What are the best places to work in Wichita?

Steve & Ted
Friday, December 15th

The Wichita Business Journal is assembling a list of top employers in Wichita.


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More than sixty years ago there more than sixty years after her song about wanting look for Christmas help the facility purchase its first in a bottomless. Singer was on hand SE 26 year old pygmy hippopotamus. Francesca. Made her first Oklahoma public appearance since moving from San Diego and a zoo there. In 1953. The then ten year old PD saying that novelty hit. I wanted to potters for Christmas. That was statewide fund drive in which took from donated dimes to purchase and bring people he loses. Hello there thank you know. This is. Just kind of went this one bill Royce that song. I wanna hippopotamus. Start. 851. Now Steven did looking at the best places to work with editor bill wanted to which to business journal good morning bill. If Marty Steven did it take Christmas standard answer is like white Christmas and her. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Just makes me in the now I'll proceed now to business news. At a the big story of the weekly edition of the Wichita business journal which is on the streets today. Three Wichita companies named winners and that too since 2017. Best places to work awards forty companies recognized in three categories based on. Number of employees small medium large more than 500 people attended the luncheon Thursday at the Hyatt it was a big deal the winners are Edward Jones. The bond James injury lawyers and prime lending Wichita. More than a hundred companies were nominated for the awards the forty finalists were the highest. On employee engagement surveys conducted by quantum workplace. In the eleven years the best places to work ward nearly 200 companies and pot recognized. Winner Edward Jones was a finalist eight of the eleven years and his fellow four time category winner. Also this week are bi weekly feature on what to tie as a great place to start a business. We write about an important resource for those were starting a business network Kansas. It offers education expertise and loan programs dedicated to developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Kansas. We had contact information with the story. Local breaking business news every day on Candace has sent a Wichita business journal dot com portal which is obvious mr. O I'm dual role. Olivier you had bureau Christmas party your lunch in there it to it to journal in a week ago today we went out had lunch psalm movie in had a good time you saw a movie. Yeah really. Now what what what did you see in my manages the bad moms one thing is some people went to that on some people went to others are shocked really. While that was a pretty dog gone and would you have good to have food visited Shalit who really had great great run GI jobs. Well Aaron nice little jealous however. We had Kevin bringing us goodies from Stroud yesterday. But and move or. Area I am about 33 helping to them the tutors agree. And of them ten hitters and yourself Alan nationality. We handed out that's gravy ladle wasn't big enough for you yet. Really on us at at and I didn't like the united stayed around for some of the program where that are Boston Jackie lies. It produces an area it recognizes our finest employees with the achievers awards that we give on. Ted I've never won one. 120 years we don't have everyone want to got a Marconi though at a Marconi the judges that just makes everybody jealous around or is it one but now illegal for the national award for the big stuff. But he says about it it was fun lunch and after I got through eating and he did it and had a white elephant gift exchange. Which I never participated on the on that you guys up there are so many more important things for me to do you know such as that but that it Napa. In a and send out. Yeah yes absolutely. Every now and then every three or four years our boss Jackie wise lamented to me that I probably should stick around longer during the during lunch. In reply is sorry no can do. No one gets of the loads up that play then he's out the door is it any wonder that Jackie is just crazy about me now. She does and is a wonder. But take you to open. I wonder probably it next year's Christmas party you never know. There's just use it died tax overhaul bill it's bags in congress. Ceded the Oregon case and assess.