Vino In A Can

The Good Life
Saturday, February 17th

Guy's visit with Jake Stover of Sans Wine wraps up as the two discuss the decision to put Sans Wine into cans rather than bottles.


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Welcome back to the program every Saturday here on thirteen thirty and nine the it's seven at all about who won impound my guest today. Coming to us from California. These got roots from Kansas and KU grad in has been out monk under prolonged time. It takes over at that particular part of your busy day to be a part of the gauntlet the network reporter let's talk about when you and your wife Gina started talking about putting up your own line. There's a lot of decisions we made you know you can do bottles that you give it. A bottling truck could come out you can. Find somebody to contract producer line you have all those things of this side. And on top of that you chose to use hand what was the other than Gino like that what was the idea behind doing it and. Yeah yeah. Ensure that we have that are like that or I would rather than the older than him Albert I'm I'm I'm I'm wan port damp but early. There aren't it did the quality that he. Well though. I thought it was important that sort of along with a clipboard and and that is not. Not a martyr it and it wouldn't. On the home of it there'd ideal. The packaging is let them do what you know of young people want and yeah it. You know barrier and one in the Napa Valley pretty crazy time. But down. That all wondered whether there is little news. Appeared on. And and sort of pick a card period and the packaging that with you know in terms here you do in the the weight of a product that broke the glass bottles and am not using core problem. You know or able do. You move it around a lot easier. And deeper and more are what we have been better for the environment as well. But all of that mean. When little environment but you know that that. Is it harder and not a there's. No more violent. Collapse on order oxygen at those who have more than. On the we're all using the liquid and I don't own my in the gap in her though it did occur on wall. And long but certainly able environment born there or it could be a problem. You may not be able to get a Leila are in. Oh in terms of you know really minimizing your earned nodding and patting me you know conservative third. Thought that I hear you right you put a little little liquid nitrogen. In each can be Ford Field. Exactly. Where that that popular in Europe and equipment. That you drop in the. Obviously there's a bunch of questions as to come up about having one minicamp and how long do you think these are gonna hold up I'm sure you've done some experimentation. You just came out that the new release of live with a camera may Allah that catalyst. Adam great question the a lot of you know that the environment history really having them around now long. And definitely because these aren't there. You know so readily available on. But yeah a lot of these they're out there and usually at a younger than we certainly. And then of course it baton and are happy to have that happen is that there are a well. You spoke driven by. But then I'm glad that environment and thought about the ability. On the you know there's there's literally and that informed that all. You know at least a couple of years and probably be armed but not a lot of people. Permit the. I. It did it the thing that I like. Most about them I mean they can have some weight and not only from the volume of liquid inside and it's a three uncertified milliliter to apple borrow and canned. And you'll love this stick my wife says. Well that's cool but what if I can't drink all half borrow. I think Beth. Don't look at the mirror and say that ever against the outlooks. And you really don't not yet Arrigo and so it's just not a problem perfect this year it's that you know it's a split like you'd by the restaurant of just want Lou one but. I think that's cool I think the biggest benefit. Pockets of the camps have some weight but you dispensed with all black cardboard and the via the interior of the car board case that keeps the bottle from banging together I think that's that's a big positive. Yeah I don't even this year order didn't do another. Level however we're on come up with pollution the minimized birchard direct shipping or anything like that in a Ira on. Lot of time. You know all that our board and in that well pack it in Europe. You know just storing the Warren air and they'll I want underneath the ship in order to model the Mormon it's in the more practicing him. You know our armed law often used so. Yeah we're able to minimize a lot of that. You can imagine all the other product that Norman and Barbara do them and that that are. Really pretty normal. Cardboard eaten in little respect or. Movable. The next question of folks are well known as well the thing cans of a speech people on and cheaper to abide. I think it's fairly priced these are 335 cans comes with a six pack just like they expect a solar beer would come. And if it's sixty dollars for the six pack. Ten dollars apiece so it's a twenty dollar bottle line times' story. And you were six back so it's fair value in but the convenience of the unique aspect of and I think did it. The fun part of throw these in your backpack and going I dinner Bowman a cooler in the golf sailboat they are motor boating and that kind of thing summer. Are good let's talk a bit about the ones that I have in front of me and did I guess those are your first release the seven number long. The rose of Karen in in the zinfandel. Let's start with a seven Omagh where the fruit come from. And it worked on. And let down to. Armed barely wrote that down L bill. And it was real important Regina you're sort of embarked from late grandfather on whether the owner of vineyard about thirty years. On Nomar and you're in and let down in Europe. He has fond memories there on out they're going to they're laying out them you know there's an underground while you were in the opener of it was important that we were directed toward them you're from from when Italians. Up over the they'll hear from Napa Valley in the but all are on board or not a knock the living with any but you don't know you battered they're great ferment on their own. On what the native used that come in on the into the of the trigger them. So it spent a pretty. Well all clustered and then. And we regret that you're off to get the light Warren and didn't