WFD issues punishments for leaving fire in Andale early

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, July 18th
No one was fired, few details were released.

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The mortgage Macintosh Jim Woodward here on Wednesday morning. Which the City Council has approved finally get a grant application. For proposed enhancements to the cities aren't the first storage. And recovery facilities under this phase of the project three additional storage wells would be constructed to secure more water to sustain the city during a dust bowl time drought. The estimated cost of this phase of the project would be just over twelve million dollars. The grant was secured just over three billion the rest of the cost around nine million would come from water and sewer fees. Not to general fund. Alan King director of public works also explain to the City Council. So there would be no additional rate increases to cover the funding that we are looking at here. The measure passed 70. Ronnie Price came in essence news. A Wichita fire unit left the scene of a fire and and and male church in June before the fire was under control. Fire officials say more than one person was disciplined for that action KS in news spoke with deputy Wichita fire chief Steward mabus. Talking about the then they'll fire we have a administrative investigation the standard operating procedure in this case unfortunately. There was some policies that. War followed and as things are being addressed internally. Better says the investigation was reviewed by the city manager's office and disciplines were issued but no one was terminated. No other information was released the explanation being at the city does not comment on internal personnel issues. A woman is suing to Wichita plastic surgery clinic alleging it failed to warn her of a rare. Slumping side effect of a popular body contour and procedure. The Wichita eagle reports Tammy ham and filed a lawsuit last month against doctor Bruce Ferris and his clinic the plastic surgery center. Ammann received three treatments so cool sculpting in over a sixteen day period. More than two years ago the procedure is a noninvasive form of fat self freezing. The lawsuit says the woman developed the benign tumor in her liver and experience fatty tissue growth post procedure. The lawsuit accuses the defendants of not telling staff who performed the procedure about it's known hazard so they could warn customers. Dan O'Neill Cain and SS news. MGM resorts has filed lawsuits against the victims of the Mandalay bay resort mass shooting in Las Vegas. Arguing that they can't be held liable for the massacre at the route 91 harvest festival concert. Attorney Robert analyst says and GM filed lawsuits against more than 1000 victims who haven't yet sued MGM he says only one of his cases has been filed involving just eight victims who sued in Nevada. And GM got the case transferred to federal court arguing that they can be held liable for the shooting. And it has ceased to get the keys back in the state court he accused MGM of filing these lawsuits in an effort to get a new federal judge signed. And it and it says he's been holding not fun file another lawsuit. The Indians knew that I was doing this we were trying to light. Saw on the on the economic blow to them into our community and let our community Il then they turned around did this is she's. Discussing in the class progress. And GM says potential cases will be more quickly resolved in federal court and Jack Rosenthal Fox News. For the eighth time this year in Texas has been convicted killer to death he coerced said he could taste it and that it burned his throat. Those were among the last words of convicted killer Christopher young moments after his lethal injection was started on death row in Texas last evening. The federal judge and the federal appeals court both declined to hear his last day appeals but claimed the Texas Parole Board denied him clemency because of his race. Christopher young gun down a convenience store owner in San Antonio nearly fifteen years ago a killing heated that'd be blamed on beer and cocaine. Jack Callahan Fox News. A man is facing charges in Pennsylvania. After police believe he was drunk when he crashed into a swimming pool of people in a police ambushed. Township say a group of children and adults were in the above ground pool and fortunately got out of the way when the car smashed into it. The man drove their two yards before speeding toward the pool. The 57 year old driver hit the side of it after the sooners managed to get out. Police say he then drove through a yard and hit a water well casing before getting stuck in Derek. The driver facing multiple charges including the UY and resisting arrest. Kristen mail Fox News now a look at the forecast with gay and assist the Belgians Dan Holliday your morning and good morning yesterday and today may feel like quite a break from the heat compared to what we have coming for tomorrow and Friday thunderstorm chances wind down this morning partly cloudy and warm this afternoon with a high ninety to tonight's lows 74 heating up Thursday to 100. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Now cloudy 72 degrees himself when did six miles per hour 634 now even dead on K an assistant just eight dead dead. They're swimming in the pool minding your own business and all of a sudden. A car crashes into the water Rick Down who last I saw that was Campbell or on the totem Terry Bradshaw Mel Tillis stressed into the pool. As a kid I remember people from you know those those lounge chairs of the cool things like that favorite bar. Attendance dangerous that's not good little danger relative. 634 Stephen did today is Wednesday a July 18 on the state in 1970 for the US Department of Justice ordered that John Lennon. Be deported. A federal appeals court overhaul overturn the deportation order in 1975 the following year John Lennon was granted permanent US residency. There are deporting John Lennon of The Beatles probably because he had done some don't drug possession for possession that the date the game he came back. Prosecutors here Pennsylvania this is bizarre but prosecutors say a Pennsylvania mother killed her eleven week old son. With a lethal mix of drugs in her breast milk Samantha Jones was charged with criminal homicide in the April 2 death for baby. The Bucks County district attorney's office says an autopsy found the baby died from a combination of methadone. Amphetamine and methamphetamine. According to an affidavit the thirty year old woman told police she'd been too tired to make the baby a bottle when he awoke crying and instead breast fed him. Dole's told police that she had been prescribed methadone because of a painkiller addiction. That is bizarre well. OK that's that very set the another auction the opening Lloyd. The jamaicans. And what are she was even he even knew she could do that and it that it would do that obviously she didn't. Didn't know that to her breast milk will be contaminated of that extent. The house of a retired to Boise Idaho priest who was accused of sharing child pornography on line and drug possession. Has been cleansed it