What city has the most "nice weather" days

Steve & Ted
Thursday, August 9th
The west coast cleans up, Wichita doesn't fare so well.

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Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS. Wichita is number one yeah. News talk and whether C shouldn't depend on. 6 o'clock this tooth decay and as a sporting news as he contended. Nineteen Macintosh right now partly cloudy skies and 67 degrees. Wichita woman has died after her Jeep wranglers little forklift in TV county Colorado. According to city county sheriff. Jones Desi. 43 year old Jennifer Lynn four of Wichita was driving her Jeep and a caravan of several of the jeeps when the vehicle went off the road and fell 600 feet. Investigators say or tried to drive over a large rock that was in the middle of the road when the Jeep slid and fell down the slope. The polls closed Tuesday night but we still don't know who will be the Republican candidate for governor in Kansas. Governor Jeff collier and secretary of state Crisco blocker separated by only 191. Votes thousands of votes have yet to be counted. Ballots that were postmarked by Tuesday have until Friday to be delivered to the election offices and provisional ballots will be counted next week. Neither candidate is conceding. Governor colors as he's focusing on the next step in the right. So we're going to be waiting to see how this all comes together. And we're hopeful. And to be honest we're very optimistic that those votes will continue to come in on our side just as they did yesterday. Go bock is also optimistic about the outcome. It is very close race and so I am being fully realistic date it is possible. And saying okay this is a tentative victory. And we are just gonna move the big time down the track. Once the count is complete either candidate can request a recount. The cost of that would be the responsibility of the candidate making the request the process could take several weeks. Two dead and five wounded after a drive by shooting in northern Philadelphia. Police commissioner Richard Ross shares what is known so far. It's. Large caliber. Possibly being high powered rifle. You can't really filling a whole lot from the video of the day it looks like the minivan. Possibly light color. We can't tell what it is more. One shooter. Police say the dead are a man and a woman ages 34 and 32 the suspect has been arrested in connection with the California wildfire dubbed it. The only fire. 51 year old forest Gordon Clark has been arrested for allegedly starting the holy find her more than 6000 acres are burning in the Cleveland National Forest east of Los Angeles. Several cabins have been evacuated at least twelve structures of current. Clark he's been charged with aggravated arson and making criminal threats and resisting officers and our strongest evidence is there a witness statements change Sherwood is an Orange County fire battalion chief. There are reports from a volunteer firefighter in the area that Clark ran through their neighborhood last week screening. And had sent him an email predicting the area would burn. And Jack's got Rosenthal Fox News. Kansas education officials say all high school juniors in the state. Will be able to take eight CT exams and assessments for free next school year AZT work he's assessment major essential workplace skills. The exams will be administered statewide in February. But what's going to go reports that a Kansas Department of Education spokeswoman says. The free tests are being financed through additional funding from the state legislature as part of its new school finance plan. Students pay fifty dollars for the eighth CT exam and an additional 1654. An optional writing an assessment. State officials say they recommend but not require that all juniors take both exams. Kansas students ACT scores last year fell to their lowest point in five years Dan O'Neill king and SS news Kay an assist. New time 604 now 4 minutes past 6 o'clock. Did little in 9713. 38 is this as. 610 no 10 minutes at 6 o'clock go to Thursday morning news. Stand out there in traffic right now all the conditions looking very nice. Traffic conditions pretty get out there for gasoline prices. Still opera 9069. A gallon at some point they're gonna start death. Dropping penny by penny that right now. For places in which the 5069. Spot better price if you give this golf traffic outlines. He's 6913. Thirty. Traffic updates from pianist this radio and get cheaper civil war against McCain in insists staff meteorologist on hand holiday good morning they have 2 morning a clear start today forests across south central Kansas. We should warm up to about what's typical for this time and early August. Sunny and 92 for the high. Clear and dry this evening our Lou your sanity and tomorrow system moves in from the northwest that may trigger a few afternoon thunderstorms. Friday's high of 94. I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan holidays. Partly cloudy 67 degrees go to south wind at five miles per hour. The sunny day across central Kansas Wednesday which does high temperature. Was 91 degrees normal high is 92. And if you are out on the interstate guns outside of Wichita yeah you may be seeing those lights over their fuel to. Joy when part they've had a brush fire them. Some of brilliance of brush click blazing away. I heard the Akron the firefighters mention. The wacky Shaq. Barely some of those old buildings are still guys that hasn't burned now aren't there there are trying to dating your boy girl taken care of but. Sounds like he's pretty good bird going on down there. That is August 9 Tony AT on this date in 1974. Vice president Gerald. 