Welcoming In Jill Bosley

The Good Life
Saturday, April 21st
Jill Bosley joins the show to talk about the second annual Million $$$ Dollar Motors event next week(24 April) at the Walser Auto Campus.

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Yeah. And they welcome back to the program I'm bad I'm glad you're whether it's if you just joined us well thought to be and you start by going to. Cain SS radio dot com and check out the podcast joining me now. As Joseph Bausley Jill is the mistress of all things good and Wesley children's foundation. She's the power behind. Some great events that support Wesley use children foundation one of them is million dollar motor. Joseph how are you this morning. And now you know. The word. Yeah all right now. This is a cool event. Folks I'll tell you right now go to Wesley children's foundation. And and and search up events five million dollar motor boat you about it but you just gotta go to that for the details are. It's next week Tuesday April 24 of starts at 6 PM. It's at Walter automotive campus and it's in between the Lexus or Mercedes. Right like Cameron led to Mercedes. Dealerships in both of them. Jill what a great idea and I'm so glad to have been a part of coming up with this event that is really taken out. Yet we we've got a great meeting while hasn't it now. I haven't TD apartment and that annual. Actually cleaner out there are no real war. And we have it opener in ADR I collected during an air cart the cart you're not eating at a cart. There really aren't and we got about thirty cars are going to be on the plane. And in their users some of the the most unusual in the most the stunning to best perform cars that it's really kind of fun. So it's really it is different than some of the other car shows it's not about anti it's not about race cars. And in a lot of people that are wet it's just a thing to show up Walters cart. Not. Not at all having their cart and they literally there after they're border. For a it and I know I like. We like it in a car. Aren't we cop rock creek and harboring a couple cart back here at bat on that aren't really my card to India on display. If at first glance some my people let's say a hundred dollars an inventor and an apartment door that's a lot. It is absolutely not a lot because here for yet. Let's talk about the food alone you wanna run through you got our you've got a list of although approved careers. Well I hope I remember about the top man had gotten her any hot border. Hot tea. How outraged now property trust the cut here are completely conscious about the cold rainy. Even we have ever you can go with it and not door area at all about that. Yet what we've done is we have we have to level cheer for your hundred dollars in advance for 120 by over the door you're gonna get some great ones. As and there's going to be some great beer. There's going to be some great spirits. But the winds are from my perspective the highlight. And then if you wanna cough up twenty bucks. In advance or at the door. You get access to the VIP ones and we didn't do that to make those who don't cough up twenty bucks feel bad because the wind for everybody are very good. There's a couple of but the VIP winds. All of them are in the nine. Yell at me in 94. Out of a hundred points and above all love of them are in the forty to sixty dollars a bottle. And for a 125. Dollars. But I yep for a hundred if you buy a ticket in advance. You couldn't taste all these wines and you know with three ounce pour this year it's more than that the by the men have access to the bottle. Donna. From Chile domicile or from Austin open California. Mary Edwards seven whom belong Bally central coast remember. Firebreak Chardonnay. Killer VIP ones and if you have a VIP ticket their VIP wrist band. You get today's all of the regular ones everybody's doing in addition the via pew and oh yeah. At that video yeah and that he had great and Lou talk about winner yet. The idea I wanted so much last year to either win or just. Not women go to the event and in Colorado. IR. It took its its another big cart shows so. Tell you cry at the cop cars and colors yet carts aren't you right Conrad at the EU could land by export it. Keep app whenever wrapped ally in ya don't have any port it to Brady. But I currently. In hand. I don't have current mania which pop act at the top of the pack up at the top. Latin American yet and burlap wrapped it will be a day at the DoubleTree. Aaron Hill in which it a couple of hundred dollar. In chief at a restaurant here in great blanket a lot. It's just that there's so much fun going on and it goes by so fast it's six tonight. I it is. Allergan but yeah for everything it can't attack that's aimed at helping it. Yeah well. The Olympic makes a better is it's a who's who of Wichita aren't it is it is not a whose who have Wichita period and I just love it so folks. Wesley children's foundation dot or G. Find events. Get involved. Come and be a part of this it's Tuesday April 24 six to 9 PM. Million dollar motors car show like no other year which. How we do. Thank you can bet that many including that well you bet pleasure. Our Tinto a great weekend and if I don't see before on the report lifting on Tuesday. Are right now. Altria. And I'm gonna close with a couple quick notes first off don't forget. It's Philip Clapp weekend eighteen through 22 so you got today and tomorrow yet you might think it's not a great data. Cruise around Johnson's garden center it's a great day don't do it. All things barbecue last night dinner on the girl would want I had the pleasure of selecting introducing important ones. A huge shout out to Andy grown men from Kansas City at master gardener's shelf Tom Jackson. The staff and often barbecues. And net Steve and most of you guys did it beyond the growth this was a magnificent event. When you hear commercials about all things corporate users where barbecue legends are made. Take it to heart go visit HT BBQ dot com sign up to get the sauce. That's Tom's. Video segment and the fuel that is. CNN Saturday. Right here on Afghanistan.