What are you giving up for Lent?

Steve & Ted
Wednesday, February 14th

It is Ash Wednesday, the season of Lent begins.


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Myron Freeman lives. This is 97 and thirteen thirty. It's OK and SS MM Clearwater and Entercom radio station will listen online any NFL radio dot. This station Wichita turn. We're live team coverage of breaking news KN as best we can talk number one news talk and weather season depend on. 6 o'clock this season came in as a sporting news or even dead at ninety factions are Fuzzy and misty right now. And 43 degrees. Tempers flared a few days which he's Wichita City Council meeting during the Republican Jacob. Portion of Tuesday's Wichita City Council meeting the atmospheric got heated when passer teenage girls from Wichita city church spoke out in support of the Wichita police department. This was after which it tends Robin all Bert and Brenda fields had voiced their concerns about recent WPP share leads all of. Going gas on the floor. Yeah excuse me where I love being Jeannie. Folks please be respectful. No one is yelling when you're at the podium. Every one is respectful love your opportunity come and share what does it bother me. Republicans did a portion of City Council meetings has been highlighted in recent weeks with citizen speaking out against police shootings here this city. Ronnie Price KM SS news the Kansas house committee is considering a bill that would carry stronger penalties for making false calls to nine moment dispatchers. A slotting Cole said to police to Wichita home recently. Where an innocent man was shot and killed by police represented John Carmichael Wichita cosponsor of the bill tells scanners as news. About a year ago law enforcement canceled did realize that there was probably swapping and so we made a minor modifications the statute then. And what we're trying to do now there's two more precisely defined upon him so that it covers any instance. When someone communicates so false call for emergency services whether that's a master of fire we struggled or. Kansas governor Jeff collier has picked 41 year old Tracy man to serve as the State's next lieutenant governor. The governor announced his appointment during a Kansas livestock association dinner in Topeka. Man tells KS and you see extremely grateful for the opportunity by. A way to serve our stated lieutenant governor and really talk about the issues that matter what your jobs. In her own economy and helping other cultures do. Our man as a commercial real estate broker and farmer from Salina. To draw the Cargill innovation center and speak with the employees. A Kansas senate committee is considering a bill to improve access to audio and video recordings from police body and vehicle cameras. Lawrence journal world reports the bill would require law enforcement to produce within 44 hours recordings to the personal videos close family members and attorneys. Current state law requires police provide the recordings to subject their parents of the person as a miner that person's attorney or the persons heir of the subject died. Several law enforcement organizations spoke against the bill Dan O'Neill KM SS news. Number of separate shootings at New Orleans well Mardi Gras celebrations occurred trove Tuesday. The man was shot in the head and later died at the hospital. Police commander Paul Cole explains how the shooting started but. Around 315. This afternoon we'll fight broke out when you usually between four on the web saint Charles. Quite often free run during that fight so my discharge of viral several times. A second person was shot in the leg in Lower Ninth Ward two people were killed in a different shooting. The White House continues to face questions about former staffer rob Porter. The White House claims the background check into one of the former staffers accused of hitting his ex wife hasn't been on Boeing's. However the FBI director appeared to contradict that timeline. The FBI. Submitted. A partial report on the investigation and question in March. And then a completed background investigations in late July and. Direct your Christopher Wray is well and the other chiefs could be intelligence community spoke before this an Intel committee. To get updates on global threats from North Korea to China and Russia. This keeps unanimously said they believed to Russia has medals in the 2015 election and would try again. In Washington warned Blanchard. Fox News DNS has used time now 6044. Over the past 6 o'clock. H seven to thirteen thirty K in and says Steven Ted in the war hero Wednesday 610 now timid especially to black. We've got some fog out there in Wichita area. Areas of fog visibility could be an excellent roadways this morning. It's just a traffic conditions and you'll have to watch out for this morning traffic update for McCain if his radio. I'm here at chambers of the forecast with K unit says that he rolled his Dan Holliday good morning Dan good morning with a low clouds and patchy fog across south central Kansas in May be a slow start warming up for us. The pitchers are expected to be about 25 degrees above average if we go into the afternoon. But the gradual clearing skies gusty southwest winds today close to seventy for the high likely stay around 52 overnight. Windy tomorrow with a high 73. