The Wacky Shack at Joyland burned down

Steve & Ted
Friday, August 10th
The iconic structure was destroyed in a brush fire.

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Good morning 6 o'clock this is decay in us this morning users even said that I Steve back in Sasha currently partly cloudy and the seventy degrees. A woman was shot himself Wichita Thursday afternoon the 100 block of west Mount Vernon. Police say the woman who had been shot twice her injuries are described. As nonlife threatening now police reported no suspect in custody immediately after that shooting. A fire at Wichita is joy land amusement park destroyed and abandoned iconic structure. The fire broke out early Thursday morning in the wacky Shaq there were no injuries Wichita City Council member James Klein denim tells can't send news. The city has attempted to do something about the deteriorating structures but they are on private property. The city has had. Cases environmental court cases in the past summit. Has kind of a colorful history there. There have been many people that are interest in buying the property they just hasn't worked out for one reason or the other. Officials say they're still attempting to find someone to develop the property. Dan O'Neill Kagan SS news Kansas secretary of state Chris code blocks as he will remove himself from the further counting of votes in his tight Republican primary race. With the governor Jeff collier. But he says the move will be symbolic. Call your demanded that co boxed up advising county election officials. Facing questions from CNN host Chris Cuomo. Collection I'd call your wants him to remove himself from further county so I will. Three women were arrested after a disturbance in north Wichita Wednesday morning police responded outside the Family Dollar store at thirteenth and growth. Officers arrived they make contact with a 26 year old female. Sure reported being physically battered by 23 year old female. Was a known acquaintance. The victim also reported. Eight point seven year old female appointing a handgun. Out hurt during this disturbance of. Or Charlie Davidson says the suspects were located nearby is the woman with a gun was arrested for aggravated assault. A Tony three year old woman at a 22 year old woman were booked into jail on outstanding arrest warrants. And the younger woman also faces charge of a charge of a marijuana possession. Aircraft turned hillsides of red with retardant as homeowners what their houses with garden known loses in a battle to contain an arson wildfire. Which prompted evacuation orders from more than 20000 people south of Los Angeles in California. Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency Thursday night for orange and Riverside counties. As a four day old fire spread along ridges and hillsides of the Cleveland National Forest fires continuing. In California. Vice president pence has laid out his case for the creation of a space sports but what went cost taxpayers. She deputy secretary of defense says the department has not yet made an estimate for what space force will cost Patrick Shanahan spoke to reporters late Thursday afternoon. Hours after the vice president spoke at the Pentagon. Shannon says he won't not have a cautious and until November. A year ago Defense Secretary Jim Mattis opposed the creation of space force as a separate branch of the military. Asked what change medicines deputies said getting bigger budget. To address the growing threat from Russia and China. At the Pentagon luckiest Ahmanson. Fox News congressional approval is required to start a new branch of the armed services. A seven year old Independence, Missouri boy near Kansas City is in a hospital. His face in nearly unrecognizable. After an eight year old nabors said one fire. Ashley love losing injured boy's mother. And received a call when I got the court. I'm not my son was being rushed to children's mercy from a titled. I'm Johnny my son in being in a polish remover and laid him on fire on her. Independence police say they are investigating. Kate and SS you son now 604 Foreman spent 6 o'clock. It's 73030. K in SS Houston memorial now. 6099. Minutes past 6 o'clock. This morning he gasoline prices out there still seen a lot of the stations lot of retailers to 169. Gallon a few of them. Are starting to come down a couple of cents up that he's 67. Seen that in a few places out there not too many at this time remember if he's bottle lowered gasoline price or if you left the I happen to see a slowdown in traffic he can always give us gulf traffic hotline that number 869. Thirteen thirty traffic update from CN SS radio on. Achievers let's take a first look at the forecast here on Friday morning McCain is a staff meteorologist Dan holidays good morning then the good morning it is a quiet start to this Friday the sunshine expected as we head into the afternoon at the once again by me before 5 o'clock we could see if you isolated thunderstorms with a high 94. Not everyone will see precipitation but where storms to form we could have some brief heavy downpours through mid evening. Clearing 67 overnight. 92 for the high on Saturday Fontana says meteorologist Dan Holliday right now we've got to partly cloudy skies 71 degrees coma. That's right no wind this morning and 71 degrees and others mostly sunny day across central Kansas Thursday which ties high temperature. Was 94 degrees no maligned 92 so we were 22 degrees above normal. And the record. High for the date was 111. Dead liberal what the year was that. Let's go with 1936 you've got to bingo. That was a time of year the weather in December a summer of 36 here in which one at all across Kansas was really tough pretty bad. It we talk about that in the records almost every day. 19361936. On this this is August 10 by the way 2018 and on this date in 1969 Leno and Rosemary labianca. Were murdered in their Los Angeles home by members of the Charles Manson cult's. One day after actress Sharon Tate and for the people were slain. This is the odd couple I've Bailey dinner in the