We hear from some of the performers at the Las Vegas Route 91 Festival

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Monday, October 2nd
Jason Aldean tweets that he, the band, and crew were unharmed in the shooting.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. It's going to be back into Austin what word. And the told now more than fifty dead then more than 400 injured. In a mass shooting. During a country music festival on the Las Vegas Strip. They say the suspect is dead we have more this morning from ABC's Matt Gutman in Las Vegas she took. Plan not only to know his target he had to set up apparently the room with. You know of view at a balcony. To the concert venue that he had to bring in a certain amount of ammunition ammunition that he knew suffice to whatever. A degree that he needed and it had to know. Went to open fire how to do it this took planning. The suspect identified identified as 64 year old Stephen addict. From the Las Vegas area apparently known to police. Before this all security and at least eight guns in the hotel room on the 32 floor of the Mandalay hotel. And he was brought down they police officers blew the door open with the explosive and found him in their apparently. He had committed suicide he apparently was had killed himself. As 62 year old very lewd Stanley. A period a person of interest in connection this case has been taken into custody in the told right now more than fifty dead and more than 400 injured. Now what's the forecast with Candace says staff meteorologist Dan Holliday in morning Dan. Good morning a windy start to the workweek for us here in which it's always sunshine today will likely be in the low eighties around lunchtime at 86 this afternoon with south winds gusting up to forty miles per hour and a wind advisory in effect. Breezy tonight are low near seventy and rain chance to start to increase for the week tomorrow afternoon Tuesday 81 and I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays now partly cloudy 66 degrees we have a southeast wind thirteen miles per hour well we start. And it was quiet when OJ Simpson walked out of prison early Sunday after nine years at the love blocked correctional center. Brooke keys spokeswoman for the Nevada department of corrections says we didn't want a lot of fanfare. When he walked out I was waiting for. Some sort of media. Presidents I drones something. And it was silent. It was it crisp. Cool night. Right at midnight 1208. Walked out and it was crickets. In southeastern Kansas a 65 year old woman has died after being assaulted and set on fire along with two police officers. The Cherokee county sheriff's office says share and horn of Baxter springs died Saturday morning in Springfield Missouri hospital. The sheriff's office said the man suspected of assaulting her at a Baxter springs police officer remained hospitalized. The sheriff's office said the man entered horn's home early Saturday and again assaulting her. Went to police officers arrived he threw fuel on them and warned sending all three on fire. Two people are hospitalized after being shot in northeast Wichita. It happened around 11 PM Saturday a man and woman traveling westbound on 25 near hillside notice that they were being followed. The man got out of this vehicle at 25 an eerie. The suspect vehicle also stop into unknown black men exited their vehicle and argument ensued in multiple gunshots were fired. Both the man and woman were injured and were taken to the hospital. The woman has been released a three year old girl in the vehicle fortunately was not hurt. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson said the suspects fled the scene and a silver Chevy Kampala. With dark tinted windows and a black brawl on the front. Rodney price K and assets and. News October through December is the busiest time for vehicle crashes involving deer Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Todd Heilman. Shared some tips on how to avoid dear he says you should look for the rest of the pack when you see a dear. I mean even if you see normally go on the road crossing different views and not pose a threat to you you still need to start slowing down and it starts gaining really hard look for let the best friend or family that here in my Buick. Trooper Ellman says Tuesday in the vehicle after hitting a deer and call 911 of the Highway Patrol and have been getting out of your car. Can SS news time now 834 with Stephen dead time for entertainment news. The blurred this morning and attend Robert talking about the some inner chambers entertainers and responses to what's happened in Las Vegas for that mass shooting it and yet last night's massacre of the music acts app that country festival in Las Vegas. Describing chilling scene. The attack happened during Jason I'll Deane sent the route 91 country music festival. He was closing up to show you posted on its demand that he and his crew are okay but last night was beyond horrific that it hurts is hard that this would happen anyway. Who's just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night singer Chris Young tweeted that when the shots started he dropped to the floor of the trailer behind the stage. Listening to that gunfire he writes I'm literally shaking still this was the fourth year of the festival chase and maintenance and ABC news Hollywood. Performer Jake Owen was also at that concert as well. And videos while I was I was on the stage actually watching Jason play I'd just come off stage previously sands. You know stayed there you can hear the bullets started at the root of the stage and people started swaying everywhere you hear people screaming. I happened at Illinois goes just. Wherever you could put page sounded like gunshots were coming from all around this and that the before any of us knew that it was coming from boat. Deadliest mass shooting in American history. More than fifty dead 400 hurt in that shooting last night in Las Vegas. In other entertainment news will take a look at what happened at the box office this weekend Saturday Night Live made it's premier AM Marilyn Manson mishap. We need you to deliver stuff for us we still don't know if American made delivered a number one weekend debut at last check the Tom Cruise action comedy was in a tight three way race for first with kings in the golden circle and