Waitress slams groper into a wall, gains viral video fame

Steve & Ted
Friday, July 20th
The offending Florida man charged with misdemeanor sexual battery.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. 6 o'clock news is they came in as a sporting news receivers did it I keep back inside stuff partly cloudy 71 degrees. And Cain is is breaking news from the seat of a house fire now himself Wichita again what. What does the location of that apartment they give them under control that they do it's that under control 42. Hundred block of south. Green haven haven that's right that's an oak lawn. It's not too far away from T fifteen and MacArthur first units up some fire in the rear of the place that's right okay no injuries reported in Munich that nothing yet so far haven't heard anything about that the big news this morning at least eleven people reported dead after a tourist duck boat carrying 31 people. Capsized in high wind and sank in table rock lake near Branson Missouri. Some county police sheriff. Doug rader updates the situation. Shy. Our shares. Seven others were hospitalized and talk about five people are missing in Branson. A probable cause affidavit says a carnival worker admitted to killing which stock couple of the county fair Michael Fowler told investigators he shots sunny appalling carpenter. At the Barton county fair in great bend. According to the affidavit Fowler told van Buren police. That have rusty Frazier. And Kimberly younger. Also known as Burnett continent. With him when the couple was killed overseas. Mandarin Arkansas would be suspect buried the couple in shallow grave in Arkansas. One person was injured following a police chase Thursday afternoon that ended in east which atop a Cedric county sheriff's deputy spotted the stolen SUV tried to blow over. The driver sped off. Sheriff's lieutenant Dan urged birders says the chase ended when the driver crashed vehicle. I was involved in the collision with the vehicles sexy sound. Experience I won't 35. And vehicles flipped over and you know you told people. The driver was treated for minor injuries she was wanted on a number of warrants several others were in the issue be including your child. They were not injured. Two suspects were involved and aggravated robbery near downtown Wichita early Thursday. At the circle K gas station Seneca and McClain. One suspects came into the building and pointed a gun at a female employees demanding property but left the store empty handed meanwhile. Another female employee was outside in front of the store she was not working at the time sitting in her car. When a second suspect approached and stole her cell phone. Police offers other Charlie Davidson has his description other suspects. For suspects and unknown black male mid 7. To six foot fence bill. Was wearing dark jeans great gritty and attic clowns skeleton mask. The second one that I know white male early 11. And build. Black sweatpants. Gray hoodie. Black and white bandanna covering his face sunglasses. And a ball cap white gloves back pat. Pretty good description there with a woman's cell phone was recovered near a nearby at third and dodge on the west side. Wichita State University plans to start a marching band this fall. The university said at a news release that the band. Which will be called the shocker sound machine will include graphs saxophone and a drum line. Jim Jay director of bands of the school says the group and will feature high energy performances. And perform mostly at which those state basketball games as well as major student events but school hopes the band will eventually have about 200 members. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. The senators pass a non binding resolution 88 and 98 to nothing saying the US should not allow Moscow to interview former ambassador Michael look fall. And other American officials. He rejected an offer the White House says Russian president Vladimir Putin made to have a former US ambassador go to Moscow for questioning. Delaware Democrat senator Chris tunes called that ridiculous. The idea that somehow it was. An even credible proposal. Any former US ambassador to Russia would be subjected to cross examination interrogation by an hostile power. I'm sadly shows our president doesn't understand. What it means to serve the United States overseas Arizona Republican senator Jeff flake says this will be added to his list of questions. When the secretary of state testifies next Wednesday. The thought that. That we believe in its case that when immediately what now must be chilling. On Capitol Hill Mike Emanuel. Fox News there is talk of a blue wave in the mid term elections in November would Democrats winning thanks to voter disapproval Republicans and especially president trump. Republican Kansas congressman Ron Estes tells Kate and SS news. I don't buy into this series that there will be only the Democrats can take over the house and senate. You guys are believed that but it bounced the Republican old outstripped. The representatives and probably increased. In the in the senate in terms from the group of senators. Estes is competing to retain his seat in the house in the primary election coming up August 7. Qaeda has used are now 6055. Minutes past 6 o'clock. Thirteen thirty cape and it's as good morning. He's in the morning here on Friday July 20 201860. And now 10 minutes and 6 o'clock. And we thought about it a little bit earlier still have some fire crews on the scene there. And this is house fire report in Oakland 4200 block of south. Green haven that's close to left MacArthur in Haiti fifteen out there also got death. Some problems on north. 