Waitress retires after 60 years on the job

Steve & Ted
Thursday, January 18th

81-year-old woman is retiring from the Penn State hangout she has been working for 6 decades.


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Station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS widget because number one news talk and weather station. Depend on. These actions on Ted Woodward to again sleep and residents evacuated near seventeenth and chambers the northwest Wichita. Around 4:30 this morning 911 this bad since first responders. To the report of the building collapse of 111000 block of west seventeenth. A residential area. Cedric county clerk Kelly Arnold tells K Unisys news a car ran into the house next to hit it's bad day yet very loud. Knock at 3:30 in the morning of mark. We stop police department informing me that that we had to evacuate. The area and there are multiple. Fire trucks that. They get Al much threatened war. Observing the gas leak. Several houses in the neighborhood have been evacuated no injuries reported. Dozens of Kansas legislators have received an hour of training on identifying and dealing with. Sexual harassment. The session Wednesday for Kansas house members as part of an effort by legislative leaders to address allegations of misconduct at the state house. About eighty of the house is 125 members attended two dozen of the house's forty Democrats. Attended a separate session in December. The senate plans have a session for its forty members today. Now is to look at the forecast with Cain is a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday hit morning and. Good morning it's hard to believe that temperatures in the forties are going to feel warm but they certainly will after what we've dealt with earlier this week despite a chilly start to the day will be in the upper thirties around lunchtime 45 and breezy this afternoon's clear overnight Carlos 24 sunny and 52 on Friday on KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. I'll partly cloudy twenty degrees you've got to south wind at fourteen miles per hour. The liberal police department arrested a thirteen year old boy for aggravated criminal threat. Monday. USD 480 officials notified the police have the potential threat to liberal high school. Eisenhower middle school and Seymour Rogers middle school threat communicated to some students through social media. The team was taken into custody Wednesday and will be detained pending formal charges the investigation of the incident is ongoing city of Wichita has put into place a new citizen review board to police chief Gordon Ramsay says the board will provide input. To the City Council and police department regarding any racial and biased based policing ish years. Actually discuss it with them at our level first. And so I've had experience with civilian review boards before and I find that oftentimes it. There is a consensus and understanding on why things exist. You know there's a lot of robust discussion. But ultimately what I found is there were usually comes together in the end with the right seem kind of focus and ideas. This new board replaces the now defunct city manager's review boards city manager Robert Leighton. Says a new board will be more pro active in the past they responded to complaints that were brought forward. But they were not a actively involved in incident review they could ask for the ability to do that but he didn't really get actively involved in that. And they did not drill down very deeply in policies and procedures and so. This group will be empowered to do a lot more in terms of bringing guidance just department as they establish policies the new seven member board will review police department press. Consistent policy as well as citizen complaints. A judge says three Kansas men accused of plotting to bomb apartments housing Somali refugees. Have no legal basis to request that prospective jurors come from countries where more residents voted for president Donald Trump. US district judge Jerry Melbourne issued the decision on Wednesday. The men are accused of targeting an apartment complex in Garden City in rural western Kansas. They're being tried to pay closest federal court and also about 220 miles away in Wichita court trials pull prospective jurors from surrounding more urban counties. The net argue the practices discriminatory because it excludes western Kansas counties with more rural and conservative president's. But the judge ruled that those demographic differences are legally recognizable. Prosecutors argued defense attorneys were trying to pick a jury pool based on ideology. Fill all the brand Kagan SS news. Newman university in Wichita canceled an exhibit that featured LG BTQ kansans who have made contributions in art. The exhibit rainbow in reverse queer Kansas history was scheduled to open next week at Newman. On Tuesday Newman probe most Kimberly McDowell long said in a statement the exhibit was canceled because of confusion over the exhibits contents and us Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice or Lofton knotts has told legislators. The judicial branch employees are so underpaid that the problem threatens the State's ability to provide justice. Thus made an aggressive pitch for greater funding for the court system during his annual state of the judiciary address Wednesday to the legislature. He said Lopate results and unusually high turn over among court system employees. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has been saying the president hasn't been very clear when it comes to young illegal immigrants under doctor. But White House communications advisor Mercedes slap tells Fox News that's not true. The president has. For months laid out his immigration priorities of what we need to do debt and illegal immigration and ensure that we don't we create a second doc got in the United States. President overturn the dock a program several months ago. But David a six month delay to allow congress time to come up with an alternative in Britain there's a new minister appointed have someone in charge of loneliness Sean. The nation's minister for sport of civil society is now also minister of loneliness. Some may consider this so frivolous action but researchers say. Millions of us always more often feel lonely. And half of those over the age of 75 in the UK live alone. The commission looking for ways to combat. Gary Baumgarten. Fox News six. He forced deep into the morning on Cain is a so what it's a minister did they attentive. He encounters a lonely person there in the UK to they send it. And a puppy out or somebody just go out there and popular middleware and what do you think again. The English talked about they need to citizen review board for the policies for the lonely department. That's more media may be a citizen review board very lonely with a lonely. In Wichita. Other outlet to bigger there's nominee lonely people here were friendly bunch merry long