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays help. Fog mist 42 degrees we've got to south wind gusting to 24 miles per hour looks a little bit breezy out there this morning. Warming temperatures across Kansas Tuesday which does high temperature yesterday was 57 degrees the normal high for the day his 48. And which cover corner of wind gusts of 32 miles per hour. Today's Wednesday February 14 when you keep of course Valentine's Day. On this date in 1962. Of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy conducted a televised to the White House in a videotape special that was broadcast on CBS and NBC. And several legislator on ABC and I remember watching that they've got a lot of attention. Most Americans have never had never set foot in the White House we knew nothing about it. And mrs. Kennedy. I don't know how she did it I guess she did it for memory feud. He had. Interesting insights and every room and she was terrific. Just taken. Walking through there and talking about the white house of the rooms and on this date in 1962. Gaby Culver dubious of Liberal, Kansas. Has reclaimed the title as winner of the annual international pancake day race there and liberal he ran the 415 yard course with a time of 108 point 85 and that was about 2.5 seconds faster. Then Katie gold Rauf who ran a similar rates and only England with a time of 111 point four and a beater by two and a half second annual. Pancake day race. And liberal Hillary claims the time saw your story you've you've posted on the web yesterday. A silly story great picture that the good Ted. Yeah well I didn't take that picture I know you didn't with a good focus elected yes it is. USA today and a great picture of the the ladies and all all lined up they were run in the now's the previous. Abby Beckley has a dubious distinction he has the first known human case of a parasitic infection spread by flies. It caught in nasty story here cause murderers to come out of for Friday's. Fourteen tiny worms were removed from the left eye and she was diagnosed with. The lazier go to Osaka a type of I worm scene in cattle in northern states sentence of southern Canada yeah makes the eye color story Nia. There have been seen humans before the worms which are translucent and less than half an inch long. Are spread by a type of flying on his face flies. Which feed on the tears of lubricate the eyeball. She had been on horseback riding and it cattle farming area of origin yet. That is disgusting to me about that a get on the Internet. And Google search I worms I bet you'll come up with some great picture. But through dep. I'd Stephen did which Stoppard dot com poll what is your favorite pizza topping Ted we have we've closed this went out. In favor of a new question right there on our web page Dana says radioed I've come green pepper 2%. Somebody actually. People from the green pepper growers associated primarily finally weighed in the GP activists committee gets there she's got 2%. No one Alex came up with 4% musher from 6% and Chile 6% that's surprise. Domi. Tony for presented sausage was their favorite topping beat 24%. Pepperoni still won with 32% of the vote. If she could make a case for cheese though because without cheese. It's not pizza that's right yes and she's got to have achieve that's new that's got to either new questions today what is your level of interest in the Winter Olympics. I watch live coverage every today. I follow the success of team USA and and catch the highlights. I watch an event or two if nothing else is on or who cares about the Olympics. Stick its head which suffered dot com poll on weaponry are now in us is ready about Camby can be of a part of all the excitement there. Mr. equipment there that and go LC were folks will see our listeners our poll respondents ways and Valentine's Day saint Valentine's Day and you know. But it's also Ash Wednesday so let's begins today right it's already begun and when's the last time it. Saint Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday on the same day Steve I don't know can you tell me 19450. Yeah I remember now. Oh. Find modes which puts Easter on April 1. April Fool's Day for Easter eggs. Were trying to find my idea. I mean you should although there. A Valentine's Day jokes about here Rio. Share with you a few minutes. Error sides where. Not funny will be the judge of that. That's funny that it IE. Can't wait you hit a bit after. Not radio just okay giving things upper lip let's talk about that just that. That likes it she swearing off what beef. He's going to be Berlin she usually does for six weeks he's on Viet either he notes you know. If you're Adobe. But no B a but the yeah anything you're anxious to give up I've got a few things here on my list. Here with a list medical official like you don't miss. It Google wouldn't. Download the free Cayne has has Afghans