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Friday, January 12th

Guest: Wedding and event designer Donnie Brown


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS which could cause number one news talk can't weather station. Depend on. Good morning at 7 o'clock this is the case again as this morning news and Steven says it. I'm Jim Woodward as he Macintosh has today off it is Friday January 12. How are Wichita street holding up after the winter storm we'll have those details. The suspect in the fatal folks fall in Wichita a lines in Kansas. I'm damn mobile I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays when we got I would just a dusting of snow in Wichita yesterday the heavier amounts were two or neuwirth. Winning is our next chance of snow we talk about that in the forecast coming out. Yesterday's winter storm created slick conditions for Wichita roadways. Officials say they are still monitoring conditions after putting down sand insults through much of yesterday. Alan king of Wichita is director for public works and utilities has a message for motorists on the road this morning we want. People to be very careful and cautious because roads that me with traffic on it and what the salt sand on it. May be in pretty good condition the next morning are over night it couldn't we can see some re freezing conditions so we ask everybody to exercise caution. Officials also warned drivers keep safe distance between plows and trucks while crews worked to treat those roads. The man accused of making a hoax emergency call that led to the fatal police shooting in an unarmed man in Wichita has been brought to cancer center. We county jail records indicate 25 year old Tyler Paris was booked in the jail Thursday on suspicion. Oh involuntary manslaughter. Giving false alarm and interference with a law enforcement officer. Bond was set at 500000 dollars. Paris have been held in the Los Angeles County Jail since his arrest December 28 in Los Angeles prosecutors alleged -- made a call December 28. But the big story about a shooting in kidnapping. But led Wichita police stole home port 22 road and route finch shot and killed after opening his store. Virus has a history of making such hoax calls which are referred to as wanting. Dan O'Neill came in SS news. There have been. At least four gang related drive by shootings since Tuesday. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says those drive vice took place near fourteenth and Piet 23 in Minnesota east of 23 and grow. And on south mission nearly given what lawn. Which helped police officers and investigators have been investigating multiple drive byes which ever heard over the last several days. Two suspects. Were identified a nineteen year old male. And also a sixteen year old male. Officers begin doing follow up and located the suspects in the 3100 block of response then. Those arrests made early yesterday morning near George Washington boulevard in hillside. Both suspects were taken into custody for multiple counts of aggravated battery discharge of a firearm into an occupied dwelling. Felon in possession of a firearm possession of marijuana and possession of Ecstasy. A man from derby died early yesterday morning this crash was in north which it taught happened before 1 in the morning yesterday. Thirty year old Matthew Cox was driving his Toyota Corolla on I 235 under north meridian. When the car veered to the right hitting the bridge pillar catching on fire Cox died at the scene. President trump will spend this weekend at his estate in Florida and he's also going to the doctor. President trump heads to the US army hospital just outside DC today for is a yearly visits president or receive his annual physical at Walter Reed says white house Press Secretary Sarah Sandy's this will be the president's first health exam. As commander in chief and he told the press there is standing. Yeah oh well horizons. And in the afternoon president trample fly to West Palm Beach for a weekend. And his morrow Longo club in Miami Evan brown Fox News. The museum of world treasures has been located at Wichita is old town for the past fifteen years. Chief development officer long Smith tells Deanna says news attendance has been increasing year by year this year or I should say importing seventeen. We got right up around 45000. Which represents about a four to 5% increase over the previous year. And we experience that about every year about a 45% increase lawn Smith our guest this weekend on issues 2018. That's Sunday morning at 8 o'clock on Kate in. SS. It is 704 was Steve instead here on KE NN sense. Church shot up in Detroit. The doctor in Great Britain is in trouble. And in sports late night action the shocker means basketball team. The results are on the way Kagan SS news time 705. 