A weekend sports preview

Steve & Ted
Friday, February 9th

Ted lines up what is ahead for the Shockers, the Jayhawks, and more.


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Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news kid SS which could cause number one news talk bad weather station. Depend on. Good morning 6 o'clock this is McCain in his has sporting news as David says if I keep Macintosh. KN SA is breaking news. The House of Representatives has narrowly passed a bipartisan budget measure ending a government shutdown that started at midnight the second shot down this year. The senate voted early today to reopen the government and pass a 400 billion dollar budget deal handing the measure off to the house for predawn debate. Kansas congressman Ron Estes talked with Fox News after the vote. We've been pushing through this agenda that the president supported give an economy growing given the tax cuts in jobs that moving. And and getting this defense appropriations supported but now we've got to turn to the real big problem which is which is our our budget deficit and how much we're spending. It's business as usual or federal services says and employees this morning. An alleged rapist of a child has been re arrested 21 year old Caleb gassed and was first arrested last week for the alleged little four year old girl to downtown Wichita YMCA kids' zone. Where he had worked sensed what he thirteen his body instead of 100000 dollars Tuesday he made bail and was released from jail. Wichita police officer Charlie Davidson says Wednesday evening guests and was taken into custody again on a charge for another sexual abuse case. Captain was arrested at approximately 8 PM in the 14100 block of east crest hill. In derby Kansas. Wichita theatre Karrie exporting and missing child unit detectives. Have identified a three year old female victim. And a child sex crime that occurred at the downtown YMCA. For a team or market. Yes and is now held on a million dollar bond. Which the mayor Jeff Long Will says he in this city's director of public works and utilities Alan King will be at the White House Monday. It revolves around the new infrastructure plan that that's about the extent of those. A great opportunity and certainly it's nice that. We have friends in Washington now know where which is we think we can be a part of that discussion part of the solution. To help brain more opportunities to Wichita Kansas. They Longo says White House staffers and president drop will be at that Monday meeting. Kansas governor Jeff collier is promising that state government will launch two new accountability web sites within four months owner signed four executive orders Thursday. Aimed at promoting government transparency. One quarter requires state agencies to set performance schools. And develop ways to measure their progress toward meeting them so that the information can be available on line. Another order creates a web site for posting notices of agency's public meetings and documents associated with those meetings. Pull your also signed orders designed to make obtaining government documents less expensive and to prevent officials from using private email accounts for state business. Dan O'Neill came and SS news. What else chief of staff John Kelly is facing the fallout from the abrupt exit of a White House staffer. Accused of domestic violence while rob Porter is out its chief of staff John Kelly who's now coming under fire for how he handled the White House's response. Kelly on Wednesday Tuesday and saying I'm proud to serve alongside him. But Thursday telling changing his tune as more details emerged about a small claims made by supporters ex wife's. In a letter obtained by Fox News Kelly says domestic violence is a boring and has no place in our society noting the shot contain allegations of caused. Kelly says the White House is making council of L for staffers in the wake importers departure in Washington child Angel Fox News and has refused are now 60. Or 4 minutes past 6 o'clock. Seven and 3030 K and as best we are deep into the morning now all six then fed minutes. At 6 o'clock on Friday. Gasoline prices have come down a couple of cents. I was seeing this morning to 39. A gallon gasoline soaked pillow and was around 242 yesterday's them. Seems to be trending downward movement that few. 39 again on this point traffic update from K and that's that's radio on catching this take a look at the forecast to a Friday morning. Pianist a staff meteorologist Dan Holliday get morning Dan. Well this morning colder air is on the way is strong Brothers pushing from north to south across the state. And will be here by around noon time are highs today 39. Wins we'll turn to the northeast and remain gusty throughout the afternoon breezy and sixteen furlough overnight. Cloudy windy and 25 tomorrow and a good chance of snow late Saturday night into Sunday morning I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. And now mostly cloudy 38 degrees south wind at seven miles per hour. A warmer day across Kansas Thursday which does high temperature yesterday was sixty