Wet weather is bringing temperature relief to south-central Kansas

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Thursday, July 26th
Unfortunately high winds and heavy rain do structure damage in Ellis County.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number. Who won the news talk and weather station depend on us. 7 o'clock this is the case and as a sporting news defeated Ted. I think I can talk. Storm damage in northwest Kansas we've got the story. The man is dead after mowing accident in Harvey county I hit footwear to those details just ahead a Wichita police officer was assaulted while conducting a formal investigation. I'm Dan don't you find Palin says meteorologist Dan Holliday. We start the morning with our temperature in the seventies and we may struggled to warm up much more than we are now throughout the afternoon. Our complete forecast and what to expect is coming out. Authorities are surveying the damage done by storms and Ellis county northwest Kansas Wednesday night Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Ellis. Was damaged after the roof of Saint Mary's school blew off and into the church. According to Ellis county under sheriff Scott Brown. Two homes also sustained damage as a result of high winds and downed threes two farms reported out buildings destroyed and leveled and Ellis county. Authorities say numerous power lines were also down causing power outage in the county no injuries have been reported. One man is dead after a mowing accident in Harvey county emergency crews were called of 5800 block of south Kansas yesterday afternoon. They found a man trapped under a lawnmower in a water filled ditch the sheriff's office says it appears the man was mowing grass around Colbert. When his mower tipped over trapping him underneath. His name is not been released. Or stop police officer assaulted while conducting a follow up investigation or an abandoned vehicles. It happened Wednesday afternoon in the 15100 block of north to peca. 51 year old man became agitated and went into all home bringing out a firearm. The man came out of the residents point of the firearm out the officer who took cover and waited for additional officers to arrive. The situation was resolved without shots being fired. After officers surrounded the home the suspect surrendered without incident Dan O'Neil Katie and SS news. A police officer in the city of Sedgwick has been arrested accused of stealing from his employer. 26 year old bright one Marx was taken into custody yesterday afternoon by the Harvey county sheriff's office. Officials have not released any information about what was missing. But the city of Cedric administrator Ed Patton says they found out about the missing items valued at more than a thousand dollars during a routine inventory check. My leadership and the police department. Will be doing more frequent inventory inspections. I'll be doing the same we've got to have multiple layers of oversight. Moving forward from this point. Lieutenant mark has been suspended without pay is being held on a 4000 dollar bond. Case is being handled by the Harvey county attorney's office. House Republicans are introducing articles of impeachment against deputy attorney general Rhonda Rosen Stein in congressman mark meadows and Jim Jordan led the impeachment effort Jordan saying the DOJ is keeping information from congress enough is enough it's time to hold mr. Rosen Stein accountable for blocking Congress's constitutional oversight role the articles of impeachment focus on the Justice Department's conduct during the 2016 campaign. They contain allegations of intentionally withholding embarrassing documents and information. Knowingly hiding material investigative information from congress various abuses of the fights a process and failure to comply with congressional subpoenas DOJ previously saying it has cooperated with congress Steve Rappaport Fox News. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo got a grilling on Capitol Hill. Concerning a closed door meeting between president trump and Russia's Vladimir Putin. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo telling lawmakers the administration is being firm with the Kremlin over any future US election meddling. I personally make clear to the Russians that will be severe consequences. For interference in our democratic process. So this is lawmakers continue to call for details about a recent one on one meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin. And president trump including this fiery exchange. With Democrat senator Bob Menendez of the foreign relations committee get it all due respect I don't appreciate you could characterizing. My question is my questions is to get to the truth secretary Pompeo also addressing denuclearization. Negotiations with North Korea. Saying the administration will not let it drag out to know wins Tom Graham Fox News Kansas gasoline prices are in a great place right now says Jennifer hall with triple A. In our area especially they're looking pretty good they've seen a little bit of a decline that demand has not gone down seeing declined during our peak season is a good time for