708. In the suburbs of Detroit riddled with bullets. And this guy thought he was firing at a spaceship. Cops know who did it and why that's because he called them to probably tell them he protected their city from an alien invasion. Would he actually shot up with Zion church in Troy Michigan a modern dome shaped building that kind of looks like it could be a huge flying saucer. No word on whether the guy will be charge that's because cops say and we quote. Mental health could be an issue here Gary Baumgarten. Fox News. A surgeon in Great Britain is waiting to learn his fate he's admitted to branding his patients Simon rebel pleaded guilty to two counts of assault. After being accused of using a laser beam to come off his initials altitude patients' livers during surgeries. A prosecutor cold case without legal precedent incredible. Rebel can be jailed for be sentenced today. But some full patients have rallied round. 800 people put their name to an on line petition calling primal gifted and well respected and take these actions caused no real hum. In London Simon knowing Fox News. It's 709 was Steve instead on Kate in SS. And right now in traffic we've got to traffic accident you want to well watch out here. 47 street south and Broadway watch for a traffic slow down there the residential side streets in which itself. Things are also going to beat ice packs be cautious there. Main streets looking better watch out for slick spots traffic updates from cape and it's as radio I'm -- chambers. And it's time for the TSA and storm tracker three forecasts Kansas today meteorologist Leon some other men this morning hello Leyland had boarded up front that you do in the sport fantastic our youth I am just wildly. Plus Gil de Leon via the same things we were dealing with yesterday morning are now on affecting you know Memphis and Nashville and Indianapolis and Detroit they're all they've all got. The freezing no wonder whether expecting their commutes today. It's a mess and even worse because there's so there was a lot more moisture stage for the atmosphere so there ice is going to be thicker than are those going to be deeper so you we gotta we gotta quick shot of this stuff but they're really getting hammered back they're glad they can add it. Where we're. Of course we got our we got ours right at the morning commute yesterday which kind of messed this up we had a more than a 150 accidents in the Wichita area of the but will you buy yesterday afternoon and the sun was out shining. I didn't know that's what the callous for the action is beyond not surprising could not at its worst times you're exactly right the senate for today lucked ice. The road did. They'll talk nicely yesterday the sun related helped even though we didn't make it about freaking during the afternoon but there's been a lot of areas especially shady spot where there's been reached threesome in that happening this morning I was like Coke on the road in a prompt but also honored that action by established a little closer to the neighbor's house but I expected so there are some slick spot still out there obviously beat you know forewarned is formed not. Nine degrees right now the wind chill is 60 low it'd be wrought start Saturday we will have increasing clouds later this afternoon where others see temperatures above freezing I think we'll probably be looking at about 2627. Degrees bridge daytime I at least the wind will ease up but it still gonna be raw coal the Saturday. And he's below zero wind chills will pretty much stay where it is today. You don't like well it is circuit just climb up into the teens and twenties at the windshield back this single bit okay teens but it's going to be just. You know one of those days where you walk outside in the sun down not too bad in the cloud increase it's going to be great colder that wind will go to elect a hot knife through butter pretty raw yet by Sunday. Well Sunday as you mentioned forty. Yeah outside. But it's just have to reach peace well is that we're gonna have what is your little favors Alberta clippers we talked about successfully storms as democratic candidate against the -- not certain number of pack held below freezing for daytime highs which we got to skip this bill on Monday we've vetted just the 20% chance of some light snow and nothing like what we went through yesterday but the first part of the weekend tomorrow very cold still into the mid twenties and 41 on Sunday and back about thirty on Monday said the temperature roller coaster it. Leon have a great weekend you do as well certain. Appreciate it that's KSM storm tracker three forecast Kansas today meteorologist. Leon Smith lemon filling us in this morning at 712 with Steve intent on tape and assess. Some people are counting down the days to may nineteenth today that actress Megan Markel Mary's British prince hairy. And some people I already are having full low wedding fever what we're joined by wedding and event designer Donnie