Westar Energy launches new renewable energy program

Steve & Ted
Thursday, July 12th
The program encourages businesses to buy wind energy.

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I hate I had to think about what. News stories that it the most me I think it's a neat story. I am pissed. Yeah. 8713. Thirty KM SN HD content in the morning here at 746. On Tuesday morning. Three big thing. Adult film star stormy Daniels arrested the C. Kansas gas prices holding steady line of Wichita police moved to better protect animals. Three big things even dead on Kate in advance. I think Kansas turnpike authority telling us about. Some construction it got going on right now. One of those exit lanes of Haiti's build derby and plots. Closed for construction the other exit lane remains open. So that's at that derby they've got the dedicated dad turn that case bag lanes. He's closed there at peace built on Kansas turnpike traffic update from Kate and as that's brought you budget province Carl's Goodyear tire. It downtown market and Waterman. He's Terry street mollid online Karl tired dot com your home for complete dark hair sunny. And hot today with a high of 97 degrees. Mostly clear tonight you were 1975. Friday sunny and hot with a high of 97 I know partly cloudy. Self made it seven miles per hour and 76 degrees. Kagan as his weather brought you by the monarch. Featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdens of misdeeds in the state of Kansas. The monarch over you military discounts for current and retired veterans the monarch. In Toledo. The chairman of the board of Papa Johns has resigned. Papa John's International putting out a statement saying the company has accepted the resignation of John Schneider is chairman of the board. She netter under fire after admitting he used the N word during a business call and may. He sent out an apology Wednesday saying. News reports attributing the use of inappropriate and hurtful language to mean during a media training session regarding race are true. Regardless of the context I apologized. Simply stated racism has no place in our society. Jill NATO Fox News. I'm gonna speculate they're Ted tells like. He was doing the similarities and here afterward he can't use and he said it. And he's gonna be resigning instrument so it's got to be careful. And be careful the First Amendment is not absolute dead. Global stock indexes she's say it. He did. The attic AF or there are consequent yeah. Global stock indexes sank yesterday trump administration released a list of 200 billion dollars in goods. That could be hit by with tariffs in China said it would retaliate so. The S&P 500 lost over nineteen points the Dow dropped 219 points NASDAQ fell 42 and a half points. The US is on a pace get this done this. I didn't think just what ever happened in my lifetime okay the US is on pace to leapfrogged ball Saudi Arabia and Russia. And reclaim the title of the world's biggest oil producer. For the first time since the 1970s. The latest forecast from the US Energy Information Administration predicts that US outputs. Will grow next year to eleven point eight million barrels a day. Saudi Arabia and Russia could spend that forecast it could end of that forecast by boosting their own production. And in the seventies we had cars lined up waiting a gas pumps the OPEC that that it is an oil embargo. Butte we went and we had 55 mile speed limits we put mandates on on carmakers we did everything we could everybody hated that. Everybody hated all Latin but just a lot of that is. As how this happened but. You know here I just couldn't believe and I once drove to Texas to visit in laws and then drove 55 miles an hour. That was tough. It didn't last long you know they took property equipment. So we are not take four and a half hours to drive to Kansas City. And regular supply of that tension within the modern blazer fracking in getting more oil out of the ground zone and it. The US drug yet when OPEC still strengths of supplies cost of college I was asked a straight up yeah. US Drug Enforcement Administration has approved a rule change requiring drug makers to identify a legitimate need for OP Lloyd's. To justify their production in an attempt to rein in their diversion. For illicit purposes DEA says a final rules set for publication. In the federal register. Will consider the extent to which are legally prescribed drug is diverted for abuse. When the agency says its annual open oil production limits. EPA's try to do something about this OP Lloyd epidemic we've been there about approximation. 751 Steven and Ted new construction in east Wichita editor bill Roy of the which stop as a journalist this morning according bill. Good morning Steve and Teddy Wichita office park going to be expanding brick hopman abuse sentry Helms says he wants to put up to respect the office buildings on the remaining lots. Of the landmark office park at 3500 north rock road pop and owns Bristol line land in the park. It is north of key 96 rock road home to several businesses including progressive home health and hospice of Lazio law offices. Let's start energy launch in new program for businesses. While stars received approval from the Kansas corporation commission. For renewable energy program that would allow companies to buy wind energy from wind farm northeast of Manhattan. Let's start as a twenty year agreement with a an affiliate of next era energy resources. To buy energy from that wind farm. Which dog group of young leaders wants to talk some more about the report provided by James Chung a few weeks ago connecting eyes CT is organizing a discussion. After can't just leadership center member band shirts says John talks about what to past challenges. And he says the connecting ICT group is able to have an impact on those challenges discussions scheduled. For July 26. Local breaking business news every day on can't assess and which a top business journal dot com. But the Wichita business journal I'm due role. Only review journal about the story this morning about the Papa John's chairman does a guy when the guy didn't ads on TV irritant. From pot for the pace of the dark haired guy. He resigned because. He apparently did today that the inward wondered their training sessions. And good but. I don't think we've had any transition like that here but I have been at places where they did train you on things like. You know how it's just sexual. You know. Behavior and how he's tried to do that I don't remember anything about. And gender about racism but. I suppose companies do that. And they try to be careful about it and he was apparently said a word he went on to say. In a way he's Dolan. New and the I've heard you guys on about it that's right there are consequences if you can you can do these things that. We may have to pay for a ride and today is national simplicity. Today. Author and natural as philosopher historian tax resisters abolitionist development I should've surveyor and leading transit analyst. Henry David Thoreau born on July 12 187. Complicated this honors at the row and advocate for living a life of simplicity. Throw as well known by many for his book Walden a reflection upon simple life and natural surroundings are on Walden Pond. And you know I was exposed to the road young Asian and I happen to believe a lot of folk but he talked about and were broad and you know now he minimalist the old K I asked as kids theory. Keep it simple stupid. And I've rhetoric since in every aspect of my life in fact don't live active group we had when we played football. Is simple or was the better we play the cup captain took an attack and you know he's just execute that they have simple not so I don't. I've never you know I've never owned a lot of stuff in these people who sit. Down in Florida and an analyst at all that stuff begins to. You know you've become a slave to those things and those consequences of your ex wives and things like. The a lot of time he's just accumulate things over the course of years and all of a sudden you've got one counselor Paul storage areas that are full no. And simplistic glee does get rid of all in all my wife is a big fan of thorough she married very simple minded man. A little depth and nicely done embracing the simplicity idea that you got people break daily based on where she's at she's a celebre of the room. Thank you don't look at 755 hate stayed with Stephen Teddy care coming from the 8 o'clock hour. We've got the latest on president comes meetings in Europe. Ted's got sports. Now new athletic director and introduced open Lawrence for cave yesterday will hear some his introductory press conference coming up in sports like your entertainment news on the bar right at 35 minutes away all the entertainment news you need is coming your life whether in traffic on the waves they receive a dead and 8 o'clock hour on CNN SNS.