25 street north that got some lanes blocked there. Apparently yesterday the road buckled due to the heat's. So what that's north at 25 and our chances and you've got some lanes closed there. And you're gonna see some slowdown strapped epic McCain has radio I'm judge chambers on Friday weekend is looming let's find out about the forecast now. The cancer Steffi urologist damn holiday good morning Dan with. Good morning it's that time of year when deep moisture sets in and all we need is a small trigger they could give us some isolated thunderstorms and that's going to be the situation today across south central Kansas otherwise sunny and hot with a high 98. Tonight becomes partly cloudy Arlo 72 thin hot and dry for the weekend Saturday and Sunday night before and Kayla says meteorologist Dan Holliday. Well partly cloudy northeast wind at five miles per hour 69 degrees at 611 hey this is a first morning I can recall in quite a few days. We're in the early morning Jeff got understandably angry house. I can tell this morning private just a quick walk to the guards not nearly is as warm as yesterday home match. It is toasty yesterday a really hot day across central Kansas which is outside temperature is 101. Degrees normal I'd 93. Another record high for that date yesterday. There's 109. That was set in 2006. National Weather Service reports the highest heat index. Yesterday was 113. At 3 o'clock in the 3 o'clock hour in the afternoon. I did check that out with the guys the National Weather Service this morning and that's what he told. You know 130 even heat index. Was on this date in 1969 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin. Became the first man to walk on the moon after reaching the surface in their Apollo eleven lunar module and for. Folks my age and many of you we remember aware of what you were doing. Mean when you're watching it on TV TV or maybe listen to a radio I was watching on TV. And you get a member you've got a photo you get it TV image coming from the moon. In 1969. The quality was not good. You think these convenience store surveillance videos have bad quality Butler in the pioneering Ike was amazed they can do. Rosie likening nineteen year old kid I was a basic and that they could even do the TV image from up there oh it was all coming from the fake CRA movies yeah I forgot yeah it was fate. Anyway I'm Nora was I was it to might then girlfriend's house. Watching with her parents use. That was pretty interesting pretty amazed. I don't in his final. His mood today I am not sure. As it is about that thing about what an amazing accomplishment that laws that get you one of not the most it amazing. Achievement is Amanda beats ya ever of the human race and a it. And like you say then we came up with his peers as though they did it that is like the seventy's they came up that some movie about Rory it Drake good material. Video from a Georgia restaurant shows a man reach out and touch the backside of the female server. Who quickly grabbed him by the collar and slammed him into a wall now have to see is video while ago she took care of business ahead. The apparent groping in full contact response captured by a security camera and Vinny band go goes pizzeria. Savannah police charged 31 year old Ryan pitcher whiskey of Palm Bay Florida with a misdemeanor and a misdemeanor count of sexual battery. A clip of the June 30 take down wound up on the website read it. Restaurant manager rob Litton said we're all proud of the woman to rescue told police that touching was an accident. And it is trying to get the moment to move out of his way. Well if you buy it if you took him down and it is of is pretty interest pretty interest. The video pretty much explains it all yeah it's not in his way. And the contact was not incidental story doesn't hold up you know not not to video scrutiny it does not cast a well this morning if you're the top of the hour news or even following the news. Earlier this morning. I would get a situation down near Branson a table rock lake or one of those of tourist the Cummins dot. Duck boat. Capsized there on table rock lake near Branson eleven people we know are dead in their about my missing. Seven and a hospital in the it and it's been years since I was down there but of these ducts are. Describe does this look like World War II. Bradley votes almost you know public beat these guys who have short. That DD almost like yet but if they've been down there for years I mean when I was a kid. And you would go and it. Write these things that'll lay there I guess they head. All of a sudden they had a wind yesterday. You know wind come up that was on re out of pretty bad severe thunderstorm come through them and