yet all of what you heard around seventeen million bucks each. It has a slight edge but we likely won't know the winner until the final numbers are in later Monday trust and I think I saw Reza locals say yes this tell Alec Baldwin back is Donald Trump on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live cold open had him talking to cast member Melissa have you seen your playing San Juan Puerto Rico mayor Carmen Julie Cruz desperate for hurricane Maria relief FEMA takes a few days in this joint products. So rocker Marilyn Manson's canceled nine tour dates after he was struck by two set pieces that fell on him during a Saturday performance of New York City. And Monday birthday wishes to sting 66. I'm Christopher watts. Tonight is guilty pleasures night on Dancing With The Stars Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie monies goes into the night in the lead at. After last week's show he told ABC news that is one of the best experiences of my life. I feel like I'm anything differently every episodes of ardently it has been so amazing I love this so much and having such a blast like. Hurt to hear what they're saying like I have no confidence when it comes like dancing about it people suing you hear that it's like. It's slowly get built up a little bit so we'll they'll be out there is next week but she's amazing I know whatever we do next week's gonna be. Find I can comment on a mess that's been there. Somebody will be eliminated tonight a couple of actors are dancing with stars and ABC won't be limited after tonight and couple of entertainment notes in the state history sixty years ago today. Connie Francis. Went into the recording studio recorded who's sorry now who. They hit which became a huge hit for her she apparently did not like the song. Which he had some sort of an argument with her dad. And as he went to the studio recorded a minute of being a big hit for. Connie Francis recorded who's sorry now sixty years ago today. It was forty years ago today. That the late Elvis Presley and his late mother Gladys. Their bodies were removed from the cemetery in Memphis and placed on the grounds of their home Graceland. Apparently somebody had tried do. Some grave robbers and tried to. Get into l.'s great cemetery and they thought OK we're done with this rose so so they put the bodies on private property at the home there are some. It protected obviously be a little more. Places they could beat troll right people away from that gap that was forty years ago today. And finally will we'll talk a little bit about the death of Monty Hall over the weekend. Guided. Game show host. Passed away the age of 96. On Saturday. 86 Monty Hall yeah. Longtime host of the game show that he co created called let's make a deal for a great show he was one of the ones that kind of came up that idea and he was the perfect host for that he kind of orchestrate things in the crowd and and they gave people choices of whether they would. Wanted certain aspect to happen in the curtain one curtain to curtain three we'll see what happens it. And a and he would play on their psyches and offer them incentives to. Choose one or the other or not choose one or the other people always. Got grinch and second guess themselves before they either got to. Great little prize or may be you know and donkey yeah I mean nothing now that he has something that's called a sandwich yeah you never know. And I. And it's still being run syndication Wednesday I'll Monty Hall in Poland. Course he was from warning Canada. He and his wife. Would have celebrated their seventieth wedding anniversary last week. However she passed away this summer. Hole and he didn't last much longer after her he is passed away now. The age of 96. Monty Hall but Monty does have a Wichita connection to him or just him trying to remember what is on this is today this on this day which is the anniversary of the shocker football plane crash. There's a history intertwined between two. Course we mentioned the soccer football plane crash which happened on this date October 2 in 1970. Fourteen players killed fourteen coaches and staff and supporters killed three airline personnel died as well 31 people died in that plane crash. And Monty Hall was really the driving force. Of putting together a fund raiser. For the victims of that plane crash and I eat right and Monty kind of put together this. This all star spectacular. It would raise money for the victims families and it is going to be held at eleven arena on the Wichita State campus in late November. In between. October 2 the shocker plane crash and this fund raiser. The plane crash of the Marshall University football team and a terrible plane crash that killed most of their team right so in the event. That Monty Hall it started from Wichita State kind of grew also to include Marshall. And their victims their families in and fundraising for their victims. Some money hauled basically it was kind of the driving force behind this and he urged some of his Hollywood friends to basically show up in Wichita and put on a show with. Almost no rehearsal. They just got he said show up entertain them and will raise money. And it was a nationally televised on ABC was on over 200 nationwide affiliates that night. Andy raised money for victims of the Wichita State in Marshall plane crashes. Among the people that Monty persuaded to come to Wichita. Where Bill Cosby. Bob Hope. Actor Leif Ericsson and George Goebel humble pie saying. Maryland may outlets they Wichita native and and a singer you bad man and interviewed her many pearl Lou Rawls and Kate Smith. While among those who showed up in Wichita it was. Was money all that kind of got the ball rolling on that did a lot of leg work antibody emcee that night you know and Bob Hope kind of co emceed at the extra money. So yeah we remember we are America's soccer football plane crash on this day we remember the late Monty Hall who passed away on Saturday. At the age of 96 good man. That's entertainment news in the blur brought to you by our good friends at pizza Johns in Jeremy you want tasty pizza. You just drive on Medicaid fifteen to 08 south Baltimore an Angel. Pizza jobs in literally 843 downs Steven dead. Peter from Wichita business journal editor bill Roy. How is your 401K. Performing schools talk about some gusts even dead on in a sense.