degrees. Oh normal hi 46 I was able to get out yesterday afternoon and run the but just a short toss well much north of Houston back in shorts but outweigh the accidental longhorns on had shorts so yeah. And clarifying campus and only one layer of a cotton on the top there just a long sleeved shirt but today it's going to be an effort. Yeah and and and and tomorrow while. You heard the forecast twenties rise tomorrow while not a picnic. It is a Friday February 9 2018 on the state and 1870 the US Weather Bureau was established. And they do a terrific job lot in my opinion National Weather Service. But the way they. Do their radars and a forecasted everything at that did just do a terrific job. Next week we re talking with chance haze from the National Weather Service office in which Todd and renew our annual interview about spring storms Stedman the issue showed. It's always good he's always got a lot of information and a sports department Nazis is good guys that the people out there that meteorologist at the national publisher had offices or just west to the airport there. Nice people good people or not messed around already done that show in February yeah while they're already started that this seven hours you know that that they are yet. I think they're already underway. And they don't know the storm period the planes is that I I've talked seeing something that does have a Murrow restarting of the counties. You get a jump points. London's newest museum attraction is greasy smelly. And offers a glimpse at the hidden underside of urban life I've bet you can guess what this is said that bird off the Museum of London. Has unveiled its latest display a chunk of one of 143 ton fat burger. That was blasted out of a city sewer last year. It took sewage workers reject poses. Nineteen weeks to dislodge the 820 foot long massive oil fat diapers and baby wipes. From beneath white chapel in the city's east it the option blasted out. Being featured in the movie and still say that chunk they kept it's too small. Al the museum has us like the sizes didn't like the size issue boxers and your academy museum has lovingly preserved it to emphasize the few bucks and you're right. It's not. Presenting at large to me I'd like like a thirty feet long delicate some people would just. Editors that's one big tired by Iran via. And have they preserve the odor wonder and the models consistency accurate likens to a to harm parmesan cross with moon pot. And added the X-Factor though close examination reveals a presence of tiny flies. Three transparent boxes protect visitors from potentially deadly bacteria and from the fat virgin noxious smell and the museum is also offering a selection of merchandise including T shirts and fat berg fudge. Jet Massey merchandising that's where they need to yeah I find that teacher on the way it would have to order a couple OK and let's take a look at what needs to happen. Exactly. And Delhi can probably to find him a navy Amazon's depths. Fat burger teacher's rating may be Amazon's gutter they had everything. I think you have to your house and a day and a half and take us that I would have total pampered because it's like an iceberg only it's in the summer instead of in the you know he has and it's based and he's out of every garbage east thinking there it is fat blob mules. Interactive and the they don't feed the fat part yet catch. They got extra large. Again or where you've seen what their web pages that existed the images and image search yet well. Be fun to have those who Battenberg teacher and actions of violent he would simply go to the web site and museum of Londonderry gonna be my guess yeah. They take American money now that's you know. Screw the brits we had one in Baltimore. Yeah we should buy American I don't think there was it was that big that they had and involved with what got one creeping underneath our streets right now which probably we should get the mayor on this maybe that's why he's well the White House he's taken Alan King now priced. Don't we know public utilities director and Alan if anybody knows about fat version which Alan King they're probably they're its own that we don't have a fat Bert yes the weren't the only city in a clean as a whistle down there there's death up. Like we've taken a ridiculous or laxity of the disclaimers all that there okay. Anyway Patrick along the edit stuff topic of fat version Ted is to. OK what we got I got something important is we can talk tomorrow is a birthday. My granddaughter Eban. Macintosh have Robert Itamar. He's a student at derby middle school more middle school is. An athlete a musician. She did something the other day I don't know is it derby middle school or north middle aged derby and then derby in north derby middle school north derby middles a look at derby north that allowed but it. Sort of the north in derby they're still OK it. They got to tipping schooled as we get to them out there. But Evans you play basketball right now she's an accomplished give amnesty plays soccer. Plays guitar writes her own music and she did a video the other day she should have been that was. Really