restaurant business. And this is a couple of was murdered and get big don't hear much about that one but that was the second murder they did. The Manson family and we talk about that what yesterday yes. Charlie Manson went to prison for life and just to mastermind of the thing he didn't really. Hurt anybody he just ordered his people of he'll be able. And never read the book helter skelter Ted I invincibility is not solute the solid TV movie visibility Joshi who's prosecuting attorney. A taste of the right now and it debate that he was Italy's prosecuting attorney came up with this theory and it just convicted all of me just. Guy it was guy sharp. As Smart as you can be and I happen to think if he would have been doing via OJ Simpson trial. OJ would be Indian Wells is already and he would be imprisoned for murder of life is Vincent loading up the Sebelius is that you are. And he also wrote the book that I finally fell put fake he's in a dark I know people. Disagree with me. But he wrote the definitive book I felt on the Kennedy assassination just a few years ago after all these years mole series and finally in about. 300 pages convinced me that. The Warren commission basically had to write. A six. Don't output and say that on our overnight show cosic skews it couple calls the still like to conspiracy theories. This story really stinks literally authorities in Pennsylvania still trying to figure out how loaded septic truck now that that doesn't begin while overturned and landed on wheels up in someone's backyard. Alone no. I. A much of the photos online. It's the head of the count count bestowed a volunteer fire department in Pennsylvania we will that we might find this. Says no one was hurt in the accident yesterday afternoon but Larry Frankfurt says the incident. Has bruised the nostrils of anyone who has had to smell. Had dispel the result of the crash says. You just use your imagination now. To get a sense of the unpleasant smell that would result from the public company should have diesel fuel oil and human service. Oh just in time for your bright and so what he's eating breakfast it zone crews were able remove the sewage before pulling the truck from the moon. Into world OK it's a support groups. It the pooled and yes from a tulips I Devonshire LT got that smile to do if he could turn around here today you see the street dad's got out of the screen a little that's that's a big track. Chlorine. Through. And nobody got the water all I'm gonna gag okay. So what he was even dead and Ted. He probably you know the story can humor here's yesterday afternoon and morning when. We were listening to the scanners and listen to fire department battling yet fired and it toyland part. I college or join and park grounds because it's depart and don't forget how many errors that many years and finally the wacky Shaq burned down. I'm first reaction was not up that. Lackey second burn now longtime hunter did not have had several that struck part of that structure lease was still there and several fires after a I. They're show on the pitcher on the truck on channel three right now aren't they sent an avid arrogant attitude that the sewage truck. Okay yeah so we were listed in their brushfire blown out there and and the wacky Shaq finally burned out before my son's favorite when he is a little kid needs do we went out there of the first time he must have been well for five and take him out there. He called the wacky yet. And wacky Jack in the and it did I don't remember all was in every now. As the notoriety one of the premier rides like to have to go tribunal funny Stefan rounds of out there is difference an arena that it would take it was in the dark the entire thing was in the dark sedan it would take you through several rooms where weird things happen. You'll strobe lights and wondering again. Fluorescent lights in another room the first bodies in the Aggies all sorts it first even Ted poll if the good people around. Or your favorite for attracted adroitly. And that what would be wacky shaggy Shaq would be at the top of the list of cool the so liberals terrific. Els gone by the time I was people roller coaster you know the more ancient wooden roller Syria the rickety. And the bulk of this might be the last day in my life roller coaster it was obviously this huge I love the problem comes in. Mosul that old ski ball the list of all the plays wooden balls in Dallas was viewed the Denny sacks slide you over the octopus. Are you going this direction and boom then you go on mr. well. That was one of you beat me throw opera affairs Lil classic and a the first. Our act. Albion Louie the clown Louie the the carousel like that. Instead I don't panic yeah I've told you well they've got to care so yeah out careful but that a decade that would suck in the trash yeah. Marty's got to the carousel of Big Ten team. Yeah that first couple times I went into. Join and is a child I saw that creepy clown in anyways. It scared me what was it trials named Louie Lou. That bizarre look at his face like Republican death mask yourself. And these wires came up on his arms are purple. It was just weird and then the part of great part about toyland is. It's about what a quarter of a mile and a half mile from a good sewage plant a list so every down a school near. And the place would really sting yeah the wind was not in the right direction. You know if several years not a good scenario. Several years ago I worked at a difficult case XLK which is little five point three. We did a couple of October fest down there are we just had a note some vendors and what it was fun and great Tyler now. And it did mention a little train the little to Ukraine excursion on the ground like that is fantastic. Lauren have a nice to bring in right when and and that is this super roller rink. Down that you've got the parking lot yet it. And at a beautiful wooden floor votes are about the clinical you were you never saw the now I was gone by the time people mind to do the hula had a high board that was like. It looked like it was about a hundred