brown this morning. Donnie lot of folks are getting geared up where we're still months out but some people have wedding fever already. I think they did Melissa what time of year everybody gets engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year's. Are you going into Valentine's days of this is certainly wedding season. And this has made it more exciting this year. When there is a royal wedding it seems like that kind of ramps ramps everybody up. He really does have we seen this time after time. We didn't win William and Catherine got married it was it was pretty crazy for a. The other now ID course people get a lot of folks get interested in what will the bride to be wearing him do we know what doesn't what Megan's attire will be on May nineteenth. Now I mean it felt supposition at this point they've really you're keeping everything pretty close to the chest right now but I'm the only thing we've heard so far as perhaps about the K. They're keeping it pretty quiet was what does that reveal about the state. Well. There was some discussion about a banana cake and I spoke with they're McGray eighties than he was. Princess Diana's royal shaft for seventeen years all the time the kids were growing up. And he's since moved to Dallas and I know him and we were talking about it he said. You know williams' favorite recurring up with chocolate biscuit cake. Thing Ares paper equipment arm open Atlantic today. And so that's why they're talking about the karma banana cake for the wedding because that area that would favorite. And so it's kind of exciting to know he's taking his childhood favorite birdied the wedding. We're talking a Donnie brown a wedding and event designer of the royal wedding coming up on May nineteenth Donny just in general. Are there any trends in in wedding planning that are that are a hearing for 2018 already. Well you know lighting is becoming more of a big deal. Lighting can keep evolving every year it gets more and more intense than others battery operated lighting him. Lighting that you can put on your table that a pattern than. And changes colors and there's just so many great. Technical things in ball. Being used only seem big multimillion dollar bands are now being more in every day weddings that says. Taking a video of the pride anger implants saying in projecting it up on to screens in the current. It's becoming much more sophisticated. Then ever before and so we're really excited about the direction and more palatable to the everyday budget. And Donnie on the other side of that coin are there any things that are there any trends that people used to do all the time that economists fading away now and we're not seeing as much. You know I'm a double infielders trying to change every trick. Your career here. They're trying to take out traditions I was meeting with a millennial couple last night and they said. You know we're trying to just remove all the traditions no wedding shower. You know note toes now okay. You know none of those things are they don't want to do any of it anymore. And that's for the millennial leaders still being married a lot of number just saying let's just live together. We get married we'll just get divorced so let's just live together. It's it's kind of crazy. You know that this these things happen there's ups and downs and have been close in the wedding industry weeks I've been here I've been around long enough he at all. This is not surprising remaining. Donnie have a great weekend thanks for joining us. You do the same antibodies in Dallas comes to market all on the 27 the 28. We're going to be serving that horrible banana cake and amity onstage today fabulous fashions. Fantastical haven't taken out thanks Donnie that's Donnie brown wedding and event designer joining us today. As of the Markel affect Megan mark those wedding to British au prince area on May nineteenth. And that's better body. Like a lot of focal wedding crazy heading into the 2018 year. Good stuff but Donnie brown wedding and event designer joining us live today Ian Stevenson. It is 717. With Stevenson in the morning let's go ahead and start take a look at what's going on in the world of sports including us. Soccer men's basketball action last night sixth ranked Wichita State. For the first time ever facing a new conference vote east Carolina. First matchup ever between soccer and pirates. Soccer's missed some shots early got behind by a few points but. After that really no problem for the soccer's last night's steamrolled win the easy. Over a team they were expected to beat handily and they did soccer's and ECU last night Mike Kennedy involved holes. At call the game on 103 point seven KE YAM. Opposite to be guard in the right foreigners trying to get it to the darkness to camp along the right sideline line drive that middle. It is not the heat slightly mis read yard streak. Of that over