apparently was indeed didn't either. It did the duck the boat people work paying attention. Or it was a complete surprise everybody. Be interesting to find out how much warning they could have had had been been paying attention did day. And you know did they pay attention reveals the radio that much TV down there and that's today at an app on their cell phone or something I just can't imagine being caught out there like debt. Unbeknownst to lest they thought well this won't be anything and it turned it be something really bad anyway. It's an accident been years since I was down and when I missed it while I was there moon. Well I guess they've been the last time I was down there my family Ted. Myself and I believe Scott was in junior high maybe or. He was about 1112 years old but still decided we would spring the money to go for a helicopter ride. A wryly and I've never been up and a helicopter could be that that's what kind of have been up to Indians got the telescope he was excited you know. And if we get up there and it was it was funny I don't remember you pay for it with it was fun and you know and of helicopter makes a turn it's like you're Euro on an open door looking straight down out 500. That's pretty scared. But dead of course president of grew them through ripping tourist attraction tourist place and this is not good so it will keep you posted there. They're gonna put the divers out here you know it probably just a few minutes down there when the sun comes up things you can do on. And you think of finals of the five people that's going on in Branson and we'll keep you posted a net of course throughout the morning there have been several fatal incidents involving duck boats. You've just the last twenty years did you wonder you we were looking at some of the images that we on the web a lot of Jan and I look at the images of these things and Andy you know that which like. While the bull Keyon and I guess it could be pretty easily turned over and I'm thinking they could obviously this wouldn't. Arm. 618 seem intent on Cain assistance could take a look at to. Leadoff sports this morning that have averted today imports of Major League Baseball gets back into action full swing but it. Back edit their bodies and action after the all star break including the Kansas City Royals back at it and in the case he has the worst record in the major leagues hoping that. Make some progress in the second half see what happens the royals are at home this weekend posting the Minnesota Twins. The royals have only won eleven games at home all of season. We're in late July and it only 111 home games. Lost 35 and 36 at home and Danny Duffy is the starting pitcher tonight. He's. Look at that as. That's kind of why I made Duffy has since late may deputy has a one point 21 earned run average on the road test in the major leagues. But he struggled at all. And it's kind of and that we are a lot of what the royals do that some of them but some great performances on the road they just aren't the wind home game if you. The royals are home against the twins tonight. Tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon all those games are live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. In pro baseball which it following nets kicking off before game homestand last night hosting the clean burn railroad earners downtown at Lawrence Dumont stadium. Let's talk about small ball. The cleaver rail routers tied the league record with six sacrifice funds. Two of them late inning squeeze months beat the wing nuts three to two last night. Wow yeah. Wind it was I saw I don't think have ever heard of that anywhere now on six sacrifices six months out. Police and so apparently people still know how to do that apparently they're doing a good job now. Then it's you know. Can't stop stuff like that they make contact. There's conceding an out but they're moving runners over and it's her work paid off three into yet cleaver and when the game three to two with a wing nuts fall two and a half games back for a playoff spot wing nets continue their series with the real rotors. Tonight tomorrow night to Sunday afternoon and after that going notes will be gone from town three and a half weeks during the national baseball congress World Series so last three days you can see the wing nuts for quite awhile you wanted to see taken out of the home this weekend at Lawrence Dumont stadium. And in pro golf the British Open continues second round play is underway the first round leader. Kevin his nerd guy that played in the Wichita open a couple times recently. He's at five under par he has yet to tee off in the second round today. And his co leader at five under par is another guy that played a couple times in the Wichita open Zach Johnson pair of Americans right now. Are at five under par atop the leaderboard at the British Open in the second round Zach is already out on the course today. Isner has yet he off you know sports is even Ted KMS. I did six when he won now does keep it here for Fox News commentator time Stearns. He's gonna talk about the desecrated flag at the University of Kansas. That's coming up seated in the morning on Kate in a sense.