised its global growth forecast of three point 6% this year. The highest since the post crisis upturn in 2010. Says it remains modest by standards. Worldly kind on when a Debbie downer that is now everybody's that the numbers are heading upward let's keep that trend going that's what I say. Up is better. Sluggish day of trading on Wall Street finished the stocks edging mostly lower. As investors came back from the Thanksgiving holiday energy stocks declined the most. Following a slide in crude oil prices. Sent in to poor's 500 index slipped one point. The Dow was up 22 points at close in the NASDAQ fell ten points. And a quick look at dull holiday spending despite the holiday deals all month. Shoppers still picked up their spending on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday according to one technology company. Spending for Thursday and Friday together increased eleven point 9%. Compared with the same two day period last year says first of data which analyzed or online and in store payments across different forms of cards from one point three. Million merchants up eleven point nine. Retail spending which excludes. Grocery stores restaurants auto parts merchants and gas stations rose nine point 3%. And you know some deals didn't stop people from heading online to shop Monday. After Thanksgiving yesterday Cyber Monday is likely to be the biggest US online shopping day ever. According to Adobe analytics that research arm of software maker Adobe. Nearly six point six billion dollars in sales were forecast by the end of the day and it was up about 17%. From a year ago. Two don't meet the route their shopping and another. I haven't been well now wait a minute. A couple things wouldn't column the hill. Glamorous items but it got by a couple of things. To help out with my wife's recuperation from her knees hurt so I guess I missed those where those gifts aren't. No they're not gifts they're just necessities I would didn't derby. With my son and his wife and our grandkids. Was it Friday or Saturday night in UA one of those nights that was all elements of I don't eagle and so it's got it. Invited me grouchy without a nice dinner out my grandkids nights. Pizza Johns now I have stuff at this time but much would it got to be done. Wasn't my dimes. A segment 751 now Stephen Ted to coax. Roll or non role in another company editor bill that would stop business and with us this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted yet Coke industries they say will not have a place on the Meredith Corp. board of directors and they won't have any input on editorial. Or operation decisions Coca equity put 650 million dollars into merit that's two point eight billion dollar deal to buy time incorporated. Merits says the deal will create a company with four point eight million dollars in combined revenues. That will reach 200 million consumers across a variety of platforms. Wichita businessman bill Warren says he's looking for investment sworn sold as Wichita theaters to regal. And Warren says he's looking to investors windfall tells you this mr. and he's considering several options. And he has made inquiries about some businesses. He's not saying what he's considering but he says there could be an announcement soon. If you're into Gallagher or pac man. Mason avenue place to hang out of their business partners of leased space shuttle town for an arcade business players and pay eight dollars an hour or get an all they pass for ten. Eric's arouse Michael Jensen putting the business called the arcade. Into 139 north immediate should be open by December 15. Local breaking business news every day on can't SS at which Bob does mister robot com for the Wichita business journal I'm dual role. Little worried about that I'm afraid she adds they'll get down there will never see him again be in their 24/7. The TR Knight dumping can't afford more than playing Gallagher here for about thirty minutes there's at least a half of them are gonna. All right bring back LaMont speed it. Lot of miles speed camera Loudon county's top table when mound now on Iowa and we do everything like that you know what we did have what we called pinball machine had been policies those are usually India. In the bowling alleys. You look at an arcade every now and then there was McCain backed a small arcade. Down in Branson Missouri at the Sammy lean resort there right by the pool my Brothers and I spent it in our day the thing was the stoker parlor the pool hall. Can edit it one time I don't care you can be a town with eight people and western Kansas you would have little. Right because it's where people going out inflates the curled up and and drink beer or whatever else you always bring attention. That class bullets and Italy for the popular pastime rob Miller and that that is a national French toast day oh now can be against French tennis. Let's just don't like French. Bryant see it's it looked at me on a bread union get some it's okay reading in. Eggs and milk eggs and milk and now powdered sugar makes. Little butter and serve on. Ten nation got a doctorate to make it worth that. Should not a look at. Then I guess you're not big on friends. It's basically bread. Yeah bread soaked in innings in an honorable fine. They don't celebrate and I don't care act is fictional but the French exposed it thank you bill deputy index now coming up at 755 feet instead. Top of the hour 8 o'clock this morning please look at today's videos 300 bales of burning in part for how the a story in forty on the way feet into the morning on Kagan SS.