to campus for three left wing Landry can't. Pray he's got to love it that's his third street going. Over an awful lot of points ten assists double double that night and Landry shoot and it. Landry Shannon day he ended up winning eleven points in the career high. As a shocker when it big 9516. Was the final score the leading scorer for the shocker was 10 merger with fourteen points. Medium balanced effort. As a lot of socks that in the mix last night six wins in her own now for the shot here's. And their tenth win in a row on the road it one of the longest winning streaks of that sort in the nation right now. Shots will shocks already have flown to Tulsa I believe that's their next game is. Coming up quick tomorrow night fifth ranked Wichita State at Tulsa. This shot here is our four no in the conference now atop the standings half game ahead of the other unbeaten team in the conference Cincinnati. Suckers in Tulsa they were of course they were. Decades and decades they were conference rivals in the Missouri Valley Conference and also left the valley. Now the suckers have left the valley too so the shocker since Tulsa reunite as conference opponents now for the first time in 22 years. Mike Kennedy Bob hole have a live pregame coverage at 5:30 PM tomorrow the game will tip off at 630 minutes on 103 point seven KE YNF. Join me after the game I'll take your phone calls on the shocker locker room show live tomorrow night and twin peaks cities which kicks off at when he first and rock. See there. Mean basketball here in the state tomorrow is the sunflower showdown twelfth ranked Kansas hosting Kansas State in the Lawrence tomorrow. They state has lost its last eleven trips into Lawrence. The EU is a game out of first place in the conference right now. He stayed another game back to being behind. Live pregame coverage for the jayhawks network begins at 9:30 tomorrow morning the game will tip off at 11 o'clock tomorrow morning in Lawrence. They UK state games on the Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM. The Wichita State women's basketball team coming off a win will be on the road it tomorrow at two lane heading down to New Orleans. Steve strain we'll have a College Soccer ladies at 415. It tomorrow afternoon and it's right here on 97 and thirteen thirty Kate and that's that's. And after that will have ju co men's basketball Butler community college at home and elder radio tomorrow night hosting Colby. Dennis Higgins we'll have live coverage of the Butler grizzlies at 715. Tomorrow night right here. 97. And thirteen 38 in SS. Hockey action this weekend back to back home games. But the Wichita thunder on home ice 7 o'clock tonight 7 o'clock tomorrow night downtown in trust bank arena. Under hosting that you Todd grizzlies in both those games. Actually last night in the NBA and pro basketball a huge night for former Wichita State point guard Fred van believed. And his Toronto Raptors hosting the Cleveland Cavaliers last night in Toronto. Now last season you might remember Cleveland swept Toronto out of the playoffs easy now Toronto may have sent a message last night. Beating the cavaliers won 33. To 99. AME coming off the bench for the raptors as the sixth manner. Former soccer point guard Fred mandalit. Find seats in the mortar man to lead to. Six of eight from three point range for Fred last night on his way to a career high 22 points. In fact he had more rebounds and LeBron James last night hey red band belief. Getting it done and helping his raptors today at 34 point win over the cavaliers the raptors. Are tied for the third best record in the NBA right now and Fred namely this help and out. An adult soccer basketball history on this day we knew it it was 110. Years ago on this day. The game that might have changed the fate of Wichita State basketball little bit now okay soccer basketball as it was back then for fair amount college. It was 110. Years ago on this day. Soccer's a fair amount went down played a road game at southwestern and Winfield. Southwestern won that game seven he won the 26. In front of a raucous crowd now can add to that game the folks at fair amount college decided that. You know we're the ones that live in Wichita we need to build a big gym like they have down there at southwest. From that moment on at the shocker start of the kind of think big and start to elevate their basketball program a little bit look where they are now ranked number five in the nation. But maybe it was that 45 point loss at southwestern. 110. Years ago on this day. Much about soccer is thinking big basketball. That's sports the Stevens dedicated S adds it is 720 threes even sit in the morning. Here on K in SS. Even airport traffic and weather of course keep you updated and liberals fighting against Ohio voting rules. The Rush Limbaugh morning update always a treat do not miss it coming up on stage and as.