What are the most retweeted tweets of 2017?

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Wednesday, December 6th

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And weather station. Depend on. Soon you're listening to 987 and thirteen 38 and as test here on Wednesday December 6. Following a recent spike in homicides Wichita police plan to bring back special teams would target problem. Areas the department used the team concept and a pilot project from may to August making 375. Arrest. Wichita eagle reports police chief Gordon Ramsey announced Monday the department wants to use the teams in the long term. Because of the past successes the teams will begin work January 1. The first ten officer team will work on drug complaints in residential neighborhoods and respond to violent crimes throughout the city the second team of twelve officers will work on investigations of known violent offenders. Focusing in on street gangs and responding to violent crimes. Third sixteen person team will work with community policing teams. Dan O'Neill Kate and SS news. Now signaling that weather forecast journal Wednesday morning check in with meteorologist Dan holidays damn good morning this colder and drier weather pattern is going to stay around for awhile in fact we are in a moderate drought here in south central Kansas sunny with a high 47 later on this afternoon in winds increasing out of the northwest's. Colder air moves in tonight or Lou 21 the sunny and 34 for tomorrow's hi I'm -- and SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. They can damage currently in Wichita we do have a sunny sky breeze out of the west northwest we are 32 degrees. While things have quieted down a little bit now a bit earlier which stuff fire crews had a busy morning. At a had a fiery this house fire this morning around 6 AM in the 19100 block of park Kansas. And they were called to a home in the tenth and popular area north Wichita about 3 o'clock this morning on smoke and flames coming from the front of that house. The eldest son of president trump sets testify this morning before a congressional committee Donald Trump junior ruled. Testify to the House Intelligence Committee today as it continues its investigation of possible Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Trump junior will testified behind closed doors. His highly anticipated testimony. Comes as he faces growing questions on Capitol Hill about the June 2016 meeting at trump tower. Where he met with Russian operatives after being promised dirt on democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump junior also exchanged emails with WikiLeaks storing the campaign. Apple White House Jon Decker Fox News. Make this afternoon Kansas governor Sam Brownback and Kansas First Lady Mary ground back we'll host the Kansas capitol tree lighting. With help from adoptive families that been on the first floor rotunda of the Kansas State capital into peca. The US House of Representatives today voting on the bill to compel states to recognize concealed weapons permits from other states. Regardless of what their own state and local laws say. Supporters of national concealed carry reciprocity insist it will prevent someone legally carrying a firearm from being arrested in another state your law abiding citizen trying to do the right thing when I can turn into criminal book as you cross and doesn't stay on north Carolina Republican Richard Hudson says there are enough votes to pass it in the house. And even senate Democrats voted for a similar bill in 2015 and the were actually seven Democrat senators who were still in the senate who voted for that legislation filed moment happened meal for reelection if if that matters opposition comes mainly from states with very strict permitting laws. Evan brown Fox News. British authorities say they have spoiled an attempted terror plot against UK prime minister Teresa made the investigation been running for. Several weeks certainly. And control Scotland Yard West Midlands police. And demo a try if it. Came to a head last week with the rest of two suspects two young man won in London one in Birmingham both of them arrested. Pat gunpoint its kind to these two young men were charged with preparing at the terra. Come with two men on nine hook Roman. Who's twenty he's from North London. And the second man Mohamed in grand. Who is the ideal to 21 he's from Birmingham and both charged with preparing tax Altera. That's Martin brunt of that report Fox's sister network in the UK's sky news. Snowflake it's a disparaging term used to describe overly sensitive young people now research shows the snowflakes don't like to be called snowflake. Some people might argue that the research proves that the moniker is will burn the insurance company or Veba finding that 72% of people. Between the ages of sixteen and 24. Believe being called snowflake is damaging to their mental health. But before making light of this consider that the research also finds. They nearly half of the people that age range say that they suffered stress or anxiety over the past year. The research was conducted in the United Kingdom. Gary barn garden Fox News. It is 837 with Stephen Ted in the morning and Kate and as as time to blur that fine line at. Between news and entertainment that's why it's called the the earth. It's been another firing in the entertainment world over his sexual assault allegations the actor Danny Masterson being written off his Netflix showed the ranch would Ashton Kutcher unless of course things alone I'm not all. Here here. Bonds for women of accused Masterson of rape he denies it and says in a statement. In the current climate it seems as if you're presumed guilty the moment you're accused I understand and look forward to clearing my name once and for raw. Netflix also fired Kevin Spacey from his show house of cards Chris Foster Fox News. Twitter has come out. At its most three tweeted that tweets of 2017. Most read treated to weeks of the year came from a seemingly hungry now that a teen our locker since plea for free Wendy's chicken nuggets gained over three point six million -- tweets President Obama at 62 spot with well over a million re tweet calling for unity after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville Virginia according Nelson Mandela he tweeted no one is more heating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion the post also became the most liked tweets of all time tweets listed in the top five include -- Arianna Ronde sharing her despair after the terror attack during her Manchester England concert and band Linkin Park during a photo of lead singer Chester Bennington following his tragic death Kristen Goodwin Fox News. Works illustrated his name at the sports persons of the year. Tonight show host Jimmy Fallon had the honor of announcing one of this year's recipients during his NBC show Monday night and dominant. Houston Texans defensive end JJ won an eco sports person of the year by Sports Illustrated. The award given annually to an athlete or athletes who best personified athletic achievement and sportsmanship on and off the field. Water recognized for his Turkey Harvey relief efforts raising 37 million dollars through a social media campaign. Sharing the honor with want his Houston Astros second baseman Jose L two day who guided a rebuilding city through their struggle is he in the Astros won the franchise's first World Series just last month. Matt a policy on how Fox News. A new top artist on the streaming sites. Got a fine. With people about it. For example. Ed Shearer and he's got a Maltby when it comes to streaming he's the most streamed artist of 2017. Spotify revealing today here and manage this with a six point three billion streams. Appearance divide also spotted by his biggest album of the year which was streamed three point one billion times. And whose son Sheikh of view the most popular of all on the album with one point four billion streams. Cheered and did get two Grammy nods last week but none in the three major categories album song and record of the year Jacqueline coral. Fox News. Fox's actually divorced and is going to talk with Denzel Washington will take a look at his latest movie Denzel Washington stars. The new film Roman. I had put in an application with the city amount Berlin for the recreation department. Because it was time to go back to work. And I was like maybe this thing and work out but then just fortune changed it was a Memorial Day and I get this script about this fictional meeting between. Malcolm X and I Elijah Mohammed whose call with the chickens came home to groups and all I'm looking at is is unclear about all week and I need the money and I did dad. Went over like gangbusters. While I was doing that they pour me another plate called the soldiers play that went on to win a Pulitzer Prize and be an academy nominated movie and the rest is history. Ashley to court and Fox News. And we took a look at some tweets earlier and Alex finish up with the most tweeted about shows and films in 2070s. Great yeah these. Putter revealing the most to Twitter about TV shows and films of the year HBO's game of drones the most popular followed by. Netflix original series stranger things the most treated about film is Warner Bros. Wonder Woman she choose to be. You never retired community hangs. Followed by a La La land this. Jindal is set musical took comes six Oscars including best performance by an actress in a leading role for Emma Stone concrete in good when fox. Is this. That's entertainment news for this Wednesday on the blur brought to you Larry good friends at pizza Johns in derby at. Purveyors of rounded meals and flat snacks. Merrill taste. 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