App Store personal due that anyone yet. It was a comment by going to menu and click talkback really easy to also to give up for it and we'll playback comic tyranny o'clock in our house that. As long as an adding up Stephen Ted don't yet he gave up she didn't know that's got to stay alive. We can't do without you for six week following our listeners he Willis. There's no reason or us a year 365. Day if you're not listening there's no reason for Stephen to do even exist. Right so we'll just go away and don't don't do that to a stage in the tapestry. Of ex radio though. Announces all over town and we can name a few who faded away what we'd like to stay relevant. So don't give us up I think I'm going to give up for lent I've got several I'm gonna go poll August oh wow bungee jumping. And get that a you have something you don't do sky. You can us. Skydiving. All the give up you thinking about OK. You kinda things you don't even do anyway. Yeah it is to have a little fun reduced it. Lot of Bologna Italy don't have to be liberal consumers and giving up tattoos treatment. Got to do a body piercings as well authored by partial list. One in your all in front you're not you're not giving up things you're just in denial that. Period. For. At 617 by my again he go to the App Store it's free download the free eight innings as Aetna. Give us put a ligament. Go to the menu we talked back and tell us what you think what he's given up for lent. That it will play the coming back here in the o'clock you know this morning with Steve and Ted. And get two cards gifts and meals already for Valentine's Day and notes it. Again. Be listing here in just a few minutes is that here. Some side splitting hilarious Valentine joked with a cards gifts and meals and meals. I've got sixteen hours of work to do and I'm not doing and I don't have any of those things on time I'll I'll make up a little Valentine's card for involvement. Spiders and cupcakes chilly day Cilic and those in that area. Dictating now Stephen dead. In this as he. I'm good enough port instead Woodward and does the yep if you jayhawks played basketball last night. Up Kansas. Thirteenth ranked team you on the road in Ames last night taking on Iowa State's not. OK you had little trouble shooting in the early going but boy did they didn't really turn it on in the second half Kansas. Blitzing the nets with 62%. Shooting while second half. And that's how you win a road games yup the jayhawks got the job done made a ton of shots in the second half. And beat Iowa State in aim is not easy to do beat the cyclones 8377. Last night you heard the game on KFH. We have a tooth it's. Honestly picks up the group replied -- few seconds courses up with the Braves. And it's the only doom and shoot super crowded but it looks good jagr for the compliment to close. Day nicely done yap. Tejada went by six all five of the starters for the jayhawks scoring in double figures last night that's the nice balance you need that's not the right when you win a road games. Sophomore center he dug Azubuike and junior guard Gerald Beck. Mine for 25 of the team's 44 points in the second half nicely done Jay hawks get their first regular season sweep over Iowa State in four years. Cyclones last night 8377. Jayhawks remain. Firmly planted in second place in the Big 12 Conference standings to the game behind Texas Tech. They'll talk about it tonight on KU basket walked off with head coach Bill Self at least 6 o'clock tonight. Natalie on Sports Radio KFH 12:40 AM 975. FM. We got Jim go basketball tonight right here on KN SA us as Butler grizzlies are on the road visiting cloud. Dennis Higgins will be on the air at 745. Tonight with Butler basketball on the road that is right here on 987. And thirteen thirty K and that's that's. College men's action tonight for the Kansas State men's basketball team as the wildcats hit down Stillwater take on the Oklahoma State cowboys. He states and pokes that will be at 6 o'clock tonight for tip off and that will be nationally televised on ESP NU. The Wichita State women are home tonight. In action at ARCO Arena only two home games left the shocker women. Temple is the opponent tonight as the owls come to Wichita that will be 8:7 o'clock tip off tonight ARCO Arena. But the shocker women posting temple. Bill hockey action last night good news for the thunder on the road nick latter scored with under three minutes to go in regulation. And Wichita snaps a five game losing streak gets a three to two win at. Over Cincinnati last night on the road Cincinnati had won five in a row under put a stop to that. And with that win a Wichita moves up in the standings now thunder back in the third place tie. In the mountain division ninth win for the thunder on the road last night holding Cincinnati to old for three on the power play opportunities. Wrote in with them. Sport what Stephen said six to anyone else either for Fox News commentator Todd Stein's talk about a controversy involving. Distributing bibles in the grade schoolers Arrington engines. That's Kevin Stevens said in the morning here on in as and it.