Volunteers converge on Eureka to help with tornado cleanup

Steve & Ted mornings
Thursday, June 28th
Steve and Ted talk with KSN's Amanda Aguilar in Eureka.

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Is this station Wichita turn. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. 7 o'clock this is the occasion as a sporting news receiving Ted ninety Macintosh. Cleanup begins after a tornado in eureka we've got the story the autopsy of what's tall boys still leaves questions unanswered I'm damn mobile. Supreme Court justice is retiring nine to look blurred those details just ahead. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday the record high in Wichita for today is 106 setback in 2012. Well we may not get that hot we are going to be close our complete forecast is coming up. Eight people were injured after the tornado touched down Tuesday night in you re just two of them critically. According to the National Weather Service data suggests an EF three tornado hit three for producing 136 to 165 mile per hour winds. The tornado had a path of just over two miles with a width of 250 yards. Greenwood county sheriff Heath Samuels. Released information about the Holmes in the damage path. 78 of those. Or damage. Well the home or what they were referred to bail would be not liveable or leaning. It came home or voted. In the 77 block area of the damage. Greenwood county emergency management says anyone planning to volunteer for tornado cleanup should checked in at the Mets Samuels community building on Jefferson. The autopsy of Wichita boy whose body was discovered months after he was reported missing has not been able to answer questions on how he died. Wichita eagle reports that the autopsy of five year old Lucas Hernandez this both the cause and manner of his death as undetermined. A separate autopsy also released Wednesday determined that the woman went and caring for the boy and later led an investigator to his body committed suicide. 27 year old Emily glass killed herself two weeks after the body was found police have said they found three suicide notes with her body. Cedric county district attorney mark Bennett said in a statement that you'll make a formal announcement early next month after reviewing the autopsy is and meeting with investigators. A community memorial service for Hernandez's scheduled for Saturday. Dan O'Neill came in assets. News police have released the name of Wichita is latest homicide victim the woman was stabbed to death in northwest which involved her boyfriend has been arrested at a Wichita eagle reports that the autopsy of fighter which. Published our officials. Have identified the victim in Tuesday's domestic violence homicide. As 22 year old MacKenzie pain. We again want to remind citizens regarding domestic violence concerns you can always call 911. Harbor house domestic violence shelter. YWCA women's crisis center. Wichita area sexual salts that are stepping stone or the women's initiative network. Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy is stepping down the 81 year old send steam in his resignation is effective as of July 31. The president appraisal longtime justice for his thirty years of service and does the search for a new justice will begin immediately. He is. A man who's displaying great vision he's displayed tremendous Canadian and tremendous heart. And he will be missed. Justice Kennedy cast the swing vote on several divisive issues including abortion affirmative action and same sex mayor. Majority leader Mitch McConnell says the city it will vote on the president's nominee this fall. It's imperative that the president nominated be considered fairly. And not subjective. Personal but top reporting in Washington DC and Ellison barber Fox News. House Republicans failed to pass an immigration bill for the second time. In as many weeks president trump sounding somewhat optimistic despite a second house effort on immigration falling way short ultimately will come to something yeah. Perhaps he'll be happy election maybe it'll be before blaming Democrats despite more than 100 house Republicans voting against a measure pushed by GOP leadership we gave them a 100%. A lot of lawn and then don't open. They still wouldn't pass our house Democrats in lockstep opposition the bill would have directed 25 billion dollars toward president trumps border wall this is many conservative members came out and opposition not happy with the proposals provide a path to citizenship. For so called dreamers are those immigrants brought here illegally as children. Tom Graham Fox News. KN news or use announce a little 5:5 minutes past 7 o'clock. Little bit of summing unexpected from the Kansas City Royals yesterday afternoon a lot highlights coming up in sports a new study shedding light on a contradiction in human behavior. And exercise. That story coming up on the case there's a sporting news received that's. Think CNN this morning news Stevens says 07 only 8 minutes past 7 o'clock. But the talk coalition for child abuse prevention has launched a campaign creating awareness of safe havens Cindy miles his co chair of the coalition's awareness committee. Apparently handed an injured baby to someone who was on duty an officially designated safe haven location without fear of prosecution for abandonment. Kansas allows up to sixty days to really cushion and that's at a safe haven. As long as a child shows no sign of intentional abuse the parent would not be record in her any questions at one not face prosecution. Wichita police captain Travis rate straws says safe havens were provided under Kansas