drivers. The average price in Kansas was two dollars and 65 cents a gallon Tuesday morning this morning which ties averaging 268. A gallon. In assisting your time now 7055. Minutes past 7 o'clock. Kansas City Royals finishing up a home stand yesterday afternoon will have highlights from that game coming up in sports. Scientists say they have found a big body of water on the martyrs. That story coming up on the day and as this morning news has the details. K and his his morning news was even dead now 7088 minutes past 7 o'clock. The Kansas Court of Appeals has a Wichita man should not have been allowed to use a stand your ground defense. To avoid trial in the stabbing death of a Wichita woman. The court overturned a decision by a district judge who dismissed second degree murder and other charges against 38 year old Seth columns. In his ruling the courts at a jury not a judge should decide whether Collins actions were justified. In the April Tony sixteen incident. Former Alaska Airlines pilot is sentenced to prison for being drunk while flying. David cons are instant was sentenced to a year in federal prison and ordered to pay at 101000 dollar fine he admitted to piloting two flights in 2014. And after the second one was pulled for random drug and alcohol testing by the airline he had a blood alcohol level of point 134. And point 142 that's well above the limit. He retired after that though and the FDA revoked his pilot license prosecutors say during his twenty years flying he hated an alcohol problem. His attorney said his long career had a perfect safety record but he except the consequences here. Jessica Rosenthal Fox News side dishes. They have found a body of water on motors we're talking about a lake of liquid water on Mars right now. If the findings are confirmed this is the discovery so many scientists have been waiting for a specific place to target in their search for microbial alien life. And the discovery was made not by NASA but by the Italian space agency. Using one of the oldest spacecraft still operational in orbit around Mars the Mars express. They used ice penetrating radar to bounce radio waves off the surface of Mars. And when they got to the planet's south poll they noticed that the radar profile was very similar to lakes found underneath glaciers here on earth. These researchers say they spent years digging through the data and now a study published in the journal science they say they're convinced they found a roughly twelve mile long lake. Underneath the polar ice cap. In Washington Kristen Fisher Fox News. A fox messed with the wrong loan the animal attacked 52 year old Tammy Duvall Pitts grove New Jersey as she walked cured garden or backyard. DuBois was bitten several times and say she had to do something to get the fox offer to block reached down grabbed it's now been shot it's not the one hand. And strangling would the other. To boss saying afterwards she doesn't like to kill any thing. State health officials have confirmed the fox was rabid to boss now undergoing a two week treatment for rabies. Tom or Gotti Fox News case. Ball sat in my role while he knows that was literally Fox News really box in fox all right 7-Eleven now Stephen said. The year on KNF assess whammy traffic accident reported that Mount Vernon Broadway want for bit of a slow down there. Traffic update from KN I SS radio on jet chambers are down the dictators and storm tracker three forecast with Kansas today meteorologist. Ron L Williams Newport run well good morning Steve are you doing good good I mean we've had its some showers in the Wichita area in my neighborhood we had a little light rain and a now looks like it's all pretty much gone at least for now on. There's so few showers around out there I don't think the wet weather will be too much of the trouble today is it's really brought in those cooler temperatures you're not gonna feel it just yet we've been starting out our morning some wood how we have the past few mornings temperature wise but. I guarantee you're gonna feel by the afternoon. Yeah this I was the of the same thing yeah over the temperature right now around seventy semi do agree yeah it's about what has been. But does at this afternoon if it stays close to eighty that's going to be really nice. Yes yes not really warming up all that much with the fact that that wet weather stupid can be lingering around the area and also all the clouds that we're gonna have so temperatures gonna be warming very slowly. Something that we'll all be able to take advantage. Do you see anything about this damage up and Ellis county edited sound like images straight line wind wasn't a tornado weren't you know I know that in the tornado risk was very very low we were kind of stressing that all day even the day before yesterday. So yeah there was a lot of wind damage there was also a lot of hail reports mainly around the entire area anywhere between. Nickel to. Half dollar sized hail when. But not here in just the south central Kansas area. No no not not really a whole lot going on in south central Kansas because by the time those storms reached as they were. They really kind of no doubt so to say they weren't