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Saturday, April 14th

Guy brings another fun adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears.


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This is a good line. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. Well good morning good afternoon what are they both the snows morning. After 82 degrees yet they have not I haven't seen of late. They say it that much he knows them. Com I hope you're having a great week and now I hope you're the weekend is good. It's been. A great week for me is busy week a lot of fun things going on including tonight. I just want to let you know that if you haven't been listening to program regularly picks that. And if you wanna catch up at a good I've got back com there's. Probably two and have three almost four years. Podcast available there. Pub open events coming up they'll pay about later million dollar motor Tuesday April 24. At the Walter auto campus. It's a taking up but the Mercedes-Benz and the Lexus dealership with the beautiful patio and between. It's a benefit for Wesley children's foundation. To go throw a hundred dollars I'm I'm 125 at the door you can learn more million dollar motor. I'll pay you more about it here of the week week's progress. And also keep in mind that there had to be up wine that's wine dinner for gore and on go to add Libya which opt out or G. A couple of other things the Americans who want improve of course. I and our chapter red Libya started it with 1 best I am no longer involved in the midwest one us. But the chapter still does the dinners and they've got two great wins this year. There April 27 courts at Friday's seven and 930 is the general time period. Two great wineries represented Paul Meyer a really cool producer from California. Is going to be at Siena Tuscan steak house. And shift job for a minute in case you haven't noticed it Siena and rock and the world. This one need to get reservations asap I think there's still some seats left. You're supposed to ever aggression by the twentieth. So you got to a few more days that was a 150. Guess speakers Jennifer Grey checked she's from Palmyra chooses sales manager. That'll be great on the other dinner. And this one's a yacht jas. This could be good job of spelman the great guys a masters Tom from Justin winery the taller one education's such and these were in the wind from Justin including and it's costly to my favorite red from about Robles. And AEI jas is cranking up the Purdue didn't. Only a 125 for that one and again reservations by April 20. You gotta give it tries restoration more information of course online at W up Wichita dot orgy. You can call they had to be a hotline for either of the dinner February get more information. 31668255. Vote to to fund dinners pretty needs though. OK so the program today I really like columns and we consume. Pretty significant quantities. And share them with our friends. All of a pretty good for. However. That the press release about. Alive and well. These are. Small family produced live from the Greek islands. Old world style columns. My first guess is Greg Leonard he's founding partner alive and well olives. But they would do let's take a short break Greg let Arnold join us we'll talk about. Alive and well olives. Got a good life got dot com right now you can learn about the company there's a link building you do the web site. And you guessed that it's alive and well olive dot com. I mean some I wish you are here will be right back and pray.