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Saturday, June 23rd
Guy opens this week's adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears with a run down of some of the cool events happening in & around Wichita that you should try and attend.

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This is a good lines. Food wine and all the good things of life now here's the host of the good life. Guide our. Had. Pain. I almost didn't put my head that on didn't have the microphone up right. This live winning radio and and expect them like that now working on get my guest on the phone in the book that we're gonna talk about called pasting them asked. The science of flavor. And the search for the origins of. Line. Really great book interesting a lot of fronts of the biggest part about it is if promotes the idea that. We should drink other than the top ten grape varieties that you find in great quantity and under different labels that your local wants to work. I'm always a fan of if you can pay something new and different manage the EU could taste a different line every day than you might get. You might get to be sixty years old before you just are remotely thinking about any readers and and it would just be. A different group Friday from a different region. Interesting stuff. At. Work and to get that definitely have a couple of fun things that are going on. Save the date tickets go on so I think next week believe it or not. Per wine women and shoes benefiting Wesley children's foundation it's Friday August 24 and look at that ago may and August. You know it's almost July write tickets go on tell 1 July. It's wine tasting it's great food it's a fabulous shopping. There is a fashion show. Some great option lots and charming shoot. I didn't make it lectures or Munster were charming you guys mean by that. Why I'm limited choose it for Greg cross you know Wesley children's foundation. Provides high quality assistance to families and their children. Education training everything. At him for rent medical work to utilize prevent a medical programs are best practices. In it in research and it's just a wonderful thing and it's. It's not a direct part of rusty Children's Hospital. But it is something that helps awful. A couple of things that let me give them appear this is a good win this came across from FaceBook for me adamant that money shared it. If you wanna upon yourself the best way to find it is downtown Wichita dot ORG. Living to who were slash living tour. But if you go to downtown Wichita dot org you'll find it and this is such a great idea at that. At the downtown Wichita dot org website. You can do living tour and that is going on today it's two to 6 PM. From minimal studios to luxury loss it is an opportunity to download a map. And go cruising and visit these many and the garment as many today as there ever been in its growing these great opportunities to live. Downtown you know Douglas plays of the old holiday in building across from century to. Rob way auto park it right there or talk to our great parking Colorado derby lofts. The Douglas apartments. River Vista. Pinnacle. In lots there's just so many. The watermark hotel apartments I haven't been there yet but it looks pretty cool and the best part about this is. This is a self pace store you can cruise you can do bike share which off there you go ride the queue line at its run around to all those things. And pretty cool stuff and I think you have missed them. The pop up park or any of the participating locations to picabo printed map. So you can do that it may have but the Q line is well. So. I think does a great idea and then why you're at downtown which conduct or jiji. Under discover they got things to see and do events eat and drink shop hotels pay the and you wouldn't be dissection on eat and drink as magnificent. Really cool stuff so that's if you don't have it to do this afternoon two to 6 PM the weather is going to be great. Hold your breath for tomorrow but today the weather going to be very. Of that that year low and lower at me get this organism I have. You know offing barbecue tournament sponsors you know you guys know that. And they have a a big sale going on for fourth of July. You get a Yoder smoker YS 640. Or like bargain prices compared to normal miss is being ultra heavy duty. Build for life stating a lifetime if you go look at it and feel it and touch it there is no other offset smoker that's comparable. And the beauty of it is. It's digital it's magic you could set the temperature and forget it and and use wood pellets at the beautiful thing in and of course. All things Barbara you not only is it where barbecue legends are made but it is the dome. Of probably. One of the best cooking devices ever made you know good left guy has a big grenade Levitt. Well. Another company motto GO. Has really done a tremendous job in competing with an in my opinion surpassing big green. About a joke is a beautiful come out of style cooker. The hardware is manly and Harden and perfect and it's it's just if you gotta go see it. And then of course if you go to all the department Q dot com and you page down on the developing them assailant. You must know that there's two things you gotta look at. Learned a barbecue checked the schedule and if you do you'll find out that the next event. It was it was is this weekend but I don't think there's any room. But then coming up in July and there is room wept in this July 13 and fourteenth two days of fun. Dinner on the girl with one pairing on Friday. The essentials class and stay in stake master class. Albeit happening at the July event in August dinner on the grill again on Friday. Ceramic essentials and seafood on the girl. You gotta realize that this is such a great opportunity and if you can get into one of the dinners on the grow. You know I did one. Couple months ago and I've provided the winds is selected the wanton. And then it's just so much fun and it's what a bargain. You get to watch a magnificent cooking Devern demonstration. It says it is you won't find it anywhere else anything you remotely like this in the beautiful demo kitchen and all things Barbara to. And chip Tom Jackson some of the other folks are the do the work and some of the gas ships that they bring in. Will put on a show that it will change the way you think every time I go there I fashioned myself a pretty. Adequate please schooled the outdoor cooking did. Every time I learned some new. Every car. Little tapes and techniques discrete fund so. Trying get if you can't do Arabia at least do dinner on the girl on Friday. In July 3 July 13 and fourteenth. But when you need to go August same type of thing okay so that's under the events. Black. If you really wanna have fun after an outdoor cooking and dubious and you know a lot of people say oh it's summer first day of summer this week Bryant. So now we get a break up the girl dated. While ago has broken out year round. You've got to look at the bottom of dolphins barbecue website page and go to of this office. It is a blog that Tom put together ship objects. And I mean. This guy's magical. Don Terry is so lucky to have this guy and when you look in their archive filled with all types of things. I mean the recipes in the videos that go with them. Are fantastic it's it's this should be a food channel recurring show. I mean just at the top of the page now recent stuff. Homemade hot links it's it's how to make him how to cope gum. The other loan barbecue bacon cheeseburger you begala on TV you gotta watch there's so many great techniques the network and as chicken wings about king wing. We chef Eric Gephardt this is one of the video segments that was filmed at all the barbecue win shipped apart this year few months back. Pork bellies smoked pork belly with a girl pineapple because the guy. The list goes on again it's the sauce that's what the blog is called. And you can go directly to that at the sauce dot AT BBQ. Or better yet though crews AT BBQ dot com. And then down at the bottom of page. Click on the learn to barbecue and see what classes might you might be able to Japan. And then more importantly click on the sauce. Drop common note if you got suggestions are the usual on the Kirk. I know he's probably amenable to doing that and next time your out about you know Pollard stages Aston. Tokyo went golfing Borg good stuff. A class operation. Well I got a couple of Manila share at the hope we will find Kevin bay goes while longer while we're looking for a multi go to good left I dot com. There is links not only to Kevin's web site. But more importantly. To his FaceBook and Twitter page you can find out about the book that we're gonna pay about a month I about it even if we camp and haven't. 'cause it's locals call tasting the pass would pay more about that. And a lot more fun stuff and oh wait you hear about the wine in the week. I'm got married to get life quick break we'll be right back don't go away. I will come on.