38 chief executive. As president Richard Nixon's resignation. Took effect. And he has been Gerald Ford is remembered by America is that. Possibly the nicest man who ever occupied the White House earlier but it. A dirt Gary Forbes just a each secular guy to not get reelected though it's 76. Went to the convention the convention it was in Kansas City as it was here. Big big year 76 in Kansas City was a huge year. Royals were hot. They had a convention. It was pretty cool. Anderson had a good year. Charges have been dropped against an eleven year old Ohio girl who was suspected of shoplifting from a supermarket. When a police officer shocked her with a stun gun. Cincinnati mayor John gramley says stunning a girl who posed no danger to the police was wrong the encounter happened Monday night at a Kroger store. Police say the officers suspected the girl was using a backpack to shoplift. When he approached her they say the girl resistant. Tried to flee before she was shocked with a stun gun. Earl was. To you know hospital then released to his guarded. Maybe a little building. Over and blowing it clear that he eleven year old is stun gun but you know eleven year old kid anymore. She may look like he's grown up now adult she might have multiples were Ted you noting that muscles. Some of these kids are gone up faster and brought up they so anyway. Hey there are there are 1213. Fourteen year old army arrest sheets in Wichita every day today down and get it. Here well in her singing article here's actually come from the Washington Post. Nice weather may differ depending on taste but it. The Washington Post has a definition including at least partial sun. Temperate temperate there are thermometer readings gentle breezes no rain or snow and not much humidity. And look at which major US cities can claim the most and least number of pleasant days per year. Are you ready nice weather day I think we can kind of see this coming to go ahead to the top five are all in California of course. Number five is Oakland with a 138 days in San Jose. San Diego it's a 178 San Diego is going to be on the limit LA's that a 182. Nice days a year Long Beach. 200 intent. I. Now the worst yeah you can mitigate some of those though when I mean do you. I mean Los Angeles has of time Hayes. Now there are some there are some factors you're don't play in the is pure automatically. Lemmings on that right to not dealing with smog and things like well when it comes to. No the worst weather of a bush and other days. Our good weather days number one on that list on the downside Anchorage Alaska only twenty nights days a year twenty. Honolulu has 31 is number two on the list. Honolulu I just because they get arranged a big play for an hour in the afternoon was list is dumb than browse the case that's Brownsville Texas 32. And Corpus Christi, Texas 36 good days he this list is done the right there is a stupid. All right what are number five Korea with 38 nice to each each year which it talked exits. Seem testimony. I have start out them and unite together at big cut. Even the gentle breezes into. Blows here every day so you know that's totally loses out. We don't have any rain no rain or snow we don't have that and the readings get kind of high and low so I don't know we just ten minute 38 nice days a year. As compared to 210 long reach. Now the answer to all I'm gonna claim supreme BS that. That's an astute analysts it's stupid list but then that's their they're fun to do them in the Washington Post. Decided ha which could either most pleasant plays the merlot L California. Southern cal well Oakland's. Oakland now is why San Jose in the Bay Area pillow in San Francisco on their their right next Oakland right now I didn't make these amazing. Minute to crush debate they should have at least a 130 or forty days a year so they get but they get the fog. Yup I'm sure that. Doesn't play into their factory and Oscar anomalous is dumb list. But I thought I was attempting Wichita only has 38 nice winter so that's according to that list which it Tom Honolulu are both. And so it equal when it comes to nice days. Really comforting not child that's stupid we have we actually have more nice days and Honolulu Hawaii. That is kind of dumb Hamid. But what talk about fake news is driving Honolulu on this that and try to have a rain shower every they don't they about every day yeah like that. Okay glass for about forty minutes right. Well there they go there's our list for today at least out of interest and authorities say it's baloney but it but it is interesting and yes. Well we got going on at all I wanted to share with our listeners. Need to go by the the villains store and need to get their free copy of VIP Wichita we need the one with the with the lady she work he played a guitar on the front but yes the current issue of the August issue item is seen this issue yet. Are we and here I place except in the Adam we're not managers those who commit. Seem anybody and we don't have time viewed as scour all 96 pages to see a foreigner OK and do two or three anyway there's a nice and generic. Hurricane SS and the chiefs and it has. The entire schedule so bright spots on the massive page you asked that a terror out of there and put on your artist now but of their football season next to that edge you tore