mullah. On the stage in his January 18 on this date in 1989. The Rolling Stones temptations Stevie Wonder and the late Otis Redding were among those inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame not familiar with many of those. Might give us pretty good class pretty what I out of class that laws class of eighty not yet one of the highlights of the ceremony was attribute to Roy Orbison. Who had died the previous month we just heard from in that little piece from it. And AM but that was good class 1989 you bet. Oh those kind of say Edwin Roy passed away use kind of enjoying a little resurgence in his career there he was part of the travel and will very isn't he's getting a lot of time on a passed all of a sudden bingo on. A waitress who's worked at a Penn State hang out for more than six decades has called it quits 81 year old Emma Gonzales. Retired Tuesday from the corner rumor she worked as a waitress for 61 years on my gash the Centre daily times reports against solace. Work your first shift that the restaurant in the 1950s. And has not missed a shift since. Rush run co owner John Cochran says it's always great contribution has been her big smile and infectious personality employees don't. Like that don't come along very well known shall up everyday for seven years since word spread that Gonzales was retiring. A steady stream of people have been coming into wish her well now. It's many of them bearing gifts. Until they want and I retire here I'm hoping a stream of people coming in bearing gifts failure hoping. You think would be when night and this could be years away could be next week we don't know the group Gregg retired knows. You think a money tree would be. Inappropriately eat. Several mr. combined you know whatever they can afford stand Colonia fifty. The Alabama senate is in agreement at a the Alabama senate has approved a bill that would do away with marriage licenses. And the requirement for people to go through wedding ceremony. Instead of a license issued by a probate judge. Couples would sign and submit a form. They wouldn't need an actual wedding ceremony. The bill comes as a few Alabama probate judges refused to issue marriage licenses to anyone. So they don't have to give them the gay couples. Measure goes to the house next they're in Alabama. Folks in Alabama wrestling with. The big issue but you'll still have to fill out a form so updating our own bureaucracy no matter what. I don't what's gone on him but you don't have to have an actual wedding ceremony I now I don't know about you but. The women I know in my life. If you try to treat him cheat them out of a wedding ceremony exactly have blood and we're not going to have a ceremony. Now I'm waiting yeah enamored of ago I mean grill. Modem on the fly and not just women having up. We got great wedding ceremony not a big one that you know that church and everything and friends where they're at I really brought it nice yeah we got a a couple of nice gifts. I think we had a money to pay. 638 Steve death and I'm detecting a theme. Al relate. Cars for charity rotten custom car show. This Friday starts at noon. At century two goes Friday Saturday and Sunday tomorrow and yes starts tomorrow and we've got a pair of tickets. I think we get to pair left Ted Kennedy each attorney put out dollar value and we're going to be given those away. Some time this morning a stay tuned for your chance in bed not known at health at 630 at it. Let's. I've dedicated Cisco is up to what I'm left or left or commodities according Tom. Good morning Steve the live cattle and feeder cattle futures will be closed argument completed straight session. Opening look forward to close ultra competitive part of important technical and led buying it even looked at me driving course with a cattle futures. There has not been English can't sell to not enjoy this have yet. We held futures traded and closed Nagin yesterday on profit taking. The largest loss in the February contract. On the close yesterday third cattle up two dollars and 87% to one quarter in 97. March didn't look to move by the 145 and 1970. And that we don't have a dollar and seventy net 7272. Uninsured children helped lift the corn and soybean futures in the blog include yesterday. But virtually no persons to lift the green or so complex that they'll have to rely mainly on technical instead buying power higher trading. The Dow made another new record high yesterday. It's completely that the moment that Kenny and three quarter charge Singapore 28 and three quarters of march corn than a quarter of opinion 352 and three quarters. What they're leaving him three quarters to McKinney had 968. Good morning crude oil mistreating non since tiger kicked it forums six but you're going to condemn nine dollars and thirteen 13020. More just include here's what people is. And going 1223. And three quarters of course dollar index is good teams that they need 31. More children's teachers holding nine point entire twenty expelled a little seven commodity trading Greg marketing advisory contact Butler commodity on the program on the web but you think. 866 go too tough. Story there about a waitress at the same job for 61 years. While. Helen even market the Tom you've been born a long time or just a couple years. Yeah yeah it did you ever have been different from naming Warren so I guess that's about 27 years of ninety and while. What did you do before that. Out of our main part of our coming get cooperation. Hole so you never ever since I will provide scandal. So you do know something about it now agriculture. Just you didn't just go to you know Augusta high school and get a huge and something protected class right. It would draw right. I didn't read them on FaceBook group thing like. Either so you can you can actually teach me how to milk the cow although I'll Renault. We yeah I've actually been one of those a celebrity cal make it milking contest seven hutchins of the state fair right and actually my partner and I won. Now of the holy city slickers out there but does he unite. In we got under the utters in a hurry we understood. Right are you there. God is desperately important neon you'll say you're not talking about the I would try rim slipped. Well you know that's a. Need to meet you get to if you're cal. And the guy he didn't squeeze in as a gun. Gotta go little fat. Pulled back to you say. Are up. They can dominate Vegas case at 646 now Stephen did give it ever done grant Ciampi the money tracker. He's gonna talk about stress. Reduction. Tiger at the bunny tracker coming up paid. Time for our prairie fire coffee break one K and has asked very tired copies of freshest coffee the Wichita area because. Very higher coffee beans or roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get very tired golf read your office by calling 2673771. Or online at prairie fire coffee dot com Doug Brecht exported can now Stevens hit the morning on K and a sense central Christian church welcome.