strong they weren't packing as much of a punch so we religious got the showers and thunder. How much does and you know watch storms over the years how much is to have that in the fact that OK this sums gunned down they heat sources pretty much taken out of this. And at that makes the brother kind of called that little bit. Yet that that too but we also have those and CS is those strong thunderstorm complexes that we see. Kind of gather at night so that's not always the case it usually is yes because that's where they get their energy from the get their energy from that daytime heating. As soon as the daytime heating is gone lender source art fizzle out aren't. Give us a full forecast your answer. OK you know what today you only getting up to eighty degree. I tried to slow down when I said that because I don't believe it myself but it gets gonna feel very very nice today. On temperature wise going into the evening slowly falling through the seventies eventually everybody phone down into the sixties. What whether those still in the picture we are going to have that slight chance of rain continuing through today. But by the time we get to the evening hours. I think that what whether we'll start to low fizzle out a little bit more trending drier. That rain chance not looking as good but we are going to have mainly cloudy skies all day today. And then possibly turning partly cloudy tonight. But I am expecting a more clouds into tomorrow but it still be feeling pretty nice it's a little bit warmer closer to the middle eighties around 8586. Degrees. So I'm definitely nothing like what we experienced last week you know it's gonna be a little bit warmer and I wins should be fairly light as well may be an occasional breeze out there okay so what are we are right now them. Right now overcast skies 74 degrees and the skies are overcast if you look up if you're about and outside. Maybe seeing a little bit of sunlight right on the horizon right west wind at eight miles per hour dew point of seventy so does feel pretty humid out there you got to remember we did have some rain that rolled through its evaporating the air a little bit more Maurice but. Otherwise not all that bad since lol only see I. A high of eighty today. All right thank you run LT KS and stormed industry forecast. With Kansas today meteorologist Ron L Williams now 715 Stephen dead here on Thursday morning the 26 days of July yesterday's time by the way 97. Today's highs should be around eighty you can me. This is. This feels great and times of the year we CNET dramatic swing usually not in July and July. But and out we'll take it that'll funder. I don't know well late last night little fun Cheryl thunder it walk up the dog the dog we are dog sitting or our grand children's dog Rudy the rat terrier. And he throws a fitness thunder scares him so. Chile had to get up and go and you know. Sued incumbent wasn't even bad thunder last he he's he's kind of a he probably gets nervous on the trash truck comes down the street journal wimpy little as but it. If he's but he's a nice thought about it. On the I don't wanna disparage route. Well there's eight and 7075. The capital congress. Established a post office and appointed Benjamin Franklin it's postmaster general happy birthday and post up at a birthday post office and I still say you know people disparage the post office of a lot or they'll have over my entire career and I've always thought. They did they do a pretty good job to do a good day job in the news they actually moved billions of pieces of mail Roger do. And every now and then you know on mine and I might have Mo losing a lot of money yeah and my guess somebody else's mail in my box or something but obviously they did forget to -- job ethic. They haven't birthday today and in a lot of people don't even have any mail service because they do everything on line or whatever but not me. I'm a purist or is that a traditionalist and as I guess you'd say. I did 716 Stephen did here on in SS we have one of the stories it. A few minutes a tragic story it's. The mowing accident within our recounting them yet. Where a man was apparently going in name if I watched those guys feed over in my neighborhood. Right there along the it's little or Kansas. South of Miami's season on an embed a pretty good slope yeah like not let employ all of but those guys have to be careful because every every now and then we hear something like this are on their mobile writer mowers. And they get an tips now and they get trapped under the herder you know. It is again it's that but the lawn mowers is a minute. You know on a mistrial with the blazers and and real fast. And this apparently did this men was trapped under with the lower in in neutral and then there ought to ditch with watering it and you know. My granddad by the way. He was pretty handy. He built his own riding lawnmower went back and really fifties now. The little metal platform of some kind of new national. Or a note found three I around the dangerous but well he noted was still OK I mean he he he could well we can do that Weldon wheels up three with three wheels on it. And put through no matter Briggs & Stratton back your