law from the 20s13. Any time that we can step in what that would and initiatives such as this to prevent child abuse or prevent child homicide. That's what this is for and that's what we wanna be careful. Safe haven locations and which don't include police and sheriff's stations city and county fire stations. City or county Health Department and medical care facilities. A woman from Wisconsin who came to the US from Jerusalem in 1990s has been accused of aiding the islamists. Eight she suggested followers attacked churches festivals and public water sources narcotic pain Wisconsin woman is being held without bail charged with promoting high assists 45 year old what taiba iso -- a mother of seven faces twenty years in prison according to the criminal complaint today S hacked to social media accounts to give instructions on how to carry out attacks in created an online library with instructions on bomb making and poisons five -- kids are in Milwaukee County protective services after being found in deplorable conditions it's believed her now estranged husband showed them be heading videos a trial is scheduled for August 27 Kevin battled Fox News. A new study is shedding light on a contradiction in human behavior. More adults in the US say they're working out -- the same -- more are becoming obese about 24% of adults said last year they exercise in off each week to meet government recommendations. Who have muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise up from 21% to 2015. But the same survey from the Centers for Disease Control finds 31% of adults indicated they were obese up slightly one experts saying those that are becoming more physically active may already be healthy weight the survey also finding nearly a third of non elderly adults in Colorado Idaho at New Hampshire met exercise guidelines only about 17 in Mississippi Kentucky and South Carolina did the survey of 35000. Adult has been a gauge of US health trends for more than sixty years police Seles arraf stock. Snooze K and assist used I'm now 7-Eleven. 11 minutes past 7 o'clock. Gasoline prices going up we started the inning yesterday to 69. Gallon has overseen after this morning traffic update from Tate and have as radio I'm jet chambers and now McCain is sand storm tracker report casts. With Kansas today meteorologist Katie western good morning Katie. Good morning. Feels a little warm out there. Oh yes but I thought it's already warm this morning it's just a sign of what's to come this afternoon. Figures to break Alison about. How are right low looks like we're gonna talk about but 102 degrees today is that we had a hundred yesterday. Ran about a couple degrees today were gonna keep with the sunny skies but today we are having some gusty south lanes that they did when he five miles per hour. Still humid today though which means heat index going to be anywhere for a hundred fine job hunter intend for this afternoon. But sounds nice I peek at I mean lovely is an am being facetious about what about tonight tomorrow then. As a basis same story because that's going to be so humid and windy tonight we're gonna don't we get down about 76 degrees and tomorrow. Once again looking Anaheim about a hundred plenty of sunshine strong winds and still humid is well and that was really for the next few leaving it might get a little oil rain or even miss a moderating temperatures here. Well finally get a front come through Saturday night that'll bring at least a small chance for a few thunderstorms and vocalist down ever so slightly. You're gonna love this we're gonna go all the way down in 92 degrees on the. I don't see a plum Chile as we've sent. Exactly all right educating NC KS and stormed record three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist Katie western. And again right now partly cloudy 75 degrees and go south wind at nine miles per hour the dangerously hot day across Kansas Wednesday which I was I was a hundred. And those heat index is away at their normal high is ninety the record high for yesterday's day by the way one on nine that was set back in the big heat wave of 1980. 713 now seem intent on Kate in SS in debt volunteers who showed up clean up operations. Really getting under way in eureka after the after the tornado that hit their Tuesday night and with a us this morning. Live from eureka canyon sans Amanda I Millard a morning nice to have you with us Amanda. More even. So there is just a Beazer line of people over the European lined up ready to go to work this morning. Out our. Air all. While they add that you know Arctic are out here. Export and I'll eat. Eat eat eat out here at our starter pack is out. Me. Eat and where their hand. I T. I or Eric are. You can't count. And I think about it at the talented candidate we're gonna have. You're showing up over the you don't have some sunscreen are good act. And plenty of water during. A lot and eating. Well. I. All treat that open court that age. Apple has. Current water eat Ernie. Well that when you do volunteer work like that you have committee after every special skills because Natalie I don't know how to operate a shovel. Against right now. The clock. Back. At it. Help. I'm not at my eye out. I'm thinking about again a really good pair of gloves for one thing comfortable shoes is going to be out there. Now get that out during a deeper here. At old. He would get a look at it like I be sure all your all. Out and get it right. Now if you had a good chance to look around and see some of the damage over there men. Yeah yeah yeah. I. Ate away and we are coming out here at all. A different ethnic and get