Watch out for snakes in Florida

Steve & Ted
Thursday, May 24th
Snakes seeking dry conditions after days of rain are moving into human habitat.

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3030 K and as testing the more nasty back constant foot birdie. 6836630. Two men were injured when a truck was hit by a train north of belt playing. Near 110 and Oliver the pick up what around active rail road barricades and was struck by the train driver of the truck 56 year old man from bill playing. They get a Wesley medical center here in Wichita 47 year old passenger from our Kansas City was also hospitalized no word on their conditions. A man facing charges were domestic violence case from last week was arrested in southeast which atop the investigation led to the suspect's location. Late Tuesday morning Harry and George Washington boulevard. Officers saw the suspects leave the house and a car with a stolen license plate. Suspect drove away leading to a police pursuit of either Charlie Davidson says because of excessive speeds that chase was sued terminated in central and hillside. Officers and continue to work on the case and were able to contact the individual. By cellphone. They have it go at stated that he was armed and was making threatening statements toward himself. To which helped put department hostage negotiators assisted with this case. They eventually convinced him to return to the residents of the 2900 block of east senate where he was taken into custody. The thirty year old man was booked into jail for robbery credible deprivation of a vehicle aggravated assault domestic violence battery fleeing from police criminal use of weapons. And drug and traffic charges. More than eight million dollars has been awarded to a woman who alleged. That the spiritual leader of a cold forced her to work without pay for a decade. A federal judge in Kansas issued the order Wednesday on behalf of Kendra Ross she alleged that from the age of eleven until 2012 when she gathered her courage and strength to escape. She's the victim of human trafficking at the cans of royal Jenkins and his organization the value creators. This is said that the group source frost who work in restaurants and hasn't made cooking and child care provider in Kansas City, Kansas of Ayatollah Dayton Ohio Newark, New Jersey and New York City. Russell's attorney Betsy Hudson says she is thrilled known attorney is listed for Jenkins said Campbell came in SS news. An Indiana man pleads guilty to a charge of terrorism federal prosecutors say opera mostly intended to fly to Morocco and continue on to territory controlled by crisis but the FBI foiled moos lets plan arresting him two years ago when he tried to board a bus heading from Indianapolis to New York the twenty year old pleading guilty Wednesday to attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization according to court documents most less involvement with crisis began in 2013 when he posted video of terrorist leaders on social media. Mostly faces up to twenty years in prison at sentencing and a maximum fine of 250000. Dollars Steve Rappaport Fox News many university students in the US dropped out before reaching a four year degree now a University of Arizona professor. Thinks she may have a way to help. Professor Souter rom tracked the use of student IDs or check cards that students swiped and that more than 700 locations around camp is such as libraries movie theaters and the student union. I know that any student checked in at the location at a certain time. And I can get this list of checking in. Dan I mean you can develop some algorithms. To demean their social interaction patterns. I was research does not identify students by name but at the university wanted to use it to help stressed out students that would have to change she says administrators could come up with the privacy preserving way to do student interventions that what is considered. That risk of dropping now. In Tucson Arizona child opposite Laura Fox News. And unfortunate truth innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning on good morning this stretch of summer like weather is going to continue forests and we warm up even more as we head into Friday and the weekend at some cloud cover early on with a few scattered thunderstorms possible he will be breezy with a high 89 storms roll in overnight down to 69. And a few storms may form Friday with a high 92. I'm K and SS meteorologist Dan Holland. They're now mostly cloudy 68 degrees you've got to south wind at nine miles per hours 630 time now steam into the morning. Instead I just on the Internet and try to get the radar for. Clearwater Florida yeah candidates have much like president radar came up and have one little tiny blip without me oceans that can't be at their sport every day. Maybe in her. Into the game in as we start here at 8 o'clock this morning yes although get this morning scheme and they're expecting later all expecting. Storms to develop in the gulf Nokia and come towards Florida and this is hurricane season and I can be a hurricane that her well no hurricane season doesn't start till the first of the U. One week from today. Not a week from today. While rain falls on Florida and the shocker federal account for this snakes are slithering Ford drier ground. No we don't want that. Snake expert Bob cross tells your mind of sentinel that he cotta venomous. Cotton mouth Monday rule on a sidewalk in his can be omen or Orlando he says is the third of water moccasins he's captured in the past two weeks. Someone Nance I'm on a lot of non venomous snakes including black racers are also moving around looking for dry conditions. Across as you can blame it on the right he says. Days of rain have push to snakes out of the hole where they live and from other places they tend to hide. He's as residents near wooded areas or lakes. Should be especially cautious adding that snakes may