out in though in VIP was Topper Steve until months ago for Steve intended and actually junior perjury going to be completely covered with why nots. Is Steve intense stuff. Right sounds good to me yeah that's in the VIP without their future she schedule. Rhea an entire season coming up we get only got twenty games coming up you're good get picked local one they do that while pictures of all your eggs you got you're getting excited over that hurdle but Q hello hello. There's a picture of a young woman who apparently is some sort of a guitar player who oil. That might argue it's a 688 NC the dead however we don't sportsman Ted bluebird of. Just drove into the CNBC World Series this year right did. Going to close the outlet though our focus tonight of course what's your game not all of the Kansas City chain absolutely. As the pre season began as the 2018 campaign is here at least pre season opener. For the chiefs is tonight at the barrel hit stadium. As the chiefs take on the Houston Texans at this evening. Seats in the Texans kick it off and of course it's beginning of a new era for the chiefs new quarterback Patrick Holmes taking over us. For Alex Smith who is gone from the chiefs now so here we go this season begins tonight. Peace Texans up at Arrowhead Stadium we will have a lie in the pregame coverage beginning at 6 o'clock tonight game will kick off at 7:30 this evening. Mick told this and the crew will have the whole thing for alive tonight right here on 97 and thirteen thirty Kate and as as as we begin our second season. As your home with the chiefs on which to tolerate deal canister there's two hours from now Mitchell talking that's right here gala live chat with Mitch get a game preview of at 8:15 this morning America here for that as we get underway with football tonight. We've also got a pre season game over on KFH tonight the Dallas Cowboys taken on the San Francisco 49ers on the West Coast at 9 o'clock tonight from Sports Radio KF eight. 12:40 AM 975. FM. In the 84 national baseball congress World Series at Lawrence Dumont stadium. Hand they'll win the final day of pool play yesterday to see who would advance into the quarterfinals the San Diego waves got to win to advance. The Colorado cyclones beat the genie diamond dogs Jeannie eliminated Colorado advances and a late game last night that ended at 12:39. In the morning just few hours ago the national did you go team. Shut out the Everett Washington merchants ate nothing merchants eliminated since. You go team moving on so we started with thirty teams we're now down to the final eight. Into single elimination with a quarter finals starting today four games the four winners advance. Starts at 1 o'clock San Antonio angels against the San Diego waves at 330 Santa Barbara forresters in the San Diego stars. 7 o'clock tonight the Wellington heat in the Seattle studs. 930 tonight the national Chico team and the Colorado cyclone there's your schedule for the quarterfinals. Today at Lawrence Dumont stadium. Don't forget it's a Thursday so it's thirsty Thursday there are four dollar twenty ounce Wichita brewing company draught Beers at the game tonight. So that are all day so there you go larger promotion for the NBC World Series as well I am. All youth baseball and softball players receive free admission and wearing your team jerseys. As we get into the quarterfinals day and there's a use that Jersey giveaway and the party pavilions open CNBC World Series file today plus going on for the quarterfinals. During which of course the Wichita wing that's been out of town. Wing nuts got. Just got done what a fantastic. Three days in the Sioux City, Iowa with a three game sweep over the top team in the league the Sioux City explorers. Wing nuts scored six runs in the opening innings at a three late beat the meet the explorers tend to five of for the three game sweep the first team to sweep the series from Sioux City this season. So on big big win Big Three wins for the wing nuts right they are still three and a half games back. For a by two and a half games back for a playoff spot two dozen games to go in the season. The wing nuts have been too during this nineteen game road trip they've been to Saint Paul Sioux Falls Chicago Gary Sioux City. But the road trip isn't over now it's an off day today a travel day and they have to go to cleaver in taxes to finish up before games wow. There maybe get to come home it's giving. Bus rider out who falls to cleaver an upbeat yes travel day today for the wing nuts but they are planned well. And in Major League Baseball last night Kansas City Royals in the Chicago Cubs. And the royals are trying to avoid a sweep and stop a losing streak you heard the game on KFH. Can John two modesty he swings it drives a high in the air. Did to left center. That's always hate god home. Out of a job on this city. And the royals do avoid the sweep. Stop a six game losing streak to beat the cubs and I mean nothing was the finals or. Yeah and an off day today for the royals as they are in the middle of their homestand. Don't forget tonight c.'s football. Right here right here on thin SS so make sure your tuning in tonight as the seeds and the Texans play will be on the air pregame coverage at 6 o'clock. Tonight. All right the home of the Kansas City chief radio on video sixth when he do now Stephen dead Fox News commentator Todd starts coming up. He's gonna talk about these social media mob bust heads all the way Steve intent on CNN hero and a track your kids.