really interesting you know that song I like big bucks that's of course that everybody knows that so yes or she basically lip synch it. And just a quick edits are showing her and some others just in and out and it it was it was like a professional network job. I don't know how she did it. Because he's gone back and forth to herself as she did it department it all on yourself on. But it's and I gotta get it lets you watch it you'd be amazed and his kids like thirteen years bill. You know maybe fourteen to going to be working. In organized seven. Happy birthday. And so that's what's called me this weekend and a one of my favorites was when minister makes a lot perform that song with them over the Seattle symphony orchestra a year or two ago. And aspires symphony was I. On the violence option like big butts all like yeah well. American culture here in the 21 century we've got a birthday actor as negative. On Pete's Johnson serving on now don't know what's on the plan by the way we're gonna talk about Pete is today because. That is national. It always is a writer range of topics we government operates and didn't. I know it's coming up on 618 now Stevenson let's go ahead and and a new leadoff sports with Ted Woodward polish Tucker there. Tucker's both men and women had to get on UConn tomorrow as Aaron that is. Her car. That's a lot of hoops coming away on this busy weekend including the shoppers at home. When he first ranked Wichita State hosting Connecticut tomorrow in the rematch between these two which doctors. Beat Connecticut. Back in late December you might remember in their first game ever in the American conference shocks when at the Hartford and beat Connecticut by ten points. Tomorrow is the rematch in Wichita shock right now are tied for second in the conference Connecticut tied for sixth. Connecticut has lost its last three on the road. And the Huskies are making their first ever visit to Wichita. Mike Kennedy and Dave doll have live pregame coverage beginning at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon game will tip off at 5 o'clock. Now beyond 103 point seven KEY and and after the game I'll be taking your phone calls on the shocker locker room show live got a twin peaks in east Wichita 21 and rock road. Little bad about it dinnertime at 730 ish come on out after the game see out of the twin peaks of the locker until tomorrow that's a 5 PM tip off. Echo arena tomorrow. We're soccer men's basketball. Means action tomorrow for tenth ranked Kansas Jayhawks are going down to Waco to take on the Baylor Bears Kansas. He's tied for first place atop the Big 12 Conference right now. The EU has beaten the bears in their last eleven meetings see you beat Baylor by three points in Lawrence back in January. And tomorrow is the rematch down in Texas live pregame coverage of the jayhawks begins at 11:30 tomorrow morning game will tip off at 1 o'clock. K you basketball and Sports Radio KF 81240. AM 975. FM. The other first place team in the Big 12 Conference tide in case you its seventh ranked Texas Tech and tech. We'll be in Manhattan tomorrow night take on the Kansas State wildcats both teams playing well Katz won five of seven. Tech has won five straight overall. Clobbered K state by sixteen points in Lubbock back in January tomorrow night is the rematch in Manhattan will be at 7 o'clock tip off tomorrow night. In Manhattan Natalie nationally televised on ESP NU. You mention Steve the Wichita State women. We'll be on the road to tomorrow taking on the number one team in the nation shocker visiting undefeated Connecticut. Ranked number one in the nation it'll be noon tip off tomorrow first meeting ever in women's basketball between the shot yours. And Connecticut. As UConn is only 23 game winning streak 23 you know right now Steve strain we'll have live coverage of the shocker at number one UConn at. Beginning at 11:45. Tomorrow morning and that's live right here on 987 and thirteen thirty. K and SS pictured tune in for that we have a ju co men's basketball. Tomorrow night here on K and assess the Butler grizzlies on a three game winning streak right now going on the road visit sixteenth ranked Hutchinson. You might remember these two teams met a couple of months ago early December. Butler blew a 26 point lead at home and lost a Hutchinson by a point. Tomorrow night is the rematch in Hutchinson. Butler and Hutchinson Dennis Higgins will be on the air with that one at 715. Tomorrow night. And that will be right here on 97 and thirteen thirty K and aspects. And they'd busiest travel filled weekend for the Wichita thunder hockey team three. Cities. In three days borrowed. Fort Wayne tonight. At Cincinnati tomorrow night at Toledo on Sunday afternoon. Busy weekend in the upper midwest. For the thunder if that bus is gassed up and ready to go. That's sports was Stephen Ted KN SSI six Tony one now keep it there for Fox News commentator time stars he is going to comment on the former president George W Bush's comments on dreamers and apparently asked negative reference to president trial. That's all the way seated in the morning on tape and assess.