feet high and I think it was about money. That I was scared to death I would not go off that that. And of it but good friend of mine. This is taking their backs WP people may remember this fellow and Mike Miller was working it K a Leo in those days. Which museum rock enroll station and they had their Friday night swim. Every Friday night they would just have a big dance party out there and records and whatnot that the pool and Mike went out every Friday night. He and Cindy make Somalia other primate outlook if he'd left a young guy go out there every Friday night news dual record up I think around the pool. And seed you know. Tons of teenage girls in bikinis and he would agree to a anyway I guess we're doing enjoyment and fun place back in the day and that's all gone in there now wacky Jack on 618 Stephen dead. On McCain is just hates sports time Tucker lead out Portsmouth Ted Woodward and but this time Kansas City Chiefs and action last night but it. GAAP pre season opener yeah thanks last night at Darrell had stadium. Beat Houston Texans ended up winning that game 1710. The new quarterback for the chiefs Patrick my home is only took nine snaps he ended up five for seven passing for 33 yards nothing really spectacular but no. Do you hurting I'm not exactly no touchdowns no interceptions. He was in for a couple of drives and chiefs ended up only scoring one touchdown on the night. And the defense only gave up seventeen points of anyway that the final score in these. Pre season games usually materially just wanna to -- player right get through and anyone being hurt so exactly will willow will get a full rundown from the play by play voice that she's Schmidt told this he would call the game last night European SS we'll talk with Mitch couple hours from now about 8:15 this morning. And we'll get a rundown of how are things went at arrowhead last night to be here at 81510. Minutes. Yesterday was day fourteen of action of the 84 national baseball congress World Series downtown Lawrence Dumont stadium. Four games in the quarterfinals yesterday and boy we had some interesting games in fact three of the four were one run games. And the action went all the way until 1:40. In the morning just few hours ago they wrapped up at Lawrence Dumont stadium. In the first game and today the San Antonio angels advanced and 84 win over the San Diego waves. The Santa Barbara forresters beat the San Diego stars 76 of both San Diego teams eliminated yesterday. Wellington heat over the Seattle studs 43 Wellington into the final 4 AM in the late game last night that ended after 1:30 in the morning national Jim -- team came from six runs down. And beat the Colorado cyclones nines at eight. So there's your final four. The semi finals. Day fifteen of action tonight at Lawrence Dumont stadium at 7 o'clock it's the Santa Barbara forresters against the San Antonio angels. Late game at 930 tonight the Wellington heat against did you go national team at the two winners will play tomorrow night in the championship game. Tonight is of course it's Friday college tonight on Friday night the NBC World Series featuring two dollar Beers. He got that going on you've got. The new. At the guard checked that out its app and a half app but in the NB US app for information on all games teams times and promote one check that out. Tonight is college nicely fits that mention her three dollar nanny lights tomorrow night. The championship game you can enjoy the game sticker on afterwards for a post. World Series fireworks extravaganza and then there's an extra innings party on the field after tomorrow night's championship game with local band favored big bat on a and Lawrence Dumont stadium at and it's educator. Appreciation night tomorrow night's Fan Appreciation Night the party pavilion is open tonight and tomorrow night. The World Series down Lawrence Dumont stadium. Of course the Wichita wing nuts are out of town during the World Series the wing nuts the finish up their nineteen game road trip with four games in clean Vernon Texas against the rail rollers starting tonight. We nets right now are two games behind for a playoff spot with two dozen games to go in the season. The Kansas City Royals are home this weekend hosting the St. Louis Cardinals at Kauffman Stadium. Tonight tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon almost royals cardinals games on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM that's pretty good draw usually is and always was the cardinals evidence always big big attendance when those two meat IE seven. And that's. In golf the last major of the year is under way the PGA. Championship over in Saint Louis at del re country club the first round leader is Gary Woodland to the former Kansas Jayhawks is at six under par. With a one stroke lead. At the PGA chance. Can shift to see the bell read country yes is that blanked the water's all players they'll revisit. In the Valerie with the plane into streetcar named I think there is some kind of connection calories. Per day. So you got the former jayhawk Gary Woodland on top the leaderboard after one round at the PGA championship. Sports was even Ted KN SA they can't think of a company of BI if you Wichita bag fee free at the villain stores and get. And you can check out our. Or a big added there it is just 9713 during the and the chief radio network we are the only chief radio network where your chief state and our. We tell you that everyday practically but they're the big added there. And it's got to schedule says. It's get the whole season you obviously the flip it out there if you want to put up a refrigerator or whatever you'll know. Every year it keeps you gaps nicely big differences that tonight's opening and a Vietnam and that handy for the whole season VIP Wichita it's 643 now. We Stevens had a and never forget coming up with Fox News commentator tot start jealous of the guys. I would believe he's talking about religious liberty stands on usual and probably infringements on solace. Todd starts coming up David dead on K and assessed.