me aren't you know they're three. Call or. Whether it re actress cherry pick out. If it really expect that I didn't need an April or highly. Tree branch is quite. Battle. It. Out here per share. All right after something like that because they don't want to Republican effort from a number of good reasons have done one of things and and I've been in those situations when you walk and you're walking out of streets in a kind of situation your brother might be alive electric wire couple like that are big sales sticking up. It actually acting on the highway you know looking at age or technical aid it and I let out. Here. Well. You know Ethan yeah. There error hour. Locked. Our fall out. At currently actor in April as scary and I. You know eat Garrett happen at any port is eight it right there aren't. Ill he raked across the street you were actually eat you know what can apple. Have you been probably the talking to some of the folks who say that the didn't get a lot of warning yesterday Arabs Tuesday night I know that. And that thing just kind of popped up a Meryl was it didn't have one right warning that the barely. We did pretty well fault and I and I say eight only eight people were injured as in they came right down to the Middletown. Actually act being a CL. Eight I. Jerry I'll be there are a lot of people by. I heard it that a and it released patent Erik lie an oak and it's an app per. You don't want to thank you I think about I didn't use the thing about this much but when my mother is an assisted living for awhile as the you know you've gotten like nursing homes in place hospitals in places like Adam line of fire or the tornado and you don't have any of warning at all like that who. That's scary isn't what. Yeah act. I act on it at your elbow here they're creep back. Practiced right Al Arab economy in her grant I can all hang out eight at LLP. Author and had to wait Eric. Music by Alec in the air like it like where it all of our half an eight. He'll shoot like every day experience for Earl at saint. Call for anybody if your age and man thanks for being with us one million you give planning a water today and make centering. And I think that's K is n.'s Amanda anglers Indian ended eureka this morning the that the storm damage in the volunteers all show and about their. To help out in if you go. Take some sun screen takes of meego and learn the proper news and it she says there's plenty of water over there but did you knew it takes himself. If you go on over and there's certainly clean things up in eureka. It's a kind of an indication too of the bill of Kansas and a I guess most votes of people are always people who wanna help. Those of heads of victims of disasters of what not and so they're gonna play a helpful venture into cricket. 718 now Stephen dead on K and as an SE a sports center did Rupert we get some mr. royals action. So when exactly the royals actually did something strange yesterday and today I scored some runs. Amazing what can happen when you really for five runs on the board the royals in Milwaukee taking on top team in the National League in Milwaukee Brewers yesterday. The royals only scored in one inning but they did put up a nice big crooked number in the top of the seventh you heard the game yesterday afternoon on KFH. Here's the pitch in the lefty. Swing at a ball well hit. Now the left field line that's way back there and it's our fault and one run is in. To run a jury and on a long two run single by pat overt homage disease. So many times this month the royals seemed ground in the double plays on the run rhymes ace Roy you get that big hit and things really can make the difference. And the royals. Held on to win it five to four. Kansas City it's the wind and split this two game series with the top team in the National League it's good off day to day for the royals. As they now will be heading to Seattle for a road trip during the weekend at. First time in 23. Days at the royals and scored more than four runs over it or what quite an eruption. Royals off day today after coming off that win. The Wichita when Mets have been on a north road trip they were in North Dakota and then they've been in Canada for the last three days taking on the when he takes gold eyes. And it was all good times the going nuts as they got the three game sweep in Winnipeg because gold -- nine to four yesterday. Hitting four home runs along the way. We nets win five out of six on the road trip and the first time they've ever swept the three game series in Winnipeg in franchise history. Wing nuts have won fifteen of their last seventeen games but they can't make up any ground there still three and a half back in the south division. Off day today the wing nuts. They'll be coming home for a six game homestand leading up July 4. Women's soccer action tonight it's the top two teams in the southwest conference FC Wichita taking on FC Dallas. And beyond neutral turf 7 o'clock tonight down in Oklahoma City the FC Wichita women. Get a Minor League Baseball update on former Wichita State pitcher Sam take this isn't single play with St. Louis Cardinals play into the Palm Beach cardinals. Good outing Taylor's last night went seven innings only give up one run. And he lowered his earned run average by more than two runs that performance last night while former soccer Sam Davis. Nice outing last night in single lane with the cardinals. That's sports Stephen Ted KNS at 721 now keep that are for Rush Limbaugh morning update. Democrats attorneys general are suing the government. That's all the way it was Stevens at the morning on faith and aunts passed.