guy he got nervous seat from a from a tractor you wouldn't on a maximum amount or equipment he's just making and is not build it up in south. His job and a small town he didn't have a job exit the reason it found mechanic he took everybody okay the one of his job he did have a job of mowing. The cemetery you can secure regret there in and help him all that would. Having a more like that would help out this scenario by which cemetery well disease cemetery it's about. A block and a half or two blocks north of rose hill Kansas and and that's where is the use that's where I live so. Seven AT and by the way rose sells about eighteen miles west of Florida. And seven miles from bird at the big city. I've given you a geography lesson here it's 718 aus beat a dead it is sports I am. With Ted Woodward and we've got royals and actually get to begin BC turned a certain of our a lot of stuff going on this weekend at Kansas City Royals finishing up a home stand hosting the Detroit Tigers yesterday afternoon. And Danny Duffy starting pitcher for the royals yesterday who has really been pitching well of late but. He was not sharp yesterday you heard the game on KFH there. Is the rich. Again high and outside of that is trouble. That was the year. Precursor to a bad fourth inning when he got the ball up. Usually a foot away and oftentimes that shows you that front shoulder might be flying open. Now that you'll pitch. The way hi gets away from Salvador perot's that's a wild pitch scored from third base is a blaze is. To get Detroit back the four run lead and that is a shame because dandy. Got the first two outs very quickly getting Rodriguez. Then Jones but then a walk a bloop single and now wild pitch. And then Danny Duffy didn't have a yesterday and wins it he's been pitching so well it's great that. Yesterday what his data tigers won the game eight to four taking two out of three in the series and the royals homestand has ended it. Kansas City now embarking on a ten game road trip that starts tonight for game series in the Bronx against the New York Yankees one of the top three teams in the big leagues. Royals yankees he can listen live at 6 o'clock tonight from the Big Apple and that's. On Sports Radio KF 81240. AM 975. FM. Major League action yesterday to Washington Nationals in Milwaukee beat the brewers seven to three. Coming out of the bullpen for the nationals a guided the wrong Kansas City Royals traded them earlier this season cal being Herrera got the final out. Its fourth straight scoreless outing Herrera has a one point 83 earned run average this season of course now pitching for the nationals. In a Minor League Baseball update former Wichita State shocker Grayson Janet stood. First round draft pick this year playing in a ball of the Atlanta Braves for the Rome braves tennis the last night. On base three times including his second double of the season scored a couple of runs in his last nine games. Tennis the batting 370. The former shocker. Is in a ball with the Braves. Pro baseball last night Wichita wing nets game one having in nineteen game road trip during the national baseball congress World Series the wing nuts. Didn't have any Jews last night they. Only had four hits lost five to nothing at Saint Paul against the saints in front of a crowd of 8300 people last night. The wing nuts. Are having trouble with Saint Paul may have lost six times in eroded the saints dating back to last season. Average score in those losses six to one. Real than they are yeah some Saint Paul as their number right now yeah I don't think Paul's got a Wichita will try to snap that streak tonight it's the end it's only two game series so one more game in Saint Paul tonight for the wing nuts 705 tonight. As the the wing nuts now are three games behind for a playoff spot and of course the national baseball congress World Series begins tomorrow night. At the Lawrence Dumont stadium so. Get ready for that and don't forget it's starting on Monday every weekday at 815. We will have a liar ever. Chat from pre season camp with me told us play by play voice the Kansas City Chiefs every day for four weeks in a row starting on Monday. At 815 that we did you hear that out of people's Ellison really like that and go to Middleton about football anyone thought. The house great segment he handles the on everything going on chief training camp gives you really good feel what's going on out there below levels start on Monday at 815. And it like we said NBC World Series starts tomorrow I'd like to get a couple of tickets into the hands of the lucky listener call me now at 869 at thirteen thirty. Color number four. We'll get chip pair tickets to go to the NBC World Series then it's time for the prairie fire coffee break here on Kate in a sense prairie fire call for is a freshest coffee in the Wichita area. Because prairie fire coffee beans roasted fresh right here in Wichita. And you can get prairie fire called read your office by calling 2673771. Are all online at prairie fire coffee. Dot com. 723 Stephens had given her for Rush Limbaugh morning update California liberals are fighting to free lunches. That's come up Stephen dead on K in a sense.