hit permanent Donnelly you're. So all that does adamant that the counselor at them for about who read them than it was board that are. Another cup one month and it spilled down payment they'll thank you know you're and it in the everywhere Lester. Crisp and fresh no mile epic from impatient involved. Bright acidity. A lovely apparently agree one I'm with letter foodstuffs but to receive food. And a company can you gotta like that. They'll wind at that I think I liked the most out of all these was the rows failed Karen. First off care unionism that. New world less enthusiastic or devoted blind consumers. Are not necessarily familiar with. But I think with the power of marketability of rose's in general. Put the rose of Karen and a great idea and it shows vote then. Beautiful or medics. Come from onward and where dog that those gripped improved. You have to read. Using standard sort of implementing. Grower. On in the up when the and then eat them. And the corps currently. They are there is an armored there own characters of quote spirited property in the late 18100 and and let them let the great. On more than. These are amazingly beautiful. Roughly eighty acre plant very these. One there'd better apparent trend line vote that nobly that are well that hop and think about them and put it all normally. There are armed. Organically armed all of them armed army. Or that you probably none are on the word on on the vineyard and. At school like it also from Mendocino panic it was a 26 being inept or ridge vineyards and Fernando. But. I'd love men do some window. Just almost as much of a like Greg creed but. This had to be fun to make it this wind has a little more alcohol them both the other for upwards of 14% thoughtful about the production and listen. It wouldn't threaten me beat solely on an and I had never pretty clear at a 100 Kirk and I am an example of the managed. And now. It was an experience throughout that sort of play around with that problem. We liken it to sort of bowed to player sort of a lighter red it's Smart aren't on the you know from from brand order or. I don't you know. They're making more of a war that doesn't happen cook. And then. Is there a certain amount of the co breeder and a negative connotation vote. Primary sugar alcohol. And secondary that actually did go on with respect tomorrow lactic which. Arm give that a little bit of the green here now you don't know there's. You know has retained an obscenity in and represent that that treat them doctor Eric. But beyond that we had to get to created at our our turnaround I'm not that in the most other wineries but we ended up. Doing it as you know during a little bit of I'm over on the tank with just the Joost the order. It'll lock in here at the question now to get that that American you know. I can't wait to see Samir other ones when they come out. A riesling seemed like a great idea. And you've got a 2070 reasoning on the web site now that is for sale pre release the car bonnet carolinian and and this is. Probably spent a good bit more time on the skin I guess to be more re read wanna yes. Yeah exactly but what are are are permanent and in the typically you'll either with red. And you'll either on your back on the bigger than the order that are color whatever. And org you'll you to punch down tool that map right that you're in the president and into the do them. With a crowbar permit they're actually. At a drive into the and if there and the and we went on to respect all up there. All armed brick and the commitment and added Gartner fielded. And just waited or government our government and the M period beyond. The great. Again the permanent on the interior and the labor of and you have the extremely light. Extracts that flavor and color and all that. Touch of order carbonation left over from the third place. Net and my wife big fans of of whole cluster car run it is a street you know Willamette valley vineyard makes whole cluster you know that they do and there are running laceration well those things like I think most people over ever had. Beaujolais nouveau. You can kind of get that candied bubble gum and and a good way. Aromatic this subtly into the wind and look forward to try and that and finally got an app a caddie gets improved from Napa purported haven't been. There was deer meat a cover our Internet all vineyard on that a union heard just for the U. Brother heard they are. And were really odd about it we're attempting to sort of given not back of the original more traditional lower out all warrant that you come out and Valium and say that. 1970s. And and I'm just really I didn't build off that it in the panic a little little bit about. Higher price went in the other hand it. At the same time in terms of the average per bottle Napa Napa cabernet and a premium more on in the repeal hundred dollars. At point five dollars to hammer you know coming in about that fifty dollar price point that it. That while it didn't like a lot in terms of you know the amount that you're getting that actually pretty great deal. Yes well proof will be able to put him when I pour some of that beautiful Cammermeyer glass of I I won't be afraid that they what I think you can come that the folks you can learn more. About Jake and Jim what they're doing out in California. It's sands. SA and asked bash wine dash CO. Dot my eyes Spotify dot com it's. A great website they've got some. Some swagger that you might be interested and in addition to order and someone and then you can check out some of the great press that Jake and an engine Gina have been receiving further. And lines from Sam one. We'll take a minute and a hope it you get back there which start sometime in the not too distant future mayor we ought to do a kind of eight and wine dinner and brings Samir product demo. Put together event and by the bunch of people and have a party. Now what part of that real provoked in the near future effect that distributor there and the them and how we will ala. Beyond our reach and also among ministers and it's. It's and thanks a lot added Gina and I look forward to senior moment that here pretty soon and I'm sure they look forward to have you both come back the camps have a great day my friend Hartford here all right I've got about what they're quick break we come back we're gonna talk to lose Jean Snyder you know she's. The mistress of real estate but more importantly she is. Which is because number one cheerleader with polio about death by chocolate cocoa way.