be on sidewalks or driveways. Watch your step now is the hang around assumption it is it is snake season or snake time. In Florida. A wild Turkey. They gained a sense of celebrity Ennis southern Minnesota city has been shot and killed by police. After attacking a child and up icicle. Don't know police in Rochester Minnesota say they fatally shot the bird after attempted accurate for unsuccessful. Authorities say they were trying to trap the burdening garden using nets. Neighbor getting complaints about the tricky packing a slow moving cars. Chasing motorcyclist and causing other traffic grow as the you know model on you know that you Turkey does the job or has been making appearances on social media while traversing. A busy Rochester street eventually earning the nickname Jake. Jake the tricky. That's may he rest in peace and sent to the big Turkey. For Nelson this guy funeral arrangements being handled by butterball. Apple. I guess to be pretty aggressive ideas. Turkeys. In it the wind is the zoo openness at weekends what 7475. Somewhere in there right but my son when he was little his favorite place ago. And you're probably about say I was the same one law. But at this who still have gone to petting zoo Monday and area and he's in there and he goes into this. Encountered or else and confront her with it giant the lights are huge back I got that picture of it. But I try to trick it was after. Scott Miller it's there and you know. Memorial Day weekend coming up we're going to be talking about that probably the next couple days here as we get ready for a three day weekend for many many folks out there. And MB. And people inaudible lake cook and out they're going to pool for the first as a lot of nice steamy hot. Three day weekends though since the first year we have not had what we call a major holiday had a couple presidents day is right. But those. May Day holiday in looking today and looking day so. But this is this is means this is the first one this summer than from now we've got nothing until fourth of July that's correct we're planning our planning our schedule appropriately. As we head into the Memorial Day weekend. At 638 now Stevens and it. And it's a time for our commodities update when Tom Loeffler outlet for commodities good morning I'm. Good morning Steve the rod Campbell Peter jail futures had an important session of the outside for political and we didn't. A lot of give and didn't have the highest and best simulate session there's still has not been engaged cattle trade in a conjured reported as of yet. Pregnant Cameron to port at that time eliminating in my head of the three day weekend. Expectations are for the record awards based on the number of by the smaller important but no Brooke. But keep in mind I assumed that that was the second largest in history. At the close yesterday and seemed to have a little device since I went god wouldn't. Two dollars sixty twos and high of 135. And hugged up about reported seven it said the worst sixty. Acorn and that is something probably called positive when we would finish and I would elevate new highs for the league and the record for them straight session. I was reporting Newton. Hasn't talked and we Tibet China itself yesterday in continued being open over the I didn't do more upside. Would send a clue and I'm quoting its contract I. He had been observed in one clip from its contract I overnight. At the moment like completely nine quarters and tired at 61. Like when that during the quarter toward Lebanon through a court. Realize there wouldn't let my sense that the important day in the quarter the light crude rose 29 can influence sudden I'm three. You go to explode when the entire 12100 not confide in him. Jim isn't from 3.4 2727. And three quarters. The dollar index pollutants and look at 9379. Engine deadly intentions couldn't have important work. The 24000 in 21. But commodities trading might want to revise or contact us for commodities on an omelet by using 866 didn't talk. Aides on Memorial Day we can come and of a lot of people going to be grilling out. Do you actually grill out. You know wincing and terror. He what are you argue gas man or charcoal man I want you lighted up where there. Excellent last year I switched from being against man. To repel it may have Luxembourg moved smoker or grill. Do you really well I'd bet. About that makes pretty good shaker amber what every do wanna. Make failed to ask a question mark first attempt and has roads picking up big move. Brisket and it came out beautiful. Nebraska. NC. Men's room. That's and it's a person is I. Don't mind them much along the use of gas grill and it's okay that. Until at least a keeping stories of brook Katz and I think next week's east that are. You know where they don't throw the ball gets pretty bad that you just can't copy anywhere else but I don't have that problem very amnesty right well that's really what. I don't feel that yes. Charcoal. Really tell where there were that's a farmer grew less to make a difference. That's right and you guinier big proponent of beef on the grill right then and not chicken most. Match and not. You know some sort of vegetable or the. I have to say I don't like Moody's. And ride to a cheaper billion dollar grill. Good thing. That's what I looked up on team either go to commercial for all things barbecue. But still this big grill this loaded with tasty stuff meant that if that if they just have that you can no mood for Memorial Day I don't know what will it. And I don't really know that's why I got my real way to have the beta test employees. It is almost exerted in real party tomorrow morning 642 now. What Steven did Tom left were left were commodities and all the way. We've got Don grant the FB he didn't lose the money tracker he's talking about 37 billion dollars stolen. And its killing Americans. That's story on the way that doesn't even then the morning on Kate and assets.