cleaned out and blessed by an actress just. The Idaho statesman reports father John worst your pastor of Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Boise. Who is preparing to property for sale says he at a diocese in the actually assist and his prayer team come and pray over the house. The diocese of Boise evicted father W Thomas Tom departure from the house soon after he was arrested departure. Is being held at the Ada county jail. Now. Exorcism is something I know. Because I've asked about it is simply Catholic Church doesn't like to talk about. What's your experience says. I write and I know that it's been done but they don't talk about for an. And can load keel it has been done and it's only in specific situations. That and I never knew about it to use the movie came out that'll really. Knew that. That that the interest is the movie by the it was based on I believe. An actual actresses and for the this little point Saint Louis Dallas Saint Louis so and that and the priest that did that exorcism. Appeared in Wichita before it was all right Indians he's in talks and that is it it. 636 now is Stephen did voter registration deadline. Yesterday you ready for the August 7 primary I am I guess I'm not sure I'm gonna book but I'm gonna vote for it. We have. Tomorrow Thursday morning you can get a good fix. On a politics as our guests and Stephen's ever gonna have representative Ron Estes is gonna be listened to and which ones now the represented the represented. And I would also got. I'm running for. Governor we got to brewer Carlsberg and sport torched on there. We got one other believe it's probably new governor colors and big day tomorrow can be huge polygamy don't talk politics of ourselves if your habits that's what we're going to be doing. Good 637 Stephen tentative interest story about. Disciplinary action for which top firefighters after leaving that fire in India too early. If she had some pretty much some unanswered questions I don't know that they can't it is against a personnel thing. The thing which is what I always say when they don't wanna tell anyone what's going on and you know wasted person you know we don't wanna violate anybody's bright turning things like that but I doubt I'm really curious. Because is he more than one person was disciplined. Social media yeah it did discipline the guys on the track who didn't make the call. Now not their fault college get a B at the battalion chief involved in this thing at least somebody who'll hire them. In Elena I'm not second guess and what they did out there what did you know what to call the image. I think it's you know they probably felt sounds like you are that million dollars but it sounds like this well this is under control and leaving him gullible. But on masking is you know. How many people get a discipline if one part when one person made the call now maybe it was a chain of failure in could be other. Left unanswered question maybe it was a bad call was made somebody higher up should of count remanded that did not out of you and you know this is a thing unity government employee almost any government employs lots of personal matter. Analysts are charged with some sex drivers that it's not a personal earliest it. I wonder are they reading that liable are there really that sensitive and maybe the union is protecting somebody if other bit sensitive about. About these and yes they are. I think sometimes when you you know when you go and you become of an employee of the let's of the city the government of the people. Yeah get a sacrifice some of that privacy but maybe maybe that's wrong to privacy is an interesting topic we can go on for a couple of holiest week. Are at 639 Stephen Ted Mack and McCain are not going to pay my taxes this month its personnel issue with personality and we just don't have the money and yet. Rather not status as commodities up today announced apple app wearable for commodities and I am. Good morning Steve. Relied Canon Peter GOP Travolta and they didn't Tuesday after you know and there's no upside. That Obama shortly aside. I have great and so you can present may have added pressure to curtail future. Imagery that would get them from try to get pulled into port between the sure lord don't even play the number. We dug straight in the midst of closed and they didn't continue to watch yesterday. By the need a new contract cloak. On the clothes on the broadcast to include lower levels exporting YouTube. Look at whatever dollar piano went to England 27. August Bruno developed 3202790. And technical buying and lower. Could crop condition ratings for corn and soybean crops up accord wouldn't institutions to close pardoned yesterday that would go without a very evident in yesterday's trading action. At the moment we're still involved through to the upside. September 02 point four we have invited the woman by the quarter. Can record company hired 360 and three quarter million sold that we recorded it with nine and a quarter. August crude oil was sworn in is putting seven cent lower at 6761. August gold to remotely import 12123. Distinct. Put to rest and condemn hip opponent 22 and three quarters of the term the dollar index of ink so tired and by the way. And dad didn't keep content September contract between the entire point but that's one of ninth but I've been training great marketing advice from contact Petra commodities are both on the web by using. The kick good to top. The time just like entity kiss has whether generate are the sport we're putrid free and clear northern Butler county actually Manuel cloud cover. I I kind of talking about yesterday's conversation when I wouldn't do it let's move mr. nevertheless that he didn't look as strong to a. Well. I decided to Butler county didn't deserve it. So I talked to the weather people they said okay fine. And it's intuitive. Because it sure didn't come between god your nonsense and north sorry about that do the right now. We understand. Now are that does not much going on around the state tonight concede a down in northern Oklahoma. Moon you know all across the Oklahoma against some good showers right now has downed a Oklahoma City today on the on the interstate you probably see some rain. We've got a slight chance for rain this morning that nothing's popping up yet. But I concede. And and you know. The utes officiating Kansas with a generator screener. I answer. Yes Syria are at midweek I'm sure it did commodity trading is just going crazy if people love to buy and sell their their soybean futures right. The type. It's been very active with the way the markets have been asking mutilate limbs so it's kept impossible to think. Has it been pretty active OK yeah. I like to I don't. It's recovery in our great excitement hopefully we can find more work. I wanna I wanna keep you busy I don't just you know and at hammock. At 9:30 in the morning and you know they just siesta I want to be working over there today. I don't know whether we have equipment inside it basis. I right. I thank you Tom Tom left McCain is as commodities update 642 down Stevens said. I'm grant CFP the bunny tracker is on the way he's gonna talk about marketing yourself. Stevens in the morning on K and assess.