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Saturday, September 16th
One of the great winemakers from Paso Robles, mentioned in Paul Hodgins book "The Winemakers Of Paso Robles" joins Guy in this segment.

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Yet they welcome back to the program. If you just missed out on here in the first segment the book is called the winemaker the past Robles. It's magic and congratulations. Choice here which is thought she was lucky winner. And men your eleventh and OP got a big coffee table you're inundated. Two quick note before we talked to a great winemaker from paso. If you wanna see some fun stuff go to one spectator dot com slash. Video voting. There is a series of winery submitted videos in the one that I did you vote for is Jordan vineyard if you watch Somalis hands down the best one but they're all interesting it. And filled with great humor wine spectator dot com slash video voting. And then don't forget just another quick reminder coming up soon September 28. Six to seven suvs six that the evidence VIP. 79 gentleman Jim for. I toast which oppose fondness the wine opener a benefit for cystic fibrosis. It's a century due September 28 save the day get tickets I'll be there in. Avila on okay. Joining me now is Daniel doubt Daniel and his brother put together. What has become one of the stalwarts of this magnificent growing region in the central coast. And he's not snuffed in Europe harvests in their rightness heed of it right now literally and it's just so great. I wish I was there at the popular Georgian build together. But he joins us by phone that no doubt welcome to the good life. Did you rent metro area and I asked how's the Harvard school and manage your fingers purple. You know they're purple my head in my hand in Iraq and aren't we had the you don't compete way to deal with about two weeks ago. But to have cooled down since and now we're just saying that he would put the great to mature and hopefully I think still a great artist. Great well first stop. I I think your section with viewing your brother. And talking about the winery is one of the best in the book by the way. And for good reason. I'd like I wish we have more time but I wish you could take us back and talk about the history you where you guys came from how you ended up there how you became part of this beautiful mountain and and the beginnings of the one. Did you the short version. You know we grew up in France and my dad our dad loved ones and he would have won everything that plunge you know he would finish to borrow at night I still remember him walking in one day so excited particular Christmas and had not been an award going on her own kind of commotion. Symbol was torn out. He he was carrying about 45 cases auction took struggle 1975. So excited that he would drink winery today you know and I would watch him drink wine in you know he would he would part of our life that you don't feel would give me who want to take with him. And a treaty were in the passion for wines started from Marie Gregorio. France. A brotherhood immigrated to the United States I was eighteen. At the time he was also acuity committed committed lewd deformity. And we you know we have Republicans make a living being one Bakersfield France is very rule oriented very hierarchical oriented you don't come from winemaking family. Carroll called not a -- your dad doesn't come from Columbia and friendly it is very hard to penetrate the market or within even just cost. Last week we became engineers. He majored in the engineering or doing computer engineering. At the University of California San Diego. After graduating. We're pretty much broke. And I parents. Immigrated here where the last 50000 dollars bullet left. And we do every choice we have to come up with something through to make it. So. Give up with the idea to computerize hospitals. And you know we were ya over 22 and 26 and we Tibet fifty grand and you know I think America's. Still has. You know dreamed available for people who want a column and and it could happen here and the American dream with a live for us and you know we did well we took our company public venues that are. And end up retiring. And at that time there was any of the second talked. From me that I wanted to be Wanamaker had been studying wind reading about line for real five or six years of thirty Q. And that. As a matter of finding the right place so. I got to work whether to great lawmakers. Learn how to make wine study winemaking. And looked pretty much throughout the globe. To basically find a place that I could grade to the director growth started great commanders some real work left have a regular doctor. Obviously elements in the United States prefer visit went abroad even though you know I didn't look at few places outside of the US. And there was I was shocked to see that there was actually infringed their world. In California. That had the same sort of volatile. And incredible climate that was actually similar to Napa but the same animals. And that place was an add on the other district where are wondering today. Freighters litter would probably slipped under the flag here and so are widely endorsed a year ago. Just. I know how that must feel to you. Ten years might at first glance seem like a lifetime but I know I imagine from your perspective when you look back it must be a blink of a nine. It is it would quickly very project and believe that we celebrate our ten year anniversary this year I mean. It was just like yesterday were stepping foot here and there was nothing planted there was a lot of electricity no infrastructure went to develop. Now known as down mountain the place where this beautiful facility that you guys put together. As probably one of the best views in all of paso and all of the central coast. Thank you it is just the highest spot hi despite vineyard and can stop so we're at 2200 feet elevation. Sort of higher television vineyards. We have two operating wineries. On the property. Interestingly enough this is really considered the cradle of winemaking impossible. We're in nineteen the sixties to agree that it's extra one. With doctor Hoffman who actually acquired the property. And hired an attorney Jeff to help them make wine. Right here. So he established the first commercial modern winery in roster rules. In this first brush that is 72 so very early on I had the chance to enjoy in 1977 terror they would doctor profit before customers about four years ago it was just beautiful it's still was fresh and probably had a vote took forty years in this. Well when your talk and almond joy and 20s16 Dow up about the Robles government. And I. I have a case that I don't know if I don't keep her for twenty years but will the but what if you could stay with us and you gotta get back to the harvest can you give us when quick break and then we'll finish up our talk about the wind you produced and in particular this one's on his sixth in after the great we'll be right back folks don't go away we'll talk more about Dow vineyards and don't forget it is the one of the week. You can get the doubt when he sixteen cabernet from paso at jetBlue interchange on north broad growth Tom addictive my anchor sponsor couldn't beer and out of as well all my other sponsors that make the good luck hospital go I will be right.